Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The New Weapon Unveiled: Pavel

One of the truly subtle changes to the Mavericks under Avery Johnson is the inclusion of rookie Pavel Podkolzin in the line-up. The 7’5 center played his first minute on Saturday night against Charlotte, but then last night, in the win over the New Orleans Hornets it all happened: He scored his first point and grabbed his first rebound. No longer will Pavel have to admit to having straight zeroes on his all-time record. His career is on its way. All thanks to Avery. The Hall of Fame awaits.

It was sure nice to blow someone out. The Hornets had no chance, and honestly all look like they are miserable on the court. As we ponder the plight of the Mavericks, it is easy for us to forget that there are about 15 franchises with little to no hope whatsoever. It could be a lot worse...


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Random Football Card of the Week:

Dallas Cowboys Rookie RB Duane Thomas 1971.


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QualityPantalooner said...

What is up with interns being unpaid?

I'm well past my intern days, but when I was interning at an engineering office I was paid well ($11/hr). Can't the ticket find $7/hr or so?

Anonymous said...

Duane Thomas's picture courtesy of The Vintage Football Card Gallery