Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tuesday Vacation

Vacation plans for Tuesday:

Take Maddie to Madagascar, take me to a Rangers Doubleheader.

More great work from Juan Dominguez …The White Sox suggest cheating.

Buehrle speculated that the Rangers might have had some help on pitches.

"It depends. Are you talking about at home or on the road?" Buehrle told Chicago writers. "With the light out in center field or are you talking about something else? I don't know. They don't play too good on the road, and, here at home, every person is Babe Ruth out there. I don't know if they see pitches better at home or what. Just tip your hat to them."

No Rangers could be reached fro reaction to Buehrle's comments late Monday.
The Rangers are simply enjoying the fact that their starters have a 1.23 ERA in the first seven games of the homestand. And all but one start was by a 20-something pitcher, giving hope for next year.

Edison Volquez goes tonight. No pressure, dude. Just make us forget Koufax…

Cowboys Defense has upgraded the playmakers

OU fans enjoy Texas Monthly…

Our friend, Brooks, takes a shot at LA Sports Radio, while propping up the Ticket …Very nice…

So why has L.A. sports radio never produced substantial listenership figures - including well before the NFL departed the Los Angeles area?

The main reason is that Southland sports radio programmers have forever failed to understand that big-name guests and championship teams don't drive sports radio talk show ratings. Personalities do.

Exhibit A: Dallas hasn't had a championship in years, yet KTCK "The Ticket" dominates the local Arbitron book and the station is now an icon in the Metroplex.
The Ticket has zero play-by-play properties and rarely features big-name guests.

Instead, the station has an amazing array of hilarious (and well-prepared) hosts whose personalities transcend the sports they discuss.

The shows on The Ticket also rarely include phone calls from listeners, which are usually dull and repetitive (not to mention a fallback for ill-prepared hosts).
That's the formula, however simple, for success in the sports radio biz. It's also something I've personally experienced in nine different markets over 16 years as a sports talk radio host and programming executive.

The challenge now for L.A. sports radio programmers is to find uniquely talented individuals with a modicum of sports knowledge, and then have the patience to stick with those personalities despite initial pressure from their bean-counting, corporate overlords.

Eventually, that philosophy will produce ratings, and the accompanying revenue. The blueprint is currently successfully employed in the aforementioned markets.
Otherwise, sports talk radio will continue to tread water here in Los Angeles, and perhaps even disappear eventually - as the huge companies that run the stations search for more lucrative local formats.

Don't scoff at the notion, who would've dreamt that the NFL would have abandoned L.A. for over 10 years?

Thanks to our athletes, We don’t trust their denials anymore

The outrage just won't come. For that, as much as anything else, we should be angry at all of the athletes who have cheated, lied and been caught.

It should fill us with righteous anger when a French newspaper calls Lance Armstrong, bona fide American hero, a cheater. We should be furious when the director of the Tour de France, the event Armstrong made his for seven remarkable years, reacts to the paper's report by saying, "We were all fooled" by Armstrong.
So where is it? Where is the outrage? The sad truth is that we can't get angry for Armstrong because we simply can't trust anyone anymore.

We've heard every sort of excuse. We've seen the wide-eyed, who-me reaction of accused cheaters. We've watched superstars lie to Congress. We've heard all the carefully worded alibis and explanations. We've been told the tests were wrong, the supplements were tainted, the athlete was using some other legitimate drug and on and on and on.

If we can't simply accept Armstrong's word, blame Marion Jones and Rafael Palmeiro and Bill Romanowski and Kelli White and Jason Giambi and Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds.

Michael Owen heads to Newcastle …Liverpool, who I am still not convinced wanted him back, missed the boat. I take that back, Liverpool, as in their fans, management, and players desperately wanted him back, but Rafa Benitez, who makes the decisions over there, likely never wanted him in the first place.

Rescue Me Signed for a 3rd season

RotoAuthority.com is now an approved blog…(see list on right)…

P1 Jason writes about how video games can help find the proper place to play Roy Williams

An email from Chuck, former fat guy:

What do you think about the paradox in the NFL concerning the fat guys. They can't take steroid because of unknown health risk but are allowed and encouraged to gain unhealthy weight even though we do understand the related health risk associated with obesity.

Thanks, Former fat guy

P1 Jim writes this:

I got a giggle out of this and so might you.

I was working at the FC Dallas vs. Chivas USA soccer game Saturday night at Pizza Hut Park. During the game, the announcer directed everyone’s attention to the large screens to welcome the groups and special guests. At the bottom of the list after a few screens, Pizza Hut Park welcomed the Rex Kwan Do Dojo. I’m sure someone was sitting back with their arms crossed in front of them and a big smile on their face. I wasn’t even a part of it and I laughed my arse off.

Check out this amazing soccer video Here …and then tell me soccer sucks.

Speaking of soccer, had big fun at the FC Dallas tournament at Castle Hills yesterday. Thanks to Jeff Busch, FCD management dude, who has a great golf game and carried us around the course. Our group was Jeff, The great Drew Moor and me. Drew is pretty good at golf, too, and maybe my new favorite FCD player man. He is a good dude. Not sure he is good enough to pass Bobby Rhine in the good dude category, but he is on his way.

By the way, for the first time in my very mediocre golf career, I won a "closest to the pin" on #7. I rule.

Not sure why mini-Grubes is shooting out of Dan’s Speedo, but…

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sunday Night and I Blog You Very Much

Day 1 of the vacation has me at the FC Dallas Annual Golf Tournament. Yes, that’s right, I will attempt to play the role of celebrity this Monday Morning at Castle Hills. Trouble is, I am far from a celebrity, and I am far from a good golfer. Put the two together, and there is little reason to get me in your group – Other than to answer “what is Gordon really like?” or “Do you hate Dan?”. By the way, for answers to both of those questions, you have to get me in your foursome.

Anyway, I cannot hardly be a good sports man if we don’t scattershoot a bit about the Cowboys pre-season victory over the Houston Texans.

- DeMarcus Ware cannot be blocked. I won’t go on and on again about the guy, but once again you saw on Saturday night that your garden-variety Left Tackle cannot deal with his speed around the corner. I am willing to put the over/under at 2 ½ for “how many QB’s does Ware knock out of games in 2005”. Bet carefully.

- Tony Romo looked fine to me. I have no problem with cutting bait with Henson sooner rather than later. Look at the Broncos. They spend a 3rd round pick on Maurice Clarett, see him for less than a month, and cut their losses by cutting him once they realize he has nothing for them. Go Vinny #2, Romo #3, and let’s get ready to rumble. Heck, go Romo #2, and Vinny #3 if you want. I am fine with that.

- Roy Williams demonstrated with several different plays why my bar is so high for him. Pound for pound, he can be as dominant as anyone on defense, and yet he showed up so seldom on huge plays last year. But, against the Texans he was disruptive and destructive. Causing an interception, and just laying the smack down. Do that more often than not in 2005, and I will stop asking you to do better, Roy. By the way, I will try to write a Roy Williams essay this week, and explain the whole debate for those who are not up to speed.

- The Defense is not too bad against the pass. Their work against the run is most disturbing, but you have to hope that Jason Ferguson (remember him?) makes the difference there. And as for the OL running the football? Let’s hope Marco Rivera makes the difference. Isn’t that something, Maybe Rick Gosselin’s premise that older players tend to get hurt appears to be already making an appearance in Dallas.

- Patrick Crayton might be the 3rd best WR on the roster. Is that good news or terrifying news?

- Kevin Burnett will be a starter by week 8.

Broncos don’t need Clarett

Mike Shanahan surprised the league by using a third-round draft choice on the former Ohio State running back in the final selection of the round. The Broncos coach thought he had the cutback style of running that fit in one of the league's best running systems.

As it turned out, Shanahan made a mistake and didn't want to waste time admitting it. With Tuesday's deadline for cutting the roster to 65 looming, Clarett, who never made the field in three preseason games, was let go.

Chutch benched, Orton to start ….Where is Richmond Flowers to play a song and cheer Chutch up?

Scott Speizio gets tattoo, gets waived

Official HS Football team of Bob’s Blog – Celina (why? Because they reached out to me. Lewisville HS had 5 years to reach out to me, and they had no time, therefore I signed with the fighting Bobcats) - Celina shrugs off Royse City 35-0…So much for a tough 3A road test from RC…I have tentatively scheduled my first trip to Celina for September 9th when Pilot Point comes calling.

In other news, if the season ended today, Jeff Gordon is in the top 10, and Chris Young pitched great immediately after being on our show, so there must not be a BaD Radio curse, after all...

Talk to you Tuesday. I think.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Destination: Lewisville

Today is the last day before the end-of-summer vacation. I am ready to do something that I have never done before: the "stay home" vacation. I assume it is because now with a family, travel is a complete beating, so now I will stay around the house, play some golf, and take the kids to Chuck E Cheese daily. Sweet. Lewisville is lovely this time of year.

What that means to the blog remains to be seen. I may be doing stuff every day, or not at all. I wish I could make you a promise one way or the other, but I can't. I have no idea how this goes. But, something tells me I will be working even when I am not. So check in with me, and I will attempt to talk some sports with you.

Spurs attempt to wow Finley

Please, not the Spurs. Anywhere but there, Mike.

Gordon, Dale Jr on the outside looking in with 3 races left

"I still think Jeff Gordon rallies," France said. "If he doesn't, we have plenty of great drivers who are already in. Tony Stewart has got the momentum. Rusty Wallace, nice to see him have a moment in his final year.

"My view of it is, if Jeff Gordon makes it in ... he's very good at many of the tracks in the Chase. He'll go from possibly being out to maybe being a favorite because it will have meant he had a good three races coming up, starting at Bristol."

When it was pointed out that four of the top 10 drivers have not won a race this season, France said it doesn't matter.

"It would be OK (for a champion not to win a race), although I think it's very unlikely," France said. "I would be shocked if the winner goes through the final 10 and doesn't win a race."

I enjoy Nascar, and I think their point system is pretty solid. I do, however, have to wonder if they shouldn’t offer a higher incentive for 1st place. Right now, 1st gets 5 more points than 2nd, which is nothing. But, when many of your drives in the race for the title will not win a race ALL season, then maybe you aren’t rewarding winners enough.

Rangers lose, waste Benoit Start

Despite the loss, Texas won its second home series since the All-Star break. Starting pitching had a lot to do with it. Chris Young, Juan Dominguez and Benoit combined to pitch 18 innings, allowing four earned runs, nine hits, 13 strikeouts and seven walks (five by Dominguez on Wednesday). Each threw 100 or more pitches and showed an ability to work out of trouble.

"We had three young pitchers put us deep in the game and give us a chance to win," manager Buck Showalter said. "That's a good sign. Hopefully, we can keep it going and finish this way."

Another young arm, Kameron Loe, gets his chance tonight. Loe hasn't started all season for the Rangers but pitched well as a starter at Frisco and Oklahoma last year. Edison Volquez, another young arm, may get his chance Tuesday.

Well, then I am there on Tuesday.

Fraley on Hart’s pupil making his teacher look bad

The key was to add players well along in the development process. That increased the odds that they would reach the majors. The Indians did not have the luxury of being wrong.

The Colon deal typified the plan. The Indians added a pair of minor leaguers who have become standouts on the current club: center fielder Grady Sizemore and left-hander Cliff Lee.

Sizemore and Lee are part of an impressive core of rising talent. The group includes DH Travis Hafner, catcher Victor Martinez, shortstop Jhonny Peralta, outfielder Coco Crisp and starting pitchers C.C. Sabathia and Jake Westbrook. Hafner, whom Shapiro stole from the Rangers in a deal after the 2002 season, is the oldest of the group at 28.

FC Dallas replaces Greg Elliott

Hunt Sports Group president John Wagner said the club appreciated Elliott's efforts, which have helped turn FC Dallas (10-7-5, 35 points) into a second-place team so far this season. The team missed the playoffs the past two years.

"Greg has worked hard under challenging circumstances during his time with the organization," Wagner said. "As an organization we have decided to move in a different direction, and we wish Greg all the best in his future endeavors."

OK. The team is playing as well as it ever has (slump notwithstanding) and they just opened their dream stadium. To say this is an odd time to get rid of your top man is a tremendous understatement. So, let’s hear from you who know the real story, because I am baffled.

Followill to TV, Coop to Radio

Mavs broadcast shakeup
The Mavericks plan to announce today that radio play-by-play man Mark Followill is moving to the television team, replacing Matt Pinto, a source said.

Pinto is leaving after accepting an opportunity to broadcast Clippers games.
The team also will announce that longtime Metroplex sports personality Chuck Cooperstein will replace Followill on Mavericks radio broadcasts on ESPN/103.3 FM.

Welp, see you later!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Don't forget about Juan

There was once upon a time, that the Rangers needed pitching. 25-year old Doug Davis took the hill 30 times for the Rangers in 2001. He had his good outings and his poor outings. I thought he was the type of guy that this team should be building their rotation around, and the Rangers thought he was worth releasing early in 2003 because Hart and Buck did not care for his work. I was right and they were wrong.

In 2004, 28-year old Ryan Drese took the pill 34 times and appeared to be an anchor for this rotation for several more years. He was gone before Father’s Day. They might have been right since he looks pretty pathetic in Washington, but we won’t know for a while.

What did these two pitchers have in common? They were young, they were cheap, they were somewhere between frustrating and promising, and they were not the type of guy Buck and Hart liked.

So they were gone, and in another team’s rotation.

So, here is Juan Dominguez dazzling in another start . He is 25 years old, and from all indications, he is a tough guy to figure out, has questionable work habits, and does not have it between the ears. Trouble is, all of those indications come either from Hart, Buck, or people who listen to Hart and Buck.

Clearly, Juan is not Buck’s type of player. He doesn’t appear to be a guy who will run through a wall for the team. He appears to simply be a guy with a great arm, and potentially great stuff. Then why, is he less regarded than Benoit, Wilson, and Loe, let alone, Danks, Diamond, and Volquez? Why am I convinced he will be making 30 starts for Doug Melvin soon if the Rangers give up on him?

Give him the pill every 5 days here. At least convince me that he can’t pitch. He may be a strange dude. So is Pedro Martinez. He may be a guy you have to babysit. So what? If he can pitch then you cannot afford to take him out with the trash. You have no pitchers! Let’s see more of him.

Revo says the players should thank Buck, not quit on him

…if Showalter has become the target of that frustration, then they're missing their mark.

"Guilt by association," said one player, while admitting that's probably unfair.

Grossly unfair, actually. I've never met a manager in my life who didn't want to win every game he managed. You think Showalter likes having to start unproven pitchers four out of every five nights?

I can assure you, he doesn't, but what he isn't going to do is pull a Lou Piniella and publicly lambaste his owner or general manager either.

"Those are my bosses," Showalter said. "Am I supposed to be pounding the table here and telling the players they're [being shortchanged]?

"I don't do that. Do I respect John and Tom? You damn right I do. I didn't know there was another way."

It is almost a cliche to say that a team has quit on the manager. What's even worse is that it is taken now as some sort of indictment of the manager instead of the players.

Jen Floyd debates Biggest busts in DFW …not that kind of bust…

Matt Pinto to the Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers today announced that veteran NBA broadcaster Matt Pinto has been named the team's new radio play-by-play voice on the team's flagship station, KTLK 1150 AM, for all televised games. In the situation that a game is not televised on either FSN West 2 or KTLA, "The Voice of the Clippers" Ralph Lawler and former Clipper Michael Smith will shift over to radio to handle the play-by-play and analyst duties respectively.

So, he is leaving the Mavericks to be the PART-TIME radio voice of the Clippers? Pardon the cynicism, but something tells me he needed a job. No word from the Mavericks that they told him to seek work elsewhere, but I have my doubts…Cha-Ching a Clippers money ball…

Meanwhile, Hacksaw gets demoted

Jacob Rogers is released once and for all

Gosselin on Rayfield Wright's quest for Canton

Don't forget about the dunk tank photos below....

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Fun with Dunk Tanks

Happy Breakfast!

Dan makes me proud.

For more of pictures like this, Click Here

Jimmy pictures ...

Grubes is here ...

Remembering Cowboys of Old

Catching up with Legend #1: CHutch takes on the Chicago media

"We're evaluating it right now," coach Lovie Smith said. "Next week will be better than this week. We still have time. You take it all the way up until [the regular season]. We want to have our best team going into that final week before we play. As long as we're making progress and not seeing some of the same mistakes, we're fine with that."

Hutchinson's mistakes included two interceptions, one thrown into triple coverage. A fumble recovered by the Bears and three sacks are open to debate on blame going to an offensive line minus All-Pro center Olin Kreutz or Hutchinson's reputation of holding on to the ball too long.

But Hutchinson, who will be eager to rectify his mistakes in Friday night's home exhibition opener against Buffalo, shrugged off pressure over job security.

"I don't give myself the job, and I don't take the job away," he said. "That's the coach's job, and I leave it up to him.

"It's preseason. You make mistakes, you learn, you move on. That's why they call it preseason. I'm going to get better. It's a starting point. It's 11/2 quarters of football. I've had a great training camp, so I'm not going to say that 11/2 quarters is going to count for everything."

Catching up with Legend #2: Antonio Bryant dazzles Browns camp

``When I first came in the league, I saw a tree,'' he said. ``Now, I can see the apples on the tree. Some guys get it earlier. I'm just starting to understand things a little better. As I catch up, it's moving faster. You mature.

``When I first got in the game, I was doing a lot of things off anxiety. When you learn how to bring your emotions under control, then you can distribute that energy where you need it best.''

As for the run-in with Parcells, Browns coach Romeo Crennel spoke with Cleveland offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon, who was with Dallas, to find out more about Bryant's character.

``I asked Maurice what happened and he told me. That was it,'' Crennel said. ``I really wasn't worried that Antonio and I would have a confrontation. If he did, well, I'm the head coach.''

Colishaw says major problems exist in the clubhouse

Instead of meeting with Hart and Showalter and announcing Tuesday that he has "complete confidence" in his manager, he needs to investigate it one step further.

Hicks needs to hold a meeting with the leaders of this team. He can look at the All-Star selections from the last couple of years to see who they are.

Those players, who won't publicly admit to more than disappointment and misery, will tell Hicks their version of the truth. It is far, far different from "losing-streak frustration" in the Texas clubhouse.

That doesn't mean Hicks has to give in to players or let the inmates run the asylum. This isn't about the modern player and his sense of entitlement as opposed to the old- school players who ran through walls and asked no questions.

This is about whether or not Showalter has lost this team and whether he can possibly get it back in the spring of 2006.

Back in March, I wrote about the differences of the 4-3 and the 3-4 defense …Perhaps you would like to check it out…

Another big trade in the NHL, Dany Heatley to the Senators, Marion Hossa to Atlanta ….

Two weeks ago, Dany Heatley asked the Atlanta Thrashers to trade him so he could avoid facing the daily reminders of the automobile accident that resulted in the death of his friend and teammate Dan Snyder in 2003.

The Thrashers obliged yesterday and traded Heatley, a 24-year-old right wing who was the league's rookie of the year in 2002, to Ottawa for right wing Marian Hossa and defenseman Greg de Vries.

"We would have obviously brought him back under different circumstances," Thrashers General Manager Don Waddell said of Heatley during a conference call yesterday. "But he just felt this was a change that would be better for him personally. And I felt this was a trade that would help our franchise in the immediate future."

First, Kramer admits he was offsides, and now, Maradona admits he used his hand

Diego Maradona acknowledged that he struck the ball with his hand in the famous ``Hand of God'' goal against England in the 1986 World Cup quarterfinals.

Speaking on his local television talk show Monday night, Maradona called one of soccer's most controversial goals ``something that just came out of me. It was a bit of mischief.''

Maradona appeared to punch the ball into the net, and officials allowed the goal to stand despite protests by the English team. Argentina went on to win the 1986 quarterfinal match 2-1 and then win the World Cup.

Family Guy video of You have Aids

Snoop sells cars

Click Here for the cover sheet from your TPS Report…

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Defensive Superstar?

Some of my Ticket colleagues laugh at the idea of thinking you can learn anything while watching practice. But, George and I generally still attend several of them while at training camp, because we believe that you can learn plenty. There was no question what I thought I learned in my 12 days at practice:

Tony Romo is much better than Drew Henson, Julius Jones is on the verge of being a superstar, Right Tackle sucks, and Demarcus Ware (above, left) appears to be a tremendous pick. In fact, these are a few blog entries from the past few weeks:

August 4th:
Demarcus Ware is an amazing talent. Marcus Spears has not jumped off the page at me, but I notice Ware constantly. On one play, he got to the QB without Vollers even touching him.

August 8th:
Mark my words: DeMarcus Ware will be a Pro Bowler in this league.

I am not saying I was alone in this claim, and I am not saying I was taking a huge leap of faith, but last night went a long way in validating the premise that the Cowboys made a fine selection last April, when they went against my thoughts of taking Merriman over Ware due to the “bigger school theory”.

In fact, April 22 , the day before the draft, I wrote this:

Allow me to rank the Top 5 needs of the Cowboys.

1) Pass Rush: This could be the OLB and it could be the DE, but the Cowboys have a drought that lasts almost a decade when it comes to getting a quality pass rush from their defense. Charles Haley has been gone a long time, and now it is imperative that they solve this once and for all, and not in the cheap way (Marcellus Wiley). Obviously, the hybrid player (Merriman or Ware) that can play both the OLB and DE further allows the Cowboys to play multiple fronts this year rather than marrying itself to the 4-3 or the 3-4. As much as I like Erasmus James and Marcus Spears, I prefer the hybrid player, and of them all I think I prefer Merriman to Ware because when I have watched Merriman, it is evident that in college at least, he was the emotional leader of his defense as well as being a big playmaker. No Ray Lewis, but still, if you are making the play and rallying the troops, that is very attractive.

I don’t know if he can do THAT every night in the NFL, but the fact of the matter is this: He appears to be a guy who can make plays. A guy you must game plan to slow down or stop. And as much as we love Greg Ellis or Terrence Newman or even Roy Williams, the Cowboys have had plenty of high 1st round picks, but have yet to hit on a guy who will absolutely destroy your game plan unless it is centered around him. Let’s hope Ware is that guy.

Jen Floyd on Last Night’s preseason affair in Seattle

3-4 defense

The Cowboys had trouble covering the tight end. Their linebackers not named Ware are having trouble in pass coverage. Period. Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck's numbers (12 of 15 for 135 yards and one touchdown) show the Cowboys are struggling to defend the pass. Double period.

Backup quarterbacks

Done. Finished. Finito. Tony Romo looks to have wrapped up the backup job with another solid performance. And while many have argued that Drew Henson lost this battle, it is more accurate to say Romo won it. He is simply better than Henson, who is getting better.

Revo says Hicks needs to give Hart the resources this winter, and then butt out

Finley decides this week where to play

The Mavericks tried for weeks to trade Finley to an Eastern Conference team before waiving him in hopes of keeping the swingman away from the Spurs or Suns. Reports persist that Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was prepared to offer Finley a restructured payment schedule on the nearly $52 million left on Finley's contract to help persuade him to go East, but NBA front-office sources told ESPN.com that no such deal was struck.

The presence of San Antonio and Phoenix on Finley's list of finalists indeed suggests no such arrangement exists. A "spread provision" in Finley's Dallas contract stipulates that, upon being waived, his remaining salary will be paid in annual installments of less than $5 million.

Adair in charge of DVD Boys

Rangers fans: Ready to get your winter wish list ready? Available Free Agent Pitchers can be found here….

Kurt Busch may be released from his Roush contract sooner rather than later …There has got to be more to this story than is being reported…
Here are a few award-winning emails:

Hi Bob,

In todays' Sunday NY Post Ken Palmer wrote an article about Nick Saban, and finished with gossip around the NFL.I will quote two sentences."The Posts early prediction for rookie of the Year goes to Dallas linebacker Demarcus Ware.All reports out of big "D" are that the next LT is for real." As a native NYer who has communicated with you mainly about hockey, I respectfully request Mickey relays this comment to coach Bill and asks for a reaction at a press conference.( I love and respect fellow Italian Mickey but I don't think he has the "guts.")

Regards to you and family.
Bill Mazzeo

Something tells me that there will be no shortage of Ware questions after last night!

And then this, from Bob’s Blog friend, Mike Hindman of NewbergReport.com:


I heard your Rangers segment yesterday. A couple of notes:

1) Laird had been out with a hamstring injury for about a month; he just got back into action with Oklahoma on Friday. So they couldn't have called him up before the weekend.

2) There's no way in hell that AG could play in the OF. He's the slowest non-catcher I've ever seen. I've actually heard people bitch about him not hustling down the line, not realizing that he was running all-out. He's that slow.

3) Botts doesn't have enough arm to play RF, especially in Arlington. One of the reasons the Rangers wanted Hidaldo is that he has one of the four or five best arms in the game from RF. Botts could be a DH, LF, 1b...but not a RF. Pretty much every double to right would turn into a triple with him out there.

But yes: I agree. All three should be up and playing every day right now.

I'd like to see them move Tex to RF and play AG at 1b. Cal Ripken changed positions (for Manny Alexander), Michael Young moved, Alex Rodriguez moved, Dale Murphy moved, Darin Erstad moved.... I know most people think we just can't ask Tex to do that, but it would give the Rangers a chance to put their 9 best bats in the lineup, making room for both AG and Botts. Would you rather have Big Dick and Tex or AG & Tex?

BTW: all three (Laird, Botts & AG) are on the 40 man roster. But Kinsler isn't.

Mike Hindman

Thanks, Mike. Jamey Newberg and Mike have seen these guys with their own eyes many, many times. Aside from their trips to Arlington, I have not seen them at all. So, I concede my views on the young lads might be off. I would still put Botts in RF to find out the hard way, but I can be talked out of it. I cannot be talked out of Sandy Alomar and Mark DeRosa in the lineup.

Monday, August 22, 2005

1-12 Roadtrip

On May 29th, the Oakland A’s lost again. They were 17-32, and the standings looked like this:

LAA----30----20--- -
Tex----29----20---- .5
Sea----20----29--- 9.5
Oak----17----32--- 12.5

Meanwhile, on June 29th, Kenny Rogers charged Larry Rodriguez. The Standings looked like this:

LAA----47---30--- -
Tex----39---37--- 7.5
Oak----37---40---- 10
Sea----33---43---- 13.5

Then, on July 29th, the Cowboys opened training Camp in Oxnard, California. On that day, the AL West Standings looked like this:

LAA ----60---43--- -
Oak-----56---46--- 3.5
Tex ----52 --50--- 7.5
Sea ----44---58--- 15.5

It is largely rumored that the Rangers only exist to get us to Cowboys Season. And now, the current standings:

LAA-----71---53--- -
Oak ----68---55--- 2.5
Tex-----57---66--- 13.5
Sea-----53---70--- 17.5

It seemed like it had so much promise after two months…Oh well. 5-16 since the Cowboys arrived in Oxnard is not going to reel in the leaders…

By the way, since people like me enjoy blaming Kenny Rogers for his role in making this season implode, let’s take a quick look at the pitcher who has been awesome, but also has gained a reputation of doing his finest work prior to the All-Star Game:

Rogers pre-AS Game: 17 Starts, 10-4, 2.54 ERA
Rogers post-AS Game: 6 Starts, 1-3, 5.45 ERA

Adam Morris blogged to perfection yesterday

A 1-12 road trip
By Adam J. Morris

Posted on Sun Aug 21, 2005 at 05:27:07 PM EST

Including being swept by the Yanks, Red Sox, and Devil Fishes.

What a whip that was.

It sucks to be a Rangers fan right now.

Fortunately for John Hart, Tom Hicks, and Buck Showalter, though, football season is starting soon, and the DFW media (along with a lot of fans) are now simply ignoring the Rangers.

This belly-flopping debacle ends up flying under the radar, because they are out of the race, and other than the beat writers and the die-hard baseball fans, it seems no one really cares what the Rangers are doing right now.

One would think that that would be bad news to the folks running the team...but with the way this team has been mis-managed since the offseason began, the people in charge of the Rangers are probably just happy to be out of the line of fire, and that this poorly thought out, poorly constructed team is being allowed to wither and die down the stretch away from the public eye.

End of the road for Cundiff? ...Where will we find a mediocre kicker to replace that one?

Perhaps you are the one person who did not believe that the Cowboys thought Jacob Rogers was a sissy. If so, Check this out

"We got our expectations up because he played well early in camp, but when you look at his injury situation in college and how he's trying to prove himself as a young player in the NFL," Jones said of Rogers, "sometimes you have to play through something like this.

"We didn't think it was that serious. It was discouraging when he decided to have surgery. We had hopes that he would play through it."

Assure yourself this: Jacob Rogers will never be confused for Willis Reed, Kirk Gibson, or Emmitt Smith in the Cowboys Locker-room.

Galloway thinks Parcells is worried about QB

Eli Manning’s elbow concerns the Giants

Find your city’s cheapest gas

Dreams do come true: Dave Bliss back in coaching? …Welcome to America…

Dwain Price on the Mavs off-season

Mack Brown and the Longhorns are ready to destroy the Big 12...

To the surprise of nobody, Chelsea shows Arsenal who is in charge …Sorry, folks, but we are all playing for 2nd place this year…

BaD Radio’s former giant intern wins scholarship …Guess which one he is...

For You, T.O.

And now, some Monday email! Simmer down…

Are you living on this planet? You never saw Gene Wilder in Wiilie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? You never, ever, cease to amaze me. You continue to reveal tid bids of your mal developed upbringing/background. Its really stunning. And it doesn't start or end with movies. you cover the entire spectrum. I like you and you seem normal. but normal you are not. I cant imagine what its like to go thru life void of the experiences 99.9999 percent other humans have. you're like a strange science experiement.

thanks for taking my email,

Chuck Cole

and this one, about Kyle Field, and my claim it is the finest stadium in college football:

When you talk about how you like watching a game at Kyle field you are talk the atmosphere, not the stadium. Kyle is one of the worst for good seats close to the field, sight lines, concessions ect.. Even the head of facilities at A&M said Kyle is far behind several stadiums in the Big 12 in quality seats, suites, concessions, parking. They don't call Kyle the biggest tackle box in the country.

David Alexander

My actual response:

how does that change what I have said? It is the best place to see a college game in America- I have taken into consideration the seats I have had 5 different times, and despite your claims, I have still enjoyed myself each time- It seems like you want me to not like Kyle due to sight lines. That is like asking me to not like Wrigley Field because the leg room is not enough- The total package gives the advantage to Kyle and Wrigley-

Thanks for listening to BaD Radio!


And then there are times when you ask me questions about hockey:

Dear SportsSturm,

I was checking out the three players the Stars signed yesterday. I was impressed with all three but confused by one and wondered if you are aware of the guy or know someone I could ask about this. Hedburg I've seen play with the Penguins and is a more than adequate back-up goalie . I'm also glad we're getting Robidas back. I remember being impressed with his speed and puck-handling ability, and also pleasantly surprised with his toughness and grit for a guy of his size. My confusion is with the last guy Mario Scalzo. I'm familiar with him because of a few chance broadcasts on cable. During the strike I caught a few junior hockey games of the Quebec major junior league with the Rimouski Oceanic of which Mario and Syndney Crosby were teamates. Scalzo stuck out because he had a hat trick in a game that Crosby's goal streak was broken. My confusion is how is this guy a fee agent coming out of juniors and not a draft pick. Any idea?


From time to time, I will have no idea what the answer is, so I enlist an expert buddy to answer:

Hey Bob,

Scalzo, 20, was a late bloomer and was not drafted in either of his draft years (2003 or 2004). Just like the NBA, if you are not drafted, you are a free agent. He played as an ``over-ager'' in the QMJHL and when he completed his time there last spring, he became an unrestricted free agent. In a lot of ways, his acquisition is just like the Stars' signing of Junior Lessard last season. Dallas is picking up extra prospects just by putting on a hard sell and paying a little free agent money.
Scalzo is an interesting player. He was traded from Victoriaville to Rimouski in the middle of last season. Before the trade, he had 30 points (11 goals, 19 assists) in 37 games. After the trade, he was put on Rimouski's top unit (they used five-man units like the Russians and Scotty Bowman) and had 44 points in 23 games. Of course, Rimouski's top unit also included Sidney Crosby. So is the kid great or was he just along for the ride on a great team?

Only time will tell.

Mike Heika

Thanks, Mike! Speaking of media friends, here is another email from freelance author, Dan McGraw about Tom Hicks and his frugal ways:


Just ran some numbers and the profit the rangers are making this year is going to be huge.

1) $46 million for local and national media rights.
2) 2.5 million fans at $17 avg ticket = $42.5 million
3) 120 luxury suites that go between $100,000 and $175,000. Let's use $120,000 as a low avg. That equals $14.4 million.
4) About 8,000 cars a game at $8 a car (again, on the low side) for 82 home games = $5.2 million

So, we add those up and we come in at $108.1 million before any of the many other revenues are added in: Ameriquest naming rights, signage, sponsorships, concessions (this is very big with $5 beers), MLB marketing ( video games, licensed gear, etc.), and The Washington Nationals money. I figure that the revenues coming in this year will run between $120 to $140 million. And again, these are on the conservative side.

We all know what the players payroll is. Teams have usually come in with player costs at about 60-70% of revenues, and still make money. You can look at the salary cap levels of the NFL and NHL, and the percentages the teams in those leagues HAVE to pay and profit highly. It looks like the Rangers are coming in at about 40% or less. We all know there are lots of other costs besides players salaries, but there is no way they are going to be anywhere close to the players salaries. That is always more than the rest (front office, advertising, scouts, minor league salaries, insurance, etc.) added up.

Use these numbers if you want, and someone please ask Hicks about these. He doesn't return my calls for some reason.

Dan McGraw

Amazing numbers. Let those soak in sometime…

Friday, August 19, 2005


Lots of good stuff today, but not much time. We fill in for Norm 10-12, and then do our own show, so I got to go. Party on, Wayne.

FAILED: Jacob Rogers out for the season ?!?!? …How can this be? I thought his MRI showed nothing? I am confused…

Mavs sign Christie, Diop …Press Conference at 10:30 am…

CHECK THIS OUT: Roto Authority Names Names

Here at The Roto Authority, we're not prone to throwing around unsubstantiated steroid rumors. Oh wait, we are prone to that. At any rate, we have some juicy new tidbits for you to chew on.

You'd probably like a source, right? Well all we've got at the moment is the Bull Pen Forum over at RotoJunkie. Nonetheless, we've got to put it out there.

The conjecture is that Johnny Damon and Roger Clemens have tested positive for steroids. Is this at all reasonable?

Now that would rock my baseball world. Especially Clemens…

Surprise, Surprise: CJ Wilson still sucks, Rangers lose

Moss shocks the world, admits to smoking weed

Randy Moss admits he has used marijuana since entering the NFL seven years ago and still smokes it "every blue moon."

"I have used, you know, marijuana ... since I've been in the league," Moss said in an interview for HBO's "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel" scheduled to air Tuesday night. "But as far as abusing it and, you know, letting it take control over me, I don't do that, no."

When pressed whether he still smokes marijuana, the star receiver with the checkered past said: "I might. I might have fun. And, you know, hopefully ... I won't get into any trouble by the NFL by saying that, you know. I have had fun throughout my years and, you know, predominantly in the offseason.


Moss's agent, Dante DiTrapano, said HBO was trying to intentionally damage the player's reputation. He said Moss was talking about past use in the interview.

"In an attempt to promote their dying network , they have maliciously couched his remarks in a manner that is confusing and leaves room for negative interpretation," DiTrapano told The Associated Press. "Randy is not in the NFL substance abuse program and has complied with all urinalysis required by the league, the team, insurance companies, endorsers, etc."

Moss’ agent said HBO was a dying network! What an idiot!

Sports Guy on Summer of Gooden

Suns fans: email Finley! ….

Here's your chance to help the Suns recruit a big-name free-agent. Just fill out the e-mail form below with your comments for Mike and let him know why you want to see him in a Suns uniform again. Share some of your favorite Finley memories. Tell him why you think he would make a difference, as the Suns chase after their first NBA Championship. Pour your heart out. Beg if you have to. All of your e-mails will be printed out and delivered to Michael's agent.

Snoop center of little league controversy

To hear Xavier tell it, blame falls squarely on the youth football league's most famous and controversial former coach.

"I'm mad at Coach Snoop," he says. "He was so cool; he told me to play my heart out and to play everything I've got. But now I just want to ask him, why did he take all our players?"

Walking with Xavier toward the parking lot, parents and coaches describe rapper Snoop Dogg as a modern-day Pied Piper luring football players with his song "Drop It Like It's Hot" blasting from a school bus pimped out with enough bass, TV screens and gadgetry to persuade any kid to sell out the old for the new.

Snoop rocked the youth football world two years ago when he volunteered as a Rowland Raiders "daddy coach," and then again last month when he broke from the franchise to start his own conference. The Raiders aren't the only team in the Orange County Junior All-American Football Conference to feel the screws; Long Beach and Compton teams, also in competition with Snoop's new league, report similar hemorrhaging.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thursday in Forney

Chris Young looks awesome in win over Indians

Colishaw says ditch the plan

The Rangers developed Ryan Drese last year, then cut him because Showalter didn't like him and because they thought (wrongly) he would clear waivers. They are developing Chris Young this year. Maybe he will be more consistent in 2006.

But what else? Juan Dominguez just got here and he has a track record of trouble. Ricardo Rodriguez has been a prospect for about three years now. Any big believers in C.J. Wilson or Joaquin Benoit out there?

The good players shouldn't wait patiently for the team's top prospects – Thomas Diamond, John Danks and Edison Volquez – to develop. Those pitchers are two to three years away from being solid members of the rotation, and history tells us that all three won't make it. Maybe only one of them will.

Hicks contends there is more help on the way.

"It's not just Diamond-Danks-Volquez. And we may see Volquez before the year's out," he said. "We're starting for the first time to have depth in young pitching."
The "wait for our pitching to come" plea is starting to sound too much like Don Nelson in his early days with the Mavs and his "wait for Chris Anstey and wait for Bruno Sundov" to develop. Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash came along and changed everything.

Hicks needs to develop a Nowitzki and go out and pay for a Nash this off-season to regain any sense of credibility with not only the fans but his most important asset, the Rangers' hitters.

Revo on the exit of Finley

Finley immediately becomes one of the more attractive free agents and might quickly wind up in either Miami or Phoenix, playing for a championship. But if teams make the mistake of expecting too much, they'll probably be disappointed.

"Mike's got some good years left in him where he can be a contributor," said Nellie, who probably stuck with Finley to a fault last season. "When his shot was going was when he was at his best.

"He relied on his outside shot, but his shooting percentages were going down and some of that athleticism was waning. He was just getting older."

Heika looks at where the Stars are presently

USA 1, T&T 0 …and things were not good for England, as Denmark pounds England 4-1 in a friendly…

I am not here to say it is the best show I have ever seen or anything, but Over There is really good in my opinion. It also may very well be in poor taste to have a show about a war that is currently taking place on television, but as a guy who has a brother “Over There” (or at least he was) I actually am very interested in a version of what it might really be like. Sure, there is plenty of Hollywood cliché, and I suppose it might not be anything close to reality, but as someone who is fascinated by the premise of military life, without having even the slightest interest in actually taking part, I have now seen 4 episodes, and I am about ready to give it the “Bob seal of approval”.

Essay about the NFL Films ability to make any horrible team look great

The Jerks are always the Wide Receivers

Sports By Brooks dominates the World

Overall rankings - Top Weblogs by visitors (Q1 2005):
#1) Free Republic - Fresno, CA
#2) Drudge Report - Miami
#3) Fleshbot - New York (NSFW)
#4) Gawker - New York
#5) Fark - Lexington, KY
#13) SPORTSbyBROOKS - Los Angeles

Kobayashi continues his quest to eat the world

Help Ty Walker pay his way through dinner By a Ticket T-Shirt

And a few closing emails:

as a fellow soccer supporter, i was curious as to your thoughts on the upcoming epl season. i am an arsenal fan, but i fear we may be in for another year of drab 1-0 chelsea victories and a repeat for the hated blues. i like the moves that liverpool made but am not sure if their back line will prove strong enough. i am prepared to give up the ghost early on with my gunners, as i am less than impressed with their offseason moves. they clearly were not good enough last year and replacing viera with hleb is a wash at best. all i hope for is a champions league miracle and that chelsea and manyoo finish the year trophyless. yeah soccer and f tom.

p1 kolby

My thoughts are that no one has a chance against Chelsea, a team that has spent so much more than anyone else in the premiership that their second team is good enough to finish in the top 5. It is absurd the gap, and last year they won the league by 30 points, so it is difficult to make the case for anyone else. Arsenal lost Patty
in the midfield who I think dominates the mid like no player in football. I think that will really hurt them. Manchester United has still not recovered since Sir Alex chased Becks out of town, and now they continue their freak out of the Glazer purchase. I still don’t think Liverpool is ready to compete with them, but I sure hope they finish higher than Everton this year. So, Chelsea, Arsenal (distant), ManU, Liverpool, and everyone else is my order of finish. Just know that I am happy it is back, and watching every week. Also, I got the BBC Sport Podcast on my Ipod when I run, because it is a good listening.


Hey, I was wondering if you could work in some thoughts on Billy Cundiff in your program today?

Last year he missed some crucial kicks that could have kept Dallas in some important games. His missed field goal on Saturday might indicate we can expect the same this year. Is it time to part ways with Cundiff? Does Dallas have any other viable options? With the Cowboys struggling over the last several years to put up touchdowns, this seems like an area with no room for error if the Cowboys are to be successful.

I would love to hear you guys discuss him.

You know, I have been ripping Billy Cundiff for several years now, because I think he defines “average kicker”. I am amazed that the Cowboys never seek anything better, and yet they never do. But, the preseason broadcasters brought up the stat from 2004 that Cundiff has hit 27 of 28 inside of 40. That is darn solid. I do wish he could occasionally hit a kick from 50, but 27 of 28 inside of 40 is pretty nice. I still think they can do better, but at least he isn’t killing them.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Wednesday Links

Rangers lose, show frustration

Michael Young was frustrated, and Mark Teixeira was blunt.

"My three years here, this is the worst that it's ever been," Teixeira said. "Everything. My rookie year, we lost something like 20 of 23 in June.

"This is worse than that."

But, wait, there is more:

"I had hoped we were ready to take it to the next level this season instead of taking a step backward," Young said. "This is my fifth year with this team, and we've never finished higher than third place. It's hard when every season you start concentrating on next year.

"I don't want to think of myself as a losing player. I know how to stay locked in for a game, and I'll do that. Unfortunately, I've had that practice."

Evan Grant’s newsletter takes on the angry Rangers fans…

A look back at the Mavs with Finley

Mark Cuban second guesses himself

Are we going to get back in the business of taking on bad contracts to get a single player. No. Will we consider trading short term contracts for longer, more expensive players, yes. If it makes basketball sense and doesnt inhibit our future. The difference going forward today vs the past is that Avery and Donnie are putting in programs and structure that will allow us to better evaluate players and choose those that put our team in the best position to succeed. We never did that in the past.

We made trades because we thought we knew players. Im embarrased to admit, but this summer was the first time we actually brought in non rookie Free Agents that we were interested in to work out. Before, we just called the agents of guys we liked and tried to work out deals.

Avery and Donnie and Joe P have watched more tape in a week of players that we have talked about in trades or Free Agency then we have watched in any summer since I bought the team and maybe in all combined.

Its my fault that we got to this point.

I never should have authorized deals without asking for far more details. I was guilty of being overly optomistic. I wanted to believe that the next deal was the one that was the difference maker. I found ways to rationalize the business side and how i would only be losing a few more dollars and that if it made the difference it was worth it. I enabled a culture where we always thought that if we had assets to trade we could fix a mistake.

I was wrong.

John Clayton looks at the Cowboys building their roster with more Parcells guys this spring

Kyle Field is #1 stadium in America

Liberty Allows Flip-Flops!

LYNCHBURG, Virginia (AP) -- Capri pants and flip-flops will be fine in class but shorts will remain forbidden as school starts next week at Liberty University, the college founded by the Rev. Jerry Falwell.

Students were notified of the more relaxed campus dress code by e-mail. As recently as five years ago, men were required to wear ties at the university and women had to wear long skirts or dresses.

And a few quick e-mails:

Sports Sturm,

I missed your previous discussion on Parcells and EA sports - but in case you never got an answer as to why Tuna is not in the game - it's because he declined to become a member in the NFL Coaches Association, and EA contracted with the Association for their images and likenesses.

NFL Coaches.com

David Smith

And this one from last yesterday’s Rosenhaus segment:

I love lectures from professional athletes and super agents. More please. And it is the media's fault, if you don't like it TOO BAD! I am marching right into my bosses office to tell him I am playing golf this afternoon and if he doesn't like it, TOO BAD! When he fires me I will sock him in the face, go play golf, and demand a second chance tomorrow while at the same time telling him that when I come back I will expect to play golf again. brilliant! Pro athletes and super agents should rule the world.


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Fin is Gone

Mavs can’t trade him, so they waive him …To the surprise of nobody…

Nelson said the Mavs worked the phone lines aggressively all day and night Monday in a last-ditch attempt to trade Finley. He added that releasing Finley means he'll probably sign with Miami, Phoenix or another championship contender, but that they would have traded Finley to a lower-tier team if the opportunity presented itself.

"We would have done what's in the best interest of the franchise," Nelson said. "But at the same time, we're human beings.

"We've been through some tough times and good times with Mike. You don't forget those times."

The Suns chose Finley in the first round of the 1995 NBA Draft. But the Mavs acquired him on Dec. 26, 1996, as part of a deal that sent Jason Kidd to Phoenix.
Since then, Finley has spent the past eight-plus seasons with the Mavs, earned two trips to the All-Star game, and helped this team climb out of the NBA basement.

Mark Stein breaks down the options for Finley

The Heat will be tough to resist, with Shaquille O'Neal as lead recruiter and a $5 million mid-level exception waiting … and the bonus of a scouting report from Dwyane Wade, who shares Finley's agent (Henry Thomas). Miami's interest, meanwhile, is a no-brainer. Finley played for Stan Van Gundy at Wisconsin, ranks as a quality chemistry guy and would instantly become the Heat's most dependable long-ball threat (given Damon Jones' likely departure).

The list of the other cuts in the NBA on amnesty day

Raffy says it will all make sense soon ….

Rafael Palmeiro believes he "soon" will be able to explain himself and tell people why he tested positive for steroids.

"My day will come when I can say what happened. As of right now, I can't say anything. Hopefully soon," Palmeiro said Monday, a day after the embattled Baltimore slugger returned to the lineup following a 10-game suspension for violating Major League Baseball's steroid policy.

OK, Raffy. This better be good.

Aikman and Staubach get a Nextel Sponsor

Finally, the deal is done. Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach are going Nextel Cup racing in 2006.

The former Cowboys quarterbacks and their Hall of Fame Racing team reached agreement with Texas Instruments, which will become the primary sponsor next season. The sponsorship branding on the car is TI's DLP Products technology for high-definition TV.

Aikman also announced the team has a partnership agreement with Joe Gibbs Racing. JGR will supply Chevrolet engines, equipment and technology to Hall of Fame Racing.

Felix Hernandez wins again …You have GOT to see this 19 year old pitch. I haven’t felt this strongly about a young pitcher since Dwight Gooden.

King Felix’s Stats

Felix’s first 3 Major League Starts:
8/4 @ Det 5.0ip, 3h, 1er, 2bb, 4k, 81 pitches, L, 1.80era
8/9 vs Min 8.0ip. 5h, 0er, 0bb, 6k, 94 pitches, W, 0.69era
8/15 vs KC 8.0ip, 3h, 1er, 1bb, 11k, 99 pitches, W, 0.86era

You know, this is why Rangers fans should fear their future (besides the other reasons that have been mentioned a million times). Of the teams in the AL West, it’s possible that the Rangers have the worst future when it comes to young talented kids. The Angels are loaded with prospects, the A’s are the A’s (loaded with kids in the big leagues already, with more behind them), and the Mariners have a decent mix, too, with this 19-year old ace. The DVD boys better be good.

Jonathan Jolly, above.

Jeff, who might be a Tech fan, sent me what the Tech fans have been discussing lately on their message boards, Aggies mug-shots under Coach Fran

And now this college football positional statement from the blog regarding the above, and all other fun-making photos and links that appear on this website:

I am Switzerland when it comes to College Football down here, whether it is the Red Raiders, Longhorns, Aggies, Bears, and all of the other colleges. I will not take a side, except that I would like one of you to knock the Sooners off their high horse one of these years to make things interesting. So, if you are offended by the photos and links that may make your school appear law-breaking, gay, or otherwise, please feel free to find law-breaking, gay, or otherwise photos of the other schools to even the score. No belly-aching allowed, no screams of “Bob is biased”. All funny stuff sent to me regarding Big 12 South schools will be posted, but I don’t find them myself. Therefore if there is never any material making fun of school A, then no one is sending me stuff to make fun of school A. Enjoy College Football Season,

Bob’s Blog

Monday, August 15, 2005

PGA Champion

Phil Closes the deal. Perfect example of how it doesn't matter how you get to 4. He shoots +4 on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Good for him that he shot -8 prior to that.

Major #2 for Phil who had to be clutch, and he certainly was.

In other news this morning, the news is all over England:

Owen set to return to Liverpool! ...

LIVERPOOL ARE BRACED for days of haggling with Real Madrid as they seek to bring Michael Owen back to Anfield. The Spanish club want £16 million — twice what they paid — for the England forward, but Rick Parry, Liverpool’s chief executive, hopes to reduce it to £12 million, with the payments spread over a few years.

Monday in Lewisville

Finley will be gone by midnight

They must decide by midnight today about using the NBA's new luxury-tax amnesty provision and waiving Finley. Or they could trade him for useable assets.

Either way, Finley, 32, will be a former Maverick by 12:01 a.m. Tuesday. On the floor, he was a two-time All-Star and a key figure in the Mavericks' rise from the dark days of the 1990s. Off the court, he was a solid citizen who held a charity golf tournament each summer.

I admit it. It bums me out. I hate to see a guy’s run in a city where he played so hard for so long end like this. I guess the Finley critics will rejoice, but I would like to think that he will be considered one of the greatest Mavericks of all-time, and maybe be considered for having his #4 lifted to the rafter someday. This is the right move right now, but I wish it didn’t have to end this way for a guy who was a fine professional.

Rangers circle the drain

"If somebody came in here and dismantled the clubhouse, I think it would only make matters worse," outfielder David Dellucci said. "Everybody is doing what they can to win.

"This is our job. This is our life. It's not a hobby. We play hard every day, and it's incredibly frustrating to come in the clubhouse after every game knowing you've done all you can and you've still lost."

Pitchers know they suck

“It's OK if they think that, but I just don't want to hear it come out of their mouths," Brocail said. "We know we're not doing the job. We know they are scoring five and six and seven runs a game and still losing.

"But we're pointing the finger at ourselves. We feel like if we'd just allow a run every other inning – what's that, almost five a game? – we'd win."

Floyd analyzes Saturday Night in Arizona

Channel 11, 9 a.m., Phil tries to close the deal on the final 4 holes of the PGA Championship. Call in sick. But, this doesn’t happen if you don’t have the leaders tee off at 3 in the afternoon for television …C’mon. Have the leaders tee off at 1:30, and you can have a weather delay and still complete the round, rather than having to come back to an empty course on Monday Morning for a Major!

Even when he doesn’t win, Tiger still impresses …That link is for Marshall…

I visited the new stadium of FC Dallas Saturday night, as they lost to New England 2-1…But the stadium is going to be perfect. I really enjoyed the setting, and just about everything about the place. They still have plenty of construction to complete before it will be totally finished, but it is pretty promising from what I saw Saturday.

Liverpool opens season with frustrating tie at Middlesbrough

Galloway clobbers Hicks …Financial Flexibility…

Before we go too far on other issues from Cowboys-Cardinals, please allow me a moment to direct you to the blog from last Wednesday, which references other blog entries earlier. Basically, what I am trying to do is explain that despite the fact that I could have written about many other things this summer when it comes to the Cowboys, I have been banging the “RT sucks” drum all along.

After Exhibition Game #1, my reviews of the RT:

Rob Pettiti = D (abused on several occasions on run blocking – they cannot run right with him in the game evidently)
Jacob Rogers = F (played 2 plays, looked horrendous on the first. Left game with injury that may or may not exist)
Torrin Tucker = F (what a clinic of poor blocking/penalties)

Here is what I wrote last week:

Perhaps this is a good time for me to go on record and suggest that I might be the only media member around here who is not buying all of this “Jacob Rogers for RT” baloney. There are real stories early in training camp, and there are stories from camp that when reviewed a few months later are quite humorous that the media believed it when the mighty Tuna floated it out there. But there is every paper, lapping up the information that Jacob Rogers, a guy who could not get on the field for even 1 offensive down last season, is the best option at Right Tackle. OK, sure, he is a lot stronger, and he is a lot smarter, but c’mon.

Now, Rogers has a right shoulder issue, which matches up with his injury history, and also his toughness questions. But we are to believe that Rogers will be ready to go head to head with Jevon Kearse and Michael Strahan this fall? Right. Not buying it. At this point, I should likely admit that they don’t have very good options, and as I wrote before I think Larry Allen might be the best option . But for now, that is not something they will look at, and we can all ponder whether Rogers, Tucker, or Vollers will be the bad player at RT.

Other things:

How come when the QB is liked by the coach, we get to say that the WR’s can’t get open; but when we don’t like the QB, he is not accurate enough and he is missing open receivers?

Andre Gurode is no better at Center than he was at Guard. If they had any depth, I would cut him and Rogers right now.

Kurt Warner looked like Kurt Warner used to look. Perfect example of what happens when you put a QB in a system that makes sense. Warner with 3 WR’s and quick passes show his strengths and hide his weaknesses. Denny Green may not be good in the playoffs, but strategically, he is a fine coach.

Terrence Newman and Anthony Henry both showed some good things.

DeMarcus Ware did not show much to confirm my high hopes, as he was hard to notice.

Never seen a 3rd and 50 before, but I really enjoyed it.

Tony Romo sure looks awfully confident out there.

I think #68, Pepper Johnson, makes this team.

Tyson Thompson looks pretty fast against 3rd team defenders. I want to see more of that.

Here is where I would normally type a paragraph pounding Drew Bledsoe. I just can’t get too carried away yet. I think it will be difficult to survive a season with the combination of that QB and that Offensive Line. But, it is also early August, so let’s all take a deep breath and see what next week holds.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Full Friday Bag-O-Blog

The Dynamic Duo of Rosenhaus and Owens

Consider the perfect pairings throughout sports history. Ruth-Gehrig, Chamberlain-Russell, Yankees-Red Sox, Connors-McEnroe, Ali-Frazier, Nicklaus-Palmer, Bird-Magic, baseball-steroids -- any pairing you like, moldy to modern.

Surely none of them is the made-for-each-other marriage, the quintessential coupling, to equal Terrell Owens and Drew Rosenhaus.

It calls to mind the shortest poem in history, attributed to Muhammad Ali in his preening prime: ``Me. Whee!''

Owens, the Philadelphia Eagles' booted-out-of-camp receiver, and Rosenhaus, his Miami-based agent, have reinvented self-promotion and made it a two-man cottage industry. Egos on parade. Co-grand marshals.

Tiger posts a 75, Phil leads tournament …Who will finish higher?

Doug Christie agrees to join Mavericks …Good move? Yes, if Christie can still play. In 2002, this is just what they need, but it appears he has lost quite a bit…Of course, in 2002, he wouldn’t sign for 1-year/$3 million deal…

Meanwhile With Steven Hunter off the board, the Mavericks scramble for a warm body …Beware, Evan Eschmeyer could be next…

Rangers Lose …Shock!

Good Essay on Athletes skipping college or not

My former college professor, Dr. David Horton, alpha-male

After 2,650 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail, Liberty University professor David Horton is one lean running machine.

Horton crossed over the Canadian border on Tuesday and completed one of the greatest adventures of his lifetime with a 34-mile trek. He was met by a large group of hikers and runners alike along the trail, who escorted him into Manning Provincial Park in British Columbia, site of the PCT's northern trailhead.

That marked the end of a record-setting 67-day journey that started June 4 at the Mexican border near Campo, Calif.

Horton, who is closing in on 100,000 miles logged in his running career, shattered the previous record of 83 days set in 2003 by Ray Greenlaw. Brian Robinson, who served as Horton's primary pace runner through much of California, had the second fastest time of just over 85 days. Both of those records, however, were set without the support of a crew - they carried backpacks and were not met at road crossings by a support team. Horton set his speed record in a supported fashion with a team meeting and crewing him at predetermined points along the trail.

Originally, his goal was to finish in 63 days, but he was slowed by record snowfall atop the Sierra-Nevada mountain range in central California. As it turned out, the delay may have helped him in the end. If he had arrived in northern Washington three days earlier, he would have been held up by forest fires that recently swept through that region.

Friday and Sunday were two of Horton's longest and toughest days on the trail. On Friday, after a 4 a.m. start, he completed 51.0 miles in a time of 18 hours, 19 minutes.

There was no day of rest for Horton on Sunday. He and Scott Jurek, who won his seventh straight Western States 100 ultramarathon in northern California this summer, started at 4:30 p.m. at the Trinity trailhead and traveled 56.3 miles in 19:36, finishing after midnight.

Throughout his two-month odyssey, Horton only had one day of rehabilitation, in Bridgeport, Calif., after he and Robinson starved for 26 hours before arriving at Sonora Pass.

Top that.

Galloway on Jones and Cuban

The Roto Authority Claims a big story shall break today

In case you didn't hear, a "young player" is likely to be identified by Major League Baseball Friday morning. This is supposedly a bigger name than Palmeiro.

Fun Game: Roid Roulette

Tech chooses a QB, butchers a cliché

Hodges is a fifth-year senior, like Tech's last two starters-in-waiting. But Harrell, a redshirt freshman from Ennis, thought the race was close until he missed the last week of spring practice with a broken ankle.

"He's obviously got an upper leg," Harrell said. "If I go out in these first few days of two-a-days and light it up, I think it's still wide open."

Jumping the Great Wall

Warning: HBO CONTENT More Entourage Humor …featuring Jake the Snake Roberts…

Stewie Soundboard

Good p1 Brian Moon has hot sauce for you at Locoluna.net

To celebrate our triumphant return to Texas, here is some email:

I know Cowboys camp and American Football has taken over your sports brain these last few weeks, but could we get a link on the blog to the FC Dallas Pizza Hut Park Opener story. Sorry you were not there, the pitch was awesome. Place still needs a little work but it's going to be an amazing place for the beautiful game when it's finished.

And by the way here's a funny link to Tony Meola's mortgage company. When he is not stopping Carlos Ruiz breakaways for the MetroStars, he's trying to get you into a 30-year fixed with no points in KC.

Link to Meola

P-1 Barry
Karesh Out

Guilty as charged. My FC Dallas linking has fallen on hard times. I will do better, and I think I am going to check out the new stadium tomorrow night.
Here is some football stuff:

Subject: No Mention of Dan this week
From: Hogan

Hey Bob,

I have been listening to you since you came here and was wondering why I have heard little about Marino since his induction last week. All we heard during your Aikman bashing start here was how great Marino was and was comparing his stats with Aikman's. (except of course number of titles or even playoff stats)

The truth be told, Marino was a very good quarterback and will be remembered much like some other Hall of Famer's with great stats like Tarkenton,Fouts and Kelly, to name a few. These names are remembered if you visit Canton, but forgotten quickly, so quickly that even you did.


I am not sure what you wanted this week from us. He hasn't played in years, and we are located at Cowboys Camp so a Marino tribute show seemed out of place. I never championed the career of Dan Marino with anyone but Dale Hansen who insists on claiming his career was a joke, and pales in comparison with Aikman. My Aikman "bashing" consists of 8 years of claiming he is a no brain HOF QB, so if that is bashing than so be it. You seem to misconstrue my debating Marino's credentials over Aikman if I could only choose one, but if your summary of my opinions of Aikman is nothing but bashing, than I suggest that perhaps you did not collect enough data from our shows.

Hansen just drove me crazy in his defense of Aikman for the hall of fame, but I didn't know how to contact him. He should understand that most people agree that Aikman is a hall of famer. But he loses credibility when he attempts to compare him with guys like Steve Young. I compared their stats and the only thing that Aikman did better than Young was attempt more passes (so much for that defense that the Cowboys did not rely on Aikman and that is why his numbers are down) and throw more interceptions. And remember, Young could run too and was one of the best rushing QBs of all time.

TOTAL YARDS-- 32942--33124
AVG PER ATTEMPT--7.0--7.98
COMPLETION %--61.5%-- 64.3%
QB RATING --81.6-- 96.8
TOUCHDOWNS-- 165-- 232
TD TO INT RATIO-- 1 TO 1.17 --1 TO 2.16
RUSHING YDS-- 1016 -- 4239
RUSHING AVG-- 3.1 -- 5.9
RUSHING TDS-- 9 -- 43

Completion percentage and QB ratings for Young are best of all time.

The Young versus Aikman debate is one that is coming up quite a bit these days, but again, to suggest that Young is chopped liver is missing the point. It appears that some Cowboys fans feel the best way to debate their own guys is to act like Marino and Young were spares. I think this hurts the credibility of the Aikman supporters. If you want to say Namath wasn’t that great, the numbers back you up, but numbers don’t lie, and they suggest that Steve Young is in the discussion as the best QB of the era.

And then this one:

I am already sick of football announcers. I was working out while watching the Packers game last
night. The TV was across the room so I couldn't see the score. I started wasching the game in the 2nd quarter. After listening to the announcers kiss Favre's ass over and over again, he threw a TD pass.

They then said he was putting on a clinic for the San Diego defense. I assumed the score was 21-0 or something like that. When I got close enough to see the score, it was 7-0. Seven points in a quarter and a half constitutes putting on a clinic? I hate ESPN!

I also hate that good ol' boy veterans get their asses kissed just for being in the league and granting an interview. (regardless of race - I am a white guy).

I wrote this on the blog on November 30, 2004:

I might have said this before, but let me say it again. I am as big a fan of Brett Favre as there is. I don’t like to go to great lengths on the air about this, because some Cowboys fans develop an unhealthy hate for you if you let on that not all of your heroes have always been Cowboys. Having said where my loyalties lie, I must tell you that the adoration of Brett Favre recently has been too much for even me. Somehow, the networks in general, and the MNF crew specifically, now have their number 4 pom-poms out so much that it is almost enough to make me cringe. I love the guy, but I always try to imagine how annoying it would be if you were a fan of the other team and you just wanted to watch the game, not hear from Joe Namath and Cal Ripken, Jr., and see repeated camera shots of Deanna Favre. Maybe I am hyper-sensitive, but gee whiz. We get it. Brett loves football. And I am a guy with a 3 foot picture of Favre on my wall…

I am bracing for a full year of difficult-to-stomach Favre loving. The ESPN guys last night were so over-the-top that it is tough to watch. Again, I love this guy, and I can’t take it anymore!!!

First of all, I'm a die hard Redskin fan. Theres my disclosure.

What's going to hurt Mike is that Art Monk still has not been inducted, which is a huge joke. Top 5 in most career stats. He has more catches, yards and TD's than Irvin. He was on 2 Championship winning teams (he did not play in the Jan 83 game vs. the Dolphins, so we wont count that). And to the writers, Art was a class act thru and thru...no debate. By keeping him out, they can justify keeping Michael on the fence for a while.

Also, Joe Jacoby is as deserving of being in the Hall as any Cowbow lineman, and I know who you are speaking of!! Jacoby redefined the OT position as a guy to get and and run...to pull and lead block.

What do you guys think of those points?


I think that Monk needs to be in, and perhaps more than Irvin. Jacoby (and Otis Taylor) is a perfect example of other teams also having deserving people that belong in the Hall of Fame, too.

And finally, this one from Marshall (remember the Tiger e-mails from earlier in the week?

Good morning Bob,

First off, I'm not rehashing our previous train wreck, and I'm not bagging on you or tiger. This is a comment on the media. I just want to offer you proof of my frustration. As I'm writing this, in the PGA championship, several guys are hovering around -3 for the lead, including Phil Mickelson. But what's the story? I'll give you the Internet headlines for Golf this morning:

ESPN.com: "Tiger's Comeback Trail? Tigers worst first round in a major..."

MSN.com: "Tiger has horrid start at PGA"

CBSSportsline.com: "Leaderboard crowded - but minus Tiger - at PGA"

That's my frustration. He's not the only golfer in the world, but according to the Media he is.

out -


I feel your pain. But, like Favre, Tiger Woods gets a lot of love. Even when they play bad. That is life.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Cancer Suspended for a Week

Owens sent home

Terrell Owens was sent home by the Eagles yesterday, and when he got to his spacious, white stucco estate in Moorestown, he simultaneously did two things he hadn't been doing during his 10 days at training camp with the team.
He talked to reporters and he signed autographs.

While he entertained neighbors and fans who just happened to be driving by T.O.'s posh neighborhood, the Eagles responded to the wide receiver's one-week suspension with a two-sentence statement.

"Terrell Owens has been sent home from training camp due to undisclosed team issues," the Eagles said. "He is expected to return to the team on Wednesday, August 17th."

Owens, his publicist and his agent all confirmed that the wide receiver was sent home by the Eagles after a disagreement with coach Andy Reid during a team meeting following the Eagles' morning practice at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa.
An Eagles source said the disagreement between the coach and receiver stemmed from cumulative incidents, including the fact that he did not participate in autograph sessions that the Eagles schedule on a daily basis during training camp at Lehigh University. Owens, who is in a well-documented contract dispute with the Eagles, did not join his fellow wide receivers in the autograph tent Sunday and yesterday

I said it when he was acquired, and I will say it again: The Eagles will not win the Super Bowl with Cancer playing Wide Receiver – The football gods will not allow it. Release him, and you just might win. Incidentally, the same edict was on the Vikings until recently. I fully expect them to do well now that they traded Cancer for Napoleon Harris and a 1st Round Pick.

And now, we cover golf. That means, we cover Tiger Woods.

Old Tiger versus new Tiger

A fine essay on how many majors Woods, Jack, and Jones have

My prediction for the PGA Championship: Tiger Woods wins. Now, back to other sports.

Rogers returns; Colishaw calls it correct …There is no question, the season turned on two events. Drese and Kenny. Look it up. The records don’t lie. 24-33 since Drese was released. The Rangers were 32-24 at that point, and now are under .500, and look like the keystone cops out there. Something smells bad on the Rangers team, and it is getting to a point where no one should be safe.

Because of the ruling of a narrow-minded arbitrator, Kenny Rogers returned to the Rangers on Tuesday just in time to enjoy one of his favorite things in baseball.
Meaningless games in August.

For the second year in a row, a senseless act by a Rangers pitcher has removed the team from contention in the American League West.

A year ago, it was rookie pitcher Frankie Francisco hurling a chair into the Oakland stands and breaking the nose of a female spectator. His suspension for the final two weeks shortened the Rangers' bullpen and initiated the team's slide into third place.

Lebreton on Parcells and Owens

Jen Floyd tackles the “Age-Old” question

Since When did Jay Mohr have a column on CNNSI.com? …He once called me a Homo. Good Times.

Heder cracks the door for Napoleon 2

Despite having shot down hopes for a "Napoleon" sequel, Heder expressed a possible shift in the winds. "I'll never say yes or no to that kind of thing, unless we start shooting it," Heder said. "We get [the sequel] question a lot, but we never thought about it when we made the [first] movie. I guess it could happen.

"I think it would be fun to do, but it's just gotta be done right, I guess," he continued. "Nothing is written down yet, but I don't know. We'll see what happens. It's been more, like, joked about, but we have no idea."

Heder added that he's not afraid about being typecast as "the nerd."

"I don't mind. It's fun playing a dorky guy — or someone ugly," Heder said. "It's easy playing someone ugly and eccentric."

Fan jumps on Foul Net

Bradshaw sees Harrington, and is not impressed

"Heck, this morning in practice he made a lot of bad decisions," Bradshaw said. "I'm sitting there with Matt going, 'Oh, that's not good, that's not good, that's not good, that's not good.'

"In practice you should be a little sharper than that, I think, but who knows what they're trying to do? I'm not in the huddle over there.

"I liked him. I liked him going out of college. I like talking to him. He's an upbeat kid. But you never know internally how he's going to handle all of this."

Dan Band videos

Survivor News! …Its back September 15th…

Warning: HBO Content Funny Entourage Bits

And finally, here is an email about yesterday’s Def Poetry Jam:


Please, please post the poems from today's show on your blog, if you can transcribe them. At least Cinnamon Stick's, I wish I could've seen that dude.

I would've voted for Cinnamon personally, but Norm is quite the poet.

Thanks for reading!

Adam Boedeker

Here you go, Adam. (Thanks to Justin the Intern for the transcription):

Rum - by Cinnamon Sticks
Caught in the punch in the trap
Fighting the cheese to adapt
Looking through the hole of the trapped
Hearing the cheese
Oh please Louis
Show me the cheese
Feeling punchy
Feeling the punch
Munching punch
Judy and Punch
Love the trap
The trap
The darn cheese, seeping, hearing
Oh please Judy dont be dirty
Excuse the cheese for biting hole trap
Oh please Louis adapt
Im seeing the hole but im trapped

Well done.