Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Here's To Tommy

Let’s start today’s blog with our little champion, Tom. Err, Scoops Callahan, has done it again. Above find the video, below find the ink from 1920’s Reporter Guy’s big day with Mr. Belichick and Mr. Brady.

Boston Globe

This guy loses points for referencing “Beantown” but any time “flapper girls” is used in any postgame press conference, it’s worth the time to pay attention. While Bill Belichick moves on with a terse, “next,” he does emit a smile, and you have to love Tom Brady’s attempt to differentiate between the Jitterbug and the Charleston. “Great question.” Gold.

Really, there just aren’t enough old-timey moments in the NFL these days. Especially now that Theismann is gone.

Mike Silver

The guy at Tom Brady's postgame press conference Sunday who blurted out, "Tam, Tam – talk about the long touchdown pass to Donte' Stallworth. It looked like you two were doing the Jitterbug, and the Dallas secondary was doing the Charleston."

Understandably puzzled by the lameness of the question, Brady answered, "Is that right? I don't know what the hell that means." And we non-clownish sportswriters wonder why the general public regards us as buffoons?

Richie Whitt

I wasn’t in the New England Patriots’ locker room yesterday after their 48-27 walloping of the Cowboys, but apparently some grizzled, oh-so-serious Bostonians can’t take a joke. Even after a three-down shellacking of an heir to their throne.

While I was listening to Terrell Owens not talk about his disappointing dance-off with Randy Moss, Cowboys’ flagship radio station KTCK-AM (1310, The Ticket) dispatched its noon-3 p.m. "BaD Radio" show to lighten the mood -- specifically, producer Tom Gribble's “1920s Reporter Guy." Only, Patriots coach Bill Belichick wasn’t amused when Gribble asked the "champ" about his team's "Beantown offense." Perhaps Tom Brady was, a little. For sure, old, established Boston doesn’t approve. Two words: Lighten. Up. Or next time we’ll hold you to 41.


Great work, Tommy.

Patrick Crayton wants Dallas’ respect – And Mac looks at the bright side

Receiver Patrick Crayton walked off the Texas Stadium field early Sunday evening and looked into the stands. Most of the Cowboys fans had left early, so the majority of those remaining -- or at least the loudest ones -- were New England Patriots lovers.
"How many bandwagon Patriots fans did you see?" Crayton asked. "Where did they come from? I can't stand the bandwagon fan. There is no such thing as a Patriots fan in Dallas, Texas. That's total disrespect."

5 reasons to be encouraged

They are the first defense to pressure Tom Brady. Yes, the Patriots quarterback threw for five touchdowns and 388 yards, but the Cowboys are the first team to pressure him. They sacked him three times in the first half, the same number of times he had gone down the previous five games combined.

They are the first offense to score on the Patriots. The 27 points the Cowboys scored against the Patriots is the most they've allowed this season. The previous high was 17. "Their scheme didn't stop us from doing what we wanted," Crayton said. "We stopped us from doing what we wanted. We didn't do our part."

They still have a quarterback. No, Tony Romo didn't out-play Brady Sunday. It's doubtful many quarterbacks would have. Romo is the second-ranked passer among current NFC starters, and he has a conference-best 15 touchdown passes against nine interceptions.

It's only Week 7, not 17. The Cowboys are 5-1, still atop the NFC, and there is plenty of time left. "Our confidence hasn't wavered," linebacker Bradie James said. "We still have a better record than I've ever had here. We still have opportunities to be successful, and that's what we're going to do."

There are no Patriots or Colts left on the schedule. The Cowboys are tied with Brett Favre and Green Bay, whom they will play Nov. 29, for the best record in the NFC. Even if the Cowboys were blown out by the Patriots, the earliest they would see them again is the Super Bowl. They'll take that date.

Is Romo Hurt?

How ironic Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was seen jumping into the backseat of an awaiting SUV in the bowels of Texas Stadium with one arm pinned to his side, his shirt sleeve dangling empty.

Because in the Cowboys' 48-27 loss to the New England Patriots here Sunday afternoon, the Patriots' defense appeared to have Romo playing with one arm tied behind his back.

Romo suffered a left shoulder strain, and although he finished the game, he did have the shoulder wrapped, with his arm inside his shirt, close to his left side.
While Romo said he had suffered a rotator-cuff strain, Cowboys assistant trainer Britt Brown said it would more appropriate to call the injury a "shoulder strain."
When Romo was asked if he thought he'd be able to play in next Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings, here at Texas Stadium, Romo said little, only giving a facial expression as if to imply, "Are you kidding? Me miss a game?"

Romo will be reevaluated on Monday.

Romo finished the game with a decent line, but just not strong enough against a team scoring 48 points. The Cowboys quarterback, starting his 16th regular-season NFL game, completed 18 of 29 passes for 199 yards and two touchdowns - he was sacked twice - and didn't throw in interception until the Cowboys fell behind, 41-27, with 3:59 remaining. On the very next play Romo, under pressure, tried to side-arm a pass to a crossing Terrell Owens, only to throw behind him and right to linebacker Junior Seau.

While Romo did finish with a 91.0 QB rating, he was held to less than 200 yards passing for the second time this season - to go with a club record four, 300-yard passing performances already this season.

In other news, The Rockies are going to the World Series!?!

It's impossible to stretch the truth. Hyperbole doesn't fit.

The Rockies, a team that was too young in April, too hurt in August and too far behind in September, are going to the World Series. Colorado flogged the Arizona Diamondbacks 6-4 on Monday night in Game 4 of the National League Championship Series, bullying into baseball's final act.

There's no need for TiVo. Or historical perspective. Let's just call this what it is: the greatest run ever for a team racing into the World Series. The Rockies are 21-1 since Sept. 15. They erased a four-game deficit in the wild-card standings. They ruined the Dodgers' season, threw Ragu on the Padres' painting and spoiled TV ratings by erasing the Phillies in the division

Not since the 1976 Cincinnati Reds had a team won its first seven playoff games. Big Red Machine, we present Up with Purple. Or perhaps Back in Black, the uniform of choice as the Rockies won their 10th consecutive game behind Matt Holliday's three-run home run and Manny Corpas' cold-hearted, four-out save.

The embarrassment of empty seats and the stench of six straight losing seasons were replaced by a Polaroid 15 seasons in developing. The flashbulbs provided evidence of the moment's significance. Denver has a new sports chapter to place among the Broncos' Super Bowls and the Avalanche's Stanley Cups. The Rockies are going to the World Series, facing either the Cleveland Indians or Boston Red Sox, starting next Wednesday on the road.

During the broadcast last night, here was the list of the only 5 franchises to never make the World Series….

Never Played in the World Series
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 1998
Colorado Rockies 1993
Seattle Mariners 1977
Washington Nationals 1969
Texas Rangers 1961

I guess, it is time to cross the Rockies off the list. Go Rangers!

Speaking of Rangers, let us bid farewell to Rudy …Who will I blame now?

Mets brass won't finalize Willie Randolph's staff until Texas hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo's contact expires at the end of the month and he can be pursued. But the Mets' 2007 coaches are largely expected to return, with the exception of Rickey Henderson, who was viewed as an interim hire once Rick Down was fired at the All-Star break.

Jaramillo was a finalist for the Mets' managerial job that went to Randolph. That would raise eyebrows considering the organization let Randolph squirm for 48 hours before confirming he'd return for a fourth season as skipper. But those who know Jaramillo believe he's content as a hitting coach and doesn't have managerial ambitions now. Jaramillo is taking his hitting-coach responsibilities with Texas seriously, too. With his contract not set to expire until Oct. 31, Jaramillo just flew to Arizona to work with Rangers minor leaguers.

Are the Stars serious about Peter Forsberg? …Personally, I don’t think it was anything serious, and I don’t believe he is still a dominant player. There was a time (for many years straight) that I thought he was the best player in hockey. But, I believe his body has been used up. I am willing to keep an open mind, but I think another mid-30’s player who was great 5 years ago is not the best idea ever.

The Dallas Stars, desperate to add some scoring punch to their lineup, are actively courting former Avalanche star Peter Forsberg.

Stars general manager Doug Armstrong and former NHL star Brett Hull, also in the Dallas front office, met with Forsberg over the weekend in his hometown of Ornskoldsvik, Sweden.

Forsberg, 34, is an unrestricted free agent, currently in rehabilitation from off-season ankle and hernia surgeries. He has been practicing with his former Swedish team, MODO, and has not said for sure whether he'll play this season for anybody.
He said he won't play unless his body feels good enough, but the early signs are that his recovery is going well.

The Stars had one of the lowest-scoring teams in the league last season and are off to a sluggish start. Their leading scorer last season, Mike Ribeiro, had just 59 points -- a league low for a top scorer.

Many other teams have interest in the former Hart Trophy winner, and the Avalanche could be one of them. He has indicated previously an interest in returning to Denver, where he still owns a residence.

Brendan Morrow mic’d at practice: Somebody is gonna tear an mcl on that loogie

A solid review of Mark Cuban’s 1st MMA show … I enjoyed it. I think Mark can really compete in this sport. Much more realistic than football…

P1’s were in Norman on Saturday it appears….

This article seems to demonstrate that Texas Tech is more than just a system

On the subject of Arizona offensive coordinator Sonny Dykes and his installation of the Texas Tech offense, there is but one conclusion:

It’s not the scheme, it’s the players who run the scheme.

Tech leads the nation in total offense: 582 yards per game.

Arizona is No. 74, more than 200 yards fewer per game (373).

Texas Tech’s offense, from which Dykes learned and practiced his craft, is No. 3 in scoring nationally. The Red Raiders average a remarkable 50 points per game. Exactly 50.

At Arizona, using the same system, Dykes’ team averages 26 points per game. That is No. 66 of 119 teams.

I have paid considerable attention to Tech this season, watching for as long as possible, whenever possible. What the Red Raiders run, and how they line up, looks identical to Arizona’s offense. Only the uniform colors are different.

Yet Texas Tech has completed 12 percent more of their attempted passes (an amazing 74 percent) and then have thrown for 1,429 yards in the same number of games.
What gives?

The Red Raiders have scored 34 touchdowns. Arizona 19.

Same offense. Different players.

Texas Tech has a 55 percent conversion percentage on third downs. That’s No. 2 nationally. Arizona: 34 percent. That’s 91st nationally.

Changing offensive coordinators at Arizona sounded wonderful and was a brilliant marketing concept. Imagine: the potential for more points, more yards—more excitement—just by hiring a new man to call the plays.

And now we can see, sadly, it’s not the man who calls the plays, it’s the young men who run the plays.

Speaking of Tech’s destruction of A&M, I was disappointed that the Aggies’ program seems stuck in reverse and found this Bob’s Blog entry from 2005 that perhaps would be interesting for you to read…

I’ve been writing the same stuff about Fran for 3 or 4 years…

Kent is bored, therefore he made Bob and Dan dance

Real Men of Genius collection found here


Guys -

Gotta question for you:

Seems like the Cowboys have now played a variety of different opponents' schemes and talent levels, but one thing remains the same - we suck ass in the first quarter. The only thing that appears consistent in each game is that Julius Jones gets almost all the carries in that quarter, as opposed to the rest of the game, and is generally not successful. I know many have opined that Barber is the better option and should be the starter. The typical response seems to be that a lot of Barber's success is because of his role off the bench. But, when he's in, he's effective.

Having said that, instead of wondering what would happen if Barber got the majority of - if not all - the carries, why don't we just FIND OUT?!?!?

For all we know, Barber is the best RB in the game. Why just presume that he can't possibly be as effective with heavy first half work? Stick him in there!

Doesn't our recent history of 1st quarter failure warrant giving it a shot? Why are the Cowboys so concerned about doing this? Is Julius' ego that fragile (or even worth losing sleep over)? Will Barber overdose on painkillers under such pressure? What's the big f---ing deal?

Your thoughts? I'll be listening.



Jake, I totally agree. Barber should be the starter. Jones should still play, but the Cowboys should exhaust every option to get a 1st Quarter spark.

Mike Honcho

Chase Daniel appears to do something we shouldn’t do


Jay said...

I keep hearing how we can't start Barber bc that means we'd have to use Julius in the 4th. It's not either/or.

Barber already splits series with Jones in the 1st quarter. Just start him on the 1st 2 series and Julius then second 2. That's it.

I do think we need to keep Barber fresh and that wouldn't give him too many carries. I just think he can give an early spark Jones can't. And yes there haven't been holes early on but if anyone on this team can make -2 yards +4, it's Barber.

I think this could help us get points in the 1st quarter and I think if the Cowboys O gets on a roll early it's church against most teams.

Popsicle Stick Chick said...

WTG, Gribble! We are discussing this on the BaD Radio Forum here.

Jay, Christi and Andrew said...

Wow, deadspin called you guys hosers and posted a link to the site! You can't beat that kind of publicity. This really made that whole game worth it!