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BaD Radio - Recap - 3/15/11

Tuesday 3/15/11

Episode: 2892

Location: Studio

The Mix: “George is like the Robert Traylor of the Ticket” - Bob

The Open: “You show me a white man you trust and I will show you a black man I trust more…” “I hope that Marcus Jordan dribbles like Stanley from The Office” – Grubes. Gilbert Gottfried was fired by AFLAC for making jokes on his Twitter about the crisis in Japan. The moment of silence at the Stars game on Friday for the victims in Japan seemed out of place to Dan. (He wasn’t even there when it happened)

12:40 – Fab Five Follow Up: It seems like the one team that is a constant in all these documentaries out now about college basketball is Duke. It should be noted that the Fab Five documentary was produced by Jalen Rose and therefore has a strong Michigan slant to it.

1:00 – Gay Not Gay: Is it gay to have your bachelor party at Medieval Times? Pretty much. Is it gay to wrap your arm around your buddy’s waist to hold yourself up while putting on a shoe? Yes. Is it gay to suggest a song for your buddy’s wedding and act like you saved the wedding by thinking of it? Yes. Is it gay for Norm to like his shaved back. No.

1:20 – Serious Sports Topic: College athletes getting paid; fair or foul? Though athletes get a full ride to college, they are not allowed to have jobs. It’s really a topic that needs to be addressed, once you open the door to paying college athletes, where is the ceiling? The flip side is when a college athlete sees his jersey, with his name on the back, being sold for $90, how is he supposed to be happy about that when he doesn’t have enough money to go see a movie?

1:40 – Quick Hit: It’s possible that the Cowboys could take Tyron Smith, a tackle from USC, in the draft.

1:55 – NCAA Basketball: It’s March. It’s college basketball. It’s Gus Johnson time. Soundboard. Greatest Hits.

2:15 – Bachelor Talk: BaD Radio watched the finale of The Bachelor so you don’t have to, but they didn’t do a recap of it so I didn’t have to. Jerks. It’s as close as we get as a society to leagal prostitution. So out of protest, check out this video of a bully getting owned!

2:45 – Surprise from Surprise: Now that Neftali Feliz has recently discovered a cutter, he is now saying that he would be trying for a starting spot in the rotation. Some other theories are that his agent came to him and said that’s where the money is or pitching coach Mike Maddox told him to keep his options open and just tell everyone he wants to be a starter.

3:00 – WTDS: On this day in 2010, Erin Andrews’ peeping tom was sentenced to prison. Happy Birthday to The World’s First 300 Pound Gang Bang, Harold Baines, Terry Cummings, Terence Trent Darby, Fabio, Craig Ludwig, Clay Matthews, Phil Lesh, Eva Longoria, Sly Stone, Dee Snyder and will.i.am. Spares today are Mickey Hatcher, Ted Marchibroda and Stump Mitchell. RIP Bobby Bonds.

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Wes Bullard

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