Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Caught in the Crossfire

I very much enjoy sports. I also very much enjoy the human attachment to sports. Heck, if anyone has allowed themselves to become emotionally attached to sports over the years, I would say I am quite guilty. But, I thought you would enjoy a side item or two that resulted from the Cowboys loss on Sunday.

First, I have people accusing me of rooting against the Cowboys for Packers’ gain (Corby).

Please allow me to defend myself, because this is absolute crazy talk.

Besides professional decorum, let’s take a quick look at reasons that I would be pulling for the Cowboys to beat the Giants:

1) A win would then allow me to attend the NFC Championship game, as well as broadcast from the endzone during the pregame show for 3 hours as the stadium comes to a boil.

2) I would be assured of attending my first Super Bowl. I was going if the Packers made it, and I was going if the Cowboys made it (to broadcast live from a Super Bowl Sunday), but if the Giants make it, I will watch it on my couch in Lewisville, Texas.

3) I get paid by the game in the playoffs. The more playoffs, the more checks. Not a big reason, but I am trying to build a case here.

4) I am a Tony Romo fan, and have been since Day 1. His hometown and my hometown are 42 miles apart. He is already just about the greatest professional athlete born in Wisconsin EVER! The Heidens, Nick Van Exel, Matt Kenseth, Mike Webster, Latrell Sprewell, and Bob Uecker may disagree, but I think Romo is quite likely the at the top of the pile of my home state. A starting NFL QB who is already a Pro Bowler? Trust me, I never wish anything but the best for my homeboy.

5) And, deep in my heart, I have believed that there was a rematch waiting for Green Bay and Dallas. And as a Brett Favre homer, I will tell you that I thought he had a reasonable chance to break the 0 for Texas Stadium streak. Talk about a fairy tale for the old man, win in Dallas to go to the Super Bowl? It may not have happened, he may have gotten hammered like he did in November. Now, we will never know.

So anyway, I think those reasons would answer why I wanted the Cowboys to win, but some people just want to believe that I cannot juggle my job and my hobby, and in this week of bitterness and tempers running hot, I accept being a target from the Cowboys fan.

But, the Packers fans? That’s right. Even though I had not heard a peep from Cheeseheads all year, below are emails I received from these guys, who also are mad at me. It appears the theme from them is that I want the Cowboys to win and I have become “a trader” according to one drunk.

This all despite the fact that I have been quite forthcoming about my football allegiance, by writing essays like this , getting tattoos like this , and naming children after Quarterbacks, I still have to hear that I have sold out to the Cowboys.

Ah, good times:


Don't even try to latch onto the Packer bandwagon now that your beloved Cowboys have choked away the number one seed and home field advantage. You made your bed and sold your soul to the evil empire and King Jerry. You don't get to have a second team. I guess that you anointed Tony Romo as the next Brett Favre-well he's got a ways to go yet. There is only one Brett Favre. I lived in Texas for 29 years and just moved back to Wisconsin in July and am laughing my ass off at all of the Cowboy weenies. I never sold my soul and allegiance out like you did. Have fun watching the rest of the playoffs and discussing why the Cowboys choked. We may not make the Super Bowl or we may make it and get drilled by the Patriots, but at least we are still playing. Have a nice offseason.



Don't root for Green Bay next week we dont want you. He was so Romo.
Choke 2 years in a row. Later clown




I've been waiting all year to say this to you. How can you as a so called Packer fan be such a Cowboy homer?

After you remove your temporary Dallas Cowboy tattoo off your arm that was covering your Packer tattoo all season, I guess now you'll be rooting for the Packers?

You and McDowell can now please stop calling that choker Romo a "Jedi". In all of my years of watching football (41 years) I have never seen a so called elite QB panic, choke and loose his cool like Romo did in the 4th quarter. You think maybe Jerry Jones is rethinking the 67 Mil he paid this choker? Now the Cowboys are stuck with this loser and choker for how many more years? Cowboy fans better get use to adding year after year after year of not winning a playoff game. Even my beloved 49ers (as pathetic as they are) won a playoff game in 2002.

I will be rooting for the Pack this weekend because I think they will be a better representative for the NFC but I hope you will have a little dignity and not say too much about the Pack (you turncoat). You should have your Green bay Packer fan card burned and have your tattoo lasered off.

Last but not least I have been a Ticket P1 long before you even knew the Ticket existed. Now maybe I can listen again without turning it off when George and Junior and Corby and Norm and you and McDowell and all of the rest of you hosts that had such a sickening Cowboy SUCKFEST going all year.

I wonder who the Cowboy fans will blame for this loss since Jessica wasn't at the game? I wonder if she will drop old Romo like a hot potato? Maybe she will take up Strahans offer to date her now that Romo is back down on earth where he belongs.

HOW 'BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you at Ticket Stock,


So, some Cowboys fans are mad at me because I wanted the Packers to win, and some Packers fans are mad at me because I wanted the Cowboys to win.

Don’t sports bring out the best in all of us? A referee once told me that he knows he is being objective if both sides are mad at, I must be doing ok.


Garrett to stay or go?

When Jason Garrett didn't accept the Ravens' head coaching offer and left team headquarters yesterday, the Dallas offensive coordinator likely opened the door for Philadelphia Eagles secondary coach John Harbaugh, a league source said.

While the Ravens are still making a run at Garrett and are continuing to negotiate with him, the team understands that landing its top candidate might have become more difficult because he is being pursued by the Dallas Cowboys and the Atlanta Falcons.

According to the source, the Ravens are ready to hire Harbaugh as head coach over the next couple of days if Garrett is unavailable.

Harbaugh, 45, was the only candidate interviewed by the Ravens who was neither a coordinator nor an assistant head coach. He became the Eagles' secondary coach after spending nine seasons as the special teams coach.

Considered the dark-horse candidate, Harbaugh impressed the Ravens' coaching search committee with his energetic coaching style and charismatic personality. A finalist for the UCLA job last month, Harbaugh is the brother of former Ravens quarterback Jim Harbaugh.

The Ravens aggressively tried to hire Garrett yesterday, meeting with him for seven hours at team headquarters. But Garrett left for a second interview with the Atlanta Falcons, who have already offered him their coaching job, according to the NFL Network.

The Cowboys are also in the hunt to keep Garrett as their offensive coordinator. According to a league source, Dallas owner Jerry Jones made a counteroffer to match the contracts of the Ravens or the Falcons.

"I'm going to continue through this process that I'm in right now," said Garrett, 41, on leaving the Ravens facility. "At some point, we'll make some decisions on both sides."

If he leaves, what is the plan? …Ray Sherman?

Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones has only so much recourse when it comes to keeping Garrett. Jones has already pronounced Wade Phillips as his coach in 2008 even after his team's disappointing playoff loss to the New York Giants on Sunday.

Jones can't guarantee Garrett would be the Cowboys' next coach because it would violate the league's Rooney Rule that states a team must interview a minority candidate for a head coach position.

Jones, however, can make Garrett one of the highest-paid offensive coordinators in the league. Washington offensive coordinator Al Saunders makes $2 million. Phillips makes in the $3 million range with the Cowboys.

A "Will he stay or won't he?" tale won't be part of Sparano's future.

Sparano flew to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on Tuesday to meet with his former boss, Bill Parcells, now the Dolphins' executive vice president of football operations, and Miami owner Wayne Huizenga for a second interview. After arriving, Sparano had a 2 ½-hour dinner with Huizenga, Parcells, new general manager Jeff Ireland and Dolphins president Bryan Wiedmeier, The Miami Herald reported.

Sparano's initial interview with the Dolphins was conducted Jan. 5 in Irving by Ireland, the Cowboys' former vice president of college and pro scouting.

Since Parcells joined the Dolphins, Sparano has been considered the front-runner. Miami has also interviewed Minnesota's defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier, Baltimore defensive coordinator Rex Ryan and Tennessee defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz.

But when the Dolphins fired Cam Cameron, Ireland said compatibility would play a big part in their new coach. Sparano fits that requirement more than any of the other candidates.

Sparano, 46, was on Parcells' original Cowboys staff in 2003, serving as tight ends coach for two years before being promoted to offensive line. In 2006, he served as the play-caller for the first time and the Cowboys scored 425 points to go with a 1,000-yard rusher and two 1,000-yard receivers.

Garrett, 41, took over the play-calling duties this year, and the Cowboys scored 455 points and finished ranked No. 3 in the NFL in total yards, with seven offensive players picked for the Pro Bowl.

Phillips' staff in 2008 could look vastly different from his first should he lose Garrett and Sparano. Secondary coach Todd Bowles, linebackers coach Paul Pasqualoni and defensive line coach Kacy Rodgers have expiring contracts and have been linked to Miami because of their ties to Parcells.

If the Cowboys need a new offensive coordinator, wide receivers coach Ray Sherman would be a logical in-house candidate. He was the offensive coordinator in Minnesota (1999), Pittsburgh (1998) and the Jets (1994) and has an excellent relationship with receiver Terrell Owens.

Off season idea list from the FWST

Free agent needs

Wide receiver: Randy Moss, Bernard Berrian and Bryant Johnson as well as Drew Carter could be had.

Quarterback: Brad Johnson likely won't be re-signed, and that leaves practice squad player Richard Bartel. Do the Cowboys sign a veteran to back up Tony Romo, or develop a young player? Josh McCown and Quinn Gray will be available along with Ken Dorsey, Cleo Lemon and Jamie Martin.

Free safety: This position depends on whether the team can re-sign safety Ken Hamlin. He signed a one-year contract with the team last spring, and he's going to cash in. Big. He'll be 27, and is coming off a Pro Bowl season. If he's re-signed, this position is settled.

Cornerback: Drayton Florence of the Chargers is a possibility.

Running Back: The Cowboys don't want to rely on Barber to be their only featured back if Julius Jones departs. That leaves players such as Michael Turner of the Chargers, whom Wade Phillips liked when he was in San Diego. Derrick Ward, Vernand Morency and Chris Brown are other options.

Free agent list

Unrestricted free agents

RB Julius Jones: Didn't run better than his robot years with Bill Parcells and lost starting job in the playoffs. Not expected to return.

LT Flozell Adams: Pro Bowler is coming off successful 10th year and Jerry Jones has
hinted at re-signing him.

FS Ken Hamlin: Made the Pro Bowl and upgraded a weakness. Re-signing him will cost Dallas big money.

CB Jacques Reeves: Started 13 games, but team might seek a better solution for their third corner depth.

CB Nate Jones: Made one great play (hit on Brett Favre), but in same situation as Reeves.

S Keith Davis: Might look to move to Miami, New Orleans or Baltimore if Jason Garrett becomes head coach.

Restricted free agents

RB Marion Barber: Cowboys will match other offers and he could get a long-term deal as the new starter.

DE Chris Canty: Great strides establishing himself as a disruptive force this season.

LS L.P. Ladouceur: Remember a bad snap? Not from this guy, whose value is tremendous.

RB Tyson Thompson: Benched as kick returner, but is another team willing to give up draft picks to sign him?

Exclusive rights free agents

G Joe Berger: Limited action, but adds to depth and versatility.

DE Stephen Bowen: Provided solid depth on defensive line and made some plays.

C Cory Procter: Versatile player started two games at center as injury replacement.

CB Evan Oglesby: Pickup from Baltimore who played special teams.

TE Tony Curtis: All he does is catch touchdowns (three on three catches).

Looming questions

1. Will they give Terrell Owens a contract extension?

He is signed through next season and due a $3 million bonus in March. He caught 15 touchdowns and drew double-team coverage. Owens has dealt with several injuries the past two years but missed only one game.

2. Will Terry Glenn retire?

He is signed through 2010, but his troublesome right knee could force him out.

3. Is there room for Jason Ferguson to return?

Ferguson is signed through 2009 with a big contract and is coming off torn biceps. The Cowboys signed backup Jay Ratliff after he showed he has starting talent. Backup Tank Johnson is cheap and signed for one more year. The Cowboys won't likely carry all three.

How big a fan are you?

DeSean Jackson declares; Cowboys need him

California junior wide receiver DeSean Jackson said Tuesday he will enter the NFL draft.

Jackson had 762 receiving yards and six touchdowns this season. He also averaged 10.8yards and scored one touchdown on punt returns.

Jackson, 5-feet-11, 172 pounds, has been tabbed at 4.3 seconds in the 40-yard dash.

Jackson had 1,060 receiving yards as a sophomore.

He is projected as a first-round pick in the next NFL draft.

would you leave a coordinator job to become a RB coach?

Major Applewhite, Texas' all-time leading passer and the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Alabama, could be announced as the Longhorns' new running backs coach as early as this evening, sources said.

Applewhite and his wife, Julie, had dinner Tuesday night with Mack Brown and Brown's wife, Sally, at Brown's residence in Austin, where Applewhite was expected to be offered the job by Brown, according to a source close to the Texas program.

A source close to Applewhite said he expects the ex-UT quarterback to accept the job.

Applewhite is scheduled to fly back to Tuscaloosa today and meet with Alabama coach Nick Saban, who has been reluctant to give total control of the offense to Applewhite.

Applewhite signed a two-year contract at $250,000 annually with a $50,000 buyout at Alabama before last season.

Stars returning to earth with a sound loss to the Ducks

The loss drops Dallas to 25-18-5 (55 points), third place in the Pacific Division.

The Stars are now 2-6-1 in their last nine games. Anaheim surges to 25-17-6 (56 points) and takes over second in the division. San Jose, which lost to Phoenix, 5-3, on Tuesday, falls to 25-13-7 (57 points) but retains first place in the division.

Dallas plays at San Jose on Thursday night.

While the Stars need to be concerned with the top of the division, they also need to be aware of the bottom. The hard-charging Phoenix Coyotes moved to 24-20-1 (49 points) with their win against San Jose and have played three games fewer than the Stars.

"I'm worried about us, not anybody else," Stars coach Dave Tippett said. "If we don't start playing better, then it's our fault – not anyone else."

The Stars were clearly overmatched by the Ducks. Anaheim outshot Dallas 36-24, including 19-5 in the second period. The Ducks went 2-for-7 on the power play against Dallas' top-ranked penalty killers, and the Stars went 0-for-3 with the man advantage.

Is Army up for that disaster job in Toronto?

Why not Doug Armstrong as caretaker general manager for the rest of this Maple Leaf season?

Why not pay him well to come in and mop up this mess of a season?

Who is more qualified?

Armstrong, if you didn't know, was fired earlier this season as general manager of the Dallas Stars, partly because he was disliked and mistrusted by Stars players.

He was fired after seasons of 111, 97, 112 and 107 points. He was let go even though the Stars rank only behind the Detroit Red Wings and Ottawa Senators in post-lockout wins by a team. He was shown the door and the team he built is fourth in the NHL.

FC Dallas bids Carlos Ruiz farewell

Carlos Ruiz said he did his best to help FC Dallas win an MLS Cup title during his three-year stint with the club.

FC Dallas traded Ruiz, its leading scorer the last three seasons, to Los Angeles on Tuesday for an undisclosed cash allocation and the Galaxy's natural second-round pick in next year's MLS SuperDraft.

"I'm going to L.A. with my head held high," Ruiz said from his native Guatemala. "I did everything I could to win a championship with Dallas. Unfortunately, it didn't happen."

Ruiz scored 31 goals in 68 regular-season matches with Dallas and added five more in the playoffs, where FC Dallas lost twice in the first round. He is the second-leading scorer in franchise history behind Jason Kreis, who scored 91 goals for the Dallas Burn.

It is FC Dallas' second major deal in the last week, having signed Mexican defender Duilio Davino.

Ruiz debuted with the Galaxy in 2002 and scored 61 goals, including the game-winner in the 113th-minute that gave the Galaxy its first MLS Cup title.

Ruiz will play alongside David Beckham and Landon Donovan under coach Rudd Gullit.
"Every player in the Galaxy is under the same pressure," said Ruiz, who also said Columbus and Kansas City inquired about acquiring him. "David is an elite player. ... It
definitely feels good to join a team with him."

FC Dallas coach Steve Morrow said the trade benefits both parties.

"I think it is the right move for Carlos Ruiz," Morrow said. "I think he's reached a position in which he needs a fresh challenge."

The move opens up about $400,000 in salary-cap space, and Morrow said that FC Dallas is looking at Argentinean striker Claudio Lopez, Davino's teammate with Mexico's Club America, as an option to replace Ruiz.

"It's been presented to FC Dallas, yes," Morrow said. "That's one of the options we are considering."

The coach also didn't rule out players already on the roster, including Jesuit graduate Kenny Cooper, Arturo Alvarez, Ricardinho, Abe Thomson and Dominique Oduro.

Is Cramer changing his tune?

After years of manic rants and crazy antics on live TV, you might think Jim Cramer's shock value has worn off.

How about this for a new surprise? Jim Cramer, sober-minded personal finance guru.

It creates some contradictions. The hyperactive stock picker on CNBC's "Mad Money" has a new book out advising most readers not to buy individual stocks at all. The man who says colleagues called him the "Reverend Jim Bob Cramer of the Church of What's Happening Now" is now patiently investing his charitable trust for the long term.
But is Cramer giving up the props, the sound effects, the temper tantrums and the lightning rounds of off-the-top-of-his-head stock opinions? Has he decided to become the next Jane Bryant Quinn? Not a chance.

His proudest moment of the year is an on-air tantrum in the middle of the summer's financial crisis, a plea to the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to take action.

"He has no idea how bad it is out there. He has no idea!" he told CNBC's Erin Burnett in what's now a YouTube favorite.


Did you guys take any pics yesterday with Blake Beavan in studio? If so, could you post them? Would like to see what kind of look that 19 yr. old was throwing down.
Scott Lawrence

Here you go:

Even More Michael Cera

Michael Irvin – radio guy


Bitterwhiteguy said...

Meanwhile the rest of us are mad at you for letting your domain lapse. ;)

Poncenomics said...

Re: "Packer Hackers"

This is, I'm afraid, the dark side of our current media/internet-crazed world.

Bob gets paid to talk SPORTS on the freaking RADIO and to be entertaining doing it.

So blowhards like Doug, David, and Allen consider it their God-given right to beat him down with pointless chatter that they wouldn't have the nuts to say to his face. Ah, how e-mail and the internet make us all so much braver.

I believe Allen is the one who cracks me up the most. I guess he forgot what a "choker" Favre was back in January of '96. Let's see...Allen has been a more loyal Packer fan than Bob, AND he's been a bigger Ticket P1 than Bob. What's next, Allen. Is your johnson bigger than Bob's, too? Yeah, I remember when I was in seventh grade...

Bob, now you have some idea of what Gordon experiences 365 days a year.

Jay said...

I am tired of the Romo bashing. If he screwed the pooch I would be right there. But did he make Crayton stop his route? If Crayton doesn't stop his route Romo is the greatest Jedi ever.

Did the national media actually watch the game? Romo was on his back every play. And this is elusive to tackle Tony Romo which means several guys were getting through. The o-line let this team down and coaching did as well.

See how great Peyton or Tom Brady look when 3 guys are getting through the line and hitting them on every play.

TheDude said...

No more Cowboys +
No more Greggo-inspired Fun With Real Audio +
Lack of a Number Two on the Hardline =
Segment filler with Forced Humor around Bob-Bashing.

I turned it off mid-segment.