Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl XLI - Colts 29, Bears 17

Certainly not the most memorable Super Bowl I ever saw, but also not the worst. The Colts win their first Super Bowl since they beat the Cowboys in SB V, and the Bears demonstrate why the NFC was wide open for anyone who would step up just a bit.

The NFC proved from September to February that they are now clearly the inferior conference, and that doesn’t show very many signs of changing anytime real soon.

Meanwhile, Tony Dungy continued to show that good guys can win, too. In this day and age when we seem to have nothing but grumpy (Parcells), grumpy (Belichick), and grumpy (Gruden) coaches win, Dungy broke the nice-guy barrier while breaking a few other barriers, too.

Here are a couple notes and thoughts about Super Bowl XLI:

• I expect a few people will complain about the weather. Count me out of that group. I thought it was awesome to have rain the whole night, and anytime the elements will get involved in a game like this is fine with me. Did it adversely affect the outcome? I suppose it might have. Nevertheless, count me among the friends of it all.

• Peyton Manning is a good person. I really have no business rooting against him. He is a model citizen. He is a class act. I can’t explain my dislike. So, for one day in time, allow me to say it is good to see him do his thing and get his ring. Now, perhaps there will be someone who wants him to endorse their products. Seriously, though, good for him.

• One thing I did not really understand was Chicago and Lovie Smith being so careful with its game plan. On both sides of the ball it seemed like they were worried about not getting blown away rather than winning. I felt they stayed in too deep of pass coverage the entire game, allowing Peyton to pick them apart with mostly underneath stuff. Then on offense, they never allowed Rex to go after the corners of Indy until it was in the 2nd half and the Bears were behind. But, up 14-6, it sure seemed like the time to start to soften up the Colts D, but they kept pounding the ball and punting the ball.

• Devin Hester is amazing. Simply amazing.

• Which NFL Network commercial was better? The one with David Beckham or the one making fun of Favre? Both were brilliant. Very good stuff from my favorite Television network. It is weird. We should all hate the NFL Network because it is run by the league. It is like state-sponsored media. It is all propaganda, right? And yet, through it all, I love the NFL Network. I am kind of ashamed of myself, but I am not telling you a lie. Love it.

• I swear I knew Joseph Addai was going to be great. That is why I took him so high in the fantasy football draft back in August. Trouble is, the Ronnie Brown/ Willis McGahee/Joseph Addai never got off the ground. And that says nothing about what Daunte Culpepper did for me. Anyway, Addai was solid tonight. My team this year was horrendous.

• Go ahead and sue me: but, Phil Simms and Jim Nantz don’t bother me at all. But, you had to love Nantz’s weather predictions. A bit off, Jim.

• Any Cowboys fans nervous after seeing Ron Rivera’s crew not able to get off
the field on all of those 3rd downs? I know the Colts are good, but the occasional punt might have won the game for the Bears.

• I have to admit. A commercial involving Oprah made me giggle. But, all-in-all, a pretty lame night of ads in the Super Bowl. Wait a minute, they are playing the ad again.

• Not sure the monsoon happens in Florida, but it was raining like the scene in the Last Boyscout when the dude pulled the gun while running down the field. I don’t think that movie was based on the true story, but the rain was very Hollywood-like tonight.

• The Bears have to be kicking themselves that they played that badly, and were dominated that solidly, and yet through the game they only needed one play to take the lead. It never happened, but when you are outgained 370-96 with 3 minutes left in the 3rd Quarter, you have to like your chances down only 22-14. Then, they cut it to 5, but never got closer.

• Cedric Benson will want another chance at the Super Bowl. 2 carries for -1 yard and a fumble will not be the way he wants to remember his Super Bowl experience.

• 38:04 time of possession for the Colts does a pretty good job of
demonstrating how well they dominated the ball. They really could have won by 28 if they cashed in on their chances.

• The last 5 #1 seeds to make the Super Bowl from the NFC have lost. Bears, Seahawks, Eagles, Rams and Giants.

• 4 rings in 6 years for Adam Vinatieri. It appears he has a pretty good knack for playing in the post-season.

• Is it possible, that somewhere in Arizona, resting on his pile of money, that Edgerrin James is having second thoughts about making the money grab to go to play for the Cardinals? Money is nice, but rings are nicer.

• Tony Dungy joins Mike Ditka and Tom Flores (who was forgotten by me on Friday’s edition of Super Bowl Trivia on BaD Radio) as the only 3 guys to win a Super Bowl as a player and a head coach.

• Prince rocks. And to pull off the Foo Fighters “Best of You” was brilliant. Seriously, the gay bandana was cancelled out by the first song. By the end he was running up the score. If he ever comes to town, I am so there.

• Not to say that there is any question who the MVP was, but isn’t this one of those years where the MVP was more of a default award? Peyton was ok, but if there was anyone else who played great, you would have an argument. But, when no one else dominates, it is always safe to go with the winning QB.

• Kelvin Hayden is the trivia name from Super Bowl XLI. He never had an
interception until Sunday night, and then ran that one back for the Touchdown that really put the game in the Colts pocket. Every Super Bowl produces a backup player who becomes a hero. Here is Mr. Hayden.

• Dominic Rhodes made Wichita Falls, Texas, proud tonight. Midwestern State has actually produced something more than fire ants.

• In all four Super Bowls played in Dolphins/Joe Robbie Stadium the losing team has had a kickoff return for a TD. Bengals ('89) - Stanford Jennings; Chargers ('95) - Andre Coleman; Falcons ('99) - Tim Dwight; Bears ('07) - Devon Hester

• So, is there a chance that one year from today Rex Grossman is still the starting QB of the Chicago Bears? There is no way they can go on like this. Could you imagine a competent QB playing for that Bears team? I applaud Lovie’s loyalty, but Rex’s two interceptions yesterday were horrible throws (you hope they just slipped) and the way they try to hide him and protect him is just silly. Sorry, but the guy is not good enough to play for a team that has no other real weaknesses. I feel for the guy, but he just can’t play at this level.

• Is there anything better than the fly-over? Every player who moments earlier were looking stoic and nervous instantly smiled like 7-year old boys. We all love fast airplanes.

• The 2007 season started this morning. Are you ready?

Don Pierson on Manning’s myth-busting performance

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J-in-H said...

Nice early morning blog, Bob. Anytime before 8 is always appreciated.

Rick Bentley said...

Bob, I believe what you mean to say is that "Dominic Rhodes, you made Abilene, Texas proud." Many Shotwell Stadium connections in this game: Rhodes, Justin Snow (Colts deep-snapper) and Danieal Manning (Bears safety). Good to see Abilene known for something other than Randall "Tex" Cobb and oppressive religious views.


Rick Bentley said...

DAMMIT!!!! NOT FIRST!!!!! Dial up screws me again.

Bitterwhiteguy said...

Prince was at least 5x better than Janet Jackson and her saggy meatbags.

Also, Rex Grossman has single-handedly knocked Chris Leak off the first day draft board. ;)

The Swan said...

I'm not so sure about Prince's greatness for this show. First, I saw the afore mentioned choreographed twin girls dancing around him, as first spotted during his "press conference." Far be it from me to hate on twins, but what was up with that?
Oh, and is Prince allowed to bust out "All Along the Watchtower?" I'm a Gen X guy and still consider that to be pretty hallowed Hendrix ground...
And finally, was I the only one that cracked up when he cranked up "Purple Rain" in the middle of a downpour? I wonder if that scene is in the movie...


CFB123 said...

Speaking of the NFL Network, I thought their replay of Super Bowl III on Saturday night was more entertaining than Super Bowl XLI was last night.

Does anybody really think that either one of those two teams out there last night could have even stayed on the field with any of the Super Bowl winners prior to 1995 or so? The salary cap era has brought nothing but parity and mediocrity.

Fake Gribble said...

Random observations from the Super Bore:

- Billy Joel sounded even more like a Queens construction worker than usual.

- For some reason, many of the commercials were violent in nature. For example: the "office gladiators", the rock-paper-scissors guys, the "slapping is the new handshake" spot. I think that's why the Coke "nice video game" spot stood out.

- Talking/acting animal commercials are played out.

- Prince was greatness.

- The game sucked.

- I got tired of the announcers shoving the race angle down my throat. We've heard that for two weeks, okay?

- Jim Nance is cloying.

Fake Sturm said...

Rex Grossman owes me 200 dollars.

Waterloo Station said...

Prince = Hitler moustache??

Jake said...

In Fake Sturm style...what about the huge Aggie win in Kansas? Take that Dicky V. Tonight we square off, Sip vs. Ag.

JY said...

Dominic Rhodes did go to Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, TX. Other than that, I know little about him..

But, thanks for the small nugget of love to Wichita Falls, Sturminator....

Ex-Wichita Falls resident
Midwestern State University Alum

Brad C said...

Yes the flyover was awesome, but it gets even awesomer! Did anyone notice how LOW they were? Couple of reasons I'm guessing. First of all was the weather and the very low "deck" and the fact that it was getting dark so they pretty much had to rely on the stadium lights for people to be able to see them. I TiVoed it back a few times and they weren't more than 50-100 ft above the stadium. Of course for the Thurnderbirds that's a walk in the park. Gave me goosebumps.

Cap It said...

i had no clue, so here:

cloy (kloi) Pronunciation Key
v. cloyed, cloy·ing, cloys

v. tr.
To cause distaste or disgust by supplying with too much of something originally pleasant, especially something rich or sweet; surfeit.

v. intr.
To be too filling, rich, or sweet.


On a completely unrelated note...what happened to that Visser lady? She doesn't look well...

cracker1743 said...

Let's also not forget:

1. Sip lost to ... whatever the hell Kansas State's mascot is, in the singular.

2. Joseph Addai is from Houston. Mildly shocking, since from the name I figured he was from Nigeria or somesuch. Can probably do a mean F.Whitaker/Idi Amin impersonation, though.

cracker1743 said...

3. Rosie the Riveter sure did shred that Telecaster last night. But with all that rain, I was wondering if he was going to pull an Ace Frehley. Thank goodness for wireless, I guess.

ST3 said...

I heard a cool piece of trivia this morning on ESPN.

Did anyone else know that Tony Dungy was the first black coach to win a Super Bowl?

That stunned me.

BACM said...

It seems Fake Sturm should of taken better gambling lessons. Rex Grossman couldn't even hold my pee wee football jock.

JY said...

why do you wear a pee wee jock?