Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cowboys' Passing Charts Through Week 10

So this is the point of the week where we are all looking at the passing charts and being amazed about how useful and good looking they are.  With no game thanks to a bye week I went ahead and put together the passing charts for the top four receivers of the season this far.

Megatron Dez has been the most productive receiver despite a two catch game in New Orleans.  Easily the Cowboys' deep threat.

Witten is Witten.  If anyone has something that hasn't been said before, let me know.

Williams seems to be all over the place.  Favoring the left side a little more.

Though he hasn't had a lot of action this season.  Beasley has made the most of what Romo has given to him.  Just an observation from watching the games over and over, Beasley seems to be the receiver that always gets the "I'm about to be sacked" pass which results in a lot of incompletions.

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