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Who is Miguel De Los Santos?

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I am in desperate need of your Sturm-O-Sports Brain. Please help…

I often review minor league baseball stats as I am interested in who could be potential stars for the Rangers. In the 15 years that I have followed baseball I have never seen a stat that stood out as much as this one:

Miguel De Los Santos | Pitcher | Class A DSL Rangers

15.2 Innings Pitched
1 ER
2 Hits
41 SO

That’s not a typo. 2.7 k’s per inning! In 4 Minor league seasons (mostly Dominican League and seemingly injury plagued) he has 151 SO in 92IP.

Do you know anything about this guy? I must learn more. Why is he not at least at the AA level? I know it’s only single A, but still almost a SO for every batter he faced is pretty amazing and not something you see everyday.

Thank you,


I couldn't believe it. But the numbers are absolutely true.

Here are Miguel De Los Santos Numbers from First ...

May 302.011060
June 32.000031
June 82.000071
June 132.100061
June 161.000021
June 192.000060
June 231.000030
June 252.101053
June 291.000031

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I won't lie, I don't follow minor leaguers almost at all. Compared to Mike Hindman or Jamey Newberg, I would be like asking your mom about the NFL Draft instead of Mel Kiper. But, since Jeremy asked....

Do you believe those numbers? Have you ever seen 41k's in 15 innings? In case you are having math trouble, that is 47 total outs (15.2 innings) and 41 are on strikeouts?!?!? Unbelievable.

Here is what Jamey Newberg wrote on June 13th about the kid: "Lefthander Miguel De Los Santos so far in the Dominican Summer League: six innings, one hit, two walks, 16 strikeouts. So only two outs recorded on balls in play? Not exactly. He_s had three. In his last outing, on Monday, he had the rare two-inning, seven-strikeout performance. One of his victims reached safely on a third-strike wild pitch."

He is a Domincan player, and there might be a real clear reason why he remains there - as sometimes the work visa can be a tricky matter. He is also coming off Tommy John, so there are a few things keeping the masses from going crazy about the kid.

But, 23.55 k's per 9? And a Lefty? And he is 20?

Newberg has him in "pitchers to watch" in his latest Top 20 prospects list ...

So, that is all I can find. Mr Hindman, what do you say on this topic? I would be most interested in hearing your entire take on the kid.

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