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BaD Radio - Recap - 2/28/11

Monday 2/28/11

Episode: 2881

Location: Studio

The Mix: “I’ll gnaw your right paw off.” – Norm

The Open: “In the gang world, we use something called ‘Fluffy Fingers’”. Confusion ensues over when the show actually got the Ted Danson, “…I never listen to Bob and Dan on Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket” liner. What if Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel was hosting the Oscars?

12:35 – Stars Trade Deadline: The trade deadline is fast approaching and the Dallas Stars have a question to address; whether or not to trade the great Brad Richards. His concussion status has some teams weary about trading for him as a “rent–a–player” to finish out the year. Chances are he will be a Dallas Star by the end of this show.

12:55 – Oscar Talk: Consensus is that James Franco blew it as an Oscar host; personally, I liked his bit (yes, that was a bit). Anne Hathaway had more costume changes than a Victoria Secret runway show. The King’s Speech won Best Picture, not surprising. Dan believes that it won because of the “stuttering”; like playing retarded but not quite.

1:15 – More Oscars: Donovan comes out and says that Reese Witherspoon doesn’t have an ounce of hot on her, but he’d still do stuff to her. Justin Timberlake should’ve hosted the Oscars. Kirk Douglas was pretty on point for a dead man. Melissa Leo dropped an F-bomb. We need Ricky Gervais.

1:40 – NBA Talk: Bob has never met a Toronto Raptors fan. Alongside the Oscars, the NBA had a great game between the Knicks and the Heat. LeBron had an amazing pass to the inept Ericka Dampier. Bob says that LeBron hasn’t proven that he is clutch as a closer; this sends Dan jumping offsides multiple times. It looks like LeBron is better with a few possessions left while Wade is the more clutch final possession player.

2:00 – Ticketstock Talk: The vast majority of this segment is dedicated to some of the songs that were performed by The Timewasters. Stay tuned to the Ticket website for videos.

2:25 – NFL Combine: Obviously everyone is tuning in for around the clock coverage of the NFL Combine. The combine should be used to possibly reinforce/diminish your thoughts on a player, not create your thoughts. Some of the more fascinating parts of the combine, the player interviews, are not shown. In referencing QBs, there is a new hot phrase being thrown around "Can he spin it?". It's spreading like wildfire.

2:40 – Cam Newton Audio: Check out this interview with the NFL Network after his combine workout. He comes across with a very likable maturity about him. Judge for yourself if you’d be comfortable with him being the QB of your team.

3:00 – WTDS: Dan would like to have a camera on Grubes at all times, like the Truman Show. On this day in 1849, the California Gold Rush started. Happy Birthday to Mario Andretti, Eric Lindros, Bubba Smith, Dean Smith, Icky Woods and Dead Men Don’t Wear Rubbers. Spares are Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Vincent Askew and Antone Davis.

Listen to BaD Radio everyday from 12 – 3pm on Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket. I do, and I has opulence.

Wes Bullard

Mavericks vs Raptors 2/27/11

Side Notes
- Mavericks came back from an early 19-point deficit to defeat the Raptors.
- Dirk had 31 points and 13 rebounds, making it his 10th double-double of the season.
- The 18-point margin of victory is the second largest for the Mavericks this season

Raptors 2/27/11

A. Johnson
J. Johnson
Team Total
Mavericks 2/27/11

Team Total
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

What do you do?

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

I don't know what sort of decisions you made today. Personally, I tried to keep track and the biggest one is where I had to decide between Lowe's or Home Depot to purchase a replacement toilet seat today. I wish I was making this up. I ultimately made the decision based on who looked like it had fewer cars in the parking lot (which is likely to be exactly the opposite rationale to use when selecting a store). I will not reveal the winner of this battle so as not to ruin any future sponsorship opportunities for the organization.

Regardless, I believe my decision will impact 0 lives, and those who go on to use my new toilet seat over years to come will not second guess my decision on message boards and sports talk shows.

For this, I am thankful. There are clearly those in leadership positions in all walks of life who really must make decisions which will be evaluated and second-guessed.

And in the next day, Stars General Manager Joe Nieuwendyk is one of them.

I want to be clear: There are actually people making decisions (world leaders) who will likely impact more lives with their decisions, but the decision that faces Nieuwendyk before Monday, February 28th at 2pm Central time, is one that will impact my hockey consciousness quite a bit.

Now, there are mitigating circumstances here. Brad Richards, the subject of this decision has an expiring contract. Richards, in my opinion, is one of the very finest players in the NHL. Richards also holds a no-trade clause. And, last, but certainly not least, Richards has a concussion.

So, what do they do. Many of you have asked me what I would do. And, I wish it was a simple play.

I would extend Brad Richards' contract. I would have done it a long time ago. I believe the Stars have offered him options along those lines. But, if you are Richards, wouldn't you want to know who your bosses are before you pledge allegiance to play the rest of your prime? Wouldn't you want to know that your bosses are committed to helping you win another Stanley Cup? Wouldn't you simply want to know that your new bosses are here to win and are going to be able to sign your checks for years to come?

I believe Brad Richards wants to play here. I also believe that he wants to play here assuming this team has a firm direction in place with ownership. His contract runs through June 30, 2011. Will there be a new owner here by then? It would be foolish to act like anyone knows. If not, you lose one of the best players in hockey for nothing.

That would be very bad. You don't want to lose something for nothing. You don't want to take your team's shiniest resource and lose him in the summer without any parting gifts.

So, do you take one of the best players in your sport and trade him now? A few years ago, the Texas Rangers pretty much received the supplies for their future based largely on the trade for Mark Teixeira. At the time, there was a legion of people who were very unimpressed that one of the best players in the sport was sent away for a collection of kids who had never accomplished anything in the big leagues. Sure, they might be players some day, but Teixeira is a player now! And who has ever heard of Elvis Andrus or Neftali Feliz anyway? Those people who said things like that have changed their tune.

A real difference is that the Rangers were not going to the post season in 2007. They knew their direction and the present tense had nothing to do with it. But, the Stars have a present tense that could include being a playoff team for the first time in 3 seasons. Not a horrendous drought, but the bodies in the seats at the American Airlines Center suggest that some good news for the franchise could encourage people to return back to the arena.

This season, the team has played some very nice hockey for large portions of the year. If adding Brad Richards would change the fortunes in New York or Los Angeles, wouldn't adding Richards also catapult the Stars to new heights? Watching Alex Gogligoski and Richards man the puck on the power play seems like a most delicious scenario that I would sure like to see.

But, to see it, Joe must risk losing Brad for nothing this summer. Ugh.

Your options: Get something for Brad now. But, because of that concussion thing, the offers may be less than if Richards was on a 15-game point streak in full health. Or, keep the band together which may scratch that itch for the next few weeks, but as we know - in sports - there are no guarantees. Richards could return and help you go deep in the playoffs. Or, he could return and you miss the postseason altogether. Either way, teams will break the bank to get him in July. Teams where he will not be the savior- just the final piece of a puzzle.

Door #3 would be that extremely rich man with a never ending thirst for Stanley Cups that wants to make the Stars a Cup contender immediately and wants to keep Brad in town through 2017 buying the team before the summer and we all live happily ever after and use July 1st to finish out the roster and bump our heads on the salary cap again like the good ol' days.

If Joe asked me what to do, the first thing I would ask him is why he would ever ask me what to do. But, the second thing would be to tell him to swing for the fences. If a GM is making him an offer that he cannot refuse, then he knows that he has to do what he has to do. Hit a home run or don't swing.

But, all things being equal, I assume that the offers will not be aggressive because of the health issues. I assume that Joe will arrive at the conclusion that sometimes you have to worry about today because tomorrow has too many unknown components right now. Get #91 back out here and let's see what this team can do for this stretch run.

And if you know any really rich guys, tell them we have about 120 days to get these other issues sorted.

As for Nieuwendyk: No pressure, Joe. But, every GM has a few moves that decide his legacy and his overall approval rating. I would imagine that odds are excellent that this will be one of them. Let's hope he gets it right for the sake of all of us who want this team to do well.

Decisions far more important than toilet seats, no?

Mavericks vs Wizards 2/26/11

Mavericks 2/26/11

Team Total
Wizards 2/26/11

Team Total
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Free Agency Target

Before I settle in too much to the NFL Combine activity, I did want to cover one more regular topic in my email box about current veterans who are all out on the street and whether or not the Cowboys should get involved to address some rather sizable issues on the defense.

There are 4 names that are popular to discuss, and I have varying opinions on each one. But, I am pretty sure I know which one can really help the Cowboys this coming season the most - and he won't be the most expensive, either. So, let's jump right into it:

Nmandi Asomugha - CB - Oakland - 6'2 - 210 - 29 years old

Certainly in the discussion for best Corner in the NFL, Asomugha is a very elite talent who seems to often shut down his side of the field for business. The real issue here is not the level of quality, but rather the price to acquire the talent. There is very little question that any powder you have kept dry to improve this team in this offseason, would be allocated for this purchase. Is corner a need on this team? Yes. Is it a need at the expense of all others? Not in my opinion. I have quite a few needs on the squad, and if I was one player away, I would have no issue bringing in Asomugha. His age bothers me a bit, but the price that will likely land at $1million per game is more preventative.

However, if Jerry Jones did deem this a worthy purchase, you would comfortably have one of the best "press" corners in the league and given that Rob Ryan plays a ton more press coverage than Wade Phillips or the Cowboys have, this would be a key addition. I am not sure how successful the Cowboys current corners will be when asked to play press constantly. There has been a bit too much "off and soft" corner play in recent seasons for my taste.

Bob Sanders - S - Indianapolis - 5'8 - 206 - 30 years old

The concept of adding Bob Sanders to this secondary to help sort out the many issues at both the safety position in specific and the secondary in general is very tempting. The fact is that he is an exceptional talent who does everything well back there. Sadly, the reality of signing Bob Sanders is the reality of bringing in a player who is not on the football field very often. He has played in 48 games as a professional football player. He has missed 64 because of injury. He has played in 9 of the last 48 games the Colts have scheduled. I could sit here and list for you the great things he does on the field, but honestly, when a player misses 80% of a team's games over 3 seasons, I must tell you that I would question your sanity if you wanted to then bring him in to solve your issues.

I was once told by a wise man that "the problem with injury-prone players is that they tend to get injured". It seems like many emailers are forgetting that. Yes, you can "take a flier" on him. But, unless you have another player who is also a good option brought in with him, you are risking your whole season on a poor risk. I just cannot do this.

Shaun Rogers - DT/DE - Cleveland - 6'4 - 350 - 32 year old (in March)

Since the day the Cowboys decided they would rather have Quincy Carter and Tony Dixon over Shaun Rogers, many Cowboys fans (who also fervently follow the Big 12 South) have rued the day that they passed on the disruptive talent from Texas. There are very few players who dazzle the highlight films and embarrass the lineman trying to block him like Shaun Rogers. You could make a reel every season of 10-20 plays that might suggest he is among the best players in the league. The problem is that those small doses are not representative of his play over the course of his career.

At times, his motor has been questioned. Some of have asked - especially during his days in Detroit - "how much does he enjoy football?". But, his body is the real issue here. His body is beat up. He was never in great shape and now the wear and tear have had an effect on keeping him on the field. He played only 405 snaps for the Browns last season, being used quite a bit as a nickel situation pass rusher. Ahtyba Rubin was actually the Browns' true nose tackle in their 3-4, and Rogers would be kicked out to DE quite a bit.

There is no question his name is interesting. His highlights are tempting. But, I would pass. However, nobody knows Shaun Rogers like Rob Ryan should know him. If he is the type of player who Ryan is willing to argue for in personnel meetings, then my opinion is to trust his eye. But, it would have to be at a very attractive price. And, with teams sniffing around Rogers, I am not sure the Cowboys can get a bargain here. Otherwise, a 32-year old with a questionable motor and even more questionable health just doesn't seem like the wise move that most teams would be making.

OJ Atogwe - S - St Louis Rams - 5'11 - 205 - 30 year old (in June)

In 2006, the Green Bay Packers signed a DB who was about to be 30 years old that most teams were not pursuing. Charles Woodson has spent the last 5 seasons as the talisman of the Packers' defense by blitzing, ball hawking, organizing, and doing what needed to be done. It might be difficult to promise the same level of success if the Cowboys grab Atogwe when signing commences, but after watching quite a bit of Rams film this week, I am convinced that he can do a lot to fix the Cowboys defense.

He blitzes far more than any Cowboys DB ever has - in 2010, he blitzed 62 times. The entire Cowboys secondary blitzed 50 times combined. He covers well in Centerfield. He tackles pretty well. All of those things check out. He also stays on the field as he hardly ever gets hurt.

But here are the numbers that really get me excited - Forced Fumbles From 2006-2010:

Defensive BackForced Fumbles
Tillman, Chi18
Atogwe, StL16
Dawkins, Phi/Den14
Woodson, GB13
Harper, NO12

HTML Tables

And now Interceptions from 2006-2010

Defensive BackInterceptions
Samuel, NE/Phi36
Reed, Balt32
Woodson, GB30
Hall, ATL/Oak/Wash24
Atogwe, StL21

HTML Tables

Did you notice the two names to show up on both lists? Charles Woodson and OJ Atogwe.

One is 34 years old and not available anyway. And one is a free agent and will not turn 30 until summer. Of the 4 names above on my list, Asomugha is the best player. But the one you need the most? OJ Atogwe could fix a lot of what ails you on this defense in 2011.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Jason Transcribes WTDS - Dec 1st

From: greaso84
Date: February 4, 2011 11:33:40 AM CST
Subject: WTDS transcript from December 1st


RE: a tweet on 12/2/2010

"@bobanddan Bob Sturm
BTW, if anyone has that transcription done, email me at and I will get you your prize."

I don't even recall what the prize was, and not sure if it has expired, but please find my attempt at the transcript attached.

i'm pretty sure a trained court reporter/transcriptionist would commit suicide before agreeing to do this on a daily basis. easily 10 hours spent on this, although not consecutive. and no, i don't have a girlfriend right now, why do you ask? every time i re-listened, i would find something else, finally had to give up, i'd say it's about 95-98% accurate.

Better letter than never, maybe. i know this might get lost in superbowl weekend. The 3 work snowdays this week gave me no more excuses for turning this in. feel free to post on your website or somewhere, hopefully you can find the podcast or mp3 to post alongside so the P1's can follow along and see how poorly i did.

most underrated line of the 17 page transcript, which got buried by Joe Prunty pronunciation talk, was Dan exclaiming that "you want [prunty] leading the greatest basketball player on the planet?" and you responding with "kobe? he's already got a coach". Gold, even though it failed to draw Dan offsides because mike couldn't say prunty correctly. my runner up for best part was Grubes playing the BCS/WWII drop.

anyway, maybe a shoutout on twitter would be cool if you ever get a link to it @greaso thanks.


once again, bad radio presents, wtds
happy b-day to ya,
happy b-day to ya,
happy b-day
happy b-day to ya,
and now, here are your hosts, bob sturm and dan mcdowell
(b-day instrumental music)
hello, may i please speak to bob
(awkward silence)
BOB: yeah, ya forgot that button didn’t ya
GRUBES: yeah, sorry
BOB: it’s tough to know we’re back on if..we’re…dead air
GRUBES: I was wonder why you were just kinda lookin’ around like wtf what is going on
BOB: but you think ebrakes are really funny don’t ya
GRUBES: yeah that’s why I did it
BOB: with your short hair
GRUBES: I’m so mischievous
BOB: Your insurance man hair
DAN: all he did is make fun of you for your long hair
GRUBES: no you can’t win with bob, it’s ok
DAN: for the last 2 months, and today it’s just insurance hair
BOB: make fun of, I just wanted an ABA head band, a tropic thunder
GRUBES: oh that’s right, dang it
BOB: the San Diego tropics head band or whatever it was
GRUBES: I can make that happen
BOB: and some short shorts, so
BOB: so, here's Grubes with some fabulous on air time
GRUBES: yeah, Don Davis auto group and rally house Texas bring you my nizzle
DAN: thank you, the hardline is here, actually, the founding member of the hardline is here
(mike song)
DAN: somehow Corby’s late
BOB: No way
DAN: [Corby], “when does this start”
(Norm: throw it in my butt)
BOB: laugh
L4G: oh
DAN: hey mike
MIKE: Hi Mr. Dan
DAN: are you wearing a sweatsuit today
MIKE: am I wearing a sweatsuit?
DAN: have you ever worn a sopranos type sweatsuit yet
MIKE: no
DONOVAN: will you
DAN: do you see that in your future
DONOVAN: kinda like al davis
MIKE: um well, you know I used to wear those kinda sweatpants kinda things
DONOVAN: the ones that make noise or the kinda velvet one’s like
MIKE: um the one’s that make noise
MIKE: the ones that are kinda nylon-y
BOB: the velvet one’s that say juicy on the bottom
L4G: ooh, I like nylon
MIKE: yeah I pull ‘em about half way down my ass
BOB: haha
all: hehe
all: whoa
L4G: whoa
BOB: boy
MIKE: yeah, we'll soap up those honkers
L4G: tom talk to him
DAN: well today
TOM: hehehe
DAN: is Wednesday you're obviously not out boning in the week anywhere
MIKE: no, there’s no weekend to bone in yet
DAN: send your email to alec if you’d like to help sell the hardline
MIKE: yeah, Mr. Charisma
TOM: be prepared to laugh
DAN: today is, (ha),
MIKE: right
DAN: today is Wedneday December 1st
MIKE: what could be handled in ten minutes with alec takes about 45 cause you’re just having so much darn fun with him
DAN: is he like the discovery channel, they have a lot of shows that could be a 15 minute show they kinda stretch into an hour cause they have all these hours to fill
DONOVAN: right
MIKE: but they’re not fun, alec’s fun
DAN: no, ok, uh, today
MIKE: he’s a very charismatic figure, he will pull you in
DAN: today is Wednesday December 1st
DONOVAN: and then out
DAN: the 300, and you know
DONOVAN: and then in
DAN: this is all gonna come back, there's going to be a time when one of us are in the hallway,
DONOVAN: and then out
DAN: this is how it works and in when everybody is on the air together and then, he’ll be like ‘hey I heard you’re joking around about me’, well no I mean and then it’s just like, I just walk away
DONOVAN: no no, it was always funny, I really enjoyed it, keep it up, keep it going
BOB: hey I got some calls
DAN: but then it's always someone else who gets pulled in and charged with uh
BOB: I got some calls you guys
DAN: pulled in and charged with uh, it’s crazy
BOB: got some calls that you guys
MIKE: well you said it
BOB: think me bead is fake
L4G: crazy
DAN: no I mean, you know we didn’t say your beard was fake, but
DONOVAN: that you have different ones like a dress beard
DAN: you know we just
DONOVAN: and a play beard
BOB: a going out beard
DONOVAN: right, working out beard
MIKE: let’s go back to Eric Spoelstra, you think he’s going to make it
DAN: alright today is Wednesday December 1st
CORBY: what up my bitches!
DAN: heheh the 335th day of the year there are 30 days left in 2010, 30!
BOB: stay on him mike
DAN: the Jewish festival of lights,
DONOVAN: snake
DAN: Hanukkah
CORBY: sup d
DAN: begins at sunset
CORBY: ooh
DONOVAN: how are you celebrating Hanukkah
CORBY: so all the Jewish kids get their first presents right
MIKE: hotel monica,
CORBY: tonight
MIKE: here comes Hanukkah
BOB: what
CORBY: do all the Jewish kids get their first present tonight
MIKE: so much funakkah
DONOVAN: don’t you know
BOB: shshshsh
DAN: they get it circumcised
CORBY: so anyway, so Hanukkah starts tonight, right
DAN: yeah
CORBY: yeah
MIKE: here comes the moyle joke series
DAN: oh yeah
CORBY: so uh, you know how Jewish kids gets get their presents don’t you
DONOVAN: how, no
BOB: little scared
CORBY: I’m not going to issue the punch line because I think I’ll get fired if I do, but anyway
(cheers)(musers laugh)(thank you so much)
CORBY: but, uh, you know where I’m going
DAN: they can’t fire you dude
(Corby: call alec and his fake beard at 214-520-4305)
DONOVAN: tell me in my ear
DAN: you are untouchable um, on this day in 1955, mike,
DONOVAN: really, that’s it
MIKE: sputnik
DAN: rosa parks,
DAN: a black seamstress was arrested after refusing (mammy) to give up her seat to a white man on
DONOVAN: rosa, that’s rosa, snake
DAN: a Montgomery, Alabama city bus the incident sparked a yearlong boycott of the buses by blacks
DONOVAN: you know the only reason
DAN: and ya know what, to this day, I won’t ride a bus cause of that
DONOVAN: and the only reason, that
BOB: illegal procedure
DONOVAN: this is blown up because rosa parks was fairly attractive, this happened a little bit earlier
TOM: what
DONOVAN: with a not so attractive darker skinned heavy set black woman and it didn’t make noise
BOB: it’s time for revised history
MIKE: now how do we know that
DONOVAN: no, I’m serious, I’m serious
L4G: ohh
DAN: let's get a look at her
MIKE: what was her name
DAN: no let’s get a look at rosa in her day
DONOVAN: I almost said something, no rosa was very attractive and
MIKE: well, what was her name
TOM: yeah she was super-hot
DONOVAN: she was like they secretary naacp
MIKE: alright what was the real rosa parks who
DONOVAN: I don’t know it off the top of my head
MIKE: because she's so tore up
BOB: kinda
DONOVAN: hahaha
L4G: the other ladies name was
BOB: kinda tyra
DONOVAN: give me uh
DAN: rosa looked like tyra
TOM: rosa or tyra
CORBY: you think if halle berry tried
BOB: like fergie
CORBY: to get to the front of the bus in 19-
DAN: that’s the whole bit
DONOVAN: dude, she was light skinned
DAN: oh, ok, good
DONOVAN: and she was very
BOB: so fergie
MIKE: she was bright
L4G: uh, huh
DONOVAN: she could have been the face of the movement, that’s why they did at the particular time
L4G: Aha
DAN: like will whitey will get behind this one
DONOVAN: right, if it’s some kinda dark skinned little chunky chick
BOB: what sorta newsletter
L4G: when nell, when nell carter wasn’t allowed to eat lunch
BOB: what type of newsletter
DAN: right
MIKE: and her name was manny
CORBY: manny
DONOVAN: the community newsletter the black times
CORBY: Manny, Corby, manny
DONOVAN: manny
(MIKE: are you’re nipples black)
DONOVAN: look it up
DAN: we have b-days dear wtds my brother kevin trout is turning 29
DAN: he wants 2 things for his b-day she wants two things for her b-day
L4G: write it down
DAN: more propecia, and mentioned on the show
DONOVAN: do some research
DAN: light bright and damned near
CORBY: is it okay to share chapstick
DAN: ok anyway
DONOVAN: you want to wear my underwear too, I just pull em off and you put em on
DAN: what kevin trout wants is
CORBY: no I don’t
DAN: mike saying mother five times and a fart drop of your choosing
(MIKE: mother (x5, fart))
BOB: what’s that
MIKE: she was bright and very non-threatening to whitey
CORBY: she looks indian
CORBY: I’m telling you dude
DAN: morning boys,
MIKE: I think there’s something to this
DAN: in recognition of world aids day,
BOB: heh
MIKE: look up who
(BOB laugh)
DAN: I’d like you to wish my friend and coworker kyle a happy birthday, between Rosa Parks, aids, and sharing a birthday with bette midler he’s pretty down right now
CORBY: Sorry
DAN: um,
L4G: why, does he have aids
DAN: that's from tony, one half of the first couple of promotions
(mark that under who gives a ($#1t))
DAN: the guy who makes out with his wife at road shows
BOB: she’s pretty old in all these pictures, Donovan
(corby: she’s got the reputation of hitler around here)
CORBY: you don’t know that
DONOVAN: im sorry
L4G: who doens’t
BOB: she’s pretty old in all these pictures
DAN: and kay writes, kay our P1 and our most devoted female MFFL, wants to wish a happy b-day to her son aaron
LFG: arron
(midget 'aaron' drop)
DAN: do you know how hard it would be to adopt josh Hamilton
CORBY: I don’t get it
DAN: elsewhere george foster is 62
CORBY: Like he might have a crack baby
DAN: i don't know
DAN: lee Trevino is 71,
Cobry: that is awesome
LISA: cumulus media
CORBY: hi lise
L4G: happy Hanukkah
LISA: hello
CORBY: happy Hanukkah, lisa
MIKE: Claudette colvin
DAN: happy world aids day lisa
LISA: hi, how are you
MIKE: oh yeah
L4G: did you spin the dredel yet
LISA: no
DAN: are you Jewish
LISA: no
DAN: you’re anti-Jewish
LISA: no, i'm not anti-Jewish, I’m just not Jewish
CORBY: dan, just because someone’s not Jewish doesn’t make them anti-Jewish, is your boyfriend jewish,
LISA: no
CORBY: so you really do hate them
DAN: wow, that’s weird, it’s just odd how you would come on the air with these opinions today LISA, it’s Hanukkah
LISA: well happy Hanukkah
DAN: oh, to you too
LISA: are you Jewish
DAN: are you kidding
all: Ha
L4G: ahhhh
MIKE: see, Donovan's right
DAN: alright, we missed a b-day yesterday, i wanted to just call you to see if it’s significant to us
LISA: oh, ok
DAN: dan milhorn, here at the station
LISA: ok he’s KILS sales rep,
DAN: oh, so no
LISA: probably not real exciting for you guys
CORBY: is he hot or anything
LISA: I mean he’s going to be wearing like brown pants shirt tie
BOB: Skinny jeans
MIKE: what are you wearing today
CORBY: let's say you had to go on a date with him, let’s say you broke up with your bf and he asked you out, I’m mean would it be fun
LISA: I think it would be inappropriate, definitely inappropriate
DONOVAN: Nonnonno, if it, take that out,
TOM: What kinda date were you thinking about
DONOVAN: just looks wise, would you go out with him
LISA: No probably not, he's too tall
DONOVAN: He’s too tall,
LISA: Hahaha
DONOVAN: sorry bob
CORBY: how tall are you Lisa, like 5’4
LISA: 5’5
CORBY: 5’5
DAN: I saw Lisa walking into donna’s office she's wearing some kind of loose outfit today,
CORBY: really
DAN: very baggy
LISA: no it’s not
DAN: kinda busting a sag
DAN: you had a skateboard under the arm
CORBY: Lisa you and I, we should work out together sometime
Lisa: alright
CORBY: I bet you like to work out
DAN: do you work out
LISA: yeah
DAN: where do you go
LISA: i did the bootcamp for a while
CORBY: yeah I think we should work out sometime sharing radio stories, you know just talking about the business
DAN: maybe we should just go talk about planning to workout
LISA: ok
CORBY: maybe over beers
LISA: was that it today guys
MIKE: …time
DAN: hold on, mike wants to ask you something
LISA: yes mike
BOB: would you like to lease a new car sometime
LISA: hahaha, at least he’s not asking if I want to be in a porno
CORBY: yeah, that’s true
L4G: he’ll get to that
DAN: alright Lisa, I love you
LISA: bye bye happy hannukkah
MIKE: would you like to be in a porno sometime
CORBY: ah, she hung up mike
L4G: are your nipples black
DAN: so lee Trevino 71
CORBY: greatness
DAN: you say that’s not significant right
CORBY: dude, it's huge
BOB: bom bom bom bom bom
CORBY: he’s probably listening right now
DONOVAN: what has he won
CORBY: he’s won majors, multiple majors multiple I think
MIKE: so had larry mise
CORBY: let’s see larry mise has won one
MIKE: and you don’t freak out over him
BOB: andy north, there do something with andy north
DONOVAN: look out that window
CORBY: I’m thinking he’s won everything but the masters
CORBY: 1 2 3 4, maybe 5 or 6
MIKE: so dan your writing off any chance Eric Spoelstra has for success, are you
CORBY:[dan] he never coached, or he never played, mehmehemehemhem
MIKE: so you’re totally writing it off
DAN: trying to talk about lee trevino here
MIKE: are you totally writing off any chance he may have
DAN: um ok, yeah sure
DAN: larry walker is 44
CORBY: rich, rich
MIKE: yes he made a lot of money playing baseball
DAN: also turned down a trade here didn’t he
MIKE: that’s right he did
DAN: but had he accepted that
MIKE: a trade that was going to involve Kins
DAN: had he accepted that, we would have never done the ian kinsler show
BOB: we gotta get some audio off of that
CORBY: just to let you fart knockers know,
MIKE: might have been the larry walker show
CORBY: lee Trevino US open winner ’68 and ‘71
MIKE: who cares
CORBY: british open 71’ and ‘72, pga ‘74 and ’84 boring
BOB: but it was during the war
CORBY: there was no war going on
DAN: like there was one-armed golfers
MIKE: there was too, ‘nam was going on then
L4G: he never golfed against a black man
DAN: true that
DONOVAN: yeah that is true
CORBY: barton trophy for lowest scoring average 1-2-3-4-5 years
DAN: steve walsh is 44
BOB: the great steve walsh
MIKE: former cowboy great
CORBY: sportsillustrated sportsman of the year 1971 AP male athlete of the year 71’
DAN: Woody allen 75
(Bob: AP)
MIKE: greatness
L4G: 75
CORBY: We sat next to him at the Yankees game I do believe
L4G: how old is sun yi
DAN: is he jewish
CORBY: I think sun yi is 14
DAN: carol alt 50
CORBY: you know he got her when she was 4
BOB: yeah
MIKE: alright
CORBY: thank you
DAN: mike, eric bloom is 66
BOB: I always wanted to see corby live
CORBY: Ha, finally
MIKE: Yeah, the set’s starting, I think he’s working pedophile tonight
DAN: Eric bloom anyone
MIKE: blue oyster cult
L4G: uh, blue oyster cult
DAN: too easy huh
MIKE: yeah that one is
DAN: i feel like you just felt like the effort you had to give in opening your mouth to say that was too much, as you blew me off
MIKE: i'm still waiting to try and grasp where you fall on the eric spoelstra thing, so you think Filipinos can’t coach the black man
DAN: hehe
L4G: you think you can’t go from video coordinator to head coach
DAN: hey mike brown did it I’m sure it’ll be work out well
BOB: it's time for, 'who's fault is (hehe) it for lebron's failures'
BOB: starring the anonymous coaches, who obviously don’t know how to handle the king
DONOVAN: yeah, starring brown, eric spoelstra
DAN: eric spoelstra alright, don’t you picture any general video coordinator to be kinda TC-ish
DONOVAN: danny ferry
DAN: like when youre hired you’re, TC, he's a video coordinator
DAN: Now kiss the coach’s ass for a few years and you can be coach too
MIKE: But TC has no aspirations
BOB: again, how do they get into the system, dan
MIKE: yeah
DAN: to be a VC? because his dad was the GM of the trailblazers
DAN: ok, I had that answered, now go to your next question
MIKE: and his dad was also the gm of the roughriders
BOB: the guy I worked for
(dirk: sports)
DAN: was he
MIKE: yeah
DAN: who
BOB: The guy I worked for at the first radio station
MIKE: well he was part of the ownership group of that mandelay entertainment
DAN: our roughriders,
(did I say labia)
MIKE: yeah
DAN: oh, that’s how you know him, because you were the voice of the roughriders
MIKE: I know his dad or i met his dad
L4G:is that why you're shilling for him
DAN: yeah, why
(mike: daddy touched me there)
CORBY: Oh my god mike
DAN: It is odd that you have such a love for eric spoelstra
MIKE: just trying to understand where you're coming from here
DAN: no no it all makes sense now
MIKE: this is a very radical pov for you, I’m just trying to get a handle on it
BOB: the guy at the liberty radio station, told me about the uh, broadcast management majors that when they would walk into the door he would ask them
DAN: look kid
BOB: where would you like to start here at the radio station and they would want his job they want to start at station manager, because they have majored in management
MIKE: right
BOB: you can’t start at station manager, you have to do a few things
DONOVAN: but coaches don't start as VC, I’m with dan on this
MIKE: you have to be TC
BOB: you have to go to chipotle to eventually get there
MIKE: yeah, they do, that’s how they get there, that's how they get in
DAN: coaches?
MIKE: yeah, that’s how they get in
BOB: VC is another word for coach in most front offices
DAN: name the other one's
MIKE: video coordinators work with coaches every day
MIKE: who do you think they talk to
MIKE: who do you think the coaches talk to when they want the last 12 plays that (doy x10) they mavericks ran for Tyson chandler down in the low post
DONOVAN: ok, so do you think that Darrel Armstrong was working the VC position
MIKE: darrel armstrong was a player
DONOVAN: ok, I’m with dan, name the other one
MIKE: Gregg popovich, he was a VC
BOB: you're not helping grubes (2x)
L4G: red aurubach was never a VC
BOB: I know you thought you were helping but you’re not
MIKE: Donnie nelson was never a coach but, i bet he was a VC
DONOVAN: not a coach, he’s in the front office
DAN: should he be your coach then
BOB: he probably applied to be GM
DAN: should he be your coach
BOB: he could be a fine coach
MIKE: he could be
DAN: oh really, really, where’s the proof
MIKE: he's been an assistant coach, before
DAN: so, who hasn’t
BOB: so you need proof
DAN: so has frickin, uh joe prunty is an assistant coach
MIKE: hey, joe punty
DAN: you want him leading the greatest basketball player on the planet
BOB: kobe?
MIKE: joe punty may be a head coach some day
DAN: it’s prunty, not punty
DONOVAN: it’s prunty
BOB: and kobe’s already got a coach
MIKE: what’d I say, punty
([Devin Hester entrance music] soulja boy)
CORBY: punty
BOB: Careful
MIKE: All right joe prunty
DAN: let’s name all the VC who have won NBA championships
MIKE: alright dave cowens
DAN: ok that's ridiculous
DONOVAN: yeah that is
DAN: stop
BOB: red aurerbach
L4G: started as a VC
DONOVAN: Pat reilly
DAN: next b-day is john denzmore, 65
all: well
TOM: a drummer for the doors
DONOVAN: who is that
TOM: john denzmore
DAN: we know, you’ve brought it up 4 times already
CORBY: what a run he had of 4 years
DAN: alright mike, as the all-time ranker of drummers
BOB: (mumble)
DAN: where is this guy vs let’s say ringo
DONOVAN: what about shiela E
TOM: innovative
MIKE: um, worse than ringo worse than shiela E
TOM: hehe
MIKE: he didn’t have much
DAN: now is this tom, this is not john denzmore
CORBY: he was a jazz drummer, mike
TOM: he had a jazz and bossanova piece to rock and roll
DAN: jimi Hendrix you hate
MIKE: yeah, mitch Mitchell, he was a VC too
DAN: is it a black thing
TOM: is that us
MIKE: yeah, he was the jimmy Hendrix VC, that’s how he got in the band
TOM: that’s really us we sound pretty damn good
MIKE: boy ya do
DAN: is this your first ever gig, the one I recorded, oh this is ticketstock
MIKE: that’s pretty awesome
CORBY: ticketstock wow
BOB: is this at red rocks
MIKE: expect what’s going on here, isn’t this supposed to be a keyboard solo going on here
TOM: right yeah that's the keyboard solo
DAN: this is where tom pounds a beer
CORBY: how’d you get the ticketstock gig
DAN: who’s got a beer
TOM: you don’t want to know
DAN: i love on stage tom
MIKE: i have a b-day mr dan if you’ll indulge me for just a second here
DAN: of course
CORBY: here comes some chix wire or something
MIKE: well, no, no, it’s someone you happen to know too
CORBY: for your chicken coop
BOB: tim’s linoleum
TOM: chix coop, charlies chix coop
MIKE: Lawrence frank, how did Lawrence frank get there,
BOB: seriously
DAN: oh and he’s great, great example you should hang your hat on Lawrence frank
CORBY: he won his first 13 games
MIKE: that guy did an awesome job with very little, that guy can coach, he will be back in the league
DONOVAN: yeah ok, alright
BOB: you really don’t think Lawrence frank is a good coach
DAN: oh no, he’s great,
DONOVAN: you’ve named two in the history of the NBA
DAN: i hope an opening happens here soon so we can get Lawrence frank
MIKE: ok well how many championships has lebron won
CORBY: well look dude, it’s freakin either phil Jackson or Gregg popovich that wins it every year every year it’s 2 coaches, that’s it 2
DAN: how is Lawrence frank out of work, that’s unbelievable, well I guess because mike brown is still on the market, Lawrence frank can get a job
CORBY: why do you love lebron so much
BOB: it’ll never be lebron’s fault
L4G: i guess, I guess, nobody…
DAN: no no here’s bob, whoa, wait, Lawrence frank can’t coach
BOB: you don’t think he did a good job
DONOVAN: it’s Lawrence frank
BOB: name anybody on his team
DAN: jason kidd
BOB: when he was there and he gets the nets to the finals you don’t think that's a pretty good head job
DAN: oh he got the nets to the final, that’s great
BOB: the nets
DAN: maybe they should have a parade, you went to the finals
DONOVAN: hey it’s the cocky cookie eating, now, it’s not the sniff
DAN: hey, way to go to the finals
BOB: I think I heard a sniff
DAN: oh you went to the finals, let me ruffle your hair
MIKE: how far do ya gotta get before you’re a great coach
BOB: 7 titles
MIKE: you gotta win 7 titles
DONOVAN: dude you really are talking about Lawrence frank
MIKE: yeah I am
DONOVAN: he has nothing, nothing
BOB: so unless he
CORBY: but he coached
MIKE: not only did he coach, he took a team that had nothing and got quite a bit out of it
CORBY: Jason kidd and ed obannon
MIKE: He made that team a lot better than they were
DONOVAN: look at the east
(Bob: This release from the associated press The bcs has declared Germany the winner of WWII…)
DAN: a team that had nothing
CORBY: boy I forgot about this gold
(…Uh here’s the release After determining the Big 12 championship game participants, the bcs computers were put to work on other major contests…)
CORBY: where’s all that uproar this year
(…today the bcs declared Germany to be the winner of WWII, Germany put together an incredible…)
BOB: What are you doing grubes
MIKE: I have a b-day dan
MIKE: Its Amanda cecil’s b-day
CORBY: Wow, The great Amanda cecil
(Hey now)
L4G: One of the finest sensual massage providers in the DFW area
DAN: We do Swedish
MIKE: How bout that shoopy
BOB: we’re never going to get through this
MIKE: You got a b-day matt
MATT: Today is the b-day of shelby stevens, who is an adult porn star
DAN: now you’re taking I just wanna see Let me just follow the thread here Youre taking your directions from ty
MATT: I am
DAN: Like you feel this is your career path Who should I emulate
BOB: like if I just listen to ty, I’ll go to high places
DAN: I’ve got a lot of people across the sports landscape, Who should I try to be more like Your choice is ty walker
MATT: That’s right
CORBY: I like your decision
MIKE: And I do too And he’s known and he’s known for this
MATT: stars of such films as House on punishment lane, Lipstick lashings, And Tales from the dyke side
L4G: Getting a little dark
BOB: I think you mispronounced that
DONOVAN: yeah, I think so
DAN: Alright now lets do some spares
(Somebody go God almighty, as everybody knows I’m still hanging around dallas It’s a fart form)
DAN: but we only got a minute or so, But I blame you and your Lawrence frank crap
L4G: Going into the corporal punishment videos
BOB: Cal mcclitch is 85
MIKE: uh, eh
BOB: What’s his full name mike
L4G: dead
MIKE: Calvin cooligdge Julius Caesar Tuscahoma mclitch
BOB: well done
DAN: Wow
DONOVAN: impressive
MIKE: he’s dead
BOB: craig perry, corby
CORBY: really popeye
BOB: 44
CORBY: man What are we gonna do
MIKE: Who’s popeye
BOB: He’s like the lee Trevino of his office
CORBY: He’s craig perry
MIKE: what’s he won
CORBY: very little
BOB: kurk rotoreader is 40
MIKE: Kurk speedy reader
DAN: How many does he have to win
DAN: How many does he have to win to be anything
MIKE: Just the buick open maybe somewhere along the way that’s all
DAN: Jeez
TOM: hahaha
BOB: Todd stucy is 40, Until lebrons..
MIKE: He was a tackle
BOB: until all lebron’s, Until all of lebron’s friends are the coaching staff of the heat we wont rest
CORBY: Right, his posse, his 3 high school friends
MIKE: that’s right, until maverick carter takes over as head coach
DAN: dude, Wouldn’t that be great
BOB: Matching fubu sweatshirts
Black corby: Yeah just just dunk it
DAN: who’s this
MIKE: alright, ya’all just throw it in, throw it in get the ball to the hands of the man
BOB: Haha
DAN: Who’s this
MIKE: alright ya’all, just throw it in just get it in to the man, Get out the way
DONOVAN: lebron. Ball. Dunk it.
Norm: im black
DAN: Here’s mike’s black voice, Get out the way
Black corby: Yeah look uh,
BOB: yeah, during timeouts they just get out the house mike, just want to invite everybody to our after party over at lebrons nightclub
Black mike: alright everybody c’mon man, Get on your feet, C’mon man
DONOVAN: Who is this
CORBY: Some Random smoke coming out of the bench area
DAN: Please mark Cuban, pay mike to do the house mic again
543 and 2 we got stippers
BOB: Over at lebrons’
CORBY: we’re going for the dunk again
MIKE: I guess this is it for the day
CORBY: Oh no
BOB: Winningham is 49
CORBY: are they Alaskan
MIKE: What a corpulent version of this it was today
CORBY: or just fat

Special Teams Report - Part 2

Last time, we looked at the coverage units of the special teams. Among other things, the main reason to do this exercise is to identify those players who are not starters on the roster as either key special teams contributors or not. The fact is, in this day and age of only 45 players available on game day, it is key for a coaching staff to understand the simple math issues that are apparent.

Starting at 45, you deduct a 2nd QB, a kicker, a punter, and a deep snapper as players that cannot do anything but their actual job. This now takes you roster down to 41.

From those 41 spots, you need about 30 players (22 starters and about 8 more regulars) who are main contributors to both the offense and defense. In an average game, you will face about 65 snaps on offense and 65 on defense. So, these main contributors play at least 20 snaps. In addition, you have offensive linemen who do not start, and now that the wedge is no longer legal on kick returns, really have no place on special teams, either.

That leaves a group of fewer than 10 players who are not regulars who must fill out your 4 special teams units. Not only do they need to play on those teams, but they also need to play well enough that you are not losing games because of these punts and kickoffs. Ask the San Diego Chargers about this. Their special teams kept them out of the playoffs in 2010.

Over the next few weeks, I will try to cover all of the "big" plays this season that were on special teams. "Big" can mean positive or negative, and we will try to identify all of those moments from 2010 to help us see where the Cowboys were good and where they need help.

For now, we are simply trying to perform the roll call and see who the main players are on the teams, and to do this I selected 4 games and with pen and DVR, figured out who was playing where.

Kickoff Return Units

The Cowboys ranked 23rd in the NFL in Kickoff Returns with an average of 21.2. 3 players handled most of the duties and the player (Owusu-Ansah) they preferred out of training camp was the least impressive of the bunch:

NameReturnsRet AvgLong

HTML Tables

It should be noted that Tashard Choice and Kevin Ogletree also returned kicks for short tenures, but both were very poor in their returns.

Here are the players for the 4 games we charted on each of the kick return units.

Week 1Week 7Week 11Week 14
27-Owusu-Ansah27-Owusu Ansah37-McCann37-McCann
57-Butler59-B Williams57-Butler59-B Williams
58-J Williams86-Chandler86-Chandler83-Rucker
67-Costa92-Brent52-L Williams52-L Williams

HTML Tables

The regulars for at least 3 of the 4 games were the usual suspects: Sam Hurd, Danny McCray, Barry Church, Sean Lee, Jesse Holley, Chris Gronkowski, and Tashard Choice. 23rd in the NFL is obviously a ranking the team would like to improve. Of course, breaking 1 kickoff for a Touchdown would be enough to shoot to the top half of the league as the Cowboys long of 43 yards was among the league's worst.

Punt Return Units

Punt Returns were a totally different story. The Cowboys ranked 2nd in the NFL on their ability to return punts. They trailed only Devin Hester and the Chicago Bears. They also join the Bears as the only two teams to return 3 different punts for Touchdowns.

NameReturnsRet AvgLong

HTML Tables

Obviously, the McCann return against Detroit was something of a fluke, and a 97 yard TD return can certainly throw off the average, but the Cowboys will happily accept 3 TDs off of this unit. Let's see who was playing on punt returns the most:

Week 1Week 7Week 11Week 14
58-J Williams59-B Williams52-L Williams52-L Williams

HTML Tables

Hurd, Holley, McCray, Church, Lee, Scandrick, and Bryant were 7 guys who were the spine of this group. It is clear that Dez Bryant brings a skill set that almost demands that you leave him on your punt return team. Blocking does matter, but in the case of Bryant or Devin Hester, some guys just have the skills and instincts to return kicks and punts at an elite level.

So, in the end of this project, it is clear who is a vital part of Joe DeCamillis' group - Sam Hurd, Jesse Holley, Danny McCray, Barry Church, and Sean Lee are on all 4 teams. Victor Butler, Chris Gronkowski, and Leon Williams are on quite a few of them. And Tashard Choice and Orlando Scandrick are dependable and able to be there when you need them.

Next time, we will start to look at the explosive plays of the special teams in 2010 - good and bad.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mavericks vs Jazz 2/23/11

Side Notes
- Dallas improved to 21-9 (.700) against teams with winning records this season.
- Nowitzki (22,201) passed Clyde Drexler (22,195) for 23rd place on the NBA's all-time scoring list.
- Dallas is 30-2 when it reaches when it reaches 100 points this season.

Mavericks 2/23/11

Team Total
Jazz 2/23/11

Team Total
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BaD Radio - Recap - 2/24/11

Thursday 2/24/11

Episode: 2879

Location: Studio

The Mix: “You ever played the Fart Trumpet?” – Bob “Noooooo.” – Norm

The Open: “Lookin' to get back up on that pogo stick.” Happy Flag Day in Mexico, Hermanos. With the Homer Bowl 11 today, Bob needs to brush up on his Homer Bowl trick (similar to his Super Bowl trick). There need to be a DVR that automatically records car chases, no hitters and goalie fights as they happen.

12:35 – NBA Trade Deadline: In Bob’s perfect world, Dan has to anchor around-the-clock coverage of the NBA Trade Deadline. At one point a few years ago, it seemed like Baron Davis was one of the better players in the league when they beat Dallas in the first round of the playoffs. The Bee-Beard can be deceiving. Now he joins the Cleveland Cavaliers after being traded from the Clippers; his last great play in a Clippers uniform was throwing a pass out of the sunroof of a Kia as Blake Griffin jumped over the hood and dunked it. The Mavs are being linked to J.R. Smith and Tayshaun Prince this morning. It’s doubtful that anything will materialize between the Mavs and those players; but like every year, the Mavs are always in trade discussions.

12:55 – Homer Bowl: The time is upon us when possibly unknown sports broadcasters will have their name immortalized in the record books.

3rd Place – Boston High School Football: “NUTS AND BOLTS, WE GOT SCREWED!” The 3 Minute Mark.

2nd Place – Arkansas High School Football: “AND THER’ AINT NO FLAG!”

1st Place – Florida Atlantic announcer Dave LaMont: “And I’ll fight anyone of you if you want to.” Good luck getting this guy on the air.

1:30 – Jesse Holley: The Dallas Morning News has petitioned Bob to write up a breakdown of every Cowboy on the 53-man roster. His latest entry was reality star turned special teams contributor Jesse Holley, check out the write-up here.

2:00 – Tom’s Oscar Opinion: In a wheels off moment, Tom said that Inception won’t win Best Picture because it already won with Dances with Wolves. Listen to that here. Then in Why Today Doesn’t Suck, Grubes makes a funny.

2:20 – Brad Richards: How does Brad Richards affect the Dallas Stars at Monday’s trade deadline? A few months ago, it was a safe bet that Brad was going to re-sign with the Stars before he hits free agency at the end of the year. The lack of ownership will limit what the Stars will be able to offer; while it could be market value, it won’t be anywhere near what some of the big boys can offer. It will be his last run at free agency and he’ll be the top free agent on the market; all these signs point to him going elsewhere at the end of the season. That brings trades into the picture. Dallas will be looking for a deal – similar to what the Texas Rangers did with Teixeira – in which they get a lot of young talent and build for the future. A likely dance partner in a trade would be the NY Rangers, but they’re also the team likely to spend a lot of money on him at the end of the year via free agency. It depends on how much the NY Rangers think Richards can help them in a championship run over the next 2 months.

2:40 – Evan Grant: Reporting from Surprise, AZ, Evan Grant reports on the Rangers first intra-squad game. Mike Napoli grounded into a double-play on a 3-0 count. The trade is a bust… Evan’s lineup guess: Kinsler, Andrus, Hamilton, Beltre, Cruz, Young, Moreland, Torrealba, Borbon.

3:00 – WTDS: On this day in 1982, Wayne Gretzky scored his 77th goal of the season, breaking the record for most goals in a single season. He ended up with 92. Happy Birthday to Terry Bowden, Vince Ferragamo, Mike Fratello, Jeff Garcia, Floyd Mayweather, Eddie Murray, My Daughter went Black and Never Came Back, Kristen Davis, Steve Jobs, Philip Knight, Edward James Olmos, Abe Vagoda and George Thorogood. Spares include Tom Burleson, Nick Esasky and Paul Gruber. They didn’t get to the RIP’s but Mitch Hedberd was born on this day and is now dead. Genius.

Listen to BaD Radio everyday from 12 – 3pm on Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket. I do, and I has opulence.

Wes Bullard