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2009 BaD Radio Podcast

12/11/09 - Episode #38 

White Elephant Day coverage, with talk of time travel with the focus of what yould you tell your 14 year old self?  BaD radio makes a hilarious prank call to Applebee's. Finally an exploration into the world of internet dating with ticker man Ty Walker. All this with Donovan Tickers!
12/04/09 - Episode #37 

BaD Radio talks about door-to-door magazine salesmen with shady tactics. Zydrunas Ilgauskas setting the Cleveland Cavaliers all time record for games played - Mike Brown gave him his first DNPCD.  Finally Tom's work quality is being effected by his new band, Mid-twenties girlfriend, and drinking - Tom was sick (hungover).

11/27/09 - Episode #36 

BaD Radio talks about Thanksgiving at Donovans house, Dan is cooking a frozen pizza, and he still wont watch the game live. Bobs battles on air about Troy Aikman - Troy eventually calls in to the show. Finally Donovan shares the upper decker story with his family on Thanksgiving.

11/20/09 - Episode #35 

Donovan gives his shocking review on the film "Gladiator" In another installment of "Donovan Watches Movies Everyone Has Already Seen." BaD Radio give an interview with Redskins broadcaster and Homer Call legend Sam Huff. Finally the guys discuss insanely annoying drops focusing on "The Pothole."

11/13/09 - Episode #34 

BaD Radio reviews the Jimmy The Greek "ESPN: 30 for 30" documentary - Have very controversial but cerebral debate about historical truths.  They talk about computer viruses that put very illegal and disturbing material on your computer. They also compare Wade to Belickick - they talk about Wade being too much of a cheerleader for the Cowboys (Great Wade audio and a disgrutled caller).  Finally the bonus round: Kids birthday parties and they replay audio of Tom when he was filling in for the Hardline.

11/06/09 - Episode #33 

BaD Radio with some "Monkey News" talking about a racist doll - They have a discussion on racial expletives - Dan provokes some angry callers. Dans daughter draws phallic man parts on dinosaurs. Finally some lunch pail audio with some Dan Patrick and Jordy Nelson audio. Most Important thing you'll do this week.

10/26/09 - Episode #32 

BaD Radio previews the beginning of the Mavs season - They talk Drew Gooden, Erick Dampier, and Chris Humphries.  The guys critiques Thom Brennemans bad play calling during the Cowboys game - tons of audio fun. The gang interviews Mark Cuban in studio where they talk about the DVR, Satellite Radio, and YouTube. Finally BaD radio plays nice Oprah and Jerry Jones audio: Oprah perpetuates the Texan stereotype and Jerry doesn't knows who plays in U2.

10/19/09 - Episode #31 

BaD Radio talks in very heated tones on Patrick Crayton - they ponder if he should be told from his head coach that he lost his job and his interview with the media on his demotion. They also explore television shows and their interests versus what critics say and Bob categorizes TV comedies by their pacing. Sean Bass pays off his guestbooking league punishment by skydiving. You could listen to something else instead, but that would be a letdown.

10/12/09 - Episode #30 

BaD Radio talks to Jon Daniels about Rudy Jaramillo, Wayne Winston about the Mavericks, and Dikembe Mutumbo about... nothing? More awesome than the awesomest thing you can think of. (WRONG AUDIO)

10/05/09 - Episode #29 

BaD Radio ponders the morality of putting your pet to sleep as Dans cat has cancer. The guys play audio from Dale Hansen's television show - They discuss Tony Romo not knowing if its 4th down and Bob is right! Finally they play audio of Grubes doing stand-up at the Addison Improve - Grubes opens for Bruce Bruce for a dominantly black audience. Grubes troughs down his NAACP joke which will go down in Ticket lore.

09/28/09 - Episode #28 

BaD Radio's interview with Charles Haley in studio. He shows off his rings, talks about his rocky relationship with the media, and him not being in the hall of fame. They play a little Gay Not Gay touching on the topics of facebook, grading papers, and assisting your friend down the steps. Finally the guys have an argument about Daniel Graham on the merits of his star power.

09/21/09 - Episode #27 

BaD Radio interviews the great Joe Montana where they talk about his Career and "The Catch". Bob reviews his experience of UFC 103- talks about the abundance of "douchers" there were at the AAC.  Finally the boys debate Hitler v. Stalin and who was really the worst dictator as far as peopled killed. So good it doesn't require some witty line at the end of the summary.

09/14/09 - Episode #26 

BaD Radio reviews Dan's very uncomfortable appearance on Doocys show plus shirtless Dan on public television. They also participate in the Martellus Bennett Show with Captain Crunch, theme song talk, and other Cowboys topics. Finally they air the first round of the BaD Radio Fantasy Draft. The podcast Joe Wilson doesn't want you to listen to.

09/07/09 - Episode #25 

BaD Radio selects the Homer Call of the Week for the first time this season - The winner is Central Michigan with the runner up being Oklahoma State. They interview Joe Nieuwendyk and talk about him coming back to the Stars.  They also interview Anthony Daniels the actor who portrayed C-3PO in Star Wars. Finally they play crazy Emmitt Smith audio with him at a fake tale gate selling pork at Cowboys Stadium. Easily the most fulfilling thing you'll do this week.

08/31/09 - Episode #24 

BaD Radio interviews Charlie Day of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia." They talk about the inception of the show and the process of writing for the show. Dan forgot to give his daughter money from the "Tooth Fairy" and he has trouble with damage control. Finally they look into Bob's "Texas Produces Too Many 1st Round Busts" claim. The champagne of podcasts.

08/24/09 - Episode #23 

This week BaD Radio partakes in three interviews. The first one is with Martellus Bennett where they "try to" discuss his tattoos and black olympics but Marty Bs concentration was focused on "Spades" with John Kitna, Mike Mickens, and Kevin Ogletree. Next they talk with GBL guest Biz Markie about beat boxing and his transition in the main stream. Finally they talk with Tiny Lister in another wheels off interview where they talk about his film and wrestling carrier.

08/17/09 - Episode #22 

BaD Radio has an extended conversation with the great Deion Sanders. They touch on many topics such as his charity "Big Brothers Big Sisters" and "Deions Sports Buddies", changing your image for the NFL, his reality show, his baseball career, him defending TO and Packman Jones, and the many Cowboys issues.

08/10/09 - Episode #21 

This week BaD radio asks what's gay and not gay touching on get well flowers for a buddy, noticing Josh Hamiltons chest muscles, taking a photo of another dude for a haircut, guys doubling parties, and locker room hot tub educate. They also talk to Brady James about cowboys training camp and napping. Finally the guys preview Ticket Fight Night where TC will be fighting Norms intern James.

08/03/09 - Episode #20 

This week BaD Radio interviews a homeless guy in San Antonio named Alamo Art. He sings a song to Gordo about his fallen comrades. They also talk about the Cowboys' health concerns in correlation to the depth of the roster. Finally the guys have a field goals kicking challenge at training camp with David Buehler. This podcast can make you thicker and wider!

8/1/2009 - Episode #19   

Best of Training Camp Part 2! BaD Radio play the Irv and Joe game with the Vex and Wally show in San Antonio. Next Bob, Donovan, and Dan race each other to see who gets home from training camp faster and Dan wins! Finally and old school bit from Cowboys camp in California where the BaD Radio makes a dinner bet with the Hardline in correlation to a young hot woman who was eating with an old man.

7/28/2009 - Episode #18 

Best of Training Camp Part 1! BaD Radio reviews a Wichita Falls cable access television show in their first training camp ever in 1999. Next the guys do their exclusive review of the classic film "Old School." Finally Bob and Dan talk with Big Dick Hunter about skipping out on a dinner.

07/20/09 - Episode #17 

BaD Radio breaks down the first two seasons of the hit show Breaking Bad. They talk about the controversial ending and what the expectitations they had coming into the show. BaD Radio sits down with Nolan Ryan and talk about pitching rotations, the steroid era, and all things baseball. Finally Donny gives an advance review of the classic film Goodfellas. Needless to say he loved it!

07/13/09 - Episode #16 

Danny Balis joins BaD Radio and introduces him to some classic blow-ups including a Mike Francesa rant and Glen Beck meltdowns plus 5 different Nachos and OH! A phong is ringing!  They also interview Ian Kinsler about TV, prison, and they ask him what it's like to play baseball. Finally Bob reveals all about the "Air Wolf" story. You dont want to miss this!

07/06/09 - Episode #15  

In this episode BaD Radio breaks down Mavs trade for Sean Marion and debate if it was the right movie. Donovan also reviews the 80's classic Top Gun. Donny gives it a great big "meh."  Finally Bob plays great audio from the Nathan's Hot Dog Contest. 

06/29/09 - Episode #14   

The BaD Radio post vacation podcast! First Bob talks about his vacation in Wisconsin and recounts his travel troubles. Donnie talks about his Vacation to Las Vegas with his fraternity brothers and Computer from Three 6 Mafia. Finally the BaD Radio guys review the book Outliers

6/22/09 - Episode #13

Welcome to the BaD Radio Vacation Podcast! We bring you all the guests of the show from HBO's the Wire. First they talk to Idris Elba (Russell "Stringer" Bell) and cant get over him being British. Next they talk with Gbenga Akinnagbe (Chris Partlow) and talk about the making of the show and how accurate it really is. Then they interview Snoop (Felicia Pearson) with a wheels off conversation touching on her book and how she came to be on the show. Finally they guys share their thoughts and memories about the series finale of The Wire.

06/15/09 - Episode #12 

BaD Radio talks with Bill Guerin after the Penguins win the Stanley Cup and ask him how it feels to win it all.  They then review Summer Bash and cover intern James kissing a girl and not knowing who is on the Hardline. Finally BaD Radio Reports on the BaD Radio Podcast and critiques TCs performance.

06/08/09 - Episode #11 

This week on BaD Radio Bob recaps his trip Boston where he hits on an assortment of Boston topics including an authentic Italian restaurant there they meet a character from The Sopranos, getting a Hotel suit, and snoring They also talks with CJ Wilson who doesn't disappoint with a slew of bragging moments. Finally BaD Radio relives the horror of Wednesday's bad weather.

06/01/09 - Episode #10 

This week on BaD Radio talks about being on NFL Films and Bob takes on Troy Aikman with audio from Georgio. BaD Radio also reviews the film Benjamin Button as they try and watch every Oscar Film. Finally they talk with a "not on time" Terrell Owens' and exchange verbal blows with his publicist.

05/24/09 - Episode #9 

This week BaD Radio talks to the Rangers' rookie pitcher Derek Holland and talk about his pink backpack. They then ask what's Gay or Not Gay where they tackle guys exchanging fake numbers, brother in laws hot tubbing together, giving the son the wifes last name, laying on another mans bed, and approaching Brendan Morrow at Top Golf.  Finally the guys catch up with their BaD BFF Bill Guerin.

BaD Radio reviews the 24 season finale and talk about the cliche nature of the show. Next the gang discuss the Crystal Taylor's prison phone interview audio from and play Dirks engagement song. Finally the BaD Radio crew review the penultimate episode of LOST and discuss the series finale and ending of the show.

This week BaD Radio goes pitch-by-pitch through the Great Game that ended in a 20-20 tie. Next the guys chat about Dans day off which includes talk about Dans mouth sores. Finally the BaD Radio gang breaks down some hilarious Humble Billy audio brought to you by the Great Donovan Lewis.

This week on BaD Radio the fellas talk about rain patterns, Green Bay Packers swine flue audio, tense Bob Knight audio, and play some Drew Carry audio involving the number "69."  Dan looks for audio twinsies including Bobs mom and "wiener-poopie" lady. They also outlines the ongoing war between Mike Leach and the Aggies. Finally the guys makes fun of their coworkers' fine efforts at Great Game practice.

This week BaD Radio taunts Spurs fans after the the Mavs defeat them in the NBA quarterfinals. Next the guys brings you the best draft audio ever with the classic Deion Sanders "Oh, a phone is ringing" audio and some funny Norm audio with Victor Butler. Finally BaD Radio delivers the latest adventures of Scoops Callahan when he takes on Gregg Popovich.

This week BaD Radio takes a look at the interesting Boston College defensive tackle BJ Raji who was falsely accused of failing a drug test at the NFL combine. Next on the podcast Bob tries to change his phone service and ends up finding a dead mouse in the attic. Finally the guys further mock Deion with some hilarious audio. It's a real party.

This week BaD Radio discuss Easter and touch on TV watching, the dumbing down of Easter egg hunts, and the lengths of different church services. BaD Radio breaks down a Deion interview with Max Morgan and call him a moron. To top it off the gang has a very Chris Farley like conversation with Adam Scott from Step Brothers. POW-POW.

BaD Radio are at Rangers opening day where they replay Donovans opening day song and Bob confesses his love for the flyover. The boys determines what is gay and not gay touching on Baseball teams hugging when they are announced, baking cookies, preparing homemade dinners for another dude, taking shots over the phone, putting pink flowers on your deceased friends grave, the flyover,  two dudes crashing in the same bed, and finally Dan takes some porn entries. Finally the BaD Radio crew walks down memory lane with Bob's parents.

On the first installment of the BaD Radio podcast the gang talks to Dirk Nowitski and talk on many subjects including him buying Grubes house. Dirk asks the famous question "Wheres Grubes At?" Next Donovan Lewis shares an email from his friend lamp sent to Mark Cuban concerning Rick Carlisles interactions with the media. Rick Carlisle fires back with his cell phone number. Finally the crew talk about there loss in Ticket Basketball to the Lake Highlands girls basketball team.

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