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2011 BaD Radio Podcasts

12/30/2011 - Episode #140

 The Christmas Tradition - the Air Jordans Reports, The voice of the Bruins' Jack Edwards interview, Steve Ott responds to the Jack Edwards interview, and the final screenless of 2011.

12/9/2011 - Episode #139

White Elephant Day coverage,  Donovan's awesome tickers, a Corby  prank about TC not being able to use the new parking garage , adult film star Rachel Starr, and personal life talk with Corby, Bob, Norm, and Sean Bass - then, screen less.

12/2/2011 - Episode #138

Bob Costas and the Sandusky interview (Slap, Slap, Slapping Sound), Newy and Terrell Owens fight on Twitter, the story of TC being sent to drug school.

11/25/2011 - Episode #137

The barbershop solves the JFK mystery, Dan's Thanksgiving, new Stars owner Tom Gagliardi, and an interview with Gary Bettman that proved quite attitudinal and controversial.

11/18/2011 - Episode #136

George defends his honor and the honor of the Musers guest bookings, Bob talks about the safety of Lewisville and apartment living, and a very odd amount of Tim Tebow talk.

11/11/2011 - Episode #135

he scandal at Penn State, News of feet washing ashore in Vancouver and Rick Perry/Barack Obama audio, and Magic Johnson HIV barbershop conspiracies.

11/4/2011 - Episode #134

 8 Billion People live on Earth, Craig Rosengarden Audio (again), and the boys discuss the episode about Tom Landry - A Football Life.

10/28/11 - Episode #133

Derek Holland interview from dugout after his near shutout -  George Dunham call's into BaD Radio - talks about being in St. Louis and Rangers being in World Series - CJ Wilson audio/bragging montage -  Brett Hull interview talks about being at World Series game 5

10/21/11 - Episode #132

Rangers win ALCS - I told you so's - Derek Holland's great game - Josh Hamilton talk - ALCS montage World series preview - Audio from ALCS - McCarver "Moneyball" and BaD World Series songs

10/14/11 - Episode #131

 Bob is back! - Honduras story #1 - 40 days there - beard talk - getting back in the swing of things - Coming to America for Justin Bob's Honduras story #2 - Things learned on the trip - Justin not knowing his own age - Power/government of Honduras Bob Honduras story #3 - Process of getting a passport/immigration visa for Justin - Justin getting a shot at the Doctor in Tegucigalpa.

10/07/11 - Episode #130

  Reaction to the Rangers ALDS win - Tampa organization talk - Napoli and Beltre, audio from the broadcast about Matt Harrison - JD talk - So good to see how the franchise has grown - Talk about the Tom Seaver interview - the awkward liner to end the interview - screenless

9/30/11 - Episode #129

 Rhads cries over Mike Modano's speech - Modano thanks all the media except for Rhadigan;  GBL pay off - green man suits at the Rangers game - Bob calls in from Honduras - talks about the long process and trying to kill time - screenless

9/23/11 - Episode #128

  Moneyball talk - Thoughts on the film - Dan thinks there are some serious inaccuracies - compare movie to the book Mark Followill filling in for Bob - station history - The Ticket Full Disclosure book - Mike Modano retires - audio when Modano was first drafted - Cowboy's talk Bob calls in from Honduras - talks about being in Honduras - flight being cancelled - a lot of bugs

9/16/11 - Episode #127 

 Funny banter - Dan needs a handy man to help do things around the house - Dan got a flat on the way to a dinner and had to changed a tire with help from Donovan Gibby Haynes interview - talks about his dad - plays a song clip of gibby singing dancing queen - talks about being in a band with Jonny Depp - TC ask about nude tennis;  Moneyball talk - get to see movie before it opens - audio from movie trailer Bob calls in from Honduras - His crazy week in Honduras

9/09/11 - Episode #126

  Ed Bark interview, Audio from Cowboys game - Michael Irvin in broadcast for color commentary (sounds like he's doing an 8:40 bit) - funny Irvin audio Mark Followill's play-by-play practice while basketball is in a lockout - doing play-by-play - Screenless - Bob calls in from Honduras - update on how the adoption process is going

9/02/11 - Episode #125

 Troy Aikman interview  GBL - Daniel Johnston - The devil in Daniel Johnston Documentary - TC wins Ebrake for the awkward end to the interview/asked Daniel Johnston to sing and he ends the interview Bob calls in from Honduras -

8/26/2011 - Episode #124

   Quick hit on Little League World Series - Dan's big news story - Kindergarten teacher in Murphy - Bob is leaving to go adopt a child from the Honduras - should be gone 4 to 6 weeks - talks about the some of the process of the adoption - talk a little bit about fight night

8/19/2011 - Episode #123

Most Eligible Dallas new tv show - talks about the different people on the show - Matt Nordgren was a UT quarterback - World Class Tragedy: Story of the Von Erichs - audio from the documentary - talk about the family and all the siblings that have passed - WWF Youtube video - audio of Knox City football - caller about Jerry Jones - Bob gives TC a hard time for having to do the weekly podcast the same night as top ten -

8/12/2011 - Episode #122

  Deion Sanders make the Hall of Fame - Story about what happened when Dan tried leaving San Antonio - Dan's car would start - Kid's wanted overhead light on - Triple A sent a truck to Houston instead of Houston Street - Couldn't get the part until the next morning - Next day audio Dan recaps story Bob's secret project - Bob wrote a book - About the 2011 Dallas Mavericks -  Screenless - Audio of Sean from Diamond Talk (taking calls goes bad/technical chaos on the board)

8/05/2011 - Episode #121

Cowboys training camp pop culture quiz - pop culturally bias quiz for the players - Dan has Jake and TC write white young questions and Donovan used black questions - LOL Comedy Club - Dan, Donovan, and Rhyner went to open mic night - audio from Donovan's stand-up (hurricane joke series) - Dan's stand - up (gay not bad, unless on youporn) Screenless - getting ready for fight night - thoughts on cowboys camp

7/29/2011 - Episode #120 

  The ticket Softball game against women's college softball team - beat the college girls - dan planking/owling at quiktrip park - dan bought a pitcher of beers for the softball girls - kid's begging for hat/shirt/towel - the way the ticket hats/shirts fit - jake doesn't think owling/planking is cool - $1 beer Audio bag - Spot during Rangers game that is driving Dan crazy (uverse commercial) - Rontina audio sent in from p1 (bad pronunciation of andre gurode) - NASCAR prayer auto-tuned (thanks God for his smokin' hot wife) Mike Modano interview - grass is always greener (big hockey city and media vs. media not bothering you) - talk about surgery - tv shows - golf Screenless - old 800 line - party pass at cowboy's game

7/22/2011 - Episode #119

Ralph Strangis - Stars play-by-play guy - wrestling announcer before stars - was on the TV show Press Your Luck 1983 - PYL Strangis audio Review of Breaking Bad - - Jake/TC about It's Just Banter - breaking down the GBL - 12 mins in still haven't broken down one guest - two hour long podcast - audio from podcast Trey Channey - Poot from the wire

7/15/2011 - Episode #118 Part 2

 Each and Every Dirk Nowitzki's visits with Bob and Dan - Part 2: All of the Dirk interviews from 2007-08 until 2010-2011.

7/15/2011 - Episode #118 Part 1 

TC uses a vacation week to offer this: Each and Every Dirk Nowitzki interview from over the years with Bob and Dan - Part 1 - All of the Dirk interviews from  the very first one way back in 1999-2000 until 2006-2007.

7/8/2011 - Episode #117

TC gets kicked out of the Rangers clubhouse, Emily Jones does a bit with Mike Napoli, and the GBL season blasts off with the draft for the 2011 season.

7/1/2011 - Episode #116 

 Game of Thrones Talk, Bob's Birthday offers his H.S. basketball coach visiting the show, and a great game show at the Nice Look Barbershop.

6/24/2011 - Episode #115

the Tom Grieve batting challenge, the boys explain the origins of drops, Jim Knox joins us at the ballpark, and Ask Sports Sturm.

6/17/2011 - Episode #114

The Mavericks Win the NBA Title!  Stories from the bowels of the arena, talk of the game, and celebration talk.

6/10/2011 - Episode #113

NBA Finals 2011 featured a media guy vs LeBron battle, Some writer in Houston takes on Bob, and Bob makes a sports media power ranking list.

6/3/2011 - Episode #112 

 Lisa Miller - some chick who worked for Cumulus Miami, Game 2 of the NBA Finals talk and sound, and interviews with Heat fans.

5/27/2011 - Episode #111

 Mavs win the Western Conference Finals, Oprah does her last self-indulgent show, and Donovan talks to the locals of Oklahoma City - trailers vs apartments.

5/20/2011 - Episode #110

 The world's most interesting man is in studio, Jimmy Goldstein, Twiggy talks bull fights in Spain, and Aqua Man talk as a preacher falsely claimed he was a Navy Seal.

5/13/2011 - Episode #109 

 Scoops Callahan visits Phil Jackson at the legendary coach's last ever press conference, tons of follow-up on the controversy Scoops caused, Donnie Nelson is in studio (including the awkward Robert Traylor incident), and Dan has 2 emails - rehab talk and BaD Radio curse.

5/6/2011 - Episode #108

 Death of Osama Bin Laden, Bob does Mike Doocy's show on the night of the story breaking,  we have a real Navy Seal in studio - Clint Bruce, and screenless.

4/29/2011 - Episode #107

Dan sees Petty theft, Dan attempts to predict Norm's plays and does the name game, and the kid who catches home runs at the Rangers games.

4/22/2011 - Episode #106

  Steve-O joins us in studio, Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski joins us at the SMU Athletic Luncheon, Dan orders parfaits in Cleveland, and audio of the week including Donovan on a roller coaster.

4/15/2011 - Episode #105

One legged Stars fan, a review of Norm McDonald's sports show, and the guy who sings a Cowboys song.

4/8/2011 - Episode #104

Calling South Bend after the Aggies take down the Irish for the Women's Basketball title, a Steve Ott contest goes all wrong, Quick Magazine, and screenless.

4/1/2011 - Episode #103

  Quite possibly the first BaD Radio Sports Movie Review as they examine the movie Hoosiers, Ralph Strangis wants to review the movie Surviving the Game, and on Opening Day, Donovan sings the 2011 song and we are joined by Rangers expert Emily Jones.  Also a Twitter discussion about the accounts of George Dunham and Dan McDowell.

3/25/2011 - Episode #102

Bill Simmons joins us from the SMU Athletic Luncheon, Deion Sanders is on our phone, and the Musers Campout 2011.

3/18/2011 - Episode #101

 St Patrick's Day Call to Ireland, Bracket Dan 2011, and Bob gets all fired up about the 30 for 30 on Michigan's Fab 5.

3/11/2011 - Episode #100

Bob Knight says crazy things on the same day that Pat Knight got fired, Killer Kellison makes his own podcast, and Donnie follows through on a claim that he can eat an entire box of Captain Crunch, and audio on Bob's powers of predictions.

3/4/2011 - Episode #99 

  Dan's Birthday Guests - Jamey Newberg and Carl Big Daddy Hairston and another amazing edition of Ghetto Jeopardy.

2/25/2011 - Episode #98 

  The awesome conclusion of another year of Homer Call of the Year as Homer Bowl XI goes down, more audio from Dwaine Caraway, a nice Ticketstock visit with Craig Luwdig including his amazing ability to consume beer, and screen less.

2/18/2011 - Episode #97

 Shawn Ryan from the Shield, Stars Roadtrip 2011 has Razor joining us live in Edmonton, and plenty of bits from Canada including Tom talking to cabbies about very inappropriate subject matter and the Gabby Urinator.

2/11/2011 - Episode #96 

  the controversy as the Prince Super Bowl party goes south on Chris Arnold, Audio from Dwaine Caraway on the Musers as Richard Hunter advocates for Michael Vick's dog, the Packers win the Super Bowl and screen less.

2/04/2011 -  Episode #95

  BaD Radio broadcasts from Radio Row at the Super Bowl in Dallas at Super Bowl 45, interviewing Miles Austin, the Wayans brothers, Herschel Walker with Alistar Overeem and Joe Montana. Plus Intern James.

1/28/2011 - Episode #94 

 The boys do the show from Mavericks practice and have a double-dip with Mark Cuban and Dirk Nowitzki, then Dan finds tapes of old station stuff on the 17th anniversary of the station with historical Ticket audio and special guest Mike Rhyner.

1/21/2011 - Episode #93

 a long and fascinating visit with Charles Haley, the MLK twitter controversy which includes a battle with Sean Bass, and BaD Radio's visit with an Aaron Rodgers expert who happens to call into the show.

1/14/2011 - Episode #92 

 BaD Radio reviews a big Dan bit involving the suit bet and the potential return of the Crow line, has a programming meeting and says what's on their TiVo with regards to placing all of their favorite shows into historical tiers.

1/07/2011 -  Episode #91

BaD Radio reviews Dick Clark's performance New Year's Eve, goes through the first wildcard round of the Homer Call playoffs, and talks about the Capitols v Penguins HBO series 24-7.

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