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BaD Radio Podcasts 2014

Our Latest Weekly Podcast:

Weekly Pod for 10/04/14 - Episode #279 - Cowboys V Saints aftermath, BaD Radio reports on the Ebola Outbreak, Jub of the week, One Thirty News featuring Ebola, Tom Grieve watches Game of Thrones, Michael Irvin audio, 15 for 15 ; The Brett Hull Prank, Week 5 picks with Kid and Computer

Weekly Pod for 1/3/14 - Episode #241 - Jamie Benn in studio, the Cowboys come up short in Week 17 against the Eagles, Dan goes to a party on New Year's Eve, Bob's Griswald-esque vacation.

Weekly Pod for 1/10/14 - Episode #242 - BaD Radio are in New York for the coldest day the Big Apple has ever had, Bob goes to dinner with NHL players, the show takes a trip to see Letterman, Tyler Seguin in studio, the return of the Gabby Urinator, Brad Richards in studio, Ralph Strangis talks dating (among other things).

Weekly Pod for 1/17/14 - Episode #243 - A review of the divisional round of the NFL playoffs, 60 Minutes report on Alex Rodriguez, Mavs GM Donnie Nelson, Rangers GM Jon Daniels, Bruins play-by-play extraordinaire Jack Edwards, Homer Call of the Week, Lunch Pails, Top 10 QBs under 30.

Weekly Pod for 1/24/14 - Episode #244 - NFL Championship Game Reactions, Richard Sherman Audio and the controversy surrounding his post game comments, MLK Game, The Today Show has some thoughts on Richard Sherman as well, Evan Grant Wedding, Tanaka to the Yankees, Sports Movie Of The Month Reviewed: Big Fan, Homer Call Playoffs.

Weekly Pod for 1/31/14 - Episode #245 - UFC fighter, Chris Weidman, Super Bowl 28 Revisited, Mike Pereira discusses rule changes he'd like to see and the officiating angles of DEN/SEA, Super Bowl News, BaD Radio takes a field trip to see a taping of The Daily Show, Darryl Strawberry discusses his career and subsequently becomes angry with Dan, a trip to see an outdoor NHL game at Yankee Stadium, Denis Leary from Radio Row.

Weekly Pod for 2/7/14 - Episode #246 - Seattle dominates Denver in Super Bowl 48, Show News/Crew Changes, Gay/ Not Gay, Bob visits Mexican grocery stores and Donovan has started working out with Mike Sirois' personal trainer, Weather News, Donnie Bit, Joe and Murr from Impractical Jokers.

Weekly Pod for 2/14/14 - Episode #247 - The Michael Sam story, Dan's love for having a fire in the fireplace backfires and causes him to have to wash his jeans, 30 for 30: The Price Of Gold (Kerrigan/Harding), Audio Bag starring Charles Barkley, Cool Runnings reviewed, Mavs get their best win of the season heading into the All-Star break over the Pacers, John Sponsler joins the show live from Sochi, Ticket Minion Dating Game Show.

Weekly Pod for 2/21/14 - Episode #248 - Olympic hockey talk after the U.S. down Russia in a thrilling pool play game, why does the NHL allow it's players to participate in the Olympics, Dale Hansen goes viral with a commentary on Michael Sam, Cultural Frontrunning talk with the Heat in town, Tom Green, Homer Call Playoffs, 30 for 30 on Richard Jewell, Wife Olympics.

Weekly Pod for 2/28/14 - Episode #249 - Jerry Jones crazy-ass audio from the combine, Lots of News, Wash's Extension, Eric Nadel in-studio for a couple of segments, Lunch Run Problems: They Forgot The Rice, Dan's World, "Schooled" Review (documentary about college sports), "Justified" Writer VJ Boyd.

Weekly Pod for 3/7/14 - Episode #250 - Ian Kinsler makes it clear he left the Rangers on less than amicable terms, Ask Dan Anything: The Romance Edition, Donnie with Jose Calderon, Does Race Have An Impact On The Types Of Phone One Uses, Big News Segment, Mike Modano in-studio, Homer Bowl 2014, Simpsons Game Show courtesy of TC.

Weekly Pod for 3/14/14 - Episode #251 - Dan & Sean's Wedding Feud, Ralph Strangis on the Mike Modano number retirement ceremony, Rich Peverley incident, Joe Rogan talks Dinosaur Erotica, TC's New Job, Tyler Seguin Show, 1:30 News: Can Dan Start A Fire, Dana White in studio.

Weekly Pod for 3/21/14 - Episode #252 - Bob's idea for the one move Jerry could make that would immediately buy back public confidence, the Cowboys sign Henry Melton, Tom Grieve momentarily morphs into Beavis trying to pronounce a Ranger's name, Intern Cody betrays the trust of our local media brethren, UFC Champ Johny Hendricks, "Glory Road" reviewed, Hooky Palace Game Show.

Weekly Pod for 3/28/14 - Episode #253 - The injuries are mounting for the Rangers as opening day approaches, Quinton Ross is not dead - and to prove it,  he does an interview with Norm, Mark Cuban bows up to the NFL, a Die Hard-esque situation sort of plays out in Victory Plaza, Donovan interview with Prince Fielder from a few years ago, NEWS, Lunchpails: Aaron Craft Edition.

Weekly Pod for 4/4/14 - Episode #254 - BaD Radio at Globe Life for Rangers Opening Day, Donovan and Jake Opening Day song, The Ticket shows up on FX's "Justified" yet again, What Matters More To Bob: Stars playoffs or Wisconsin Final Four success?, Who Is The Smartest Phillie?, NEWS, Mavs are able to close out the Clippers.

Weekly Pod for 4/11/14 - Episode #255 - A review of the Final Four title game in Arlington, TC has some hard hitting questions for a UCONN player, Do Some Of The Research, Jake's twitter nemesis, longtime NHL enforcer Stu Grimson in studio, Classic Audio: Pete Stein v. The Hardline reviewed, A Touching Tribute to Rich Phillips, the CROW Line.

Weekly Pod for 4/18/14 - Episode #256 - Dirk Day (Dirk Nowitzki in studio for a full hour), "Draft Day" Reviewed, Hillsboro Disaster 30 For 30, Tyler Seguin Show, Should The Mavs Be Afraid Of The Spurs Debate, News News News, Mavs Playoffs Preview.

Weekly Pod for 4/25/14 - Episode #257 - Live coverage of a local police chase (complete with a call to King Cut), Tyler Seguin, Dan loses his wallet, "The Bad News Bears" reviewed, Pudge Rodriguez in-studio, Mavs talk, 1:30 News, Johnny Manziel meets John Gruden and talks about Drake.

Weekly Pod for 5/2/14 - Episode #258 - Stars Playoff Memorial, Mavs/Spurs Talk, "Justified" Writer VJ Boyd hangs out in studio, Donald Sterling ruling reactions, The Case Against The Cowboys Drafting Johnny Football, News News News, Judge Reinhold in studio for a full hour.

Weekly Pod for 5/9/14 - Episode #259 - Mavs season ends after a disappointing Game 7 loss to the Spurs, Mavs Offseason early preview, Tom Grieve Show (featuring medical marijuana talk), Bob Trip To The UK, Soccer Ticket Scam, News, Dan's NFL Draft Name Game, NFL Draft Talk (preview and Day 1).

Weekly Pod for 5/16/14 - Episode #260 - NFL Draft talk complete with Johnny Football discussion, Michael Sam controversy, NBA Audio featuring Shaq/Charles Barkley/Churros, "Mommie Dearest" reviewed, Dan interviews William Shatner.

Weekly Pod for 5/23/14 - Episode #261 - Evan Grant talking Rangers injuries and potential leadership void,  Mark Cuban's comments on prejudice spark controversy, Texas Tech head football coach Kliff Kingsbury in studio, Lunch Pails: NFL Draft Edition, Classic Matthew McConaughey audio review, Fake Jerry impressions from around our office.

Weekly Pod for 5/30/14 - Episode #262 - Bob talks grilling and kids these days, Sean Lee out for the season, Donovan Jury duty which evolves to Maya Angelou death talk, 1:30 News including: the kidnapped Nigerian girls, people making your kids gay, motorcycle death in Lewisville, Manziel in Vegas, Dans position on bacon, spelling bee, and ferret talk, Alexi Lalas on the World Cup/growth of US Soccer, Dan asks if we should trade Adrien Beltre and other Rangers injury talk, interview with Donovan's wife Twiggy, Edward Snowden talk, Crow Line featuring: a Bob death threat, space is gay, and chronic masturbation.

Weekly Pod for 6/6/14 - Episode #263 - Lebron James Leg cramp, Dan gets a new grill, Nelson Cruz Returns to DFW, Hidden Cash Dallas in Victory Plaza, News including: Grapevine Braums perv, a Hitler billboard, and a prisoner of war trade. Also baseball prospects and the Jon Singleton contract, Emily Giffin who wrote Bob into her book, Evan Grant, Ghetto Jeopardy, and a classic WTDS.

Weekly Pod for 6/13/14 - Episode #264 - Bob gets blocked on twitter by Keith Olbermann, LeBron's leg cramps and the NBA Finals, Mark Aguirre in studio. BaD Radio takes a trip to the ballpark to talk to Adrian Beltre and Tim Bogar at the ballpark, 1:30 News, and BaD Radio reviews their sports movie of the month (with the assist from Corby Davidson): Victory.

Weekly Pod for 6/20/14 - Episode #265 - BaD Radio discuss the Spurs winning the NBA Finals, USA beating Ghana in the World Cup, and telling your kids why African-Americans make up the majority of pro sports leaves. Annual Juneteenth show at the Lavish Lounge with a game of "Is It True" and another tasting challenge. BaD Radio Reports on the college athletics grading system, Sean's Baby Song playlist, and 15 for 15 Episode 1: Rocco on the Rant.

Weekly Pod for 6/27/14 - Episode #266 - BaD Radio talk World Cup with the USA and Portugal tying. They ask what the popularity of soccer will be in the US in 15 years and talk to their old pal Dirk Nowitzki about the World Cup. Donovan has a little wireless fun in victory plaza after the Germany - USA match and we have News News News, Dan teaching his kids "Gangsters Paradise", Stars Hockey, Lebron becoming a free agent, and Chloe from 24. We top it off with the return of Tyson Chandler to Dallas.

Weekly Pod for 7/11/14 - Episode #267 - Lebron goes back home, BaD Radio calls Miami, Dan Gilbert letter, What do you call your grandparents, Rangers, 1:30 News, Stars, Emanuel Sanders, Dans House sitting fun with Fahy passing out on his porch, Dan and TC go on a quest to find the truth about the Mobile Leprechaun.

Weekly Pod for 7/18/14 - Episode #268 - The epic saga of Dans broken YV, Donnie Nelson talks Chandler Parsons, Bobs date night, Dave Cameron talks blowing up the Rangers, News, Brett Ship talks Prime Prep Academy.

Weekly Pod for 7/25/14 - Episode #269 - Pre Training Camp Cowboys and Jason Gattett talk, Bob visits Alcatraz and encounters the worst tour guide ever, 1:30 news featuring Steven A Smith and John Wiley Price, Tom Grieve, Elvis struggling, both Henry Melton and Tyrone Smith live from Oxnard. Finally episode 2 of BaD Radios 15 for 15 series the story of when Bob and Dan first met.

Weekly Pod for 8/01/14 - Episode #270 - Live from Cowboys training camp in Oxnard. Tyron Smith Contract, Romos back, Crazy Jerry audio, Beyonce quiz, Music quiz, 1:30 News, Dale Hansen and Brad Sham, and the BaD Radio training camp challenge featuring shirtless Dan.

Weekly Pod for 8/08/14 - Episode #271 - Jerry Jones photo controversy, Interview with Ahmad Dixon, Best of the Blue Star Network, Cowboys first preseason game talk including Mino getting a tweet on the program, 1:30 news featuring Ebola news, BaD Radio reports on scissorgate, finally Mike Rhyner sees is any of the Cowboy players are Regulators

Weekly Pod for 8/15/14 - Episode #272 - BaD Radio say goodbye to intern Taylor and Brad, talk Orlando Scandrick suspension, Johnny Mansiels first pre season game. Tyler Seguin comes in studio, bob joins Ferrall on the bench, Cowboys Raiders Brawl aftermath and Friday game show titled "Who are you?"

Weekly Pod for 8/22/14 - Episode #273 -Cowboys V Ravens recap, David Newbury tells a crazy Vegas story, Johnny Manziel flips the Red Skins off, Donovan and Jake watch Game of Thrones, BaD Radio Reports on quarterbacks and their bad games, Kid from Kid 'n Play in studio.

 Weekly Pod for 8/29/14 - Episode #274 - Jason Garrett risk aversion, Bob talks about donating clothes for a good cause, Fun audio including who has showered with Michael Sam, Jerry Jones ESPN The Magazine article, Trey interrupts Jerry, Computer calls in, Dan Defies God and gets struck by lightning, Ahmad Dixon controversy, 15 for 15: Rusty Greer fly ball challenge

 Weekly Pod for 9/05/14 - Episode #275 - The reveal of the Fall Lineup featuring George Dunham, Wash resignation, NFL Playoff picks, Cowboys season predictions, 1:30 News, Jason Spezza in studio, Homer Call of the Week - Week 0, Picking games with Computer and Kid from Kid N' Play

 Weekly Pod for 9/12/14 - Episode #276 - Cowboys V 49ers aftermath, Bobs "Drop Your pants" clothing drive, Ray Rice video released, Ron Washington rumors, Youtube sensation Dude Perfect in studio, Week 1 of Homercall of the week, U2 dropping an album on everyones itunes and the debate that ensues, Crowline, and week 2 of pics with Computer and Kid from kid n Play

 Weekly Pod for 9/19/14 - Episode #277 - BaD Radio talk about minor league coaching, Cowboys V Titans, The Eagles and Chip Kelley. They also talk to Tyler Seguin, Ralph Strangis, talk about the Ron Washington press conference, Weekly Jub, Sports Movie of the Month "The Replacements" and Week 3 picks with Kid and Computer

Weekly Pod for 9/26/14 - Episode #278 - Cowboys vs Rams wrap up, BaD Radio Reports - The Alvin Garrett Game, Homer Call of the week, the popularity of the NFL, Michael Irvin audio, Mike Tyson interview, 1:30 News, Picking games with Kid and Computer

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