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BaD Radio - Recap - 6/8/11

BaD Radio Recap
Wednesday 06/08/11
Episode: 2952
Location: Studio
The Open: Chariots of Fire plays along with highlights of a gutsy NBA Finals Game 4. It is noted that Pacino worked yesterday. They begin to relive their experiences of watching the game. Dan had some self-restraint in front of the computer, all in the name of karma. Bob merely changed his game watching routine and transportation. Speaking of, he loved the train atmosphere and wants to continue the tradition. P1s, play “guess which train from Lewisville Bob is on” when heading to Game 5 on Thursday.
12:40 – This is going to be all NBA talk today, so I question why put titles on segments? Anyway, Dallas won game 4 in a tense game but even more tense crowd. There’s a brief call from Todd about the arena, which was deafening during Wade’s last minute free throws. But, Bob questions the expectations of the crowd. Do they truly believe in this team? Bob thinks the players are at that point where they believe, but it seems fans are trying to shield themselves from stomach punches by waiting for something bad to happen.
1:00 –Dan likes Speolstra’s handling of the Miami stars, but during the ABC “Wired” segments, the coach seems to focused on the “emotion” of the players. Dan says Carlisle is more of an X’s and O’s guy during the timeouts. This shifts briefly into the Carlisle decision to switch starting lineups. Bob then muses about the psyche of a team that previously lost and comes out firing away (a Gladwell-like thought). Dan is more concerned with the psychology of the fan, who reacts to the way different opponents are scoring (dunks versus shots, stars versus bench players).
1:20 – Bob looks back at the team attitude over the latest playoff failures in past years, and thinks they have changed. Surely, this is mostly due to the arrival of Tyson Chandler. Marion has been an acquisition worthy of recognition, too (2nd most points on the team). The Mavs defense (also with Stevenson, another addition to the team), has been the key to the wins they have had. Terry stepped up his offensive game with LeBron guarding him, too. Overall, this team is so much tougher. This ends with Dan complaining about LeBron complaining and diving. His turn against LeBron is remarkable. This year IS different.
1:40 – After talking about the supporting cast, they focus on the star. The big German is hurt, he is getting pounded, and last night he had a very high fever. Yet, he continues to fight through the pain. His rebounding was big, and he also continued to drive into tough defense. He followed up the left handed drive to end game 2 with a right handed drive in game 4 despite Wade’s attempt to jump as high as he can to block the shot. Bob and Dan mention that this series is showing a great battle of the titans (Dirk vs. Wade). The question still remains: is Dirk better than 2006, or is his team better? A little bit of both. This ends with audio from Dale and Bob Ortegel talking about Dirk’s grit to go to the podium after the game despite being sick. Because the game performance wasn’t enough.
2:00 – Bob challenges Dan on the LeBron turn, but Dan still maintains he “hates” his former savior. Dan then talks about Wade as the “alpha dog” and questions LeBron’s place in the 4th quarter. Is LeBron using his size in the right way? Does he need to change his style of play? Bob brings up the quit against Boston, and all the excuses that are given for LeBron (teammates, coach, Delonte, etc.). But Wade continues to shine in the big moments, while LeBron looks lost. Dan: “He doesn’t know who he is right now”. Dan then compares the villain role that LeBron has to embrace with the way Tiger has shifted into a similar role. Ultimately, they conclude that both Wade and LeBron seem to want to take the big shot. Bob: “There’s more to it than cool dunks. Can they make it come together?”
2:20 – They review some audio from Doris Burke where she interviews Chandler, but constantly asks about Dirk and even almost called him Dirk. Dan thinks she wanted to interview Dirk instead of Chandler. I guess she wanted whatever sickness he had.
2:40 – John the Mailman begins the calls with a sore throat, talking about the way the others besides Dirk showed up last night. They talk about this again briefly before Bob brings up Carlisle. It appears all Carlisle has to do is strategize, because the players will be emotionally invested already (instead of Miami/Spoelstra talk earlier). Did his move of Barea to the starting lineup work? Did he just need to try something to change it up? They question the motive of the referees regarding the technical Carlisle received. But can they figure out a way to beat Miami two more times? Dan found evidence that Bosh may be a frontrunner. Or at least he hasn’t ever liked the Dallas team. Dan teased audio about JJ Barea and Miss Universe for tomorrow. It sounds like you can win tickets to Game 5. Hopefully that contest works.
3:00 – WTDS: On this day in 1965, the first MLB draft happened. First player drafted was Rick Monday. Happy Birthday to Herb Adderley, Barbara Bush, Julianna Margulies, Jerry Stiller, Boz Scaggs, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Kanye West, Lindsay Davenport, Kevin Gross, and Big Country Reeves. Dead on this day, still dead: Andrew “Old Hickory” Jackson.

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