Sunday, April 24, 2016

DMN Positional Series #8 - Quarterbacks

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Adam Warcholak said...


Can't understand for the life of me - all the RB talk for this terrible and razor thin defensive team. if Bosa projects better than D Lawrence - grab him and run. if not then go with the CB. but picks 1 and 2 seems like have to be some combo of DE and CB. then the questions begin-
am i over-valuing Alfred Morris when i say we need WR#2 so much more than a runner? wasn't anybody watching how none of our WR's could get open last year? can we use 3rd round pick to upgrade T. Will or is that too late? Then LB, no? i mean do we have anything in Hitchens, Wilson, Nzeocha, Wilber because we can't even count on Lee or McClain from game to game, let alone if we lose one or both....