Saturday, August 20, 2016

DMN Post-Game Call-In Transcript - Preseason Miami

Sportsradio 1310 The Ticket host Bob Sturm analyzes the Dallas Cowboys' win over the Miami Dolphins on Friday:
Do you believe in Dak Prescott?
There's no doubt his first training camp has resulted in fantastic results. I am sure he can be their No. 2 (quarterback) right out of the gate. I don't necessarily see anything I could say critically about him. He did flirt with a few near interceptions, including one that was nullified by a penalty. I don't know what else can be asked of a fourth-round rookie in his first two preseason appearances. He looks very poised, very knowledgeable and his throws absolutely where they need to be over and over again. I understand why everyone is so excited. Compared to most Cowboy quarterback rookies over the last 20 years or so, this is absolutely uncharted waters. Very impressive stuff.
What did you think of Tony Romo, and were you concerned he even played?
I wasn't necessarily worried he played. I would have been fine if he didn't. I think it's probably important for a guy to get used to game action, but a 10-year starter doesn't need more than one half of preseason. It goes back to the unnecessary nature that the NFL makes teams play so many preseason games.
How did Alfred Morris look? And could Ezekiel Elliott be even more impressive?
That's the big question. When the Cowboys got Morris back in March, I did not see Ezekiel Elliott as a need here. He seems like a real luxury. If they had gone with Morris and maybe Darren McFadden as backup, they would have been fine this year. Morris is a clean fit, his timing is good, his vision is solid. With this offensive line, there are any number of running backs who would have great success. I am certainly not mad Ezekiel Elliott is here, but with this much talent on the line and Dez Bryant occupying space and Tony Romo who can put the ball where he wants to, running back has an easy job description on this team. Which is probably why Elliott admitted as much this week.
What did you think of some other players not named Dak?
Once again Shaniel Jenkins pops up. I need to study why Denver lost interest in him so quickly, because in both appearances he has popped off the screen with sacks and tackles for loss and a forced fumble.
Josh Thomas was pretty good today, the corner. I still continue to see plenty out of Jeremiah McKinnon. It seems they have some depth in the secondary. Going back to other players, even on the offense, I certainly enjoyed seeing Darius Jackson running the ball. He's a rookie who will probably have to start on special teams. It's fun to see Brice Butler at receiver in his first training camp with the Cowboys. He is perhaps demonstrating he's the fourth wide receiver. If you're going to carry Cole Beasley and Lucky Whitehead, Butler brings a nice big, strong receiver who can win on the goal line and learn from Dez Bryant. Maybe he's a real keeper now.
Is there anything that concerns you entering the third preseason game?
I think there experimenting without giving their future opponents a whole lot. I see some things that are fresh to me. As they are trying to add some wrinkles. There's going to be some times when they don't look as smooth. It's hard to find things to complain about. I think we need to see more time from the regulars. For the most part, they mopped the field with Miami and that makes them pretty happy where they are. I think the Cowboys feel pretty decent where they're at.

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