Friday, August 06, 2010

Kids These Days: Elvis Andrus Edition

There is no question the closer I get to 40 years old, the further I fall out of touch with the kids. It was bound to happen.

I don't get flat-billed baseball hats cranked to the side.

I don't get sea-shell necklaces.

I don't get vampire movies.

And no, I don't get what Elvis Andrus is doing.

Elvis was on our show a few months ago (EDIT: Actually, June 22) and as I sat next to him, I noticed he was doing something odd with his hair. It was all about some crazy yellow color that he put in there, and then you could see that he was letting it grow out. So, I snapped a picture for Twitter purposes.

But, recently, Elvis has rolled out a new hairdo, and P1 Justin sent me pictures from last night's game showing what Elvis is doing:

I think the evidence is indisputable. He has fake braids. He has hair extensions. He got his hair did. It is like he wants to be Ronnie Belliard without the time investment.

Who does this? Who gets hair extensions? I mean, what man does this? After watching "Good Hair", I realize 90% of African-American women do it, but dudes?

Has it come to this? Am I the old man here?


Brandon said...

Age doesn't matter where world-class gayness is involved. As long as Elvis is a world-class SS, I will ignore his hair extensions.

AWT said...

I thought the same thing last night. I can understand if you wanted to do something to make yourself look good, but not to make yourself look like a 12 yr old girl who just got back from vacation in the Florida Keys.

Jason said...

Hair extensions for sure, but the odd thing is he got that done at Vlad's house when they were in Anaheim. Josh told the story during a game broadcast and said that the guys went to Vlad's house for dinner and that Vlad has a hairstylist in his home. Who has an on call hair stylist in their home?

El Smokeador said...

another instance of bobs hair envy.

El Smokeador said...

another instance of bobs hair envy

Sharon said...

You must be all MEN....there's nothing wrong with braids, natural or extensions. Extensions allowed him to figure out if he likes braids or not...He is gorgeous with or without the braids...wonder what you guys look like!!!! LOL..Oh..and who has a stylist at the house...people with money..that's who!!!