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Mavericks vs Clippers 3/30/11

Mavs: 106
Clippers: 100

Side Notes
- Mavs have won 15 of their last 16 versus the Clippers.
- JJ Barea scored 22.
- Nowitzki missed a free throw, ending his streak at 74 consecutive successful attempts.
- Dallas moves to a half a game behind the Lakers.

Mavericks 3/30/11
Team Total
Clippers 3/30/11
Team Total
Mavericks 10'-11'
Team Total
Opp. Total
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Youtube Scouting Episode #2

I hope you had a chance to take a look at our first batch of videos in Episode #1 of our Youtube Scouting Series . On that entry, we examined JJ Watt, Cameron Jordan, Tyron Smith, and Nate Solder. We also provided a number of disclaimers about the problems with scouting through youtube and small sample sizes.

That being said, it appears many of you enjoyed the exercise, and really, since none of us are actually making selections on April 28th, what is the harm of just trying to improve our football and 2011 draft IQ's?

So, here is another fresh batch of players and videos for you to consider with your eyeballs. All of these players will be what I consider "players of interest" for the Dallas Cowboys. Most will be 1st Round players, but as we go, I do want to try to share some videos from players that may be around in Round 2 and Round 3 as well. After that (roughly the top 100 players), I will leave it to the full-time draft gurus to sift for potential 6th rounders. I just can't go that deep.

2 Players that I think the Cowboys are at least considering in the 1st Round and 3 more players that are all thought of as 1st or 2nd Round guys who are in positions of interest and might be beneficial to have on your radar.

Gabe Carimi - T - Wisconsin - 6'7/315 - I believe that Tyron Smith is the tackle the Cowboys should be taking. However, if they did end up trading down and wanting a more "ready-made" tackle who can start and perform the desirable "plug and play" at Right Tackle from Day 1 and give you steady and competent play from his first start, then Carimi is your guy. I have watched him rather closely this season and have felt he was ideal for Dallas back in September. He has a very nasty disposition and likely is more exceptional at run blocking, but can handle himself in the pass protection game as well. People worry about his ability to play Left Tackle in the NFL and also discount him for having a limited "upside". He is what he will be. And that should be pretty darn solid. I hate to be so predictable, but the player he reminds me of on many levels is Doug Free. And would that be such a bad thing? Anyway, below, he plays against two players who are both thought of as possible 1st Rounders. Iowa's Adrian Clayborn and Ohio State's Cameron Heyward. See what you think against two NFL caliber DEs.

Robert Quinn - DE - North Carolina - 6'5/270 - Here is where your scouting report really needs to know what it is doing. Robert Quinn may be a better player than Von Miller as a potential sack machine from the edge of a 3-4 defense, but he has some very unique and somewhat disconcerting details to consider. 1) - In High School was treated for a benign brain tumor and made a full recovery. And 2) - missed the entire 2010 season because of his part in an illegal agent scandal while at North Carolina. Both of these issues, as different and unique that they are, can cause teams to move you down their board. However, if you can simply consider the player as a dominating OLB that could be a "special" player to insure you against Anthony Spencer's future (he is a free agent after 2011) then you see why the Cowboys (pick #9), Redskins (pick #10), and Texans (pick #11) are all 3-4 teams that are salivating at what appears to potentially be a DeMarcus Ware clone on the edge. I will grant you that the Cowboys would then have a log jam at OLB, but perhaps only in 2011. However, I think as a NFL GM, you cannot turn down special players very often. So, pass Quinn up if you determine he is not that great. But, don't pass on him because you think you are set at that spot. Spencer has not been good enough to think that way.

Anthony Castonzo - T - Boston College - 6'7/295 - Another of the tackle class, but I am not nearly as convinced as some are on Castonzo's game. His best trait seems to be his versatility and his pedigree (Boston College linemen always get the benefit of the doubt because of those who came before them). But, I did not like what I saw on the tape I have watched and his performance at the Senior Bowl was certainly mixed. Before you rate him fully on this one tape, please consider that he is going against Quinn (who seemed to dominate just about everyone in his path at the college level) and that the tape is from 2009. Castonzo is better than this.

Cameron Heyward - DE - Ohio State - 6'5/288 - When you look at players that have the ability to play the DE in a 3-4 (The 5 technique) then both Camerons (Heyward and Jordan) do jump out at you because of their skill sets. Cameron Jordan is the better of the two from what I have seen, but Heyward is a player that could possibly be in play late in the 1st Round and a slight chance he would be around early in the 2nd Round.

Adrian Clayborn - DE - Iowa - 6'4/285 - A rather classic 3-down DE in a 4-3 Defense. I cannot see him being a 10 sack guy in the NFL, but you can certainly see him causing havoc in the backfield against the run and pass. Another 1st Round DE, and certainly a guy who appears to be somewhat of a finished product. You can feel rather safe with a pick like this, because he is what he will be. He does have a fair number of questions about why his production fell off so far in 2010 from his very explosive 2009.

Gabe Carimi - LT - #68 vs Adrian Clayborn - RDE - #94

Gabe Carimi - LT - #68 vs Cameron Heyward - RDE - #97

Anthony Castonzo - LT - #74 vs Robert Quinn - RDE - #42 - 2009 Tape

Virginia vs Robert Quinn - RDE - #42 - 2009 Tape

OK, you know the drill. Examine the tape and evaluate what you like and don't like. Especially Carimi and Quinn. Do you like what you see? Comment below.

BaD Radio - Recap - 3/31/11

Thursday 3/31/11

Episode: 2904

Location: Studio

The Mix: “Just remember, Ernie Irvin 28.” - Bob

The Open: “Bob Sturm, sports expert” “Dan McDowell, sports humorist” “Grubes, drop artist” George Dunham is in the studio for no apparent reason. They give him hell over North Texas’ new stadium – George is the voice of the Mean Green football team. It’s baseball opening day! Except it’s on a Thursday not a Monday. George wants to get in a twitter war with Bob.

12:40 – Rangers Preview: Evan Grant is in studio for this Rangers Preview. This is 3 years in a row that the Rangers have had Opening Day at home. The Rangers play the Red Sox on ESPN tomorrow, Orel Hershiser and Bobby Valentine will call the game. Evan doesn’t like Orel. In reference to the starting rotation, it’s the same old story. We have questions at the back of the rotation. Once the top of the line starters went off the market in the off-season, focus was set on creating a rotation out of the pieces they had in place. Adrian Beltre is primed to be an impact acquisition for the Rangers. He is an upgrade at defense from Mike Young and an increase in power.

1:00 – Rangers Preview: Mason Tobin is on the roster, a rule 5 draft pick. He has yet to pitch above Class A and has a spot in the bullpen. Josh Hamilton is a former rule 5 draft pick. AL West Preview: The other teams starting rotation seems to be better than the Rangers. The Mariners, that’s all they have. The A’s and the Angels are the main competition. The A’s have the youngest yet strongest rotation and don’t sleep on the Angels’ acquiring Vernon Wells. The A’s lineup isn’t scary. Evan thinks that a team will have to win 90 games to win the division. The Rangers have the strongest and most flexible lineup in the division. To the phones: “Who do you think will be available for the Rangers to go out and get at the trade deadline?” Evan thinks Chris Carpenter and Josh Johnson are candidates.

1:20 – ESPN’s Top Opening Day Moments: Dan has a problem with the Top 2. #2 Frank Robinson being the first black manager. #1 Jackie Robinson being the first black player. Dan thinks it’s overkill, it’s like baseball is trying to overcompensate for its past. Dan’s main point, “Is an opening day no-hitter not as great as baseball being less racist?”

1:40 – BaD Radio Reports: Ralph Strangis calls in for this edition of BaD Radio Reports. Ralph, at the behest of Bob and Dan, watched the movie “Surviving the Game”, starring Ice-T. It came out in 1994 and it is about a homeless man who attempts to commit suicide but is rescued and given a job as a “hunting guide”. He is flown out to the middle of nowhere for this hunting expedition. Little does he know that he is the game that the rich white guys will be hunting. If he survives, he gets to go back to civilization. He turns out to be savvier than the previous homeless people that they’ve killed. At one point Ice-T gets into a fist fight with Gary Busey, it’s filled with action-movie cliché.

2:00 – Stars Talk: Ralph stays on the phone to talk some Stars with Bob and Dan. It’s not impossible for the Stars to make the playoffs, but for a team that’s won 2 of their last 10, you don’t know if they have it in them to make a run. 7 games left, 3 points behind Chicago for the 8th spot. The Stars need to win 2 of the last 3 on this road trip to have a chance. They’re all must wins from here on out.

2:20 – Sports Stories: MLB has selected two guys that will watch every single game of the MLB season. They’re holed up in the MLB mancave with 15 flat screen tvs and will blog, tweet and report on every single game. They’re getting paid between bat boy money and the major league minimum. They have to be there whenever any game is on. Talk about a beating. Story number 2. Last year, during the Rangers playoff run, Bob joked that fans should sacrifice a chicken. Two teenagers from Fort Worth actually sacrificed some chickens for luck during their high school baseball season.

2:40 – Mavs Talk: With a win tonight against the Lakers, the Mavs will move into 2nd place over said Lakers. It will be interesting to see how much play Roddy B gets against the Lakers; it has been common for the leash to get a little tighter whenever the Mavs play the top tier teams. With Tyson Chandler a little banged up, Brendan Haywood has gotten some serious minutes. It’s gotten to the point where any production out of Haywood is welcome. J.J. Barea is dating Miss Universe and he was obviously trying to impress her last night when he took over the game in the second half and led the Mavs to a victory over the Clippers.

3:00 – WTDS: “Shouldn’t they make phones that match your penis?” – Corby. On this day in 1968, LBJ announced that he would not seek re-election. Happy Birthday to Pavel Bure, Steve Smith, Gordie Howe, Herb Alpert, Thomas Hayden Church, Toilet Girl, Al Gore, Shirley Jones, Gabe Kaplan and Ewan McGregor. Spares include Jimmy Johnson, JR Reid and John Taylor. RIP to Henry Morgan.

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Wes Bullard

BaD Radio - Recap - 3/30/11

Wednesday 3/30/11

Episode: 2903

Location: Studio

The Mix: “Everything does not have to be hate based, Donovan, like in your world.” - Dan

The Open: “The country I was speaking of earlier is pronounced Niger” Even after the Stars failed to get 2 points last night, Donovan says the Stars will make the playoffs and punctuates it with a cocky *sniff*. Tom is happy that the A&M lady’s basketball team is going to the Women’s Final Four. Bob says that women are more likely to tear their ACL than a man is, Dan’s theory: “Jug Weight”.

12:40 – Heat/Cavaliers: LeBron’s second trip to Cleveland, post-Decision, wasn’t as good for the Miami Heat as the first trip. LeBron took his own car, filled with this entourage, to the Cavaliers Arena. They let LeBron in but his entourage of 8 wasn’t allowed in. LeBron didn’t walk out for pre-game introductions and didn’t do his customary powder shower. Who will last longer in the playoffs, the Mavericks or the Heat?

1:00 – TiVo Talk: Dan and Donovan’s TV show de jour, Lights Out, has been cancelled. Shocker. Many shows that go by the way-side try to have a cliffhanger at the end of every episode in order to keep viewers coming back, The Wire on the other hand started out slow and picked up steam towards the end. Network shows are not allowed to have slow pacing in order to build up to a fulfilling climax. There’s a new show coming out called Camelot, in the same vein as the Tudors.

1:20 – NCAA Audio: Charles Barkley asks a question to Brad Stevens and Shelvin Mack from Butler, Kenny Anderson’s follow up question is the exact same question. Chuck calls him out on it. Then the segment follows the path of whether or not Brittney Griner is a woman or not. Yeah. It went there.

1:35 – The Tom Grieve Show: Rangers TV Broadcaster Tom Grieve joins Bob and Dan for his first show of the season. He’s on the phone from a golf course, his second favorite place on earth other than the Rangers Broadcast booth. This is his shortest off-season in his career as a player, GM and broadcaster. Tom says that it’s human nature to expect more out of the team after a successful season. He says that it is valid to be concerned about the back of the rotation, despite the fact that Holland and Harrison look better than previous years. The trepidation comes from the fact that neither of them are proven starters.

2:00 – NFL News: Aqib Talib is cooperating with police. Johnny Jolly was denied bail, and will remain in jail. Dez Bryant’s handler, David Wells (not THAT David Wells) is doing a WONDERFUL job and is describing Dez as being in a very dark place.

2:20 – Jaret Reddick: The Lead Singer of Bowling for Soup joins Bob and Dan in studio. He started out playing drums as a young kid, he played sports all through little league and the such. When it came to the age where you can decide what you want to play, he chose music. He has a rule in his house where his kids have to take piano lessons from age 5 to 10, they can pick whatever activity they want in the mean time but must remain with piano for 5 years. They’ll thank him later on. They start an acoustic tour in England starting tomorrow. Bowling for Soup initially signed with Jive Records, they were the first rock band on the label. They have since cut their ties with Jive. Getting into some copyright talk when it comes to songs and sampling. Covering a song is completely different, easier and cheaper than trying to use 3 seconds of a song as a sample beat for a song you’re creating. You have to pay for a sample, not for covering a song. Record labels have entire departments that listen to albums and see if there are any samples or anything that could be construed as such. Jaret also is the brainchild behind the theme song for the children’s show Phineas and Ferb; he also plays a character on the show. He just finished up the voicing for the Phineas and Ferb movie that will be coming out soon.

3:00 – On this day in 1981, President Reagan was shot. Happy Birthday to Joey Sindelar, Toby Gowin, Warren Beatty, Power Munch 2 and 3, Tracy Chapman, Eric Clapton, Celine Dion and MC Hammer. Now to the spares, Lomas Brown, Donna D’Errico, Paul Henderson and LaRue Martin. RIP Vincent van Gogh, Secretariat, and the Queen of England

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This particular blog entry may end up being a series of free forms. Forgive me if I cannot tie it all together with a concise point that makes tons of sense.

When I was about 13, my Dad decided he couldn't take the stress of watching the Green Bay Packers disappoint him again. He really loved them, and at some point the love for them became so much that he would actually have me record the game on our first VCR. If they won the game, he would allow himself to watch it later. If they lost, he would try to pretend it never happened.

He had to know the outcome before he could handle the ups and downs of the game. If he knew they were going to win, then he could deal with the stress the game brought him.

I never fully understood the concept until this 2 weeks or so. I would never get to the point my Dad did, because I have to know every detail and every small incident that led to a defeat, but I at least understand his position a bit better.

It's like on one hand you cannot wait until the next Stars' game gets here. And on the other hand, you dread the next game getting here because there is a reasonable chance that it will be another 2 hours and 30 minutes of stress, nerves, and quite possibly having an ending that does not match your wildest dreams.

I wish I didn't like this team so much. I don't mean the Dallas Stars. I mean the 2010-11 Dallas Stars.

I am not totally sure what it is about this 2010-11 team that has made so many of us fall into sports love with them, but I don't believe it would be incorrect for me to confess this is my favorite Stars team since they played at Reunion Arena.

I suppose it is because they are an underdog. And, in many ways, an ignored underdog in their own land. I cannot tell you how many times I think of the movie Major League when I think of this team. A team trying to win in spite of all of the insanity going on in the ownership office and all around them. This is clearly not the template for ideal settings for a Stanley Cup charge.

And yet, this team's greatest trait may be its resilience. Just when you want to leave them for dead, they show you that they are not interested in going out like that. They have rebounded so many times and shown that they are not interested in taking the easy way out over and over again.

But, the clock is ticking. Time is running out.

I am starting to get the sinking feeling again that I suppose my Dad realized he couldn't function with anymore.

Adding to the drama of course is that all of these key games happen late at night. The whole house is asleep and quiet because the kids have school you can hear a pin drop upstairs. So, you keep Ralph and Razor on low so you can just high enough so you can hear and understand their voices, but low enough that you don't wake the kids.

And around midnight, the news will be delivered. Recently, it has been bad news. But, tonight, maybe it will be that special moment that propels them to that goal that they have fought so valiantly for all season - the playoffs. In those moments, you hop around the living room trying to stay quiet and celebrate at the same time. It is most enjoyable when it happens.

Of course, the happy endings are not predictable.

I cannot tell a lie. The odds are diminishing for this team by the day. I wish I knew this would end well. Like an episode of 24, no matter how bad it ever looked, you just knew Jack Bauer would figure out a way out of this mess. Why can't it be like that?

But, there is not a "Jack Bauer" guarantee on this season. Only 8 teams make the playoffs, and honestly, around the league there cannot be many expecting the Stars to pass the defending Stanley Cup Champions.

Can they get out of this mess? Can they find one more surge at the finish line?

Around midnight tonight, the house will be quiet and the Stars will be fighting with every last ounce of energy.

The odds will be stacked. I will be hearing Al Pacino giving his "Any Given Sunday" Speech in my head (youtube it if you have no idea what I am talking about).

I must confess - I love this hockey team. I want them to figure this out. But the doubts keep creeping back in.

There is no way my Dad would be able to watch. If this were the 1985 Green Bay Packers, there is no way he would be watching tonight. He would watch the San Jose game in the morning if I gave him the nod that things went well.

But, I cannot miss it.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BaD Radio - Recap - 3/29/11

Tuesday 3/29/11

Episode: 2902

Location: Studio

The Mix: “I think we’re going to have to change the name of the Marquis hypothetical” - Bob

The Open: “We asked if you would eat at Fat Ho Burger and dozens of you have replied on our Facebook page.” Donovan and Rich have been filling in for Norm all week; hang in there Donnie. Dan calls for the ball and wants to dive into youth sports. He has a kid that is partaking in young girl’s softball for the first time. There are nearly as many coaches as players, it’s coach pitch, if the girl doesn’t hit any of the 3 coach pitches, a tee is set up. There aren’t any outs and the last batter gets to run around the bases, regardless of what happens in the field. It’s very enabling, whenever these kids see failure, they’ll cry.

12:40 – Dez Bryant: There needs to be a list compiled of all the small Dez Bryant stories. While it’s nothing as serious as OJ or Johnny Jolly (see below), these small stories are starting to add up. The outstanding debt/lawsuit count is up to over $800,000. He makes $1.1 million plus bonuses a year. He’s living an $8 million a year lifestyle. There are consultants in the NFL that help people with their money management, but it’s really basic stuff and it makes you wonder who needs that advice. Dez Bryant needs that advice.

1:00 – Gay Not Gay: Is it gay to order chocolate milk as a grown man? No. Is it gay to think that your cousin should have called you when he got in a relationship? Yes. Is it gay to take your future wife’s name when you get married? Yes. Is it gay to go to France? No. It’s for your honeymoon. Is it gay to play video games in the dark with your buddies? No.

1:20 – Watching Sports Movies: The idea behind this bit was to watch sports movies that were watched during childhood and see if they hold up. Today the movie is Hoosiers. It had been 20 years since Bob and Dan had seen it, they loved it the second time but it can definitely be picked apart. The process by which Norman Dale was hired, just being hired by the principal. There is a forced love story. Jimmy Chitwood would not play for the team since the former coach died.

1:40 – More Hoosiers: Dan has a major problem with the movie but there are some small “movie magic” things that take place. When the new coach shows up to practice, he’s late and the team is already practicing. The town drunk gets a chance to be the assistant coach, he shows up mid-game in the middle of a timeout. During the town hall meeting where they are trying to decide if the coach stays or goes and Jimmy Chitwood shows up mid-meeting with a basketball under his arm. He walks up to the front without any knowledge of what they were talking about and begins to talk to the town without missing a beat. Also, when it comes to the final shot, it doesn’t dawn on anyone to let Jimmy take the shot eventhough he hasn’t missed a shot during the entire movie.

2:00 – Bored Football Players: Packers defensive lineman Johnny Jolly was arrested for having 600g of liquid codeine, purple drank. This is his second offense and he is going to be behind bars for awhile. Aqib Talib of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is being accused of pistol-whipping and shooting at his sister’s boyfriend. He is cooperating with Texas police.

2:20 – Rangers Spring Training: Some guy from DeWalt tools named Charlie Smith joined Rhads and Tag in the booth during a Rangers spring training game. Rhads wonders what a tool is; it turns out to be a screwdriver. Regarding the screwdriver with lights on it, Tag says that he’ll use it late at night when he doesn’t want to wake his family up. Tag asks if these are tools that are designed to be easily used. “How did the Rangers making it to the World Series affect the partnership between DeWalt and the Rangers?” – Rhads. Talk about selling out.

2:40 – Surprise from Surprise (or wherever Evan Grant is located): He’s in home, house, Dallas. One of the last remnants from the Chuck Greenberg era is the game tonight in Mertyle Beach, South Carolina against Coastal Carolina University. They went from Arizona to South Carolina before coming home. A beating.

3:00 – WTDS: In 1987, Wrestlemania III happened. Happy Birthday to Jennifer Capriatti, Walt Frazier, Elle McPherson, Interracial Demolition, Kurt Thomas, Perry Farrel, Eric Idle, Bobby Kimball, Christopher Lambert, Lucy Lawless and Amy Sedaris. Spares include Chris Calloway, Eric Gunderson, Trevor Kid, Mike Kingery and Alex Ochoa. RIP to Billy Carter, Oscar Mayer, Mitch Hedberg.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Player Profile #32: Josh Brent

Josh Brent
Position: Nose Tackle
Size: 6'2, 315
Age: 23, 1/30/88
Drafted: 2010: Round 7 of Supplemental Draft
Experience: 1 Season

Salary History and Contract Status - 7/22/2010: Signed a four-year, $1.838 million contract. The deal included a $47,500 signing bonus. 2011: $405,000, 2012: $490,000, 2013: $575,000, 2014: Free Agent

2010 Supplemental Draft Profile From Brent - Illinois - 6'2 - 321 - 5.41 - Two year starter who posted 29 tackles, 7 tackles for loss and three sacks as a true junior in ’09. Sophomore totals included 34/8.5/1.5. Marks included 22 reps on the bench, 29-inch vertical jump and a 5.41-forty. Displays terrific initial quickness and gets off the ball with a nice first step. Flashes power in his lower body and bulrushes opponents off the ball. Fluid changing directions, smooth moving about the field and relatively athletic. Has a thick build for the inside. Really does not use his hands well and for the most part, once blocked, stays blocked. Looks sluggish, poorly conditioned and does not chase the action hard. Arrested in February of 2009 on a DUI charge and subsequently served time in jail the following June. Declared academically ineligible for the 2010 season. We put Brent on our radar screen off the 2008 film as he showed flashes of skill and was a prospect we thought possessed an upside. Unfortunately his play last year was nothing less than disappointing. While Brent shows NFL ability on occasion, his game lacks consistent effort and overall production. He has the size, basic athleticism and skill to play at the next level yet Brent must turn up every facet of his game to make it out of a camp this summer. Free Agent.

Pre 2010: Anytime you take a player in the supplemental draft, it causes you to raise an eyebrow. Brent was declared ineligible at Illinois for the 2010 season so then and only then did he apply for the NFL. At that point, he was too late for the regular entry draft, so he was one of the few to enter the NFL in this manner. To get a potential 3-4 nose tackle with great youth, great upside, and all of a $47,000 signing bonus is one of the most under-rated personnel moves of the year. The fact that the Cowboys grabbed him with cost certainty for 4 seasons of basically NFL minimum showed that there are many ways to find talent and you should exhaust them all in an effort to maximize resources and build a team.

2010:The first thing that Brent had to do was to simply make the team. Junior Siavii was the incumbent from 2009, and Brent survived that preseason battle even though he broke a bone in his hand in August. As the season went along, Brent played about 15 snaps per game. He played in all 16 games and slowly showed the coaching staff that he can do what they needed. He is a classic NT in the 3-4, where when single-teamed, he is able to throw his man back; and when double-teamed he is able to stand his ground and force the play elsewhere. It would be misleading to suggest that he made huge plays in his rookie season, but if you study his snaps (mostly on run downs - 1st and 10, short yardage) it seemed rather clear that he can play that position in the NFL at a solid level. Again, to find a prospect at this price with this potential role on the team moving forward deserves plenty of credit.

2011 Analysis: If the Cowboys were to kick Jay Ratliff over to DE, the team would then need a proper NT to stick in the defense. It would seem optimistic to think that Brent would be ready for that job just yet, but the Cowboys feel confident that it won't be long before he is ready to double his work load and get to the 30-35 snaps that most 3-4 NTs play in the scheme. Usually, those types of players head to the sideline on passing downs and therefore are primarily used for run stuffing. I imagine the Cowboys would love to see 5-10 more pounds on Brent, and for him to shake any rap he had in college of not always playing as hard and as consistent as they would like. To know the Cowboys full plans for Josh Brent, you would need to know their full plans for Ratliff. However, if you look at it from the simple assessment of gathering young, cheap, and talented players, then it would seem that Dallas is delighted with the player they have found in Brent. Year #2 for the young defender should be even better. Even if they keep Ratliff at NT, the idea should be to further preserve #90 for the important moments of a game by allowing Brent to take on the double-team run scenarios more and more and then Ratliff takes the passing scenarios as he has for years. Situational nose tackles.

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