Friday, July 18, 2008

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Ron Artest: Callin' all ladies

'Tis Friday. That means it's the end of the guest blogging period for the faithful fill-ins. For those just tuning in, it's been Brad C. and Mark from Uwe Blog all week filling in for Bob Sturm, who graciously lent the keys to the 1961 Ferrari. Brad C. and I were like Ferris and Cameron. I think our goal initially was to approach 70 percent of Bob's awesomeness. I hope we accomplished that.

See, we should never turn a blind eye to the Dallas Mavericks. Always something up their sleeves. When we thought that Gerald Green was the team's foremost off-season signing, it turns out they've offered power forward Brandon Bass and guard Jerry Stackhouse to the Sacramento Kings for Ron Artest.

The kicker: The Kings want Josh Howard. And the Mavs don't want to give him up.

This is a move I've been recommending for two seasons. What's a great way to get more athletic and tough in the backcourt? Trade for a guy who is completely freakin' nuts.

I have a theory about the Mavs. You know that the forest service and whoever controls national parks start contained forest fires because it replenishes the area so much after a fire. I don't know how, but I know it happens. Really, to make the forest better you have to burn it down. That's what the Mavs need. They need a devastating forest fire to happen (which sounds bad initially) to get to some point of regrowth.

This trade would allow them to get out from underneath Stack's dead weight and provide them a legit top 25 player to not only score but just give Manu Ginobili, Kobe Bryant and Tracey McGrady fits. He's mean, angry, self-absorbed and doesn't like anyone. But he may be exactly what this team needs. As for Bass, he's too much of a tweener: Too small to consistently cover bigger power forwards, but too slow to consistently cover small forwards. He's a career bench guy unless he can get on some hybrid small team like Golden State.

As for Howard, I would heavily consider it. Howard just as much of a headache and distraction. Just less violent because he smokes so much weed.

If anything, Artest burns it all down and the Mavs can start anew.

‘Boys get their house in order early
The Cowboys are wasting no time getting their draft picks signed. A full week before training camp they are starting to get quite a few of their picks under contract with Thursday’s signing of fifth-round cornerback Orlando Scandrick. Former Boise State back Scandrick has speed, let’s hope he can cover, too.

Don’t forget the Cowboys first-round pick was a cornerback, Mike Jenkins who was one of the nation’s premiere shutdown corners at South Florida.

Now add to that the already solid Terence Newman and Anthony Henry. Oh yeah and some dude named Pac-Man, excuse me, “Adam” Jones might play as well. Can somebody say “Super Bowl”??? -Brad C

Crash: In Arlington, still

First off, Chris Davis isn't going anywhere. So much for those threats from Ron Washington.

Those crazy Texas Rangers are back tonight on the road in Minnesota. These next two weeks will be vital for the Rangers and GM Jon Daniels. It's nine games all on the road against the Twins, the White Sox and A's. Three nice home teams, two teams between the Rangers and the wild card. Talking playoffs is very premature, but it's not something to ignore.

The Rangers have put up two months of solid, well-played baseball. It could crumble in the blink of an eye, but until that time, we must consider them a team to reckon with. They are a mere 6 games back of the AL Wild Card and only 1.5 games out of third in that race. Honestly, I would consider the A's, Rays and Yanks as shakier propositions compared to the Rangers. Especially with the A's firesale continuing.

A 5-4 road trip would be great. A 6-3 road trip? Get out of town. It's fun to root for the Rangers.

Sports-Sturm is pleased by this...
Following last year's wildly successful outdoor "Winter Classic" in front of 71,217 at Buffalo's Ralph Wilson Stadium, the NHL has announced they are doing it up again for the 08-09 season. This year's event will take place between the Blackhawks and Red Wings New Year's Day '09 at Wrigley Field. Yes, outdoor hockey at Wrigley. Gotta say I'm interested. -Brad C
"The NHL is delighted to bring its most historic rivalry to one of the most historic venues in sports," said NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. "We thank Rocky Wirtz and John McDonough for their vision. We thank Mike Ilitch and the Red Wings for their cooperation. And we thank Mayor Daley, in advance, for the warm welcome we know the City of Chicago will extend to our newest tradition.

Watch out for the Superstar!
She's hot, she's opinionated, she doesn't take pets seriously(?) and eats more Banquet TV dinners than anyone on the planet.

She's JoJo the Superstar!

Sound interesting? Sound wheels-off? She is!!

She's also the newest correspondent on the Ben and Skin weekend show so do yourself a favor and check her out Saturdays on the Ticket! -Brad C

Ferris, Cam

In honor of Brad C.'s brilliant joke yesterday

The theme for the week

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