Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Suns Stay Alive, and Other Stuff

If you are returning from vacation today, make sure you check out some of the baseball research from Saturday's blog entry. Otherwise, enjoy todays links and email:

Bickley claims that the Suns show championship backbone ….You would think it is too late…

Duncan strug-gels at the line

Riding a run of 25 consecutive makes at the free-throw line, Duncan missed three of his first four attempts in Game 4 and cratered from there. He wound up missing nine of 12 attempts from the line, including an air ball, and looked as tentative as you can look when you're still going for 15 points and 16 boards. The Suns double-teamed Duncan harder than they have until now, with Johnson doing most of the doubling instead of the smaller Nash, and Duncan struggled to answer.

Cogen puzzled that fans aren’t all sheep

While the club is ahead of last year's attendance pace, president Jeff Cogen still hasn't yet seen the full-scale "bandwagon" effect business-side folks hope follow a successful season and a strong start to the ensuing year.

"Why, I don't know," Cogen said this weekend. "I'm a little puzzled. I am probably my worst critic, but I think we could be doing better."

Well, let’s see, Jeff. Perhaps the fans are annoyed that the payroll was cut again, you guys offered almost no help to your team that finished so close last year, your owner claimed that he would only spend more if the fans earned it by showing up in droves, your owner pocketed all of the money from the stadium naming rights, and I am sure I am forgetting something. You’re right; the fans need to get with the program. Phooey.

Rangers Defense quietly solid

Peter King MMQB picks Minnesota to the Super Bowl …Guess what, so does Bob’s Blog…

More on Little E’s trials and tribulations

Sports Guy looks at the Longest Yard ….

Beckham claims he might play in the MLS before retirement …I call BS…

Nike threatens Manchester United

Nike have warned Manchester United they could pull the plug on their sponsorship deal after the club's poor showing this season. The sportswear manufacturers began a 13-year kit deal with the club in August 2002 worth up to £303m but it is reported a get-out clause will allow the company to decide next year whether to continue that agreement past the 2007-08 season. "Chelsea won the league this year, Arsenal won the FA Cup and Liverpool won the Champions League, so you could argue that Manchester United is only the fourth-best club in England," said Nike's vice-president of sports marketing Ian Todd.

Rules of the Man Hug

U.S. Military Deaths from All Wars

And now, let’s clean out some email, shall we?

Hello Bob. I have been a listener for a long time, but have never called or emailed. Due to my work schedule I can’t listen to your whole 3 hours, but I listen as much as I can, so you may have mentioned this on air.

You have mentioned several times that we need to wait the 5 years to see if letting Nash go before we can judge if it was bad. I couldn’t agree more. A good example of this would be Derian Hatcher. Same situation. A fan favorite, up in years. 2 years into a 5 year contract Derian has played 15 regular season games and 12 play-off games. And in those 27 games he has not looked good. If people wait they will realize letting both of these players go was better in the long run. In Hatchers case it is already being proven, but it will take a little longer to see it with Nash.

Thanks for your time,
Aaron Winkler

A very fair point, however, we can hardly hold the labor war against the Hatcher signing. If anything, you could even make the point that Dallas and Detroit had the insurance policy of the lockout to ease concern of signing him. Detroit took the risk, Dallas did not. Hmmm, more Hicks money saving, eh?

As a early 40 something white guy I was a huge fan of "Land of the Lost" in my formative years. (Holly was hot - Will was gay). Did you guys know that Bill Lambeer was a "Sleestak" in season 1? True greatness.

Wikipedia .

Raised in the Chicago suburb of Clarendon Hills, Illinois, Laimbeer attended the University of Notre Dame, and in 1974 he played one of the Sleestak during the first season of the television series Land of the Lost.

No way!

This is from Jim Greene, who does stats for Ralph and Razor, but now took a sports trip to Chicago for the weekend. He files this report:


After going on an awesome sports trip to Chicago (Cubs on Friday, US/England on Saturday), I developed a few HSO's during the trip:

1. After the Cowboys are awarded the Super Bowl when the new stadium is completed, Arlington will host the event one time and then never again......

The reason: Mass Transit

Consider This, By the time the New Cowboys Stadium is completed, Arlington will have two major sports stadium, a major theme park, and no mass transit system.

Chicago has Wrigley, US Cellular, Soldier Field, United Center, and the AllState Arena....... and both the CTA rail system and train system....

I understand the concept of mass transit seems foreign to the masses in the Metroplex, but I experienced this going from O'Hare, Going to the Cubs Game, and leaving Soldier Field to come back to O'Hare.....

If Arlington doesn't establish a public transportation system before hosting the Super Bowl, the media and the fans will complain about this.....

And those complaints should force anyone thinking about giving about giving Arlington another big game some second thoughts and reconsider their host cities for hosting huge events........

Also, until the Metroplex figures out that you need reliable and effective mass transit, the major events that are up for bids will not come home unless some serious bribes are given out.....

2. I saw Mark Prior take one on the elbow. It was a gruesome scene that quieted the crowd and left everyone shocked at what just happened.....The injury overshadowed a webjem from Aramis Ramirez which ESPN picked up on.

It also made me consider this:

Why don't pitchers take more hits on the mound? It would make sense to me that if you hit the ball flush on the bat, it should go back to the pitcher and the point where the ball was thrown. When these hits come back to the pitcher, they become targets and have little time and chance
to avoid the ball......

Considering what happened to Prior, I'd say the Cubs are in serious trouble...... I wouldn't expect him back to command their pitching staff until Spring Training.....

3. Wrigley Field needs to be become a national monument......

Once the Cubs leave Wrigley, I would like the State of Illinois and the US Park Service to claim ownership of the friendly confines....

This would accomplish a couple things:

1. It would preserve the "Friendly Confines" for future generations so that they could see the game's heritage and traditions....
2. It would give Baseball Fans another Field of Dreams that would continue to bring fans to the old ballpark well after the last out was recorded....
3. You could have exhibition games, high school, and college games at any time, which would give people more reasons to come out....

I would hate to see Wrigley destroyed..... If Wrigley turns into a parking lot, a part of our nation's history, traditions, and culture will fade into memory......

And that would be a sad day for every baseball fan around the world......

That's it for now,
Jim Greene

And finally, this from Tony, who needs some help:

hello ticket brothers. just wanted to see if you guys could help spread the word around of my friends charity golf tournament. it is for a friend of hers who recently had a brain tumor removed, but they didn't get all of the cancer out and it doesn't look good. his wife is pregnant, so neither can work, and they need all the help they can get. w/insurance, their first bill was over $100,000. i attatched her email which has a link to the website giving the details. if you guys could donate or just spread the word, we would be ever so grateful. thanks for your time and help.


Hi everyone,

I am emailing you to ask for your help. This is something that is very important to me and I want to try and help them as much as I can.

The tournament is for a friend of mine, Jay Hilliard that I grew up with. He is 25 just got married last year, to Jacqueline and they have a baby on the way in early June. Life was looking good for them, until April 9 he suffered a grand mal seizure.

After a 10 hour emergency surgery, doctors told Jay they had removed a Grade II malignant oligodendroglioma tumor, from his right frontal lobe. Jay now faces a difficult and lengthy recovery period, including radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

He has been to several specialists and the outlook is not looking good. They did not get all of the cancer.

Unfortunately as we all know insurance that many companies offer is not great. Jay got his first hospital bill $111,999.87!! That is on a 90 / 10 split! That does not include doctors or anything!

This young couple is facing many hard times ahead. Neither are working right now. Jay is recovering from surgery, going to many specialists and Jacqueline is about to have a baby girl, that they are going to name Jailynn.

If am hoping you or someone you know might be interested in playing in this tournament, donating money, sponsoring a hole, or your company may be interested in donating etc. If you can not do any of the above, I ask for your prayers for them.

Below is the web site. I am on the planning committee for the tournament and have already gotten my dad and several of his clients to contribute money. But we need all the help we can get. Please check out the web site and pass the information on.


Thank you for your help,

Best of luck, Erica…

Monday, May 30, 2005

That's Racin!

600 Miles is the longest race of the season in Nextel Cup Racing. For Jimmie Johnson, who won the Coke 600 for the third straight year, it took 599.9 miles to figure out how to get the lead, and beat Bobby Labonte to the finish line by about 6 feet. What a fun night of racing, which included a record 22 cautions. Not a record for the track in Charlotte, not a record for the year. But rather, a record for the history of the sport. Never has a race involving the top level of stock cars seen so many yellow flags. Nevertheless, despite the ponderous pace, the race left many a incident.

Johnson wins again

Junior with another major error in judgment which I am sure is not his fault if you ask his legion of fans. Not his fault, just like Las Vegas with Brian Vickers, or the big one in Talladega...

Tony Eury -- Dale Earnhardt Jr's uncle and former crew chief -- was none too pleased with his nephew Sunday night after Earnhardt wrecked teammate Michael Waltrip in the Coca-Cola 600.

"I don't know what his problem is with Michael, but it'll be fixed [Monday] -- I'll guarantee it," an irate Eury said. "He acts like he's friends with [Waltrip], but every time he gets around him on the racetrack he ends up wrecking him."

Above, David Letterman and Danica Patrick after the finish of the Indy 500

Danica takes 4th, some dude wins …seriously, isn’t that how it was covered yesterday? I will admit I only watched because of the chick, but when a guy wins the race, isn’t he the story? Is it really necessary to show Danica’s mom again instead of covering the winner?

Sandomir with his review of the broadcast

Other Links:

Rangers sweep (sort of) the ChiSox

Here, find Chan Ho Park’s Career Stats …You will see that in 2005, Park has his lowest ERA as a Ranger, and his 2nd highest win total ALREADY! In fact, his 5 wins equals his win total of 2003 + 2004! Not saying he is that great this year, but he is much better than he was…

Park wins again!

Park is 5-1 for the first time, and that includes his seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers when he won at least 13 games five consecutive seasons.

Using Showalter's words, Park "kept grinding." He recovered from a fourth inning that saw him give up the tying home run to A.J. Pierzynski and two more runs against the bottom of the order.

Park was his crispest in the sixth inning, wrapping three ground ball outs around a two-out single. For the day he threw 105 pitches, only 58 for strikes. It was not close to the sharpness he had in seven shutout innings in his last start against Houston.

But even when he isn't sharp, Park knows he is the best pitcher he has been in three-plus seasons in Texas. The Rangers have won eight consecutive games. Park has two of those wins.

"I'm more confident," said Park, whose five wins are one more than he had last season. "I wasn't as confident as my last outing, but I was keeping the ball down. A quality start is good enough for me."

Lebreton on how it is all fitting together

Adam Morris on Chris Young

FC Dallas wins in DC …Highlighted by two magnificent plays by Carlos Ruiz. One, resulted in a penalty kick, the other will go down as maybe the finest goal ever scored by a Dallas soccer player. This goal was world class!

Click Here to see Ruiz goal of the year nominee

Early Entrant to NBA Draft who is doing a bit

Eklund claims this could be the week for the NHL

Star Wars wacky shirt

Mom arrested for hiring stripper for son’s party

Amazing Card Trick

Saturday, May 28, 2005

1st Place Texas Rangers

Through the Alfonso Soriano HR in the 5th, Rangers have 75 Home Runs. Only the Orioles have more than 60. They have allowed only 32. Only the Marlins and the Nationals have allowed fewer. That differential of 75 HR’s for and 32 against is a +43, which is easily the best in baseball. I have no theories as to why this differential exists. Most of the time, when we look at the Rangers numbers, we blame the weather, the park, and other elements that cannot be controlled. But in this case, it is obvious that you can not do that. The weather is the same. The park is the same. Somehow, the Rangers, at least through nearly 2 months, have managed to murder the ball without allowing their opponents to do the same. What a start to the season.

Young with a gem to beat ChiSox

In eight innings, which tied his longest outing this season, Young threw an economical 102 pitches. By contrast, he threw 96 and 93 in his last two starts when he lasted five innings each. He is on pace to throw 180 innings, uncharted territory for him, and the Rangers need him to be this good in the heat of August and in a potential playoff chase in September.

This is from the May 10th Blog entry:

Bob’s Blog Exclusive Research Project of the Day: The Rangers had 61 quality starts in 2004, according to Rangers’ PR guru Gregg Elkin. That comes out to about 37.6%. With Chris Young’s start last night (May 9th) that did in fact end up a loss, that was quality start #18 out of 33 games for 54.4%. This projects to 88 quality starts this season. If they get to 88, they may squeeze into the postseason, and they also should nominate Orel Hershiser into the HOF as a pitching coach. That is just amazing if it holds up.

Since that day, the Rangers have run off 8 quality starts of the next 15 games, bringing the season total to 26 of 48 for 54.1%. Again, we are not out of May, but they are still maintaining this pace of nearly 90 quality starts! Also, we should not overlook the fact that no starter has missed a start yet. The same rotation that left Surprise in late March is still going to work every 5th day. Bravo!

Here is the breakdown of the Quality Starts:
Rogers: 10 starts, 9 quality starts (4/6, 4/11, 4/21, 4/27, 5/2, 5/8, 5/14, 5/20, 5/26)
Drese: 10 starts, 4 quality starts (4/5, 4/15, 5/7, 5/24)
Young: 10 starts, 4 quality starts (4/28, 5/3, 5/9, 5/27)
Park: 9 starts, 4 quality starts (4/13, 4/23, 4/29, 5/22)
Astacio: 9 starts, 5 quality starts (4/9, 4/14, 4/19, 5/11, 5/25)

Barry Horn cracks on the Rangers TV broadcast

To: Rangers TV
Re: You reap what you don't show


It wouldn't take Oliver Stone to create suspicions about your failure to show the between-innings Rod Barajas-Ryan Drese dugout fight the other night. Remember, you are the same guys who wouldn't show replays of the Frankie Francisco fiasco in Oakland last season.

You say you didn't know about Barajas-Drese until later in the game, when you learned Kansas City television had shots of the skirmish. You didn't feel it would be professional for Josh Lewin and Tom Grieve to speculate on what had taken place.
Why not dispatch man-in-the-stands Jim Knox to try to find out? Or was he too busy preparing questions for some feature about nacho vendors? Or why not ask the Royals broadcasters for their take?

The count is now 0-2 in tight situations.

Revo on the Rangers big weekend

Podsednik comes home

Prior out 6 to 8 weeks at least

Helling with scary incident

England versus U.S. today! …I am fired up, but without Beckham, Owen, Gerrard, Lampard, Terry, Rooney, and others, is it really England?

Owen answers the jealousy question

Grapevine Blog with a fine college football point

Now what for Star Wars Nerds?

Bucks debate #1 pick …I know, they will take the big white guy…

Paris Hilton strikes back

Interview with Pedro …Hello?

Friday, May 27, 2005

Back from the Legal World

Yesterday, I had a field trip that I will never forget. It was Jury Duty in Criminal Court #3, Denton County, for a misdemeanor theft case (more than $50 and less than $500). It was a really long day, and through the process, I learned a few things:

1) The judicial process is one of the most tedious experiences I have ever been exposed to. Somehow, you can drag anything out for hours. It makes the final 3 minutes of an NBA game look quick.

2) This whole “Jury of your peers” thing seems like a great idea, but after further review, I might have someone who has a grasp of the law (a judge) rather than a group of beaten down citizens who just want to go home sitting in a room deciding your fate.

3) I thought I was really tough on crime. Then, I was asked to lock a guy up and be Mr. Tough Guy or give him another chance at probation. After his elderly mother pled for his freedom, I turned into a bleeding heart. It is really easy to have a tough stance on everything when you don’t have to meet their mother.

Anyway, I don’t really want to do it again. It was like a field trip yesterday for a long time, but then when I realized I was actually there for an important purpose, it was no longer fun. Oh well….Now, for sports:


Rogers dominates again, Rangers finish sweep of Royals …You know, Kenny is amazing. How is he doing this? It truly is becoming one of the more remarkable stories of 2005.

The Homerism of broadcasting

Browns want money back from Kellen Knievel Winslow

Despite the May 1 motorcycle accident that will sideline tight end Kellen Winslow for the 2005 season, and which adds uncertainty to his football future, the Cleveland Browns have no intention of releasing their 2004 first-round draft pick.

The team has decided, however, to seek financial adjustments to Winslow's contract, and that move could come within the next few weeks. Once Winslow misses a mandatory team function, essentially depriving the Browns of his football services, the franchise will be able to enforce the so-called "dangerous activities" stipulations of his contract. Those are clauses that, in very clear language, preclude Winslow from putting his career, and Cleveland's investment in him, in jeopardy.

Just in case you are curious, here is a Bio for Evel Knievel ….

Favre’s house sold in Green Bay …looks like a pretty sweet pad…

Parcellsguys.com ….Check it out, Cowboys Fans…

NBA All-Ugly Team

Gerrard to stay with Liverpool ….

I was amazed at how much the U.S. Media covered the Liverpool win over AC Milan. I felt it was all over the place, including several minutes on Sportcenter, and ESPN 2 replayed the game Wednesday night, and ESPN Classic replayed it Thursday night. I wonder if World Soccer will ever have a place here in America. It is way too early to tell, but we must remember that World Soccer has really only been on television consistently for about 5 years. During that time, thousands of new fans have been born here in the States. I guess we shall see. But Hockey might find in a few years that there are just as many people interested in watching Manchester United play Arsenal as are interested in the NHL. Here is a column from CNNSI.com: Looking back at the biggest comeback in European Cup history

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Liverpool: Champions once again!

Steven Gerrard with the European Cup

The save that won the Cup

The celebration that ensued

Liverpool beats AC Milan after trailing 3-0 at halftime…

Gone in 50 seconds, back in 6 minutes ...

FOOTBALL. Bloody hell, the printable expletives are utterly inadequate for the task of summing up a night of football mayhem. Bring out the asterisks: it was a night when football brought us the utterly impossible on a night of perfect insanity as Liverpool won the European Cup final on penalties after doing their best to lose it.

Liverpool produced one of the greatest comebacks in the history of football. They created for themselves an utter disaster and somehow rose to find hope, and with it, power and effectiveness and purpose and direction. They turned a lost match around in six impossible minutes: one of those periods of total enchantment that happen in football, but very rarely.

Yet it seemed that they had managed to lose everything in less than a minute. After a season of ever-growing hope and burgeoning expectation, Liverpool looked as if they had lost the lot in a matter of 50 seconds. They conceded a goal more or less before a Liverpool player had touched the ball and were 3-0 down at half-time. It was humiliation.

But before you could say “Football. Bloody hell” they were back in it again. After being made to look like small-timers and second-raters, they came roaring back as if they were the old champions of the Eighties, the Liverpool side that expected to win European Cup finals as a matter of course. They drew level in that period of magic and took the game into extra time, a spooky period played in a mood close to emotional exhaustion.

Gerrard says he is staying!

The celebrations, however, began ecstatically after Jerzy Dudek saved Andriy Shevchenko's spot-kick in the shoot-out and Gerrard said: 'How can I leave after a night like this and all the nights that I have experienced.

You'll Never Walk Alone

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark.

At the end of the storm
There's a golden sky
And the sweet silver
Song of a lark.

Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain

Though your dreams
Be tossed and blown.

Walk on
walk on

With hope in your hearts

I And you'll never walk alone

You'll never walk alone.

Walk on
walk on

Some days, you love sports more than others. For me, this is one of those days…

Wednesday Blogging

Obi-Wan Ginobli is a monster. And the Spurs appear to be the class of the league again, despite Nash and Stoudamire doing their thing last night.


Spurs make all the plays at crunch-time again, lead 2-0 going home ….

Lebreton on the Drese/Barajas disagreement

Rangers mum on incident

Roy Williams Rule passed

Williams' name has come to be associated with the new rule. He seriously injured three players with the technique in 2004:

• Tennessee Titans receiver Tyrone Calico injured both knees in a preseason game at Dallas on Aug. 30, requiring surgery on his left knee. Calico tried to play in one game before going on injured reserve.

• Baltimore Ravens running back Musa Smith went on injured reserve after a Nov. 21 tackle by Williams left him with a compound fracture of his right leg that required surgery.

• Philadelphia Eagles receiver Terrell Owens' surgically repaired right ankle and fractured leg (fibula) after a Dec. 19 tackle by Williams kept Owens out four games, including two in the postseason.

"Poor ol' Calico about got his head jerked out and his legs broke off," Titans owner Bud Adams said. "The guy who did that, it's not the first time he's done it. I think it's a good rule. It doesn't put it all on [Williams], but they just can't do what they've been doing. Some of these guys are pretty strong, and they can really hurt a guy. It's been demonstrated."

Peter King MMQB , and yes, I realize it is Wednesday…

From the “it is always somebody else’s fault” department: Junior changes crew chiefs again …If anyone was listening to their race radio when the Nextel boys rolled through our fair city, this comes as no surprise. It was obvious that there was plenty of friction between the two. I realize I make people mad when I speak the truth, but I can’t help it. Dale seems like a good guy, but his expectations are insane, and I think it makes him and his mother blame everything from the crew, the crew chief, the car, and the facility, if he doesn’t win enough. They never consider the fact that maybe the competition is better than they admit, and maybe Dale Jr, is not half as good as his daddy…Put it this way, you don’t want to be his crew chief right now.

Sports Guy pounds Dirk

Denver reader Todd Ruff sums it up best: "After Friday night's Game 6, did Dirk officially become the Peyton Manning of the NBA?"

No question about it. Calling out Jason Terry at the end of regulation in Game 6, followed by the 0-for-5 in overtime ... I mean, the only thing we were missing was Dirk's stomping back to the bench with his chinstrap dangling from his face. What a jerk. And did anyone have less business calling out teammates than Nowitzki, who stunk offensively for a solid month and couldn't guard anyone? Who do you think was responsible for Shawn Marion's 38-16 performance in Game 6?

Today is the Day! Destiny awaits! ESPN 2, 1:30 Gerrard: 'I will lift that trophy'

"We have to make sure we don't have any regrets at the final whistle, that we have given every drop when that time comes," said Gerrard. "This is the biggest game of our lives, so we have to give everything we have, and to come back with a winner's medal in the biggest club competition around would mean the world to me. But I will lift that trophy. I know I will. We have world-class players and, believe me, they are in the mood to do this.

"It's so important for the future of Liverpool. Imagine how much that would help us in terms of prestige and attracting top-class players, plus the financial impact it would have.

"This is the ultimate. There will be a lot of pressure to perform but you just have to deal with that. The pressure only comes in big games and that's where you want to be, but maybe there is even more on Milan. I hope they under-estimate us because, if they do, they are in for the shock of their lives."

The Liverpool Squad

The AC Milan Squad

19 nationalities to be represented today in European Cup Final

Star Telegram Soccer Insider

Recommended by a P1, the Star Wars Wikipedia Page answers all of your questions…

And now, some P1 feedback on my Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith review. If you missed it, I basically had the opinion that the movie is solid, but there are still a few things I find annoying.

- No matter how well they do it, watching these new episodes still strikes me like I am watching a Star Wars cover band. I just don’t completely buy it. I also don’t buy that Lucas had this written ahead of the original trilogy. If he did, there would not be so many holes in the script.

- I don’t like Lucas feeling obligated to intertwine every character’s past. I wish I did not know where Boba Fett came from, where Chewbacca lived, and so on. But Lucas does this to a fault. Every character is related somehow, and it all fits perfectly. What is wrong with not knowing the background of the character?

- It also annoys me that the technology now allows him to put 3,000 star ships in a space battle. Back in Star Wars, the Death Star attack involved about 10 X-wings and 10 TIE Fighters and you could follow what was happening. But now, there are so many stinking fighters in the battle that it is complete confusing chaos. All because computers allow for this.

- The Darth Vader – Frankenstein ending is a fine example of unintentional comedy. If you saw it, you need nothing further.

So with those complaints in mind, imagine all of the Star Wars fans emailing me. I received a ton, but here are a few:

Bob’s opinion of Star Wars = Good Ole Day Syndrome
Soccer Shaun


Bob, it's a movie......just enjoy it dude. You're taking it too seriously.


By the way Bob, why didn’t Obi-Wan remember that there were twins? Why did Yoda have to remind him in Empire Strikes Back?

Mark Morse


Dude, you're killing me with this gripe about everyone knowing each other inthe movies. I had my own problems with Sith (the Frankenstein endingcertainly among them), but this isn't one of them.

You can't make a movie about EVERYBODY in the gallaxy! The main characters have to know each other, otherwise you'd end up with an intergalactic Pulp Fiction where everyone goes around and does their own thing and they only cross paths when someone sticks them up in a Cantina.

Actually, come to think of it, that might be pretty good. Nevermind.

Love you.


Bob, gotta go geek on you for a minute and answer a few of the questions you had about Sith. I don't know if you've read any of the books that come after the movies, but a lot of these answers are there. Are they remarkably convenient? You bet. :)

Why is Yoda an ass-kicker in Sith, then only 20 years later barely able to get around? Yoda was already old, but physically fit. When the Emperor blasts him with the Dark Side lightning stuff it ages him considerably, just look at what it did to the Emperor.

Why does Aunt Beru age 40 years in 20 years? Life on Tattoine sucks. It's hot and dry and working on a farm makes an old person out of you fast. Life on a moisture farm just wears out a hot chick.

Why don't the Jedi know that they are about to be betrayed? Very few of the Jedi have the ability to see the future. Yoda is one of them and he senses what is going on and escapes. The Emperor is also using his own powers to conceal his plans.

Why doesn't Darth Vader think to look on Tattoine for his son? Yeah, you got me there, that one's just dumb. Maybe that little bit of good in him keeps him from looking? That's all I got.

So was that geeky enough for you? I'd write more but my mom's calling me, I gotta eat my pop-tarts before I go to work.

Oh yeah, Sith was better than Jedi. No dumb Ewoks in this one.

Joel (BaD radio Day 1 P-1)


Heard your discussion on Star Wars ROTS a few minutes ago, wanted to
chime in on some things:

1. Billions and billions on Coruscant seems out of place compared to the original trilogy. The settings for the original trilogy: Tatooine=desert, Dagobah=swamp, Hoth=ice, Cloud City=small mining colony. Coruscant is like the New York City of the Star Wars Galaxy. But it is the only planet in the movies that featured a large population.

2. Everyone seems to know/be related to everyone else. I, too, have a problem with this. Part of what made Boba Fett cool is he was mysterious. You could say the same for Darth Vader. Explaining everybody's backstory was really not necessary. However, I'm glad to see Chewy and R2 more than the new, stupid characters like Jar Jar Binks and the Nemodians.

3. Lucas is a bigtime liberal. Gives tons of money to the Democratic Party. I don't think this is wrong or right, but there are some political undertones in this movie. As long as it has lightsabers, I don't really care.

4. Massive battle scenes. The original trilogy had the small Rebellion fighting the massive Empire. These were understood to be small skirmishes due to the small numbers in the Rebellion, although the results were huge. The Clone War was exactly that...a war. As seen in ROTS, the war was being fought on several planets. This full-scale war will naturally have more fighters. Is it harder to follow...sure. But the opening sequence to Saving Private Ryan was a bit all over the
place, as well. The element of confusion adds to the realism of the battle experience.

A fellow Star Wars nerd chiming in with my opinion. Oh, tell Dan it's
gay to think everything is gay.

Doug in Coppell


Couldn't agree more. Has George Lucas done a non Star Wars movie since American Graffiti? He's forgot how to write dialogue for human characters. The original movies weren't exactly known for their witty deep dialogue, but there were at least a majority of human characters relating to each other. Now, it's all computer generated action that doesn't have any substance. It seems more is better and even more is even better. Maybe it's a symptom of the video game generation. The 10-20 year old's that saw the original three just can't relate to all this junk.

Definitely a disappointing B-

Bob, I think your nit picking a little bit on the whole Star Wars thing. I mean come on, it's a sci-fi fantasy movie. I'm a huge Star Wars fan from way back, but if I wanted to, I could probably find instability in the first three films as well. For example, at the very start of episode 4, C3-PO and R2D2 escape in the pod and on to Tatooine to meet Obi-Wan. They get captured by Jawas and sold to...Luke Skywalker. What are the chances? As far as everyone knowing everyone else, you have suspend reality.It's just like on Seinfeld. How is it that everywhere that Jerry goes in a city of 12 million people, he always seems to run into Kenny Bania or Frank Costanza, even though they live accross town. As far as the Frankenstein thing goes, I have no defense for that. Overall, I thought it was a really great movie...of course I like Titanic also, so what do I know. See Ya.


So there you go. Everyone is a SciFi expert...

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Evaluation Time

I suppose now is as good a time as any to ponder the long summer ahead for the Dallas Mavericks. I am amused as always by the brave face of owner Mark Cuban, with his claims that he loves this team and cannot wait to begin next season, but who buys this? He says this or something close to it every single time the Mavericks end a season, and I have yet to see that man hold still in the off-season for more than 5 minutes. He messes with everything. He is never satisfied. So, Am I to believe that this team, with all of its obvious flaws (may have never stopped the pick-and-roll) will be left completely intact? Sorry, but I choose not to buy this malarkey.

This may take a while to sort through, especially given the fact that I have not even begun to consider who throughout the league will become available, but I thought the least we could do is take a look player-by-player at the current situation for each of the players presently on the roster:

Tariq Abdul Wahad: 2 more years for $15 million
Sorry to start this with a name most don’t even recognize. A waste of ink. Or whatever I am using on this blog.

Darrell Armstrong: Free Agent
I don’t really see a legitimate role for him.

Shawn Bradley: 3 more years for $14.5 million
If this team is serious about shaking the image of being soft, then they had better not allow him back in the locker-room in the fall. Nice guy, but he is the poster boy of this organization when teams mock them. Must leave.

Erick Dampier: 6 years for $65 million
Considering he has about the same deal as Raef Lafrentz, I don’t think the money is a big deal. He showed signs of being the big man in the middle, but needs to get smarter. Likely is what he is.

Marquis Daniels: 5 years for nearly $32 million
Talk about dropping off after you sign your deal. Horrible season, and a very tradable commodity based on his fine 2004. Do not be shocked if he is moved, and I would have little problem with that.

Michael Finley: 3 years left for over $51 million
Words cannot describe how poor a deal this is for the Mavericks. I will not dispute his contribution to this franchise, but c’mon. This is insane. You could not trade this unless you did for a similar millstone. At least, this team needs to explain his new role to him, which is being Josh Howard’s back-up at the small forward.

Devin Harris: 3 years for $10 million
Next season, they need to play him 35 minutes a game at the Point, and figure out if he is worth the #5 pick in the draft. I am not sure Avery is on board with him, but there is only one way to find out what he has.

Alan Henderson: Free Agent
I would have no problem offering him a chance to make the team.

Josh Howard: 2 years for 2.3 million
Undoubtedly, the most underpaid player in this city, maybe the league. I would seriously consider ways to lock him up immediately. Is the real deal.

DJ Mbenga: 1 year at 880k

Dirk Nowitzki: 4 years for $57 million
You still have to consider him the centerpiece of the franchise, especially provided that there aren’t a ton of other options at the franchise player position. Allow him to learn from this difficult setback in his career, and see if he is a champion. Too early to consider him “not good enough”.

Pavel Podkolzine: 3 years at $4 million
One of the last pieces of the Don Nelson era. I have no idea why a 1st round pick was wasted on a player that can only hope to someday develop into Shawn Bradley. To say I have no expectations for this lummox is a vast overstatement.

Jerry Stackhouse: 2 years at $17.5 million
I have no problem starting him at 2/3 and letting him play all of Finley’s 2004-05 minutes. I think that you can win a title with him as a starter. Has guts and heart, and despite his other shortcomings (shot selection) is a player to include in your plans.

Jason Terry: 1 year at 6.6 million
Think he can do a fine job as your Bobby Jackson or Vinnie Johnson. Your backup at PG and at SG is in good hands.

Keith Van Horn: 1 year at almost $16 million
If nothing else, could make a fine salary slot to trade, but there is no reason he cannot contribute off the bench.


Adam Morris, who writes a nice Rangers Blog, makes the case the Rangers are the best team in the AL West ...

Tomorrow, Liverpool plays its biggest game in 2 decades: The European Cup Final versus Milan, ESPN 2, 1:30pm Manager Rafa Benitez says the Reds are up for it ...I hope so...

Catching up with the Rangers ....

Finley claimed injury effected his play ....

Stackhouse says next year his role may be different ...

"I didn't want to make an excuse," said Finley, who expects to have surgery within the month. "I could have easily not played and not have to go through all [the criticism of his performance]. I decided to play, and you've got the face the circumstances that come with that."

Finley has been a starter since joining the Mavs midway through the 1996-97 season and was considered a franchise cornerstone when he signed a $102 million contract four years ago. He said Monday he is prepared to take on any role, including coming off the bench.

"I have no choice," Finley said. "If I want to remain here and be a part of this, and they ask me to sacrifice some parts of my game or what have you, I have no choice. Whatever it takes."

Stackhouse thrived as the team's sixth man, a role he has said could add years to his career. However, he's not shutting the door on competing for a starting job.

"I understood the situation coming in, and that was what was presented to me, and I didn't try to fight it," Stackhouse said. "Next year might be a totally different story."

Hart looks to make a deal ...

Monday, May 23, 2005

Monday Links

I would like to offer you some original composition this morning, but I was talked into a 10:30pm showing of Revenge of the Sith last night. If you know me, you know that leaving a movie theater at 1:30 in the morning is not normal. Anyway, the big loser is the blog. Sorry. Or not.


Rangers ride Chan Ho Park to a series sweep...What a weekend...

Astros near breaking point ...

FC Dallas mauls another expansion team ...

Saturday night in Charlotte = Big night of Fireworks as Martin wins ...

Dirk reflects on the aftermath ...

"I thought we had all the right pieces," Nowitzki said. "We just weren't smart enough. With Steve leaving, our overall basketball I.Q. wasn't that great. I think we should have beaten that team."

"I take a lot of blame myself. I want to be at the point where it doesn't matter who plays me. If they put a smaller guy on me, I want to post up, and if they play me with a big guy, I'll take him outside. I'm going to have another summer of hard work."

Cuban still would rather have this team than Nash ...

Cuban still has no regrets. Keeping Nash would've made for "a completely different team," he said, "and I like this team a whole lot better."

"I'm dying for training camp to start," Cuban said. "I love our team."

Arsenal wins the FA Cup ...despite being completely outplayed...

Kapler wants a do-over on Japan ...

Puff-piece on Deadwood ...

Hockey Logo reviews ...

How to make your own Jedi Robe ...
This guy made a P1 site, but no one is visiting, so Have at it Here ...

Texas Tornado sign someone who might know someone famous ...

Among the signees for 2005-06, Lyon Messier, D, 08/16/87, 6'1/195, Tecumseh Jr. B

Hooters steals my sponorship idea ...

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Game. Set. Match.

11 seconds. Up 3, with 11 seconds to go. How many mistakes did they make with 11 seconds left in regulation time?

1) They did not foul Nash on the inbounds and insure he would not get a 3 off. This one is debatable, because I think I would have just opted for tight defense on the 3. Get a stop and the game is over, so despite this being a mistake, I cannot say I had huge issues with it.

2) They did not defend the 3 at all. How Jason Terry allows Nash to get free is inexcusable. You could not let that happen. Anyone but Nash. Anyone.

3) They inbounds the ball before the timeout. That means you cannot have the ball at half court after the timeout, which led to mistake 4.

4) Somehow, after Avery is waving Stackhouse to get it over the time-line and then call timeout, Stackhouse either ignores or misunderstands, because there is no timeout. Which leads to mistake 5.

5) Stackhouse, with admittedly very little time to decide, opts to take the shot himself, despite the fact that he was 2-10 from the field at the time, and had not hit a jump shot. The ball needed to go to either Terry or Dirk, but Stack felt it, and the game went to overtime.

5 mistakes, 11 seconds. Season Over.

I don’t know what to say about Nash and Nowitzki. Nash was amazing on so many levels; it is flat out impossible to describe his accomplishments in the last 3 games in particular. He might have been further fueled by his exit from Dallas, but to be offended is not unique in this sports world. But to level your revenge in such unmistakable fashion is seldom seen. He made Mark Cuban, his former mates, and this entire city pay for every doubt that was ever levied.

Then, Dirk. I shake my head in disbelief about the big German. He is easily my favorite metroplex athlete to watch, and I defend him at every turn. I have so many mixed emotions about him right now, I feel like I need a cooling down period before I make any snap-judgements. But, the yelling and pouting on the court has got to stop. Especially, if you are going to play at a level below perfect. You must be flawless if you are to show up a teammate in the battle. He has not been. It is not lack of effort. Rather, it may be trying to be something he is not. But I am sad to report that there can no longer be discussions of his spot in the Top 5 players in the sport. Sorry. He might not have been in the top 5 players involved in Mavericks playoff games. McGrady, Nash, and Amare are automatics. Then, Yao, Howard, Marion, and Dirk fight for the other two spots.

And, what exactly was that turnaround 3 pointer with :11 left in overtime? You had time to find a good shot. He panicked, and fired a ridiculous prayer, and the last chance slipped away.

So, now what? We will have plenty of time to sort through it, and I will begin to do so shortly, but this team has to ask questions about what future, if any, some of these players have with the team. What do you do with Michael Finley? Can Marquis Daniels and Devin Harris play? How do you shake this soft mentality? What is your PG situation? So much to sort through.

But in the end, this team could not overcome the coaching upheaval, nor the inconsistency of virtually every member of the team. A quality team for sure, but one that ended its season about where it deserved to end it. Not good enough. Back to the drawing board, Mr Cuban.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Time to show what you are made of

Hopefully, after five games in a best of seven series, both teams are pretty comfortable with what the other team likes to do. Not comfortable in the sense that they can handle it, but comfortable in that there are no more surprises or strategies to be offered. Both teams by this point of a series have thrown their best punches. Now, it comes down to grit and guts.

Who wants it more? Who gives in first? Which guy on the floor will consider how cool it would be to start vacation in the morning? The Mavericks need it more tonight, and therefore most expect this series goes back to Phoenix. Of course, the Sonics never made it that far, nor did the Pacers. Both teams had home games in Game 6 last night, and yet their off-season is already underway.

This is “the team that has to do it the hard way”. That is usually a nice way of saying, “this team is not good enough to win 4 series. But, the Mavericks have yet to write the end of their 2005 story. I am anxious to find out if they have the guts necessary to stay alive past Sunday. If they do, then they will play the rest of the season with the casino’s money. If they get eliminated tonight or even Sunday, we will again ponder what exactly needs to be changed about the roster by training camp.

Let’s see what we got.


Rogers to extend to streak

Hershiser, now the Rangers' pitching coach, won't even try to quantify what Rogers' 30 innings in 2005 might equate to in 1988 numbers. But he can quickly enumerate the circumstances that make the current streak more impressive.

Rogers is doing this at an advanced age (40), in a league that features an extra hitter in the lineup, at a home park that is notoriously unfriendly to pitchers and in an era of unbridled offense.

"After the second start, it becomes a big deal, no matter what era you are talking about," Hershiser said. "That's back-to-back shutouts, and it doesn't happen much. You get to a third start, and that's pretty rare air. You go farther than that and you are in the stratosphere.

"What Kenny's doing is harder because this is such an offensive-oriented era. You have to weigh all those factors accordingly."

Fraley says Stros have no chance

Rex Chapman and Steve Nash …Friends Forever…

Spurs move on, Duncan with winner

Steve Stone vs. Dusty Baker, revisited

The Race formerly known as, The Winston, the Nextel All-Star Challenge is Saturday Night

Kenseth still has time to bounce back

Sir Alex to manage ManU for 3 more years …Nuts!

Liverpool’s Rafa Benitez prepares for European Cup Final on Wednesday

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Nice Defense, Dallas

A few random quick hits from a frustrating Game 5 defeat, before I go to the dentist this morning…

After further review from the replay officials, Steve Nash appears worthy of the MVP.

I said it yesterday, and I will now say it again: Any defense that requires you to give uncontested lay-ups and now, uncontested free-throw line jump shots to one of the best players in the sport, is a flawed and silly strategy that might work when you are ahead 15 points in a home game in which you got every rebound. But, all things being equal, is about as stupid an idea as Hack-a-Shaq.

Too many passengers last night. Including a guy who generally gets a pass from me, Fin.

Good News? Mavericks have shown they play great with their back pressed against the wall, well, the rest of this series will provide that motivation.

Jerry Stackhouse may be my hero.


David Moore searches through the rubble

There's no doubt why the Mavericks are just one loss from elimination. The Suns pounded the Mavericks on the boards, 56-42. The Suns had a demoralizing 20 offensive rebounds and scored more than half of their points in the paint.

"That's huge," center Amare Stoudemire said of the Suns' 66 points in the paint. "I came out in a rebound mode tonight. I wanted to crash the boards and take advantage of our height against their small lineup."

He did. Stoudemire dominated the boards with 18 rebounds after having just five in the team's Game 4 loss. He had five offensive rebounds, as did Shawn Marion and Quentin Richardson.

Revo on the Mavs “secret weapon” – let Nash dominate

Remember all that silly chatter about the Mavs having "figured out" the Suns with their strategy to force Nash to shoot instead of dishing out assists? How'd that work out in Game 5?

Nash dominates like Magic ….

Blackistone on Jim Jackson saving the day

One-time Mavericks guard Jim Jackson collided with Josh Howard, and Howard collapsed. Howard had to be escorted to the locker room for treatment.

A few possessions later, Jackson smacked Dirk Nowitzki in the face, and Nowitzki crumpled to the floor. He had to be escorted to the locker room to get treated, too.
Howard was fixed up by then and replaced Nowitzki.

But just like that, with two starters knocked out of the game momentarily, the Mavericks were discombobulated. They struggled to hold on to what seemed like a comfortable lead they'd held all evening long, a lead that was seven at the half. Gone for the moment was Dirk's scoring and Howard's bravery on the boards.

All NBA Teams named

Rangers bats shut down again

The Rangers are a very aggressive team, especially against lefties. The Rangers don't play DH David Dellucci, the team's most patient hitter, against lefties because the left-handed hitter has struggled mightily against them throughout his career. Nor do they play center fielder Laynce Nix.

It can lead to a jumbled lineup. On Wednesday, Andres Torres, taking his first major league at-bat since 2003, batted leadoff in place of Dellucci, the AL's on-base percentage leader. Chad Allen was the DH in a very un-DH-like spot: No. 8.

But the right-handed hitters who are supposed to be the lineup's backbone haven't done the job. Teixeira, who was 1-for-4, is hitting .227 against lefties. Michael Young is hitting just .132. He popped out to first to end a bases-loaded threat in the second inning.

FC Dallas 2, Colorado 1 …1st time in 4 years the team formerly known as the Burn have rallied from a halftime deficit to win…

English Are Hostile After a U.S. Soccer Takeover

Saturday, is the FA Cup Final on PPV, Arsenal versus Manchester United

Pamela Anderson to Start Your Engines ...

Winslow done for the year

MJ the gambler? …I know, not relevant, but a P1 showed me this, so for anyone who needs a time killer…

Dan (left) and Bob (right) hold Darth Gribble hostage...

To see more of that idiocy from yesterday, Click Here ...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Find the Wookie

Out for the Series

Game 5 is tonight in Phoenix. Joe Johnson, above, and Keith Van Horn are not expected to be a part of the rosters tonight. In Johnson’s case, any appearance in the rest of this series seems pretty unlikely.

Another critical game with a critical consequence to its loser. It would be significantly easier for the Mavericks to win this game tonight, than it would to win a Game 7 back in Phoenix on Sunday. But, the Mavericks have demonstrated a very poor track record of playing without urgency. It seems they need a gun to their head, but perhaps they have turned the corner after Game 4. Cannot wait.


Joe Johnson speaks to the media

Run Nash to exhaustion

Galloway on the Mavericks ratings

Astacio moves to 1-5, Rangers dropped in Chicago, 5-2

Star Telegram Soccer Insider discusses the loss of Mulrooney…

Culpepper and Moss feud

"Once you grow to love a person, a breakup is kind of hard," Moss said. "I thought Culpepper was (my friend), but now that everything's happened, it seems to me I lost a friend.

"I used to go over to Daunte's all the time. I'd call him up after practice and ask him what he was doing. He'd say 'You know we are doing it big. Come on over.' I thought I had a friend in Daunte, but obviously I didn't."

Culpepper, in town for the team's developmental camp at Winter Park, was clearly puzzled by the remarks.

"My phone number hasn't changed," Culpepper said, implying that Moss has not contacted him. "If you're my friend, why haven't you talked to me? Know what I'm saying?"

Our boy, Gabe Kapler, shows his ring in Japan:

P1 Jam sent this Seperated at Birth in today:

Steve Nash – Napoleon Dynamite’s sketch of Trisha
(He spent like 3 hours on the shading of her upper lip)

ESPN Racing writer arrested for drunk driving...

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Big Rangers Win in Chicago

Kevin Mench cracks me up. Whether he is tossing a ball in the crowd when there is only 2 outs, or knocking the catcher’s mask off with a practice swing, he brings a level of comedy to the game that is seldom seen.

But, I think what cracks me up the most about Kevin Mench is that he performs despite the fact that his team has been trying to replace him for his entire career. He has never appeared to be part of the big picture, never a part of Showalter’s grand scheme.

And yet, despite the fact that they never seem to buy into him, nor show much appreciation to him, he just continues to rake. He might be the hottest hitter on the team right now, even though they saw him as a part-time player when the season began.

So from all of us in the world who feel like our boss is looking for a better option at every turn despite the performance on the field, keep proving them wrong, Mench.

Mench homers in 1st, 9th; Rangers win 7-6


Off-Day in series? Time for thought-provoking feature stories on Amare Stoudamire

And, Where is Don Nelson now?

And, Josh Howard

"He's our energizer out there," Nowitzki said. "He's all over the place. He's probably our best defender. He's been aggressive around the boards and keeps a lot of balls alive for us. He's worked on his shot a lot. He's got that in-between game now."

The Mavs can never get too many scoring chances in this series. It's impossible, if they hope to keep pace with the NBA's No. 1 offense.

"Josh is always guarding the best offensive player on the opponents," said Nowitzki, referring to Tracy McGrady of the Rockets and now Nash in this series.

United Fans fighting a battle they can’t win versus Glazer

Mac Engle on Sergio Garcia , and since Mac won’t say it, I will: Sergio is the most over-rated golfer in the sport today…Let’s try making the cut for a major, before we talk about winning a major. Sergio’s last 3 majors? Cut---Cut---Cut.

Rex Champman claims UK were not into inter-racial dating

Former Kentucky star Rex Chapman told a newspaper that school officials tried to stop him from dating black women or at least "hide it" rather than inflame fans.

"There were certain aspects of my time there that were really ugly," Chapman, who is white, said in a story published by The Courier-Journal on Monday. "I don't know how it is today, but that's how it was 20 years ago."

Richard Justice blames Astros Owner

Peter King’s MMQB

Hate to see this: FC Dallas midfield leader, Richard Mulrooney done with ACL …They did not need that…

Dantzler in NFL Europe

Monday, May 16, 2005

J-Ho Leads the Way

Is it impressive or irritating that the Mavericks require the threat of their demise to play their best? Whatever the case, they swarmed the Suns defensively, enjoyed an appearance from their Superstar, had a big performance from their big man and rolled to a Game 4 victory to reset this series at 2-2.

Dirk was fabulous, which shows that you must watch a game, not read a boxscore, to know how good a player played. If you saw Dirk's confidence and his results, then you know there is reason to believe that our big German has come back to us. That is very bad for Phoenix, if he is back for good.

Meanwhile, there is no doubt that the best Mavericks performance last night was turned in by Josh Howard. What a find he has been, a guy who hustles like Najera, but has talent far greater than Eddie could ever hope to have. The way he dominates the offensive glass, and the way he fears no man (Amare) makes you think that he is the biggest energy guy who is on this roster. Take a look at Josh's numbers at Home versus on the road.

Josh Howard Home Stats - '05 Playoffs
Hou Game 1 - 17 points - 10 rebounds - 43 minutes
Hou Game 2 - 17 points - 8 rebounds - 35 minutes
Hou Game 5 - 17 points - 8 rebounds - 31 minutes
Hou Game 7 - 21 points - 11 rebounds - 38 minutes
Pho Game 3 - 15 points - 6 rebounds - 27 minutes
Pho Game 4 - 29 points - 10 rebounds - 40 minutes
Totals = 6 games - 116 points - 53 rebounds - 214 minutes
Home Averages = 19.3 points - 8.8 rebounds - 35.6 minutes

Josh Howard Road Stats - '05 Playoffs
Hou Game 3 - 7 points - 3 rebounds - 17 minutes
Hou Game 4 - 8 points - 3 rebounds - 30 minutes
Hou Game 6 - 8 points - 3 rebounds - 22 minutes
Pho Game 1 - 12 points - 8 rebounds - 28 minutes
Pho Game 2 - 10 points - 2 rebounds - 35 minutes
Totals = 5 games - 45 points - 19 rebounds - 132 minutes
Road Averages = 9 points - 3.8 rebounds - 26.4 minutes

Of course, the minutes drop-off on the road is not due to Avery not using him, but rather Josh's ability to get in foul trouble so frequently.

Other sports-snorts from Game 4:

- Darrell Armstrong has not played many minutes, but has anyone made their chances count more than DA? If you only look at Game 7 versus Houston, and last night, he has given them huge boosts of energy that not only get the team going, but also get the AAC Crowd going. Love that guy and his ability to stay ready.

- Steve Nash's performance was one of those rare times when you look at the guys next to you (Ben and Skin, in my case) and say, "we are watching a moment that will be referenced for a long time around here".

- I don't care how much he scores, Jerry Stackhouse is good for this team. No one bullies a Jerry Stackhouse team.

- It is obviously Bennett Salvatore's world. We just live in it.

- One thing that became very clear last night was this: when they really need it, Phoenix cannot get a stop. They basically traded baskets the entire second half.

- I will be shocked if this series doesn't go 7 games. These two teams are just trading punches at the center of the ring. But the longer it goes, the more fatigue is going to hit the thin Suns.


Galloway on the Game 4 win ...

Suns don't bother with defense ...

Nash goes off, Suns go down ...

Dirk plays like a star ...

Why Dirk waited until a critical Game 4 on Sunday at American Airlines Center to do what everyone, including the opposition, knows he can do is anyone's guess.

Maybe that bout with some flu-like symptoms was more serious than it was made out to be. Or maybe Erick Dampier called him out in some team meeting.

Whatever the case, Dirk's performance was as emphatic as it was efficient, certainly more so than anything we've seen from him in this series. And the impact it had on the rest of his team, which put together a 119-109 win over the Suns to even this best-of-7 set, was obvious.

It's always said that great players make everyone else around them better. That shouldn't be taken literally.

NY Times reviews Star Wars 3 ...

Since we did not blog it yet, please enjoy the insanity of Nate Newton’s Scarface impression

Glenn Close to Shield: one and done

Store Wars

Bravo to another season of Survivor! Good season ended last night with a good winner ...Spoiler alert!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sunday Morning of Game 4

I never had the life-force to write much about Game 3. I figured a nice Saturday away from the email/website world would be good for me.

But, in a nutshell, here is how I feel about losing Friday night:

Dirk: 8-24
Finley: 4-14
Stack: 6-18

Total: 18-56 32%

Unless your leaders, who have all of your playoff experience play with some level of offensive competence, you cannot beat a team of Phoenix’s quality. It is nice that Dirk is doing other things, and that Finley and Stackhouse provide leadership. But at the end of the day, basketball is a simple game. Put the ball in the basket. Those three need to do much, much better tonight.


Meanwhile Kenny Rogers continues his shutout streak

Rogers (4-2) ran his current scoreless streak to 30 innings. It's the longest in the majors this year, and he's now more than halfway to the all-time record set by Rangers pitching coach Orel Hershiser, who had 59 consecutive scoreless innings in 1988.

But that wasn't the only amazing feat. The shutout extended Rogers' streak of innings without allowing a homer to 39. He lowered the AL's best ERA to 1.49.

"You are getting to watch real late intersection of talent and experience," Hershiser said. "It's hard to compare 30 innings now to what I did in a different generation, but any time you get past two outings, it's pretty amazing. I think you are stepping onto hallowed ground. And when you factor in that he plays in a generation of serious offense, you have to weigh what he's done accordingly."

Simply amazing from a guy who doesn’t talk to 99% of the media anymore…

Sunday Morning Pre-Church Links:

The Likeable Kasey Kahne gets his first career win at Richmond …Didn’t know he dates Terry Labonte’s daughter until last night, either…

Now 3-1-3, FC Dallas gets a tie in San Jose , but loses Mulrooney with knee injury...

Pasquarelli’s NFL quick hits

The Brits protest Glazer’s bid ….

The mysterious disappearance of Dave Chappelle

Stern Show’s Crazy Cabbie goes to prison for a year …dumb, dumb, dumb…

Caddyshack quiz

Benson to move Saints to San Antonio?

Soccer deaths in South America ….

Friday, May 13, 2005


Above, see a portion of the record-setting day at Bob’s Blog. 4,790 humans visited this little website on Thursday to smash the previous high by some 1400 hits. We are surely no ESPN.com or Drudgereport.com, but to near 5,000 hits in a day is enough to make me say, “Thanks!” Perhaps, I should thank the George video for this increase in traffic, but whatever the reason, good times…

With the series moving to Dallas, and with Joe Johnson out for a week, the Mavericks must unleash the fury tonight and attempt to grab control of this series. It will certainly not come easy, as the Suns have won more on the road than any team in the sport, but with a successful weekend at the AAC, the Mavericks can really put these inexperienced Suns back on their heels. Of course, the wise fan expects a split in Dallas, and we return to Phoenix for Game 5 tied at a 2-2….


Finley shows his worth

Revo on the transformation of Dirk

We've watched as he became one of the NBA's most dangerous players, a phenomenon blessed with agility and nimbleness that belied his size. He had become, in fact, almost unstoppable.

But he's finally met his match, and it's not Phoenix's Shawn Marion.

It's new Mavs coach Avery Johnson.

Avery has turned Dirk into the Incredible Shrinking Superstar.

And in the process, may somehow have made him even better than before.

Joe Johnson to be re-evaluated after game 5

The long road of Mike D’Antoni

Sonics beat the Spurs in Game 3 , Spurs lose by 1, miss 8 4th Quarter free throws…

COLUMN OF THE DAY: What Is a Number Worth? Some Athletes Pay the Price

Glazer, the hated American, takes over Manchester United ...The Brits worst nightmare...

Arrested Development back for 2 more years!

Hallelujah! Arrested Development fans, brace yourselves. I have some good news and--well, you might want to sit down for this--some mind-blowing, earth-shattering, out-of-this-world, fantastic news.

Earlier this week, a friend here at E! interviewed Jason Bateman at a charity event with his good friend Ben Stiller. When asked the status of Arrested Development, he lit up like a banana stand: "Actually, great. Supergreat. There is a heartbeat. There is no flatline. And there may be twins. I'm going to let Kristin figure out what that means. I can't comment any further, but there will be an announcement next week."

After various calls to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Pamela Anderson and Jennifer Garner's OB-GYN re "twins," I can tell you that Jason's little hint had nothing whatsoever to do with any of those things. And while there are 17 listings for a "J. Bateman" in the local Hollywood white pages, none of them know a damned thing about the fate of Arrested Development. But glory be, after much badgering and pestering, two rock-solid Fox sources, who have never failed me before, caved and gave me the lowdown.

Though they're still dotting I's and crossing T's on the final documents, I'm told Fox network and 20th Century Fox studio are "99.9 percent of the way there" to reaching an agreement on the new season. According to these highly placed sources, it looks very likely that Arrested Development will be coming back not only for a full season of 22 episodes but actually two full seasons of 22 episodes. How freaking fantastic is that?

At press time, I can tell you this is precisely where the show's fate stands. So, barring any last-minute switch-a-roonies or bad acts by Satan or Rupert Murdoch, we will get glorious "twin" seasons of the best damn comedy on TV.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Jub Jub in the outfield video

Check out George Dunham's moment of humiliation at The Ballpark. Click Here and watch The Jubinator recoil in horror as Blalock's homerun speeds towards him. Look for Jub in the black shirt on the left side of the screen. (this is Quicktime video - be patient while it's loading).

Game 2 Gut Check

You can say a lot of bad things about this band of brothers we know as the Dallas Mavericks, but after the efforts in Game 2 last night in Phoenix, not to mention the comebacks in the Houston series, you can never suggest they don’t fight.

Maybe not every night, but when push comes to shove, this team will not go quietly into the night. I love that. I love that just when things look very, very bad, this team shows a little bit of William Wallace, and charges back into the fight.

Everyone will talk about Erick Dampier and his fine effort last night, but allow me to place focus where I always do, the old man who people bash, Michael Finley. I am sure his critics will selectively remember his contributions, but I am here to remind you.

Dirk picked up his 4th foul with moments to go in the 3rd Quarter, with the Mavs up 72-71. The Suns quickly scored 7 straight to go up 78-72. At that point, the game was getting away, until Finley hit a 3, then another 3, and another 3, and another 3. By this time, midway through the 4th Quarter, Jason Terry and Dirk were ready to join him and make enough plays to get the win. But that stretch can not be ignored. When they needed someone to step up in the worst way, Finley went off for 31.

Meanwhile, Dirk played well enough, and hit the real big shot, but the TNT guys were all over him for his defensive lapses throughout the game after calling out Dampier. I also was not terribly amused with his reluctance to shoot the ball in the 4th Quarter, but with one possession left, and a basket was required, the star did what the stars do, and he buried the game-winner.


Revo on the scene in Phoenix

Avery happy with Dampier, but not real happy

"Am I happy that he had 15 points and 12 rebounds? Yeah. Six-of-7 from the field? Obviously, I'll take it. But I'll be happier if he can string together a couple of these games.

"He has a lot of work to do to please his coach."

Bickley knee-jerks in Phoenix

So, after imposing their will on the fragile, fraying Grizzlies, the Suns find themselves tested for the first time this postseason. It would've been bad enough to lose a game like they did on Wednesday, when the hosts were trapped, caged and jarred out of their high-flying offense.

They lost their treasured ball movement, getting suckered into a bunch of individual battles. They incurred a stunning violation for not getting the ball across halfcourt in time, which is like a NASCAR driver being cited for driving too slowly.

"We weren't sharp, and then the biggest thing was that I thought we got out of character," Suns coach Mike D'Antoni said.

But they lost their poise, too. They lost chances to steal the game near the finish line. Needing a basket to tie on their final possession, the best team in basketball settled for a desperate three-point attempt from Richardson.

Joe Johnson lost for at least Game 3

Galloway asks Hicks to help his ailing bullpen …But, that would require Hicks to write a check, so save the effort, Randy…

John Rocker annoys more people

Blackistone on the NBA schedule

And it was announced Wednesday that Game 4 in Dallas on Sunday night has been scheduled to tip off at 8:30 p.m., too, at the earliest.

Now in the playoffs' second round, the NBA doesn't allow one game to commence before the earlier one has concluded. Only if a game requires overtime will the league wave its broadcast rule.

Meanwhile, the Spurs' Game 4 with the Sonics on Sunday has been scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. Dallas time. Forget that it's a series that, as mentioned earlier, is all but over. It will be played in Seattle, too.

What a ridiculous television schedule this is for the league and, especially, the Suns-Mavericks series. This is no way to showcase high-scoring basketball that is considered good for the league.

"I don't like it," Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said earlier this week, "but it's out of my control."

You can be like Onterrio Smith, order the original Whizzinator

Napoleon Dynamite and Usher ..

26 miles is a long way

Phoenix Suns Owner, Robert Sarver, above:

Email #1

Hey Bob, I just heard you and Dan talking about the new owner of the suns. I was watching the end of the game Monday and either right before or right after the end of the fourth you can see this guy dancing like an idiot then realizes he is on camera and starts looking down at the ground playing with his foam finger with failed smile. If you TIVO'd the game I highly recommend checking it out.

Email #2

Are you gonna talk about Trinidad-Wright on the show or on your blog any? I'm wondering what you think because I think Wright is a darn good fighter and will win in a easy decision, yet he's a 3 to 1 dog.

Thanks for Broadcasting on BaD radio and BFFE,

Not sure how much I will do on the show about this fight, but I will tell you this much right now: I have a hard time seeing Tito Trinidad losing to Winky Wright. I might be wrong, but Trinidad appears too big and too strong. If Wright wins, I will remember that Fruitdog told me first…

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Computers Suck

Due to a laptop meltdown, my blog is just links today. Forgive me….

Dampier not amused with Dirk’s comments

On Tuesday, as the Mavericks tried to pick their morale off the floor and make adjustments for Game 2 tonight, Dampier let it be known he was not happy with the public displays by Nowitzki.

"We didn't get a lot from anyone," Dampier said. "We didn't play the way we're capable of playing. So for him to say something like that is totally stupid."

"It's something I'm going to correct," Dampier said. "We're a team. We're not going to talk down to anyone or embarrass anyone on the floor. We definitely don't want it happening.

"Maybe it's frustration or something, but nobody is perfect on this team. Things happen. People make mistakes. Do I get in their face? No, I don't. It was just something that happened in the heat of the moment."

Revo on Avery going nuts

Chan Ho bounces back …sort of…

Surgery looms again in the bullpen

Another day, another Tommy John surgery for a Rangers reliever.
This time it's Ryan Bukvich, who will miss the rest of the season after undergoing the ligament replacement procedure on his right elbow Friday, the same day as Carlos Almanzar. Frank Francisco had the surgery last month.

It’s Wednesday, so here is the Star-Telegram Soccer Insider

Dan Campbell ready and willing to go

After firing the GM and Coach, Lebron James gets bored and fires his agent

Nascar eyes Big 3’s financial skids …In this case, the Big 3 would be Chevy, Ford, and Dodge for those who thought it was Nash, Nowitzki, and Finley…

Onterrio Smith caught with the Whizzinator …You cannot make this stuff up…

According to the police report, a bag Smith was carrying set off security alarms before an April 21 flight. The alarms later were traced to a tube of toothpaste.

During the search, a Transportation Security Administration officer found "six or seven" vials of white powder in a clear bag, according to the report. Airport police were called to the scene and began inspecting the materials in a private room.

A sample from one of the vials tested negative for cocaine and opiates. Smith was then led into the room and identified the powder as dried urine. He also acknowledged the presence of a Whizzinator.

Smith was allowed to leave after questioning.

The $150 device includes a prosthetic penis attached to a jockstrap and plastic bag. Using a syringe, the user fills the bag with a precisely measured amount of water blended with the urine powder to create a clean sample. When the user takes a drug test in front of an observer, the water is released through the prosthetic with a valve (the instructions recommend the user cough to hide the sound of the valve unsnapping).

On its website, manufacturers of The Original Whizzinator market the instrument as an "undetectable,"foolproof" and "re-usable" urinating device.

Like other professional sports leagues, the NFL administers random drug tests to players.
According to Aiello, the NFL's testing guidelines include having the player take his shirt off and pull his pants down below his knees in front of an observer.

Amazing Race is Over! …Don't click if you don't want a spoiler. And yes, I watch every episode. Which may make me gay…

COMEDY MUST SEE LINK OF THE DAY: Triumph the Insult Dog visits Star Wars Fans …10 minutes of hilarity…

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

That Didn't Work

Well, that wasn’t very encouraging. At the old age of 22, Amare Stoudemire was made to look last night like the greatest player since…Tracy McGrady. It is painfully clear that the Mavericks use of small ball will not apply to the Phoenix Suns. That puts you in the very difficult place that requires the Mavericks to get production from their big guys. Good luck.

The Suns had an absolute day in the park yesterday in winning game 1. All 5 starters were in double figures, and the resistance from the Mavericks was minimal.
You can only assume that the Mavericks were doing on the basketball court Monday what we were doing on the radio – still living in the Houston Series. Well, the time is past for enjoying the blowout victory on Saturday. It is now time to focus on the blowout defeat of Monday, or this series may not make it back to Phoenix in Game 5.


This series is going to allow many to live in the past about Steve Nash. Just this morning, I have already received many e-mails about why exactly Nash could not still be a part of the Mavericks.

My opinions on this are as follows: Nash is a great point guard. He is wonderful offensively, but two problems really worked against him in Dallas.

1) his defense is atrocious
2) his body has many, many miles on it.

Phoenix doesn’t worry about problem #1. They have athletic bodies behind him to help mask his deficiencies. As for #2, they are willing to take a chance that he will still be effective for several more years.

But, with the most un-athletic frontline in basketball history behind him, the Mavericks could not climb the mountain with him, unless they were going to have a Garnett, Stoudemire, or Yao behind him to clean up his mess. They weren’t. They are married to Dirk and now Dampier. Dallas’ perimeter defenders have to be able to do their own job because there is nothing behind them to help.

With that in mind, I don’t believe the Mavericks screwed up last summer.


One other thing, let us not confuse the Mavericks offense of 2003 with the Phoenix offense of 2005. Sure, they both scored a ton, and played minimal defense, but that is where it stops. The fundamental difference between the two offenses is a huge one. Phoenix can still get tough baskets in the paint at will, while the 2003 Mavericks shot 20 footers the entire game. The Suns dunk the ball 10-15 times a game, while the Mavericks took difficult shots that eventually would catch up with them in San Antonio.

I don’t think you can compare the two. They have a versatile offense, the Mavericks did not.

Dirk lets Dampier have it

When you’re starting center has just one more rebound (five) than fouls (four), when forward Dirk Nowitzki yells at Dampier longer and louder than the Phoenix fans, you’re in trouble.

"He was a step slow on everything," Nowitzki said. "He never really got involved in the game.

"He has always been in foul trouble. The first series was the same thing. He gets a quick two fouls in the first two or three minutes, and we can’t be aggressive any more. Then he gets his third one and has to sit.

"He’s got to find a way to stay out there a little longer and find his rhythm. We’ve got to have him out there and be a presence."

No points in 15 minutes? Outscored by Stoudemire, 40-0?

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has argued he didn’t let Steve Nash walk in free agency and receive nothing in return. The money he didn’t pay Nash went to acquire Dampier.
It’s easy to question the return on that investment in the first eight games of these playoffs.

"The bottom line is we’ve got to get something out of our center position," Nowitzki said. "We really haven’t gotten anything out of it in the first round.

"We found a way to win with a small lineup in the first round, but it’s not going to go on like that for the rest of the playoffs."

Dan Bickley on the Suns mission

Revo on Amare the Great

What they didn't have in Game 1 was anyone who could match up with Stoudemire. In the first half alone the Mavs ran Erick Dampier, Alan Henderson, Shawn Bradley and Dirk Nowitzki at him. None of them slowed him down.

Think Tracy McGrady, only two inches taller, stronger and better inside.

"What are you going to do to stop me?" Stoudemire had asked rhetorically at Sunday's shootaround.

It was a question the Mavs certainly couldn't answer Monday night.

Stoudemire had 15 points in the first quarter 25 by halftime, and the Suns led by 16, 63-47.

Dampier, in particular, was worthless. He showed no fire, no grit and no desire to have anything to do with Stoudemire. He was on the bench with his fourth foul before the third quarter was four minutes old.

Lack of hitting spoils a Chris Young gem …And, by the way, anyone else wondering if Cordero is as great as he was? Seems like the customary walk is starting to catch up with him…

Bob’s Blog Exclusive Research Project of the Day: The Rangers had 61 quality starts in 2004, according to Rangers’ PR guru Gregg Elkin. That comes out to about 37.6%. With Chris Young’s start last night that did in fact end up a loss, that was quality start #18 out of 33 games for 54.4%. This projects to 88 quality starts this season. If they get to 88, they may squeeze into the postseason, and they also should nominate Orel Hershiser into the HOF as a pitching coach. That is just amazing if it holds up.

Rangers hold radio rights auction

The Rangers' radio rights expire at the end of this season. KRLD/ 1080 AM has held the rights since 1995, but ESPN/103.3 FM and KLIF/570 AM are pushing KRLD for the rights.

"It's a toss-up," Rangers president Jeff Cogen said. "KRLD is the incumbent. I've said that all along."

The Rangers would like to conclude the negotiations in June on what they hope will be a five-year deal. Regardless of which station gains the rights, the club plans to bring back announcers Eric Nadel and Victor Rojas. Nadel is in his 27th year broadcasting Rangers baseball.

"Eric is a staple," Cogen said. "I hope he goes into the Broadcasters Hall of Fame wearing our cap."

Over the weekend, Everton won, which all but assures they will hold off cross-town rival, Liverpool for the fourth and final Champions League berth for next fall. But, UEFA now claims Liverpool could get an exemption if they win the European Cup Final on May 25th…Just 90 minutes to glory…

Nash’s MVP defended

Great site for Movie Quotes

Houston Chronicle looks at Rockets off-season questions

Van Gundy case is closed

Rusty Wallace flips over Tony Danza …I swear…

MSNBC maps Star Wars galaxy

Get your Yoda ring-tones

Another bad idea for a hockey jersey…