Wednesday, January 14, 2009

From the Way Back Machine

Charity Challenge 3 - Reunion Arena - in the year 2000

Bob vs Expo

After further review, it could be viewed as a sucker punch.


Bill Mullen said...

And it gets even AWESOMER! Bob you are officially my hero.

Anonymous said...

that's funny. Bob appears to be the nicest guy ever, but is a big 'ole bully on ice.

Randy Shipp said...

Sucker punch? Ya think? ;-)

But don't worry, Bob. It takes those NHLers years of training to learn to defend each other honorably. Go to any I-League game and you'll see jokers (like me sometimes) who have NO idea how to control their emotions. And there's not even charity riding on those games!

David said...

Expo has been "STURMINATED!!!" Bob is my Christian hero, spreading brotherly love even on the ice.

Chris said...

Was there gravy on your gloves afterward?