Thursday, June 05, 2014

Summer Vacation

That doesn't mean NO blogging between now and August.  It just means significantly less unless the Stars trade for Shea Weber, the Mavs sign Lance, or the Cowboys do something really crazy.  Otherwise, I could see a few random posts here or there, but all of my normal Cowboys blogging ideas will go on a "to do" list and won't be hashed out or developed until California.

I could give you a nice long explanation, but I figure most of you get it.  It is summer, man.


Paul Jordan said...

Enjoy the summer. Looking forward to your posts from Oxnard.

Shelby R. Gray said...

God I hate the offseason.

Dave Green said...

Bob, what are we supposed to until then, get a life or something?


K5 said...

this sucks, I do enjoy your insights very much.

Hope you'll bve refreshed and cranking out good stuff in high volume come August.

Regards to the family