Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Weekly Cowboys Schedule:

With no more vacation time until Christmas (I promise), you can count on me to beat you down with my daily NFL/Cowboys -intensive thoughts for the long haul now. Given that students everywhere are pondering their new schedules, let's look at our own schedule here:

Since some of you have asked - and more importantly, since we have never done a football season here at Inside Corner - Here is what we have planned for the NFL weeks once the regular season joins us in just 2 weeks!

Mondays: Post Game Notes from the Cowboys game as we have been doing for years - by the way, kudos to Eric Celeste for filling in last week. I think that he should feel more than welcome to add his thoughts to mine anytime he pleases. Anything to enhance the football content around here is good.

Tuesdays: A breakdown of the offense in a very nerdy sort of way. If you followed these breakdowns last season you know that is it my goal to come up with theories about how and why the Cowboys attack with the ball. If we understand what they like to do in certain situations - and what they don't like to do - then we are more informed than the drunk guy who wants to know why they don't pass more on 3rd and 2. At least, we think we are. In fact, in the days to come, I will try to give you a synopsis of what we learned in 2008 about Jason Garrett. I will admit right now that Tuesdays are not for everyone.

Wednesdays: Wildcard. Chat? Column? Email? Not sure. It may change every week.

Thursdays: Breaking down the opponent. Making sure you know everything you need to know about the opponent by using their newspapers and their websites. We need to analyze this enemy. It starts with watching their last 3 games so we are ready for them, and then reading everything so there are no surprises when they get here.

Fridays: Game Preview time. We have all of the information, now we need to ponder the match-ups and situations that will decide the winner and loser. This is where we all get together and work it out.

So, there you have it. My plans for the season. Will there be the occasional bonus postings for other things (college football, hockey, and Ask Sports Me)? Sure! But, this is the template for the Cowboys season.

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