Monday, December 04, 2006

Cowboys 23, Giants 20 (8-4)

Its beginning to look a lot like playoffs, everywhere you go. Here are the details of the gritty, gutty win in the Meadowlands:

• You could have given me great odds on Gramatica hitting that field goal after Flozell took his idiotic penalty, and I would have passed. I was sure that based on Gramatica demonstrating “weak leg” all game long and Flozell’s false start that we were headed to OT. But you know, this team seems to have the football gods smiling.

• In fact, was the biggest smile from the football gods may have been when the ball whistled through the hands of Gibril Wilson and into the hands of Patrick Crayton? That play had “Pick 6” written all over it, but instead of 6 (+1) for the Giants to give them the 20-13 lead, the Cowboys put one in the endzone a few plays later. It is a game of inches, kids. And if you win by the gunslinger, just know that you will also lose by the gunslinger eventually. That is part of the deal, and somehow the bill has not come due yet. But Gibril almost collected.

• I swear Terrell Owens didn’t have hands THIS bad. Sure, the occasional drop is part of the game, but should we plan for 2 every game? Is 1 drop a half the going rate for a guy who considers himself the best wide receiver in the sport? In some ways it is somewhat amusing, because imagine how insufferable he would be if he had no flaws, but at some point it will cost the Cowboys dearly. On the other hand, when he has 8 catches, and all of your other Wide-outs have 7, I suppose he is still accomplishing plenty.

• If DeMarcus Ware is not at the Pro Bowl, then the Pro Bowl is a complete farce and a waste of time. Wait. The Pro Bowl is a complete farce and a waste of time, but you know what I mean. Ware is playing at a wonderfully high level of excellence and his tackle on 4th down of Brandon Jacobs is just one example of several that demonstrates the dominance of DeMarcus.

• Evidently, Parcells cannot get one wrong right now. Gramatica worked. Romo worked. I think people will get off his back pretty soon about having lost his abilities.

• Back to Romo, it is great to see him hit in the face with adversity and still shine through. His pass to Witten on the final drive was something of beauty and legend. He just gets it done. He took a physical beating yesterday for the first time and yet shakes it off, shakes the interceptions off, and just figures out a way to win. Who doesn’t love Tony Romo?

• Terrence Newman is a great cornerback. His run support yesterday was quite valuable. Imagine the contract he is up for.

• Don’t look now, but Marion Barber is getting many of those carries that Julius used to get. The workload is about 50/50 now.

• Eli Manning wasn’t bad yesterday. That is a pretty big admission by me since I think the guy is over-rated, over-paid, and amazingly inept most of the time. But, yesterday, he played well enough to win. He can’t do it very often, but of all of the Giants problems yesterday, Eli didn’t seem to be one of them.

• The Giants made plenty of dumb mistakes yesterday, with all of the personal fouls speaking for themselves, but let’s not forget the odd timeout that Plaxico Burress called on the final Giants drive which assured the Cowboys they would have a minute left to go get the win. Why the Giants did not run the clock down to nothing can be placed at the feet of Plaxico. Combine that with the personal foul he took when he ear-holed Keith Davis for no explainable reason. What a piece of work that clown is.

• Mathius Kiwanuka is not a starter on the New York Giants, except when Michael Strahan is injured. But, I am convinced that he would easily be the 2nd best pass rusher on the Cowboys. Dallas is very lucky to get wins with such a feeble pass rush. We really need more rain. I think the loss of Greg Ellis is being felt in that department – big time.

• Jeremy Shockey is good. He also would frustrate you if he played for your team. Like Plaxico, I always have the impression that he should be better.

• I don’t know if you like this or not, but my buddies from Wisconsin now routinely call me and ask if Romo reminds me of Favre. I say yes. It is amazing how every mannerism he has and every motion he makes is like watching someone imitating Favre. I have said this in the past, but with each week it becomes more obvious. I don’t think he is consciously doing it anymore, but like Kobe imitated Michael Jordan for years growing up, and now chews gum, talks, shoots free throws, and plays like Jordan – Romo looks like a Brett Favre cover band. And trust me, that is a good thing, since Favre rolled off 13 seasons in a row without a losing year. You will have some bad moments, but if he is Favre-like in his results, the good outweighs the bad easily.

• The next two tidbits are courtesy of Elias Sports: In his first game for the Cowboys, Martin Gramatica kicked a 46-yard game-wining field goal with 1 second remaining. That was the longest game-winning FG in the final minute of play by a player making his team debut since 1978, when rookie Frank Corral kicked a 46-yarder for the Rams in an opening-day victory over the Eagles.

• The only other player to kick a game-winning field goal in the final minute of his Cowboys debut was Allen Green. Green was a rookie in 1961 when his 27-yard walkoff FG gave the Cowboys an opening-day victory over the Steelers that was the first win in franchise history after Dallas had posted a 0-11-1 record in 1960.

• Now, with the division most likely in the bag, it is time to hunker down on the mission of getting a bye week. Very important stuff. They must beat Sean Payton and the Saints. And by the way, prepare for a week of reading stories about how Sean Payton knows all of Tony Romo’s tricks. I am sure the writers will not be able to resist that story-line.


Bob Sturm's Sports Merkin said...


Third day in a row.

I'm on a streak and still gay.

F Liverpool.

MrSimic said...

For me, at least, that was the most exciting game of the season. With Romo coming down to earth a little bit, the added drama of Automatica's first missed field goal, and the position in the standings of the two teams . . . holy craparoni that was fun.

Go football.

And in Stars talk, hooray for starting off December with a win, even if it took Juicy a SO to get it done.

Go hockey.

Florida-tOSU? Okay.

Go college football?

Bed Bath and Beyond!

F**k yeah? F**k yeah!

Brad C said...

(start of message) "Hey, uh Dan, this is Brett Favre, could you tell BAB I'm sorry for towin' all dem interceptions yesterday, tanks." (end of message)

Cap It said...

...and it just gets awesomer.

Neil in Irving said...

OK. Let's review.
Shockey said "There's no way the Cowboys beat us...."
What a mouth!

Brett Favre....
Yes the good outweighs the bad but I hate to see him go out like this.

CFB123 said...

Watching Brett Favre circa 2006 is indeed quite sad, but at least Romo reminds us of his past greatness. If you squinted a little bit, that throw he made to Witten in the final minute last night was absolutely a flashback to vintage Favre.

sean said...

I believe that TOOwens' hand is still bothering him somewhat.

Some of these drops aren't because of that though.

A couple weeks ago, when he didn't catch that pass in the endzone, and landed hard and was slow to get up, he stated that the wind got knocked out of him. But to me, it looked like he landed on that hand, and the ESPN guys said he landed on that hand.

So I think he's still sore or something, and he just wants to play through it because he knows we may have something here.

The Polit Burro said...

I agree with Sean; I don't think TO's finger has healed completely (or he's re-injured it and is playing through it). If you look at the passes he's dropping, a lot of them are balls where he has the ball in his hands but doesn't grip down on it fast enough. Looks like the finger is the culprit to me.

Can I just share with everyone how much I enjoyed watching Plaxico Burress play such a role in costing his team the game yesterday? After the things he said about Roy Williams during the run-up to this game, I noticed Mr. Braveheart didn't catch any balls over the middle.

But, not content to merely tank it due to cowardice, he earholes Keith Davis after the play is over (thanks for the 15, yellow belly) AND then burns a timeout on the final drive.

Game ball to Plaxico. We couldn't have done it without you.

Just Sayin' said...

Anybody heard from Shockey?

Brad said...