Thursday, April 23, 2020

The 2020 NFL Draft gameplan: Here is what the Cowboys should do at No. 17

This top group consists of players who have almost no chance of getting to No. 17:

Joe Burrow, Chase Young, Isaiah Simmons, Jedrick Wills, Jeffrey Okudah, Derrick Brown, CeeDee Lamb and, yes, Jerry Jeudy

In every one of these cases, if a player in this grouping gets to No. 17, assuming there is not a trade to add additional top-50 (or so) picks to move back a bit, you take the player. All eight of them should be prioritized over any smaller plan you have for this pick. Hopefully, I make myself clear here: You drop all smaller plans and take the elite player if he is one of these eight names.

Monday, March 30, 2020

How Travis Frederick’s retirement affects everything for the Cowboys’ offense

CONCLUSION: Obviously, losing Frederick is huge, and the status of Tyron’s back and knees remains tenuous. But if McGovern or Williams turn out to be league-average starters, the line will be good. If both can do it in 2020, the line will be very good. Can it ever be great again? Well, that may depend on everything going great, which starts with Tyron Smith playing more than 13 games for the first time since 2015 and finding a swing tackle to cover them if he can’t. That might be worth consideration in April’s draft, because the options in-house are rather unproven — especially to a new coaching staff.