Friday, May 08, 2009

Wasting a Day in Your Cubicle

hawaiian In Office Space, Friday was Hawaiian Shirt day. So, if you'd like you may wear a Hawaiian shirt and some jeans. On this blog, I don't care what you wear. But, I feel Friday should have a practical application to the good reader who is trying to get Friday over with as painlessly as possible.

I have been meaning to get several things on the blog recently, and since it is the end of the week, please allow me to put them altogether in some sort of crazy blog casserole and see where it takes us:

Things You can/should listen to:

Rangers Pitching Coach Mike Maddux Visit with BaD Radio from 5/1/09 ...

The Ian Kinsler Show (the in-person at the stadium visit) Part 1 and Part 2 . So much for that BaD Radio Curse, by the way, since we have signed up really good players like Ian, Jason Witten, and EDIT: Brenden (not Brendan) Morrow.

And, then Ted Price, Jamey Newberg, and Adam Morris invited me to join them on their sweet Rangers Podcast in Arlington so find out what happens when really smart baseball minds have to talk more slowly so I can keep up...

So, right there, I have given you about 2 hours of Rangers listening items. But, wait....there is more!

Things you can/should read:

Last night, I finally got around to reading Joe Posnanski's wonderful column on pitch counts . If you want to be a proper baseball dork, this is a must-read.

The National Football Post offers you the Top 20 prospects for the 2010 draft!

Things you can/should watch:

First, here is a cool stroll down memory lane at remembering really young Dirk:

Next, are you somewhat curious about the Birdman's back story? Well, enjoy Chris Anderson's sit down on TNT last year:

As I was watching the Nuggets take the Mavericks out behind the woodshed, I began to look for the answers to various questions that would pop in my head. One, remains to be the reason that so many players in the NBA wear shooting sleeves. I still have not found an answer that I am satisfied with, so I will table that one. But, another was wondering about why Carmelo cut his hair. If you began your Carmelo facsination at the same time I did (his only year at Syracuse) you only knew him as a dude with crazy hair. Well, this year, it is not so crazy, so what gives? Well, this video has the story, and although it looks like a bit, it is in fact true:

Ticket's Great Game promo video - May 14th in Frisco

Finally, do you want the Mavericks to win tomorrow? Do you? Well, if you believe even a bit, you need Coach Pacino to inspire you and the Mavericks. Watch this and then try not to run through a wall:

There. I can't do your work for you, but I can give you ways to waste your employer's time.

Your welcome. EDIT: It should say "you're welcome" but since it is such a horrendous error, I think it should be left for all of you to marvel at. Really, I did go to school, and often even listened.

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