Saturday, July 30, 2005

You Go Now! No Trouble!

If you thought John Hart was a complete buffoon, then you may have to reconsider based on just this: He figured out how to trade Chan Ho Park

Let us never claim that so-and-so has a “un-trade-able” contract. If Washington can trade Juwan Howard’s deal, if Dallas can trade Juwan Howard’s deal, if Dallas can trade Raef Lafrentz’s deal, and if Texas can trade Chan Ho Park’s deal, then there is NO SUCH THING as a contract that cannot be moved.

And, imagine, San Diego happily did this deal. Without a prospect coming there way at all. Boy, they must have hated Phil Nevin. Oh well, I will take my chances on him, if only because I doubt he will suck the life out of the clubhouse like the finest Korean pitcher in Rangers History…


Very few blogs in North Texas will spend any time on the NHL Draft. Heck, if you wanted to watch it, you had to join me in front of the laptop to…Anyway, I was curious what the Stars were going to do with their two high picks, #28 and #33. Here is a look at what Doug Armstrong and his guys came up with…

Matt Niskanen
from the 5 outlets that rate players, he was ranked between 30 and 93. The Stars selected him 28th…

Scouting Report:

The future UMD Bulldog is a very smooth skater who has the foot speed and hand speed to quickly move laterally with the puck. He shoots the puck heavily and is experienced at controlling the flow of the game. He is a very poised player who chooses when to get involved with the play, and is capable in all situations.

James Neal

Scouting Report on James Neal from

Talent Analysis
Scout #1: He was better earlier in the year than he was late; he made better plays and saw the ice better and. He looks like he might be a decent skater sometimes and then other times I’d see him try to make the turn at center ice and I’ve seen a river barge with more turning ability. I soured on him as the year went on.
Scout #2: I like James Neal and I think he has a good upside. I don’t think he had the second half of the season that I had hoped he would to prove his worth because I think he wore down a bit. I still think he’ll be a pretty good player.

In other news, The MLS all-stars destroyed Fulham, 4-1 …Fulham is a middle-of-the-road English team in the premiership in England. In debates with my English soccer friends, I would generally be told that the best the MLS has to offer would be a 3rd division team in England. That means the equivalent of a AA baseball team. Well, let’s remember that this is a pre-season exhibition for Fulham, and on their best day they cannot play with Chelsea or Arsenal, but for a group of MLS All-stars to dominate in the final 20 minutes of the game like they did, sure convinced me that the MLS is making great strides.

The Morning News sits with a wise man …Just ask him…

The Good News: Barry Horn mentioned our show today …for maybe the first time ever.

The Ticket hasn't had a daytime lineup change since 2000, when BaD Radio took over the noon-3 p.m. time slot. That's Cal Ripken-like.
Program director Jeff Catlin calls the consistency "one of the key reasons behind The Ticket's success."

The Bad News: Just a few factual errors from Mr. Horn: Norm was the last lineup change in 2000 when he took over 10a-12p from Chris Arnold, and BaD Radio actually took over in 1999. Otherwise, flawless work again.

Friday, July 29, 2005

My Friday Bag is almost impossible to use these days with those new pseudo-pop up ads. Between the weight loss ad that makes you sit through it for 10 seconds, and the new Cowboys Season Tickets ad that moves with you while you scroll to increase your blood pressure, I am about ready to boycott. Yeah, that will make them change it.

Mets continue to ponder Soriano and Soriano continues to audtion well…

My Views on Soriano and what to do with him? Allow me to remind you:

From the June 18th edition of the blog:

He currently leads the Rangers in Home Runs, 2nd in RBI’s, tied for the lead in Total Bases, 2nd in Slugging, and 1st in Runs Scored. He also has more errors than any player in baseball that doesn’t play shortstop, and for that matter, is 3rd in the big leagues in errors for anyone at any position. He, of course, is Alfonso Soriano.

He is the lightning rod of the Texas Rangers. Whether it is a talk show, a message board, or a conversation around the water cooler, he is the guy who Rangers fans share a love/hate relationship with. Is he the best 2nd baseman in baseball, or is he a dog who needs to be dealt?

Depends who you ask.

At the end of 2005, he will be eligible for arbitration. That means he will likely get a sizeable raise off of his $7.5 million salary. That means he may not be long for the Tom Hicks financially frugal plan. He isn’t home grown. He occasionally reminds people of Juan Gonzalez with his casual play and inconsistent concentration, and he also made it pretty clear he had no desire to play in the outfield here when the Rangers dealt for him last spring.

Can the Rangers invest the future in Soriano? Can they marry him to his beloved 2nd Base position? Many will say that this would not work long-term given his defensive liabilities, but if you don’t like his 11 errors, can you really be eager to give his job to Ian Kinsler who would be the next in line since he has 14 errors in Oklahoma City?

Does he get criticism from fans and media because he really has huge holes in his game? Or, is it perhaps a byproduct of him not being a home-grown son, like Blalock, Teixeira, and Young. Young of course was technically not home-grown, but he has never played an inning in another uniform. Soriano played for the hated Yankees, and seems to not be a stereotypical “Buck guy”. He has flare, he showboats a bit, and he blows the occasional routine play. These are not things his skipper cares for.

I write this today because I am not sure I know the answers. I watch him play, and I think he is a valuable middle-of-the-lineup guy who the Rangers should be discussing an extension with. I do concede that those conversations should include serious discussions about an Outfield or Designated Hitter assignment, and therefore should be held in the off-season so as to not rock the boat in mid-June. But, I read my email or the newspaper, and I am told that he is what is wrong with the Rangers. Is Fraley wrong? Is the Rangers Fan wrong? Or are my own eyes?

Look, I don’t like his defense, either, but I could live with one butcher in the infield, if he will occasionally make a spectacular play (see his throw on Friday night to the plate) and the rest of my infield is gold glove caliber. I could really live with him playing an outfield spot. His bat can carry you through many tough days even if his “Runners in Scoring Position” average is down this year. He can flat-out rake. If he would settle for a 4-year/$40 million dollar deal, I would sign it tomorrow morning.

Little has changed since June 18th, except the reality that they are moving him this weekend. Oh well.

Evan on the struggles of Chris Young

Young, who lasted four innings Wednesday, has seen any hopes for Rookie of the Year honors wilt with a horrid 10.18 ERA for July. In four of his last five starts, he's failed to get through five innings. And he's averaging an unworkable 21 pitches per inning for the month.

Rangers pitching coach Orel Hershiser, however, said he is not concerned by Young's struggles. He considers Young's season as a whole – the 8-6 record, the 4.50 ERA and a team-best 100 strikeouts in 115 innings.

Stars do something they had to do: Sign Shawn Belle …I really like what I have seen of this kid. Not sure if he is ready yet, that may depend on the signings of Zubov and Hatcher, but I would buy stock in him…

Razor has a blog now

Can you do a sports media column 2 days after the Radio Ratings come out and not mention them? The Star-Telegram says, “Yes, you can”

The Mick-a-roo on Drew Bledsoe

It is fairly obvious, I don’t have much to offer you today. Its Friday. Sue me.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sorry Sosa

What a low-class move by Sosa last night at home plate with the karate kick slide followed by the “my bad” apology before Rod Barajas pummeled him. There was nothing unintentional about that move, and if the Rangers are old school, and they are, Sosa needs to have one buzzed by his ear tonight. There is a good chance Barajas will need a trip to the DL, and Sosa needs to pay. That was weak.

By the way, the Rangers won, and GMJ is putting up AL Player of the Week numbers.

One more thing about Los Rangers, In Early June, we were discussing pitchers in the Rangers system, and who would be “untouchable” among the young arms. I made the controversial statement that Chris Young would not be untouchable, because A) he would have the most value (at the time he was among the league leaders in ERA) and B) I was concerned about his lack of pedigree, and wondered if this was a mirage. If you had to chose a young pitcher to use to get Roger Clemens here, I would recommend Young before the DVD boys. Many thought I was high, and screamed at me how wrong I was.

I sure hope I was wrong, but what you see now is not good.

The graphic that the TV guys used before last night’s game showed this:

Chris Young ERA
First 13 starts 2.78
Last 7 starts 7.83

In 5 starts in July, he has an ERA of 10.18 with 23 Earned Runs in 20.1 Innings. Now it is up to him to adjust to the adjustments AL hitters have obviously made against him.

Rogers begins suspension, Rangers play with 24

Rangers owner Tom Hicks said he planned to call Selig to once again pass along the Rangers' unhappiness at what Hicks deemed "unfair" treatment. Hicks was upset that the commissioner did not allow the Rangers' request to keep 25 players on the active roster in Rogers' absence.

"I'm not surprised by the decision not to reduce the suspension because Bud told me he wasn't going to reduce it," Hicks said. "What I'm disappointed about, though, is that we have to play short-handed. That's very unfair."

And for once, Me and Mr. Hicks agree on something…

Fraley with a quick take

It's a second-guess, but Rogers and the Rangers would be better off today if he had never appealed Selig's decision. The suspension would have been served by now, and the club could not be in worse shape. The Rangers went 8-12 in the first 20 games after Selig's initial ruling.

Bob Gainey’s farewell gift to the Stars, Pierre Turgeon (above) is bought out …He will go down as one of the softest players ever to wear the star. He will also go down as one of the nicest humans ever to roll through town. Kinda like Shawn Bradley, I guess.

Why do we feel cheated by this guy? Production. Plain and simple. He tried hard, but he never produced here. In the 3 years BEFORE he came to Dallas, Pierre averaged 71 points per season. In the 3 seasons he was here, he dropped to 43.

2003-04 Dallas NHL 15 25 40
2002-03 Dallas NHL 12 30 42
2001-02 Dallas NHL 15 32 47

Say what you want about Guerin and his deal, but his production is almost exactly at the levels they were when he signed.

Only watch this if you enjoy incredibly juvenile humor Click Here if you do…and don’t complain about what you saw to me…

Once upon a time, on planet Bob

How goalie pads used to look

Coming soon: Arrested Development, Season 2 ...Excellent.

Javon Walker does report on time ...Not sure what to make of this...

Revo on the Ballpark

In the four years before The Gold Club opened, 780 home runs were hit at The Ballpark in Arlington. In the past four seasons (2001-04), 936 homers have flown out of the park, a 20 percent spike.

From 1996-1999, 1,031 homers were bashed at the hitter's paradise known as Coors Field in Denver, 251 more than at The Ballpark during the same period of time.

But in the past four seasons, only 15 more homers were hit at Coors than in Arlington, and with 155 homers already hit at The Ballpark this season compared to 107 at Coors, The Ballpark has become baseball's most prolific launching pad.

Finally, here is Attorney Dan (not to be confused with Lt. Dan) to discuss corporate economics:


I would’ve posted this on the Blog, but it’s long, so I thought if ya’ll deemed it worthy, you could put the stuff on that’s interesting. Dan, please give it a chance even though the minute you saw the length, you put your head on the desk for a nap.

With all this talk about Hicks, revenue, players and ticket prices, I thought it would be important to look at corporate accounting and how it really relates to Hicks. I do NOT work for, have never worked for Mr. Hicks and do NOT have financial information that would be considered confidential so a lot of this is extrapolation (guessing with part of the facts).

Most large companies, including professional franchises, diversify their revenue streams and expense streams in order to break even or take a loss every year. Corporate tax rates are ridiculous so it makes no sense to “turn a profit”. If you see that you’re going to make money in a year, increase expenses. If you see you’re going to lose too much money, transfer expenses. As you said, it is called creative accounting and believe me it is standard operating procedure.

What the average fan needs to know is that in order to dilute liability, transfer income and above all reduce taxes, it is smart to have a separate business entity (Corporation, L.L.C, Partnership) to:

Operate the front office
Operate travel
Operate parking
Operate concessions
Operate the stadium
Operate the actual team
Contract with media/TV
Contract with sponsors
Deal with government incentives (tax breaks, abatements, real estate interests around the stadium)
And more, but you get the point.

Until all of these things are put into one large financial statement, there is no telling how much Hicks is making or losing. God knows what his annual salary is. He could be paid $500K from each entity, show a loss for the year from the companies of $20 million and STILL make out with $15 or $20 million in personal income.

As I said before, I don’t know exactly what Hicks has to disclose and include on his financial statements that he turns into the league, but he should be aware that we’re not that stupid.

I’m sorry guys, but unlike the other two owners, Hick’s financial model is clearly all business. Winning is a pleasant surprise, but not expected.


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Wednesday Sports Thoughts

Today, let's read some email:

Hi Bob and Dan,

I must admit, it has taken me a while to warm up to BaD radio, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the past few weeks, maybe it's the return of hockey, maybe not. I listen all day on the road and at work, and I used to tune out from noon to 3, but not anymore. I guess what I'm trying to say is, good work. I don't think you've changed anything, so I guess the problem was me. I just wasn't used to your style. Anyway, please keep killing the Rangers front office, especially Hicks and that coward John Hart. Since we live in such a brutal media market, maybe if you guys keep calling them on every stupid thing they do, and the Star-Telegram and Morning News write at least one derogatory article per day, we can run him out of town before completely ruins our Stars too.

Anyway, got to get back to work, just wanted to say a quick word.

Patrick Lowry
Frisco, TX

Then, this zinger from Dallas Bat Girl:

Nice game of softball yesterday with John Daniels. Big Talkers. What about the leaks in the organization? What about the cancelled Winter Carnival, the autograph sessions? The Kenny Rogers mess? Financial flexibility?

Another thing Bob, do some investigative work. You keep bringing up the Fox money. It is spent, gone. Its not there. When is the last time the Rangers paid a bill within 60 days? Spent to keep Hicks afloat. Spent for a Gold Club that ruined the wind patterns. THERE IS NO FOX MONEY COMING IN. SAME FOR THE AMERIQUEST MONEY SPENT TO PAY THE BILLS.

Gay or not gay? The Bob and Dan interview with John Daniels.

Obviously, I had to respond to these charges, so here is what I sent her:

you address two entirely different issues, so allow me to answer them:

1) our handling of Jon Daniels: I make no apology for how we handle the assistant GM- When we get the GM or the owner on, we ask them direct questions about their jobs. Jon Daniels is their assistant, and it is really easy to bully someone's assistant, but not proper. He has nothing to do with their handling of autograph sessions. Further, we have never built a relationship with him, as yesterday was our first visit. One way to insure you will never receive another visit from someone is to throw at their head when they are just meeting you. It is always easy to ask tougher questions as you sit at your radio.

2) Tom Hicks money. Enjoy your fantasy land. The Fox money is spent? Perhaps you could believe your faulty sources, or you could believe Forbes magazine:

Forbes 2001

"Sure enough, News Corp. soon stepped up to the plate with two deals that were rich enough to keep Hicks from launching his own sports channel. In October 1999 Fox Sports Southwest signed a 15-year, $300 million cable TV deal with the Rangers and Stars. Six months later Hicks signed a separate $250 million, 10-year local TV package with another News Corp. subsidiary to broadcast Rangers and Stars games. "

Do the MATH!!!

That is $550 in local tv money through 2015, and roughly $45 million every year being paid through 2010. Then, $19 million from ESPN/Fox- But, if you say the money is spent, well, I guess you are right, and Forbes is wrong.

I am sure you mean well, but there is no reason to write with such attitude- We can certainly debate this in a more polite tone, no?

Thanks for listening to BaD Radio!


Adam reminds us that despite Hicks, Dallas is still pretty spoiled:

Bob, I trust your judgement here but maybe its appropriate to remind the metroplex that while this owner spending transition is dramatic, they have had three of the best owners in all of sports for the past decade. Be upset. Be angry. But for the love of god, realize how fortunate you are for having the opportunity to enjoy such great ownership and having such a terrific product on the field for so many years. If we are going to change the situation, we all need to quit putting money in Hicks' pocket. Keep Sportsing. Midwesterners rule.


Jason writes in defense of the iron glove of Ian Kinsler:


Kinsler in no way has an "iron glove" as you suggest. If you only look at his error totals, it may appear that way, but you can't simply look at error totals. Keep in mind that Kinsler is changing positions from SS to 2B. His AAA defensive numbers are very comparable to Mike Youngs the year he made the same switch. Considering Mike turned out to be a gold glove caliber 2B, please don't spread the misconception that Kinsler is poor defensively.

Jason Allen

My response:

17 errors is a ton. Are you telling me Mike Young had 17, too? That is something I might have missed. I am just making the point that Kinsler is clearly not ready, yet everyone suggests he is.

And his response to my response:


you're right, 17 errors is a lot, but keep in mind when Kinsler was drafted in the 17th rd out of the University of Missouri, he was drafted as a slick fielding light hitting SS. The offense was a surprise. I am not going to condemn him for 17 errors in 2/3 of a minor league season in which he has changed positions. Compliments of jamey Newberg:

"July 15 Newberg Report:

Norm Hitzges called Kinsler a "butcher" defensively on his radio show yesterday, and I couldn't disagree more. Hitzges evidently based his assessment on Kinsler's 15 errors in 82 games, in what's basically his first work ever at second base. Frame of reference: when Texas acquired Michael Young from Toronto in 2000, he'd played 90 games for AA Tennessee. Young had 16 errors in that span, and another seven in 41 games for Tulsa following the trade.

Jason Allen

Very interesting stuff, Jason. I may have to re-evaluate that.

A few links:

Art Garcia on the Mavs desire to trade Finley ...You can want to trade him all you like, but it takes two to tango...

A list of the first black players for each MLB franchise ...

Kelly Chase vs. Jim Cummings ...a great fight!

Chuck Wilson leaves ESPN Radio ...One of my childhood influences for sure...

Rosenhaus's life of poverty ...

Rosenhaus lives on Allison Island on Miami's intracoastal waterway. There's one street on the island, a palm-tree-lined boulevard, and 24-hour guard service to keep the public out. Rosenhaus, along with his younger brother and partner, Jason, purchased the house a little more than a year ago from Warren Sapp, one of his clients. The purchase price, according to Miami-Dade County property records, was $2,159,000.

The house includes five bedrooms, five baths and one of the most elaborate communication systems this side of NASA's Kennedy Space Center.
Rosenhaus says he owns two Treo 650s, a high-tech phone system that includes a palm pilot, a calendar, Internet and e-mail access, and also a message center that automatically forwards his calls to his cell phone. In all, Rosenhaus said there were four phone lines installed in his home office, which also happens to be his only office.

It's from here that Rosenhaus remains in almost constant contact with his more than 80 clients, the National Football League clubs that are on his negotiating list and the reporters he uses to enhance his profile.

"You call his number and I've never gotten a secretary," said Ernie Accorsi, general manager of the New York Giants. "I don't care what time of night or day, you call him and he answers the phone."

Rosenhaus says his whole life revolves around his work, but that might be somewhat

His home includes a pool and a gym. He says he has a new 21-year old girlfriend. And he owns more than his share of toys, including a black Hummer H2, a red convertible Ferrari 360 Spider, a boat and three jet skis.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Can a great player be named, Lastings?

For full coverage on the situation regarding Soriano to the Mets for some top talent, you must check out this morning's Newberg Report …Jamey is all over it.

Meanwhile, Baseball Analysts rates Lastings Milledge …Who is the top Rangers target from the Mets…

12. Lastings Milledge- OF- New York Mets- 20

Derek Zumsteg had a very good piece profiling Lastings’ sketchy background, which (combined with his signing bonus) was the reason that Milledge was not a top-five pick. That background is also one of the only flaws against him, who should definitely be considered the best five-tool talent in the minor leagues. The Mets, who frankly could use a new development staff, promoted Milledge a bit early, where upon he was disastrous in the Florida State League. He’ll get a second chance in the league this season, and this time should be ready. I think the world of Milledge, and it’s unfortunate that we won’t be able to see him roam centerfield in Shea Stadium. Well, I guess not too unfortunate for the Mets. What’s really fun is imagining a Milledge-Beltran-Cameron outfield, and the amazing defense that could produce. Even more so, at least with Lastings and Beltran, is the top offense.

And ESPN's John Sickels says :

Milledge has the best overall potential of any prospect in the Mets farm system, and one of the highest pure physical ceilings in the game overall. If he can develop the skills to go with his tools, he can be a star. Will he develop those skills? The early returns are mostly positive, but we need to see if he can hone the strike zone. He doesn't need to draw 100 walks a year, but even adequate plate discipline would make him a special player.

Incidentally, it appears this sketchy background is discussed Here ...Underage Sex Stuff...

Rangers prepare for the deadline

Hicks refused to second-guess the organization's winter thinking, when it passed on the free-agent market.

The Rangers believed the market was bloated, and opted to stay away from the likes of Carl Pavano, Jaret Wright and Odalis Perez, all of whom got multiyear deals worth in excess of $7 million per year.

"Some of the dumbest deals I've ever seen were the deals that were made for pitching this winter," Hicks said. "There are a lot of clubs that wish they could take those deals back. We've got to address starting pitching, but we've got to find a different way."

A different way? What did you have in mind, Hicks? Barter? Perhaps a couple of raccoon pelts and maybe a bushel of tomatoes? If you want pitching, you MUST pay the price.

By the way, Revo says Hicks should shut up

Stars – Modano to meet soon …And finally, one of the sides says something that makes you slightly optimistic:

"If the Stars are serious about me staying here, it shouldn't be hard to do," Modano said. "I think they can get creative and still not hurt the team in any way."

You know, the more I talk to people (Jim Lites yesterday) the more I think he is done here. They really appear fine with building the team around Brendan Morrow. I sure hope I am wrong.

Meanwhile Hatcher wants security, too

"You can put this on the record, I won't go anywhere on a one- or two-year deal," said Hatcher, 33, from his home in Michigan. "I'm not going to pick up my family every year or so and move them to another team. I need to have some security."

Shocking. A player wants security.

Aikman re-signs with Fox for 7 years …where’s my money?

Ernie Harwell loves today’s game …no Good Old Days Syndrome here…

Skip Bayless decides to take a run at Lance Armstrong

But forgive me if I don't leap aboard the P.C. bandwagon and anoint him the greatest all-around athlete and greatest athletic performer ever. I'd just be selling out so the legion of Lance lovers would love me, too. My mission, as I see it, isn't to tell you what you want to hear.

It's to tell you the truth: Armstrong is limited when you compare him with the greatest athletes and clutch performers because he rides a bicycle.

But if you're a cycling zealot, and you want to believe he's the greatest athlete ever, believe away. I have friends who are so consumed by cycling -- training, racing, talking about nothing but -- that to suggest to them Lance is anything but a wing-footed god is blasphemy.

Gary Hogeboom in Survivor 11


Sunday, July 24, 2005

Cycling is Cool

Lance is the man As he closes the deal at the Tour …Nike wins again…

By the way, I hope no one minds me posting these links on Sunday Night. Busy Monday Morning ahead...

The National Treasure = Roger Clemens

Fun with trades

Turn out the lights! A’s Sweep Rangers in Arlington!!!

Adam Morris Says it

This team is done.

Now a game under .500.

Trailing the freaking Detroit Tigers in the wild card.

Time to trade Soriano, call up the kids, and begin building for next year.

And time for Tom Hicks to pull his head out of his rectum and take a good, hard look at the miserable job John Hart has done as g.m., particularly since the announcement last summer that Hart was retaining the position, and ask himself whether Hart really deserves to stay on any longer.

I have received plenty of questions about the new rules in the NHL. This section of Toronto’s website Is the best I have seen to answer all questions…

Ever seen Sidney Crosby? See him Here

For those who are really sick (like me) Catch up with the Stars Farm System Here

Many Ballplayers called out by this dude …for roids…including Gabe…idiot.

Vince Young calls out Jason White …I kid you not…

Brown said the team belongs to Young this year and the early Heisman Trophy contender said he's ready for that challenge.

"I'm the guy and I'm going to be the leader," Young said. "That's my role."
He takes that role personally, and even criticized former Oklahoma quarterback Jason White for what he saw as a failure in that area in the Sooners' blowout loss to Southern California in the national championship game.

"As a leader and as a quarterback you've got to keep everybody in the game," he said. "Jason White should have done more."

A Longhorn website decides to Predict the A&M season (I wonder how that will go)…Pretty amusing, though, unless you do not have a sense of humor…

The Real Story behind Gas Prices

Going to tailgate with the Aggies? This Bus …could be for you…

How do you honor the man who has meant so much for you? That’s right. You name a penguin after Steelers Radio God Myron Cope

Roush dominates at Pocono

Whoever said you can't have too much of a good thing has never watched a 500-mile Nextel Cup race at Pocono.

Amen to that. I have decided that Pocono consistently offers the most boring non-road course races.

Kenny makes the smoking gun! …his family is proud…

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Fun with Quality Starts

Since it is Saturday, I won’t be doing anything too crazy on the blog. However, here are the latest numbers regarding the starting pitching in Arlington. I like to tabulate quality starts, as they are seldom available elsewhere for you to track as the season goes along. Keep in mind, that in 2004, the Rangers had 61 quality starts, or 37.6% of their games. Here they are through last nights game:

Rogers: 19 starts, 15 quality starts (4/6, 4/11, 4/21, 4/27, 5/2, 5/8, 5/14, 5/20, 5/26, 5/31, 6/5, 6/17, 7/3, 7/9, 7/16)

There is no question, that Kenny is the best pitcher this team has had in a long, long time. 15 out of 19 is amazing.

Drese: 12 starts, 4 quality starts (4/5, 4/15, 5/7, 5/24)

Ryan Drese – R.I.P. June 7, 2005

Young: 20 starts, 8 quality starts (4/28, 5/3, 5/9, 5/27, 6/2, 6/13, 6/25, 7/17)

If you follow C.Y.’s pattern, he is good for almost a QS every other start since late April. Although his last 5 starts are concerning.

Park: 19 starts, 8 quality starts (4/13, 4/23, 4/29, 5/22, 5/29, 6/26, 7/1, 7/19)

Chan Ho Park has figured out how to pitch in Arlington. 5 for 9 at home, 3 for 10 on the road.

Astacio: 12 starts, 6 quality starts (4/9, 4/14, 4/19, 5/11, 5/25, 6/3)

The second best QS% on the team!

Rodriguez: 6 start, 2 quality starts (6/18, 6/29)

Wilson: 3 starts, 0 quality starts

Wasdin: 3 starts, 1 quality starts (6/28)

Benoit: 1 starts, 0 quality starts

Quality Starts by Month:
Through July 22nd game

April: 13 of 25 = 52%
May: 15 of 25 = 60%
June: 10 of 27 = 37%
July: 6 of 18 = 33%

Total: 44 of 95 = 46%

And since we are all amazed at this team being 16-23 since the waiving of Drese, I also ran the QS numbers for the starting staff before and after the morning of June 8th.

Through June 7 = 31 of 57 = 54%
June 8 - = 13 of 38 = 34%

In summary, the rotation is better than 2004, but still not good enough. Management, what are you going to do about that?

Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday in July

A big bag of nothing for your Friday Links. Then, get back to your TPS Reports...

Rangers lose with Rogers on the hill …fading away…

The scorching hot A's, who trail the Angels but are 1 1/2 games ahead of the Rangers, made it 19 wins in their last 24 games even with their nemesis starting. Rogers was 6-1 against the A's since 2002, already defeating them twice this season. But he couldn't hold an early 3-0 lead and wound up with a no-decision in what could be his last start before he begins serving his suspension.

Any time Rogers starts and the Rangers lose, it is devastating – they fell to 12-7 for the season when their ace pitches. With the clock ticking on his time away, there is a more hollow feeling.

Never Fear! James Baldwin brought in for rotation …in 1999, this sounds like a wonderful pickup. Now, it is the 2005 version of Scott Erickson being brought in…

Shocking Sports Revelation of the Day: Tiger helps your ratings

There's nothing more certain in golf: When Tiger Woods wins, the networks win. Woods' victory in the British Open on Sunday earned a 4.6 rating/14 share nationally for ABC. It was the highest-rated final round at the British Open since 2000, the last time Woods won the event. Saturday's third-round coverage drew a 41 percent ratings increase over the same day last year.

Mack Brown sees the Rose Bowl again

Hockey Players Vent, then Ratify

Gary Cogill tells us we must see this movie Murderball

It is now or never for Jeff Gordon …strug-gel-ling…

10 Best English Strikers of All-Time

Owens says he can leave Philly

"It doesn't bother me," Owens said about Banner's comments. "When it all boils down to it, I'm doing what's best for my family. Not to stir anything up, but I don't really have to play for the Eagles, to be honest. I can go play with any other team and still be productive.

"If [Banner] feels that way, then get rid of me," he continued. "I have no gripes, no ill feelings toward any of the players on that team. This is business. They know how business is conducted. I've told them what I'm doing is for my family. If they can't understand that -- and if they feel like I'm a no-nonsense guy -- he wants to talk about Drew and I -- if we're problems then I feel like we can be adults about it. Trade me. Release me, and we can part ways like adults."

Finally, a victory for Tyson

Larry Brown is all about Larry Brown

Cookie Monster with Martha Stewart

Genius! A tribute to Pulp Fiction

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Triplets Ride Home Together

Dallas honors the triplets this fall …I couldn’t suggest a better way to do it…

Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith, the record-setting triumvirate that helped the Cowboys win an unprecedented three Super Bowls in the '90s, will go into the Cowboys' Ring of Honor next season.

They will become the 15th, 16th and 17th players inducted into the Ring of Honor on Sept. 19, when the Cowboys host the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football.
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Wednesday he didn't want it any other way.

"The Dallas Cowboys were the team of the 90s," Jones said. "When you look at what each of these men did for those teams that became the best in the NFL and how they complemented each other, it's fitting that Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith are going in the Ring of Honor together."

Lose 2 of 3 to the Yankees , lose 3 of 4 to Oakland, and drive home safely. Your season as a contender is OVER…

I kid you not: My Mom told me I have to read this story about Sara White Reggie’s wife and kids carry on …So, I obey Mom still (except for tattoos)…

Hitler street story

Family Guy fans: Meet the real Peter Griffith

And now, since I have very little time today, here is some more email:

Hey Guys,

Ok so Chan Ho pitches 7.1 innings and shuts down the powerful New York Yankees and the fans stand and cheer. That bothers you guys? Yes guys that's what fans will do, cheer for their team. Should they boo him because he left the game with giving his chance the chance to win as he did? Dude, you guys are losing touch with what we fans enjoy, the preexisting slant you hammer away at them with simply lacks substance and is unsubstantiated.

Fans like to cheer for the team they are rooting for, especially when they are a team that seemingly always hangs in there and continues to improve as they have over the last 2 years. This was the same station that prior to last year said there was no way they would improve and before the years started branded the organization and team forward to the last day of the year fighting for the playoffs. You were way off then as you are now.

They are a fun team to watch, they perform the fundamentals extremely well and seem to come back and win time and time again. Buck is a pro.. a manager who has built 2 teams that ended up winning the World series with his foundation in place...they are building infrastructure with home grown and will add the hired guns when it fits, can't force it...see the 1980 Yankees ("Winningest" team in the 1980's that never won the big one) Buck had to rebuild and fight everyone who wanted to trade the early 1990's farm team for the next class of free agents... the guy knows what he is doing...hang in there they are a competitive and exciting team to watch...and a team that is being built to win. The players want to win NOW, yes that's not a news
flash, but to say Buck is losing the team is standard media hype that fans have gotten bored with.

Fact is, Chan Ho, Rogers and Young leaves them one pick up away from finishing with a flurry and a very good shot at finishing first...when they start rolling and start nipping at the Angels...its going to be exciting. You guys will look to find negatives or will you roll over and say you were off?

I love the show...but man you guys are too dark on the Texas Rangers. There is a great deal of positive here. Try and look at the whole picture, it may be brighter than you think.


Trust me, Tom, if they catch the Angels, I will take back every pessimistic thing I have EVER said about the Red shoes… They ain’t catching the Angels…

And this email for the people that want no more Kenny Rogers Talk:

What the heck else is there to talk about? The Rangers are mediocre at best. Boy, there's... half a segment for you. The NBA champs are just down the road (cue "La Cucaracha"). Even IF the Mavs had won it all, would you still be talking about it? The Stars are in the longest off season in sports history, although I suppose you could spend some time discussing Manny Malhotra's cornrows if you want. And Oxnard is still a little ways away. And it's always exciting to hear about undrafted free agent Loser McSpare dropping some passes before he gets cut. So you know what? All Kenny, all the time. SportsKenny 1310 The Ticket.

Keep on rockin' in the free world,

P1 Alex

Personally, I look forward to Loser McSpare talk…

Finally, this on Buck and his tenure in Arlington:

Great topic.

I haven't heard the whole thing, but I do think you guys are underselling Buck. I have thought about this quite a bit. This team needed Buck.

The best thing Buck has done is run Raffy out of here. I know he is a Hall of Famer, but it sure seems that when he goes to a good team that they then start to tank. That is one of the reasons I think the Orioles will fade. But guys like Raffy & Kenny who are more worried about living in a cozy little town, put up their numbers, and get big contracts they think they deserve, are not conducive to rebuilding a franchise.

Will Buck's act wear thin? No doubt. Was his act needed? I think the answer is absolutley yes, and is needed for 1 more year. Buck has what some think are stupid rules (uniform for BP...) but they teach young players that this is a job, and they are there to win. Not just play a game and make big money. He either drives big league attitude out of players or drives the players out of the team. He had a hard time figuring out if Mench was a ballplayer or goofball. Maybe he helped Mench get better, and still didn't drive out the fun that the guy has playing ball.

Buck still needs to get Kinsler, Diamond, Danks, and Volquez under his grip for a year. Just to let them know what it takes to be a major leaguer. Once they have felt the wrath, then it will be time to get rid of Buck, and leave the team to Young, Blalock, Teixeira, and Cordero.


In honor of Bolivian Wormwood…

I will do better tomorrow, I promise….

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hello, Win Column

I was fortunate enough to be at the game last night in some prime seats (dreams do come true). What a game. Mussina and Park were both in control most of the game, but both teams have pretty menacing line-ups. A deflating run against spelled doom, until Hank the Tank bailed out the Rangers and Cordero closed the door with the normal drama. A good time was had by all…

The Rangers bash to a 2-1 win

Chan Ho with a great outing …Despite walking the #9 man to start the 8th…


Don't know if you've seen this. Sorry it's so large.

John Casey

Here is the picture, and please notice the odd sponsor name between the two Rangers:

Hockey looking at options to scoring problems

Soccer Insider from Star Telegram

FSN Southwest is scheduled to air a 30 minute pregame show of FC Dallas' new stadium Pizza Hut Park at 8 p.m. Saturday before the match against Real Salt Lake. The special will highlight the 115-acre facility with its 21,193-seat stadium and 17 amateur fields. An FSN camera crew taped interviews at Monday's practice with midfielders Ronnie O'Brien, Simo Valakari and Oscar Pareja and coach Colin Clarke. The special is also scheduled to profile FC Dallas forward Eddie Johnson.

Rosenhaus saves a life …seriously, I guess. But I am suspicious…

Feel-good stories and Drew Rosenhaus usually don't go together, but those very stars aligned Tuesday, and a young boy is alive because of it.

Burwell on why Goodenow must go

Ratify this deal, then immediately fire the guy who created this awful mess. The NHL Players Association executive director is responsible for putting professional hockey in the marginal position it holds on the American sports landscape, with a huge assist from NHL commissioner Bettman. But while Bettman was merely following the marching orders of a powerful cabal of owners with his bite-your-nose-to-spite-your-face negotiating methods, Goodenow's crime against hockey is more insidious.

He sold the players the worst deal on North American soil since the Native Americans gave up the island of Manhattan for a sack of shiny glass beads. In the history of sports labor battles in America, Goodenow willbe remembered as the captain of hockey's Titanic, guiding his ship of fools on a journey into a sea of obvious disaster.

He kept telling anyone who would listen, "Trust me, there will never be a salary cap!" Goodenow defiantly preached that the only way there would be a salary cap in hockey would be over his dead body.

Well now, let's review the end:

1. They got a salary cap. 2. The players took a 24 percent pay cut on existing contracts. 3. The players lost an entire year's salary.

And for what? Oh yeah, did I mention that the NHL got a salary cap? And how about this little kick in the gut: Remember the offer that was on the table shortly before Bettman pulled the plug on the season? That proposed deal had a salary cap on the table in the neighborhood of $42.5 million.

Now it's a $39 million salary cap.

Heika with a solid timeline of the upcoming days in the NHL

Stars owner Tom Hicks and Mike Modano's agent, Brian Lawton, said contract length will be the main factor in whether Modano returns to Dallas. Hicks said Modano will be "a great player for the next year or two." The Stars aren't likely to offer more than a two- or three-year deal. Lawton said Modano wants a four- or five-year contract. "If I could have the Mike Modano who won the Stanley Cup in 1999, then we'd sign him in a heartbeat," Hicks said.

Oh, I had no idea how long Modano would be a great player, but Hicks, the old hockey sage, says a year or two. Well, who knows more about the sport of hockey than him?

Liverpool to sign 6’7 Striker Crouch

Finally, from the man who brought you Baseball Muse (see approved blogs), Brandon Wilson offers a New Rangers Blog ...excellent...

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

More on Modano

Stars Forward Mike Modano was in studio the other day, and the fireworks flew as we talked to him about his future with the Stars, or lack thereof. The single most important decision the Stars make this summer is what they do with Modano. From my conversations with the team, they have been clear that:

1) They want him back.
2) They want him back at the right price for the right term.

That second part is where the two sides are apparently stuck. Modano thinks he has 4-5 years left in this league, and while the Stars don’t disagree, they are not willing to gamble on it. They have offered two years, and remain firm on this, citing his last season’s numbers, and the obvious declining skills of the average player at the age of 35.

Mike seems to believe he has earned 3-4 years, and appears willing to accept it from any city that might offer it to him. With his much publicized financial issues, he knows this is his last chance at security, and cannot afford a hometown discount where he holds most of the risk (example: a series of 1 year deals like Steve Yzerman in Detroit).

So, now both sides wait. Modano waits to find out what the market will offer, and the Stars wait to see if his offer comes down.

I cannot swear that either side is right. Modano is not near the peak of his career. He has played a lot of hockey, and while he may have plenty left, perhaps not enough to spend the lion’s share of your money on. If you marry yourself to him, you may marry yourself to years of wishing you hadn’t. On the other hand, when you see him play right now, he still looks like the best player on the ice.

But I do know this. You would have a hard time finding someone more important to a franchise than Modano. He has been with them since 1988, and helped sell hockey to this city. He also is far and away the most recognizable player on a team trying to resell itself to the area after the lockout. He is the face of the franchise. He is the Stars version of Ripken, Banks, Favre, Yzerman, and Elway. He brought a championship here, and will be a no-brain Hall of Famer.

I think the Stars Must sign him. But, here is a sampling of your thoughts:

Listening to him talks reminds me eerily of the Steve Nash situation. This will be letting another beloved area star who might burn us but it might be better off in the long run. I think he's got it and I love guerin but if I have to make the choice give me MO.

Mike in Irving



When I was 13 I went to a Dallas Stars Hockey camp with Mike Modano/Shane Churla as guest coaches. From that moment on I considered Mike Modano my Troy Aikman of the Dallas Stars. Sould he leave, this city will be lesser. Sad day indeed. Think you guys feel the same way.

Matt Hamilton



There is no way the Stars can afford not to sign Modano. He is the face of the Stars and is really the last of the favorites from the Stanley Cup team. I think we all took it when they traded away some of our favorite players for different reasons and assembled the uninspired team they have now, but I really don't think I could take it if they let Mike go over money or bad feelings. I have been waiting for the day that this mess would get sorted out and we could get back to hockey and have really been excited these last few days, but without Mike I don't know that it will be the same.

Did that sound gay?



Sports Sturm,

I TOTALLY disagree with your stance. The Cowboys showed that same loyalty to Emmitt Smith, and where did that get them? Salary Cap trouble and ancient legs and body. This is the SAME thing. Give him 2 years, no more. Anything more than that is foolish from a WINNING perspective. We want to win, not say, "Wow Mike, we really appreciate what you did for
us years ago. Here's compensation for that, even though it will hinder our salary cap for the next three, four years and keep us from bringing up the next franchise player. Come on, if this were the Cowboys, you'd be screaming at them. You both were against the Cowboys keeping Emmitt,
right? Why keep Mike? He's 35 guys. That's my humble opinion.

P1 Sean


First, the obligatory, I love you guys.

BUT, I know why some people hate the media. You guys rip and rip on the owners for not being smart enough to not sign guys to big contracts, and they need to spend more money to bring in big time players to win...

Then with Mike you talk about the franchise owes him some loyalty, they should sign him to a long-term deal...

It is easy to play both sides. One day we live by the credo "It's better to get rid of a player a year to early than a year too late." The next day it's this team owes the player for past service and work. But the moment that a star player (Aikman) starts the decline it's rip them and rip the team for still having him around.

I don't hate the media, I just laugh at the quick switching of hats allmedia guys get to do. It's just like the year before Chan Ho was free all Norm could talk about was he was coming free and what a good signing he would be. Then once he was signed Norm rips it apart. I just get confused. Should teams sign free agents, cut players, build for the future, or reward players for past service?



Thanks for all of your notes. To the last two who point out inconsistency in my views on aging Cowboys and aging Modano, here is my response:

I think I might have been wrong. Its really easy to say that you shouldn’t be loyal to someone else’s beloved heroes from their championship teams. But when it is your team that you enjoyed, you feel like they have earned the right to go out on his terms. I really am not sure there is a right answer. Ripken left when he wanted, and it may have hurt the Orioles franchise for a few years. Meanwhile, the 49ers got rid of Jerry Rice and Joe Montana, and at least in the case of Rice, they have not been competitive since. I guess each case is different, but looking back, Troy Aikman should not have finished a Chargers back-up, nor Emmitt a Cardinal. Do you let them play as long as you want? Probably not, but we also should not be in a rush to get rid of them.

Anyway, to you Aikman fans who were so annoyed by my views back in 1999 and 2000, I do want to concede that looking back, I have pondered how insensitive it must have sounded to those who watched Troy as a rookie and every down he ever played. I might like to have that to do over again.

Here is one more piece of email about a caller to the show who gave the obligatory, “players are greedy and I would play for free” rant:

With regard to a hockey caller today; I get extremely tired of hearing how "I would love to play football/hockey/whatever for money, but I have to go to work at a real job". Most of the callers who make this statement, could not even make it through a standard high school football - summer workout. You would not like to get tackled by a professional football player, or checked by a professional hockey player for a living. Furthermore, I suggest that you wouldn't do it for an entire season, even for millions of dollars. Let's not belittle the hard work that professional athletes have put in their entire lives to acheive the level of mastry that they have in their respective sports, by suggesting that you could leave your air conditioned desk to play their sport for millions of dollars.




Deion’s new son

In response to yesterday’s Horns fans making fun of Aggies, I was asked to post this picture by an Aggie:

Can’t we just all be friends?

Sports Impersonator strikes again

Mac Engle with a fine article on the current state of the Stars …Including this most disturbing quote from Mr. Hicks:

“Use the [Texas] Rangers as an analogy," Stars and Rangers owner Tom Hicks said. "We want to build with a core of solid, young players and still mix in free agents to make it a better team."

I told you! I freaking told you that he was going to strip the Stars down to nothing just like he did to the Rangers!!!!! What he said there makes sense, unless you translate it to mean what Hicks means. Then the quote looks more like this:

“Like the Rangers, I plan on turning a profit,” Stars and Rangers owner Tom Hicks said. “We want to build with a core of cheap young players and still mix in cheap free agents who have one year contracts to make it a cheaper team.”

And people sometimes call me a cynic.

This is very cool: The current contract situations for every team in hockey …At least I think it is cool. And, on Bob’s Blog, that really counts for quite a bit. Here is the team with the least to worry about, but the most work to do:

Boston Bruins
Patrice Bergeron $825,000 $627,000
Tom Fitzgerald $625,000 $475,000
Ian Moran $600,000 $456,000
3 players $1,558,000

That’s right, kids. Boston has 3 players signed at 1.5 million dollars. How are they every going to sort that mess out. And people called Boston cheap…

Monday, July 18, 2005

Monday Sports Points

Well, on Monday Morning, it is too tough to narrow the weekend down to one particular sports point to begin the blog, so allow me to do some quick-hits:

1) – Tony Stewart appears to be the best car in NASCAR presently. What a month for the dude. Not so much for Jeff Gordon. We shall see how this plays out soon enough.

2) – Bernard Hopkins vs. Jermain Taylor was sweet. But despite the fact I had Hopkins winning this thing before the fight, there is no doubt that he was properly declared the loser of this fight. He wasted round after round early, and it made no sense to me. He then turned it on late in the fight, dominated rounds 9-12, but it was too late. He lost the fight, and now will wait for the rematch, which is no doubt right in time for the holidays.

3) – I love how when Tiger was just a wee lad, they always told me he would never be a legend. Now that he is a legend, they have to tell me that “St. Andrews is set up perfect for him” and “he may be on the verge of catching Jack for all-time majors, but let’s not forget that Jack had 17 2nd place finishes, too”. Love the media.

4) – Where was this planet before the ESPY’s? I don’t want to go back.

5) – The Rangers should likely begin plans for 2006. It starts with seeing what veterans have trade value. Kenny Rogers anyone? Oh, wait. He HAD value.

6) – I went to see the sport of ice hockey this past weekend. Perhaps you remember it. Well, after watching the Stars rookie scrimmage, I am ready to buy stock in big defenseman Shawn Belle. You may remember him as the player the Stars received when they sent St Louis goalie Jason Bacashihua. Belle is big and skates well. I think he may make the team this fall. We shall see, but the best thing was seeing hockey again. Good to have you back, boys.

Rangers defeated by Carrot Top …Lose 3 out of 4…

Ellis takes on the big magnificent Tuna

Greg Ellis, the former No. 1 draft pick who has led the Cowboys in sacks each of the last four seasons, knows he isn't the player Bill Parcells is looking for to execute the new 3-4 defense.

At 270 pounds, Ellis understands he'll be at a size disadvantage. It's a reality that has him worried about keeping his starting job.

"I think I won't be in Dallas as many years as the organization or Jerry [Jones] expected me to be there," Ellis said by phone Friday.

"Do I want to be? Yes. I want to be in Dallas, but I wouldn't be surprised if he did something with me at the end of the season because I don't think Bill liked the way I came to him."

Ellis and Parcells discussed the position change in late May, when the club had a three-day veteran minicamp. Ellis, who did not talk about the switch publicly then, said the meeting became heated.

"There was some screaming," he said, "but I didn't scream."

A pretty funny concept: Beer League

Whatever happened to: Vanderjagt hires Former Cowboys Coach Steve Hoffman

Raising the Baseball HOF standards

We have posted this one before, but here it is again, The Helmet Project

Normally, I do not post stuff from message board threads, but here are two fairly exceptional items for you to check out:

Chan Ho Park Comedy

Horns Fans find Aggie Pictures …Yikes…

Does Icing the kicker work?

This just in: The Ballpark is a hitter’s park

Great American Ball Park, so far this season, is the most home run-friendly park in Major League Baseball.

Entering the game Friday night, according to STATS Inc., there were 23.53 at-bats per home run at Great American. Ameriquest Field, home of the Texas Rangers, was second at 23.95.

RFK Stadium, home of the Washington Nationals, has been the most difficult place to homer. There have been 62.36 at-bats per home run.

Gabe Kapler is officially back!

The Red Sox [stats, schedule] lost several marquee names to free agency after winning the World Series but no former player has been missed in the clubhouse more this year than Gabe Kapler.

The universally respected and popular reserve outfielder left for Japan late last autumn but he will be returning to the Sox after an unsuccessful stay with the Yomiuri Giants. The team announced following last night's 17-1 pounding of the New York Yankees [stats, schedule] that Kapler, who cleared Japanese waivers yesterday, had been re-signed to a major league deal.

Kapler, who reportedly experienced back problems in Japan, batted only .153 for the Giants before being deactivated more than a month ago. He will be placed on the 15-day disabled list by the Sox due to the back problem but is believed to be close to starting a minor league rehabilitation assignment.

``Gabe is a great friend to a lot of us,'' Trot Nixon [stats, news] said. ``If there's ever a guy who epitomized `team player,' it's him. It will be great to have him back in this clubhouse.''

Sports in Texas is fun

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Do NOT doubt Tiger

Tiger goes wire to wire at St Andrews. Major #10.

For Gribble, it will be Chaplin mustache #1.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Friday Links

That was Amazing. Especially Rich Harden’s revenge to the 3-0 count on Teixeira in the 7th. The Rangers had nothing for the A’s… Harden nearly perfect

Harden, who lost to Kenny Rogers in Oakland in May despite pitching a six-hitter, was simply unhitable Thursday. He had command of every pitch and got the Rangers swinging early and often. He threw just 81 pitches. It was the lowest total by an Oakland pitcher in a complete game in the 17 years since that statistic has been kept.

Adam Morris Grades the Positional Players for the Rangers

Hopkins versus Taylor Saturday night …And although I think Taylor will be a huge test, give me old man Bernard to do it again…

Hopkins, 40, doesn't believe Taylor can deal with the pressure of a big fight.

"His strength is his youth," said Hopkins, who is 14 years older than Taylor, 26. "But I'm the better athlete and the more experienced fighter. I will expose that. I believe I'm faster and I punch hard, and I have a better defense than Jermain Taylor."

And, by the way, The Executioner (Hopkins) is still #1 in ESPN’s Pound for Pound Rankings

Star Telegram’s Media Insider

FC Dallas has 6 All-Stars! …And if you haven’t noticed, Dallas has a VERY competitive squad now. It is well worth your American dollars to see them play. They open their new ground August 6th…

The starters include four FC Dallas players: forwards Eddie Johnson and Carlos Ruiz, midfielder Ronnie O'Brien and defender Greg Vanney. The other starters are midfielders Landon Donovan (Los Angeles), Clint Dempsey and Shalrie Joseph (both of New England), and Amado Guevara (MetroStars); defenders Eddie Pope (Salt Lake) and Jimmy Conrad (Kansas City); and goalkeeper Matt Reis (New England).

Cubs Owner Mark Cuban???

Jay Mariotti begs the Cubs to stop the stupidity of the 7th inning celebrity sing-a-long …And by the way, Mark Cuban sings today…

Bought anything cool on Ebay lately? How about the right to caddy at the British Open this weekend?

Cutino Mobley joins the Mighty Clippers

10 Worst Football Kits (Soccer Uniforms) of All Time

Listen to the British Open on your Computer (voiced by our friends in the UK) Open Golf

Thursday, July 14, 2005

To Sign Modano, or Not to Sign Modano

Is it wisdom or loyalty that will cause you to sign Mike Modano? Either way, you have to do it. You cannot re-sell hockey to Dallas without Mikey-Mo. You just can't. We shall see what other big offers come his way to make Hicks/Lites sweat...

Colishaw on Modano and the Stars

It doesn't help Mike Modano that he turned 35 this summer.

It doesn't help Mike Modano that he is coming off his poorest season, one in which he was outscored by Red Wings defenseman Mathieu Schneider, not to mention 108 other players.

It doesn't help Mike Modano that the Stars have millions of dollars committed to lesser players as the NHL enters its new salary-cap-restricted world.

None of the above should matter. Mike Modano should be a Star for life.

Heika rates the free agent market

The abbreviated NHL off-season should yield plenty of free agents. While teams have the right to re-sign these players, they are unrestricted and sign with any team they wish. Staff Writer Mike Heika ranks the top-10 free agents likely to be available (with player, position, last team and age):

1. Peter Forsberg, C, Colorado, 31
2. Markus Naslund, LW, Vancouver, 31
3. Scott Niedermayer, D, New Jersey, 31
4. Mike Modano, C, Dallas, 35
5. Nikolai Khabibulin, G, Tampa Bay, 32
6. Adam Foote, D, Colorado, 33
7. Sergei Zubov, D, Dallas, 34
8. Pavol Demitra, C, St. Louis, 30
9. Paul Kariya LW, Colorado, 30
10. Alexei Zhitnik, D, Buffalo, 32

According to our Friends at Andrew’s Stars Page Current Payroll Figures for the Stars

Player -- Compensation -- With Rollback
Bill Guerin -- $8,866,445 -- $6,738,498
Pierre Turgeon -- $6,000,000 -- $4,560,000
Jere Lehtinen -- $4,700,000 -- $3,572,000
Marty Turco -- $4,160,256 -- $3,161,795
Philippe Boucher -- $2,400,000 -- $1,824,000
Stu Barnes -- $1,500,000 -- $1,140,000
Jon Klemm -- $1,472,249 -- $1,118,909
Trevor Daley -- $600,000 -- $456,000
Jaroslav Svoboda -- $600,000 -- $456,000
Total -- $30,298,950 -- $23,027,202

Rangers claim they might buy ….

The Rangers, according to major league sources, continue to show interest in Kansas City's Mike Sweeney but don't want to give up Kevin Mench. They have scouted San Francisco Giants pitcher Jason Schmidt, and they continue to think about Tampa Bay reliever Danys Baez but know the asking price is still high.

Lovely, Tiger did not eliminate himself today. Tiger -6 leads the British Open

Thanks to P1 Brian, here are some details on the new video game career of Marty Turco

Video of Turco performing for the game people

Lakers make a move for Kwame

The Lakers have taken another bold step to remake their roster, agreeing in principle on a trade that would bring forward-center Kwame Brown from the Washington Wizards and would send Caron Butler and likely Chucky Atkins to Washington.

More on MLS Salaries ….Showing FC Dallas is now spending money

Saturday Night, a potential Fight of the Year as Bernard Hopkins takes on Jermain Taylor. I am very fired up about my chance to spend some money on this beauty. To get you ready, HBO is showing some recent fights from both men on Friday Night Including Hopkins big win over Oscar DeLaHoya

I went on and on abou the 2 Nike Commercials I love that are currently in heavy rotation. The Lance Armstrong Press Conference And 6-year old Tiger wins the British Open

Jason Witten Profiled last week by Pasquarelli

Get your Grubes T-Shirts HERE

I know this will defeat some readers, but clearly, I don’t care. You know how in Late May Liverpool won the European Cup to end their season; Well, They are back. Liverpool wins its first Champions League qualifier

Vieira leaves Arsenal! …Oh dear, for the Gunners…

Rosenhaus vs. Favre

MLS to Milwaukee

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

It is Finished

Hockey is back. I promise. The Phone won't stop ringing, and I am 100% sure it is back.

Sweet! Home Field for the AL!

Obvious Sarcasm, but, allow me to tip the cap to baseball. I found it laughable a few years ago when they decided the All-Star Game would determine World Series home field advantage. But, it felt different last night, and it works. I like it. It is a relatively intense all-star game, which is nearly impossible in pro sports.

Tex hits HR, AL wins

Fraley offers Rogers congratulations

This is lengthy, but a real worthy read in my humble opinion: Evan Grant’s Rangers Newsletter features email thoughts on the organization and its relationship with the fans…

Revo on Modano

Gabe Kapler has returned to the US, and will no doubt be on the Red Sox roster by the weekend (although some time in AAA is not out of the question). Check Kapler’s Japanese Stats Yomiuri Giants 2005 stats …eh, not too good really…

Kapler .153/ .217 / .261

Must have been all of those jokes they were playing…

Eklund thinks today is the day in hockey

I know I missed this Tuesday, but, Chelios takes on Bettman …again…

"For a guy who has done such a horrible job running a league, it's a miracle he still has a job," Chelios told the National Post.

"And if he's patting himself on the back for getting a cap, every sport's got a cap. I mean, big deal, he's the last one to get it and he's run our league into the ground."

"It's not so much the deal," he continued. "It's all about the lies and separating the players from the league and making us look bad because we have to defend ourselves. And that alone should be just cause for him to get the gas after this is all done."

Chelios is quite a dude. Either you love him or hate him, but he will say what is on his mind. And despite the “gas” comment, he is right. Bettman should resign when this agreement is made. Too much damage has been done for this league to move forward with him or Goodenow in the sport.

Desperate Hockeywives …Including, Jason Arnott’s wife …Hey Now.

Sheffield has no use for the World Cup next spring

"My season is when I get paid," Sheffield told the New York Daily News. "I'm not doing that. ... I'm not sacrificing my body or taking a chance on an injury for something that's made up."
"A lot of guys feel that way. They won't say it like I will, though," he added.

This is today’s “guaranteed to make you laugh or your money back” link: Carl Lewis Music Video

Despite this story being several months old, It was shocking enough for me to post it Max Kellerman’s brother murdered by a boxer

I found this last night, and wanted to share it with the entire class; Sports Illustrated has its team previews for college football out, and with schedules, depth charts, and analysis, it is enough to get you ready for the season. Click Here for any team in the country

Big 12 South


Texas A & M


Texas Tech

Oklahoma State


And no, I did not put them in any particular order to predict the Big 12, OU fans, so simmer down…

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Fan of the Year Candidate

Judy Cunningham offers her feedback to our Chris Berman segment:

Sour Grapes..........

That is all it is about..... (your criticism of Chris Berman). Yes, he is one of the biggest Ass Whips out there. You however, are ten times worse. Has that ever occurred to you? You are in a Two-Bit market on a Two-Bit AM radio station whose signal barely reaches the stagnated Trinity River. Ya, you are really "Big Time". GIGGLE!

Compare paychecks with Chris and do a segment on that. You make one dollar to a hundred that he does (maybe)? You are jealous because he hit it big and are what you are, mid days in Dallas on the little Ticket.

Kiss your kids and buy them a Chalupa or a Burrito. Throw a jalapeno in too...

Slow Sports Day? Not Here!

Kenny Rogers meets the media

Fraley on the Stubbornness of Rogers

Rogers tried to make the best of a bad situation.

To Rogers' credit, he did.

That meant going through the media grilling in a stuffy hotel ballroom. Some baseball officials thought Rogers would skip the session.

They should have known better. Rogers never goes the easy way.

Rogers sat in plain sight, surrounded by the largest media contingent by far.

Rogers answered every question, several of which were posed multiple times in various ways. He was never once combative or confrontational. He spoke in soft tones and grinned a few times, particularly when a television reporter asked if this was an escape from reality.

"This is not an escape," Rogers said. His mood was best described as sad puppy. Rogers' contriteness seemed genuine.

"People who have been around me understand what kind of guy I am and what makes me tick," Rogers said. "Things happened. I'm trying to deal with the issue the best I can and move on.

"For me, it was a mistake. I let myself be lowered by other situations. I never should have done that. Will fans understand? No. They're not in my shoes."

The Rogerian Apology

Teixeira’s first All-Star experience

I was watching Jason Bay on Monday night hit exactly 0 home runs for Canada. But there is no doubt he is a solid young player for the Pirates, and after reading up on him last night, I was reminded that he and Ace Oliver Perez were traded to Pittsburgh for Brian Giles by the Padres on August 26th, 2003. Not too bad a deal for those Pirates, eh? Both teams got what they wanted, I suppose, but the Pirates got cheap quality.

Kapler back in the USA

NHL Prepares to Announce Deal??….

A rumour surfaced last night that the NHL has ordered a full-page ad for Thursday's edition of USA Today thanking hockey fans for their patience during the lockout. If true, that could be an indication that agreement on a contract is imminent.

This is pretty amusing: How do you sell tickets when you know you are going to suck? Play the “Faithful” card …That’s right. Put the ball in the fan’s court, and say, “Be faithful. Don’t you remember those 5 Super Bowls?”

MLS Salary information: And being a pro athlete doesn’t always make you rich

Could you make ends meet on $11,700 a year, before taxes? How about $16,500?
For 86 players in Major League Soccer, that will have to do, because 26 percent of the league's 331 players make less than $20,000 a year in base salary, according to salary documents obtained by The New York Times.

Page Six gets Anna Benson

ANNA Benson, the outrageous wife of Mets pitcher Kris Benson, raised a whole lotta hell in Las Vegas last weekend. The buxom former stripper was ejected from the World Series of Poker at the Rio on Saturday for excessive cursing. After serving a 10-minute penalty for dropping the "f-bomb," a violation of tournament rules, Benson returned and asked her dealer, "Does that mean I can't say any other word? I can say c - - t, p - - - y and c - - k, but I can't say f - - k?" Benson — whose $10,000 entrance fee was sponsored by — was immediately booted from the game. She also set tongues wagging when she was barred from the Prime Steakhouse at the Bellagio after they refused to let her eat with her French bulldog puppy, Petunia. "She threw a huge fit," tattles our snitch. "She even said, 'Don't you know who I am? The dog will stay in its carrier.' They said, 'Absolutely not,' and she stormed off." Anna — named "Baseball's Sexiest Wife" by FHM magazine — once told Howard Stern that if she caught her husband sleeping around, she would bed the entire Mets team right down to the groundskeepers.

And now, some email – (By the way, due to vacation plus moving, I am hundreds and hundreds of emails behind. I will try to catch up soon):

First, one on the media and Rogers:

A few weeks before the Roger’s incident, I wrote you an email regarding the media’s lack of balls in dealing with the Rangers. Soon after, the media grew a pair and started asking questions regarding Kenny Rogers injury. Then the attack on the camera man takes place and the press has been all over Rogers, how the Rangers handled it and how this organization is being run. I slept so soundly knowing the media was DOING THEIR JOB, asking the tough questions and holding this team accountable. Then Saturday happened. A guy who has cost his team a roster spot and four starts during a pennant chase. A guy who refuses to talk to the media and fans. A guy with a sleeze-ball agent who is trying to get a big payday in the middle of the season. The fans supported this clown and gave him an ovation! The fans think the media is being too tough on him! All he did was assault someone on camera. A crime any average guy would be arrested for on the spot. Maybe next time he should do something else to the cameraman for the whole world to see…..maybe a felony would make him even more of a fan favorite. My apologies to the media, you did your job, the fans did not. I just don’t get it.
Brian - Arlington

Here is one on why the Rangers did the curious thing of scheduling Rusty Greer on a hot, hot day instead of a cool night with a big crowd…

GREED! The Rangers intentionally planned Rusty Greer Day to be at the hottest time of the year at the hottest time of the day. It's not a day & time they traditionally draw well. They thought by honoring Rusty on such a day would sell more tickets & help an attendance that is lagging behind last year's pace. If the Rangers really cared about honoring Rusty, they would have done it on a Saturday night when they usually do draw well to ensure a packed house for Rusty. Instead , they prefer to use Rusty to sell a few more tickets & put more money in Mr. Hicks' pockets.

PS: And after all, that's a good thing. Other teams win pennants & go to the playoffs. But the Rangers make a profit! Isn't that what it's all about.

Now, this hockey question from Russ:

Andrew (of Andrew’s Stars Page) thinks Guerin is out. your thoughts Bob? I still hope the wings buy out Hatcher so we can take a crack at him again.

Allow me to catch some folks up before I answer. With the new salary cap, teams will really consider buy outs to help adjust their financial landscape. With a cap around $38 million, no team will wish to pay a single player a big chunk of cash.

There is also a provision in the CBA that prohibits the teams from paying one player more than 20% of the payroll ($7.6 million). Doug Armstrong was on Ticket Sports Saturday and suggested that he would not want to pay a single player any more than 10-15%. 10% seems completely impossible. $3.8 million will not get you a superstar, despite the current climate. But 15% is $5.7 million, and seems reasonable.

If a NHL team buys out a player, he is due 67% of his salary, but it will not count against the cap (as I understand the new CBA). Therefore, assuming Guerin’s final two years are for $9 million and $9 million, roll back his salary 24% to $6.75 million. Then, to buy him out, you must pay him $9 million dollars total (4.5 and 4.5) to walk away. You cannot re-sign him at all, so despite the fact that the Stars might WANT to buy him out, how can they pay him $9 million not to play, when he is arguably your best offensive player?

Does Hicks have the cash to just write that check, given the income uncertainties? It seems reasonable that they could buy out the last year of Pierre Turgeon’s deal which would likely be in the neighborhood of $2-3 million. But if your question is, Do the Stars Want to buy Guerin out, then I would say, “yes”. But I am not sure they can.

As for Hatcher, with all of the talk around the local hockey community, I have heard Derian Hatcher, Jamie Langenbrunner, and Joey Nieuwendyk are all soon to be Stars again. I cannot say I believe these ideas, because it flies in the face of what Doug Armstrong has preached. He claims this new team is about Morrow, Ott, Daley, Erskine, and Turco. Langenbrunner makes sense, but the others seem like wishful bridges to the past. I don’t see how reassembling the ’99 team for the ’06 playoffs makes any sense. Honestly, I do not believe Hatcher is half the player he was in 1999.

Oh well, I am happy to type hockey thoughts again, especially those that have to do with hockey (if you know what I mean).

Monday, July 11, 2005

Kenny's World

With no concern about the game itself, Kenny Rogers decides he will go to Detroit

The Rangers starter told The Dallas Morning News on Sunday evening that he would participate in Tuesday's All-Star Game in Detroit.

"People are going to do whatever they are going to do," Rogers said. "I'm going because I was voted in by the players, and I earned it. I want the players to know their vote means a lot to me. I know how the players feel, and if I thought it would benefit them if I didn't go, I wouldn't go."

Let me just say this: He had better be 100% cooperative today at media day if he is going. Just sit there politely, and answer all of the questions the best you can. Because if you go and stone-wall or no-show media day, you will make it all the worse, Kenny.

Rangers complete sweep over Toronto

Lebreton on Rusty Greer Day …And who knew that Mickey Clark and Will Tettleton would be there? Oh, was that a Tom Hicks mistake? It must have been Will Clark (who now looks just like Chris Berman!) and Mickey Tettleton.

Heika on Hockey moving on

75% of Nascar Fans Rejoice: Your guy, Junior, won a race! …Seriously, it was a pretty cool moment seeing how happy those boys were…

Mac Engle on Dan Campbell

Somehow, David Wells puts Media spotlight on himself regarding the Rogers fiasco by comparing it to rape ...

"Some guy's being aggressive with a woman, and she says no, and he keeps on doing it. Well, you know what's going to happen. No is no in anything, when it comes to sexual or you know, whatever it is. No is no," Wells said during an appearance on Rhode Island radio station WSKO on Friday. "And I'm sure Kenny said, 'Hey, get it out of my face, don't do it.' But no, they want the big story, they want the scoop, you know?"

Another Story that makes me proud of being Wisconsin

Sports Guy with Baseball Awards

By the way, the Newberg Report had its Annual day at the Ballpark, and I was there with a few hundred other people. It was a great day, and Jamey and his crew should be proud of what they have grown into. Jon Daniels, the Asst GM of the Rangers, spent a ton of time with the group and was really enjoyable to listen to. I am sure I will be back next year. Great job, Jamey.