Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tuesday Morning Mail

Let’s call today’s blog a fresh supply of email:

Why isn't anyone questioning the Galarraga fiasco that happened earlier this year with the Rangers?? Can this team really just drop a pitcher for nothing that can play in this league...and he go somewhere else and be sporting a 3.00 ERA and has won 7 games already and nobody really notice? I really don't understand how this happens with my team all the time...why do pitchers always go elsewhere and all of the sudden become a useful pitcher??

Kevin L. Stone

This one makes me crazy. However, it is a fairly cheap 2nd guess since none of us said a word about this guy when he was in the organization, nor did any of us say a word when the Rangers bid Galarraga a quiet “adios” back in spring training. As memory serves, this was a move that was made to make room for Jason Jennings, in which they had to decide who to part with in the Scott Feldman, Luis Mendoza, and Galarraga trio, with Galarraga’s age of 26 working against him. Of course the better move surely was to pass on Jason Jennings anyway, given his absurd 2007, but I digress.

Anyway, it does add to the pitching talent evaluation around here, which must include Chris Young (who the Rangers thought they were “selling high”), John Danks (who the Rangers thought was not “as ready” as Brandon McCarthy), Edinson Volquez, and to go back further, a guy like Doug Davis.

I am no baseball expert like Newberg, Hindman, Morris, or Grant, but I can do simple math and tell you that those 5 might make up a rotation where for $11 million dollars, you could look forward to a quality start most nights – precisely what Vicente Padilla is making this year. Or, I could get over Doug Davis, and we could use a guy more recently involved, like Justin Duchscherer. Duchscherer, Young, Danks, Volquez, and Galarraga total cost in 2008 for a rotation? Around $5 million dollars - TOTAL!


Just a quick ask sports Sturm, where can I find a video of the Nolan Ryan and Robin Ventura fight? When I was young I was, and still am, a huge Nolan Ryan fan. I had news paper clippings and other memorabilia from the incident but to date still have not viewed it. Plus I’m a huge P1 man. I recently moved to Mexia from Lewisville and have a hard time getting the signal way down here but luckily I have an AT&T wireless card to catch you guys online, but don’t mind going the extra mile to listen to my bad radio brethren. Keep up the good work homes.

P1 Matt

This is one of the toughest videos to find on the internet. In fact, after 30 minutes tonight, I will give up and turn it over to those who hate their jobs enough to ignore their duties to continue the search. So, have at it. And send me your success stories…

You mentioned that Anthony Henry wouldn't be good in the box..but Ken Hamilin (the hammer) is big enough and good enough in run support to be moved to strong safety he is more of a strong safety anyway than free safety. Put Anthony Henry as a the new free safety and have Tnew ,Pacman and Mike Jenkins as your top 3 corners ….(sounds good to me)


I agree. Hamlin is a natural Strong Safety. Henry would be fine as a free Safety. Problem solved. Isn’t this easy? Just don’t let Roy play in coverage.

What must the Stars do to make themselves more competitive with both Detroit and whatever the Ducks and Sharks will do to improve.

Do they need more speed, another skilled forward or more brute? Also, isn’t there an expected rule change that will limit the amount of padding goaltenders can use? If true, who/what teams would be most expected to be impacted like that?

Jonathan L Davenport

Honestly, I think the Stars are a pretty good team as they are presently constituted. If I were to make some moves, I would address a few things: Namely, backup goaltender and Right Wing. I think with the cap situation and the acquisition of the Brad Richards contract, they will try to do it for a very cheap price, but it certainly appears that the most likely possibility is to move Modano up to Richards wing full time, and to try to grab a Checking line center in free agency (Craig Conroy?). I would prefer that they address the winger up front with a nice sturdy player like Andrew Brunette, but he will cost money (3 years/ 12 million?).

Truth be told, I believe they would like to fill out their ranks with more of the kids. James Neal and Fabian Brunnstrom are both thought to be capable of spots, with Neal thought to be that abrasive, net-crashing type that is always in short supply.

I don’t anticipate anything too crazy, but let’s see if the Stars are ready to make another bold strike to the rest of the improving and quality Pacific Division, or if they would like to “keep the powder dry” which is the most over-used cliché the organization uses these days.

Hey Bob and Dan, first of all I love the show, especially the what's on my tivo and the discussions about good documentaries. I've heard you discuss the volquez/hamilton trade the last couple days and how so far it is win/win, but overall and ace is more important than an offensive star. No doubt that is true, but there is something you aren't discussing that will probably make this argument moot. The Reds manager, Dusty Baker has a history of being "old school" and allowing his young pitchers to throw too many pitches.

In 2002, before Baker got to Chicago, Prior, age 21, threw about 116 innings. Then in his second year, 2003, he threw 211 innings. Soon after the injuries started, and he hasn't pitched since 2006. Wood was averaging about 160 IP/yr until 2002, when the previous manager got him over 200 innings. Baker also had the 26 year old throw 211 innings. Now he's their closer. Wood cannot be put on Baker, but the reality is that the Cubs went to the ALCS that year, so those #s are not complete. I don't have the #s on this, but I'd also wager that their pitch count/game was much higher with Baker. Some people may lament the old days, but the teams that allow their pitchers to go 110 pitches/start and hold back in preperation for the playoffs (sometimes teams don't have that option) have pitchers that give them better performances and longer careers. More of this trend can be seen in CC Sabathia's post season performances after huge inning years. It is sad of course that Volquez will pay for this stubborn man's inability to study his sport, but in any case, the Rangers will look like the winners.


This is the type of email that makes my job easy. I cannot add much to that. Nice one, Matt.

Hey BaDD radio,

Listening P1 here just stating that you guys are great, I've had a new job the last 3 months that has taken away my precious BaDD listening time, I don't get to listen to you guys very much lately, but today is great, I'm off early and about to head home with you guys blasting through the speakers. I've listened since I was a 10 year and moved here back in 2000, thankfully college starts in the fall, and I'll be back to you guys, I promise. Your show has been like the cute girl in high school, when I started I was attracted to the older, hotter girls(hardline, musers) but as time went by, I realized that those bimbos were just a cover, they really meant nothing to me, but you guys, the cute braces, glasses wearing girl i used to cheat off of in math, you were always there for me.

Thanks for all that you guys do,

P1 Mike

Thanks, my brother. We aren’t hot. That is true.


I am worried about the Stars future. I have been a die hard Star's fan for the last 10 years and when Ribeiro was signed to a long contract I thought it was a good move. But after seeing his so called " great puck handling" in the playoffs, I am worried that his poor play will haunt them. He seems like he is turning into the JJ Reddick of hockey, great when he's alone, but when he gets pressured, He Sucks! What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks ,


Mitch, forgive me for saying this: But you are high. Mike Ribeiro is a stud. Of every player in the NHL that made the playoffs but did not play in the Stanley Cup Finals, Ribeiro had the most points. He led the Stars in scoring. He centered their top line, and he was keyed on by the opponents best defensive grouping. He had more assists than any forward in the NHL not named Sidney Crosby in the playoffs. He was also easily ranked in the Top 15 in the NHL in scoring during the regular season last year, tied for 12th with Martin St Louis and Marian Gaborik.

To put it another way, only 4 Western Conference players had better scoring seasons than Mike Ribeiro. Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Jumbo Joe Thornton, and Jarome Iginla. That’s it. And he is signed for the next 5 years at just $25 million dollars. What a signing by Brett Hull and Les Jackson. If he was free right now, the price is easily 7 years, $45 million.

So, I would say, no. He doesn’t resemble JJ Reddick, and no, he doesn’t suck.

Hi Bob --

I have a question for you -- why is it that all of y'all at the Ticket are so high (pardon the pun) on Josh Hamilton but were so quick to jump all over Andy Pettitte? In my opinion, a guy who takes HGH a couple of times, admits to it, and asks forgiveness deserves at least as big a break as a guy who is out of baseball for a couple of years and during that time was addicted to cocaine and bounced a check to his crack dealer, and now that he's back he has to have a babysitter with him everywhere he goes and have his urine tested every third day. I understand the anti-Yankees bias, but how about we tap the breaks on canonizing Josh Hamilton -- please?

Thanks for the time --

P-1, Kelly Young

Well, for one thing, he doesn't need a babysitter, but he recognizes he has demons so he welcomes one. Some people like personal trainers, some people like babysitters. Asking forgiveness to cheat versus being addicted to drugs seem like two totally different things, no?

I can't totally tell if you are being smart or not here, but if you honestly don't see that this story is a bit more extraordinary than Giambi or Clemens or Pettitte trying to cut corners to win, then I guess we will have to agree to see it differently.

Hey Bob I was wondering if you could give me some encouragement on learning to play guitar. I have wanted to learn since I was 18, now im 36 and still havent given it a real shot and think it is really cool your learning to play. I guess im just wondering if you though it would be harder to learn or you found it much easier as you got more familiar with a chord or two. Anyways I never listen so stay hard


Sean, I would say this: Picking up a guitar has been as enjoyable a hobby for me as anything I can remember. It makes watching sports at night a pleasure as I work on songs during the many down-times of a baseball game. It also seems fairly easy to see gained improvements in your game if you stick with it. I learned the open chords first (A, C, D, E, G, Am, Dm, Em) and then just added a few others along the way.

Then, with google to search for chords of any song I like, youtube to search for lessons of songs I like, and many friends who play the guitar for advice, I would say it has not been too difficult. I have never taken a lesson (and likely sound that way!), but I am more than pleased with how far I have come since last August when I started. Rock on.

We keep hearing aboot (haha) the wings drafting, but what about the Stars? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but don't we have several of our own? The 3 rookie blue liners, #35, #9, #10, #21, #26?, #29, #39, #17, and crombeen? And now add Brunnstrom (kinda sounds like Bob Sturm, if you reach). I think we are set up very well for several years, and am I wrong to think that a lot is due to our own development?

Baby arm

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

I think they are getting better. But, the difference between the Avalanche, Red Wings, Ducks, and our Stars is simple: Goal scorers and difference makers. Colorado has Stastny, Hejduk, and Svatos - Detroit has Pavel, Franzen and Henrik, and the Ducks have Perry, Getzlaf, and Kunitz. What do those trios all have in common? Draft picks by the team that all scored at least 20 goals for their teams last year. And that is significant, why? Because, the Dallas Stars have not drafted a single 20 goal scorer since Brenden Morrow in 1997. Just 20 goals. Not one.

From: Geoff

This is great - someone basically took Mack's first 10 years at Texas vs. 113 years of Aggie Football....
National Championships:

MB: 1
Aggy: 1 (1939)

Top 5 Finishes:
MB: 3
Aggy: 2 (1939 & 1956)

Top 10 Finishes:
MB: 5
Aggy: 10 (last in 1994)

Bowl Wins:
MB: 7
Aggy: 13 (2001 Galleryfurniture.com Bowl vs. TCU, most recent)

10+ Win Seasons:
MB: 7
Aggy: 11

Consecutive 9+ Win Seasons
MB: 10*
Aggy: 6 (1990-95, Slocum)

Consecutive 10+ Win Seasons:
MB: 7*
Aggy 4 (1991-94, Slocum)

First Round Draft Picks:
MB: 13
Aggy: 26 (Warren most recent, 2003)

Top 10 NFL draft picks:
MB: 7
Aggy: 12 (Adams most recent, 1994)

Top 5 NFL Draft Picks:
MB: 5
Aggy: 7 (Coryatt most recent, 1992)

Heisman Winners:
MB: 1
Aggy: 1 (John David Crow, 1957)

Heisman Runner-Ups:
MB: 1
Aggy: 1 (John Kimbrough, 1940)

Doak Walker Awards:
MB: 2
Aggy: 0

Maxwell Awards:
MB: 2
Aggy: 0

Davey O’Brien Awards:
MB: 1
Aggy: 0

Thorpe Awards:
MB: 2
Aggy: 0

Butkis Awards:
MB: 1
Aggy: 0


Why no criticism of Donny Nelson? I know he’s good to the media, and treats you guys at The Ticket oh so nice, but look at this team. I’m personally tired of Cuban getting the blame for these Maverick decisions. I heard Nelson on The Ticket airwaves a year ago saying “we need a post presence …a guy who can get us easy baskets.” Norm says the Mavs might go after Big Baby Glen Davis, then Norm defends the Mavs for not getting him saying stuff like “Oh Big Baby can’t defend the paint well, and he’s out of shape, blah, blah, blah.” So the Mavs select Nick Fazekas!!? What! I’m not saying Big Baby is anything great, but Nick Fazekas? C’mon man. A guy who can’t make the team? Mo Ager…gone, that 7’-5 russian stiff…trash and gone, now Fazekas (who was trash) is gone. The Pistons have been good for years and they get Rodney Stuckey (who can play), so having a low pick doesn’t mean anything when you know what you’re doing. Nelson gets a pass because he hit on Dirk and Josh. Well wupda duckn’ foo. When is he going to get some blame for this mess? Now they want Diop back? Why did they get rid of him then? Jerry Jones, John Daniels, even Doug Armstrong got kicked around about bad drafts, but not Nelson…no criticism at all. This team suxs and he should have got kicked out the door with Avery. Where’s his criticism, man?


This is a very fair question, and one that I am getting more and more. The fact is that Donnie Nelson has had his fair share of misses in the last several years, and the Mavericks could really have used some of that young talent to replenish the supply house.

But, the question is not, “is he perfect?”. Because no GM is capable of that standard. The question is how does he compare to his contemporaries. And this is the important thing to think about. I simply ask you this: How many General Managers in the NBA can claim responsibility for acquiring to NBA MVP’s from the enormous heap of humanity? I am not talking about picking first in the draft. I am talking about getting Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash when many other teams could have had them, and then helping to develop their careers into the players that they became: NBA MVP’s. Not one, but two. Then, add finding Josh Howard late in the first round of a draft where many studs like Zoran Planinic, Ndudi Ebi, Troy Bell, and Reece Gaines were taken first.

So, would I say that he is perfect? No. But, I will tell you that around the NBA, Donnie Nelson is thought of as the guy who discovered Dirk and Nash, and truth be told, many NBA lifers have made careers on a lot less than that.

This concludes a really long mail bag. Enjoy your Tuesday.


Flaco said...

Boooo to that Mitch guy.

Ribeiro is 100% certifiable Grade-A Bad Arse Mother $%^&er.

Watch the games.

I thought the winter/spring of 07 might be a fluke, but he did it all last year with Brenden at his side. They are greatness together.

Michael said...

Hiss to that Geoff guy. I think every t-sip knows that VY should get the credit for the national championship. Mack Brown should get credit for his players' (current and former) arrest records. He should also be credited with stunting VY's growth in the pros. If either of those continue, there will not be many high draft picks in the future.

Jake said...

Understand the use of italics but it is kind of an arsewhip.

Good mailbag Bob. Geoff, if you need a DeLorean, I can probably find you one on ebay. Scoreboard times two.

Go Rangers, cloud .500

Lance said...

Ahh, it must mean that college football season is on the horizon when we see the aggy bashing start. It's definitely going to be another long season down in CS this year too as they battle it out with Baylor for the Big 12 South basement. Good times.

Fake Sturm said...

Wow that list is pretty embarrassing for aggy. What about moral victories, where is that category? Thank God its almost that time. Come on Rangers, keep us entertained for 2 more months.

Ribby emailer is a moron. He had to have been doing a bit.

Lebron a Mav in 2010?

Cody said...
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Cody said...

Ryan/Ventura fight


You'll have to wait til #1 at the end

TroyA said...

Cowboys will never get rid of Roy Williams because that is Jerry's boy. At least Roy can cover Jerry's shadow when he is kissing his azz!!

EmmittW said...

If it wasn't for the Nelsons, the Mavs would be nothing even close to what they are today. The only mistake that Donny made was to agree to hire a micro managing, egotistical little foot soldier who choked more times then a nappy haired ho swallowing the big one in the playoffs.

Craig said...

Here's the link to the fight its the last one.

CottonMcKnight said...

What happened to the comments?

Joe said...

Read that idiot, EmmittW, and you'll probably find your reason why. What a dumbarse.

CottonMcKnight said...

Oh...too much skimming, not enough reading...and yes, quite the educated comment indeed.

Michael said...

It was not from this thread. There was a highly unfortunate comment on today's (July 2nd) blog entry that hit the trifecta of bob's personal life, racism and granal grex.