Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Things That Interest Me

Above, is the greatest goal I think I have ever seen in person. David Beckham in his prime with a brilliant chip on my trip to Upton Park in 2002. I bought some new hardware so now I know how to get stuff from my extensive video collection on to my blog (yes, In 2010, I am figuring that out).

So, for no other reason, I pulled that game out and posted it up for you. And, while I am at it, here are the 12 matches I have seen in the United Kingdom to date.

The Results from my 5 Road Trips to England:

Deportivo 2, Arsenal 0 3/12/2002 - Champions League

Manchester United 5, West Ham 3 3/16/2002

Arsenal 2, Charlton 1 2/28/2004

Newcastle 1, Portsmouth 1 2/29/2004

Manchester United 1, Liverpool 0 3/3/07

Blackburn 2, Bolton 1 3/4/07

Chelsea 3, Aston Villa 0 4/10/10 - FA Cup Semifinal

Liverpool 0, Fulham 0 4/11/10

Southend 3, Barnet 0  4/20/12

Arsenal 0, Chelsea 0  4/21/12

Queens Park Rangers 1, Tottenham 0  4/21/12

Manchester United 4, Everton 4  4/22/12


I imagine it would have to be a really boring day at your job to find this interesting, but that is why I named this post like I did. In fact, I was just looking through my ticket stubs the other day and was reminded of the day in February of 2004 when I had a chance to see Arsenal in person (with Spike Lee and the picture I took below)

Various other video items from these matches:


Clay said...

Thanks for posting that goal. Not only was is a perfect chip shot, he one-touched the pass! The man was great, no doubt.

ScottsMerkin said...

My how uniforms have changed in the last 10 years. You wouldn't find a player who wanted to be seen a jersey like the one in the Beckham video. But this change has also kept me from buying authentic team soccer jerseys because sadly, they don't look right on an out of shape former soccer player