Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week 4: United Sits 14th?

As we follow the Big 4 in England, here is the recap of Weekend 4…

In the first Big 4 clash of the season: Liverpool 2, Manchester United 1 ??? is Surely a misprint! Rafa Benitez had never beat United, and now with Torres and Gerrard both non-starters with injury, the Reds had no chance. But, with new found wing play, and with some very spirited battle in their bones, Liverpool raised up and beat a United team that was due to eventually lose at Anfield. For crying out loud, it had been 2001 since their last defeat at Liverpool… Gary McAllister, anyone?. United looked very dangerous early with their initial goal from Berbatov to a wide-open Tevez in a pass from one 30-million pound transfer to another, but Liverpool deserved all 3 points in a match that really got my Saturday off to a very fine start.

Arsenal 4, Blackburn 0 as Arsenal played a very quiet match in terms of build-up, but thumped the normally very frisky Blackburn when the Gunners visit. Adebayor netted a hat trick and the Gunners quietly continue their campaign that has many thinking they will not measure up, but they surely are able to destroy anyone in their way on any given weekend.

Chelsea 3, Manchester City 1 in another match where the first goal lost. Robinho lives at City, and his free kick beauty was something that sent the home crowd into delirium, but, Chelsea systematically pulled City apart as the day went on, including a clinical display from the normally over-rated Frank Lampard. I must admit, he was class on Saturday. The real interesting item in this match as it ended was the controversial Red Card for John Terry. If it stands, he misses the home clash with Manchester United next Sunday, so I am quite sure there will be a full appeal. And honestly, he was not the last defender back when he pulled down Jo. A tough call, and you would hate to see Chelsea’s talisman out of that match.
After 4 Rounds (for everyone but United):

Chelsea 4 Games Played: 10 Points (2 Points Dropped)
Liverpool 4 GP: 10 Points (2 PD)
Arsenal 4 GP: 9 Points (3 PD)
Manchester United 3 GP: 4 Points (5 PD)

Next action is next weekend, but all 4 have Champions League Dates this week, too:

Champions League:

Sept 16: Liverpool at Marseille (France) 1:45 – Setanta
Sept 16: Bordeaux at Chelsea 1:45 – ESPN 2
Sept 17: Villareal at Manchester United 1:45 ESPN 2
Sept 17: Arsenal at Dynamo Kiev 1:45 - Setanta


Sept 20: Stoke at Liverpool, 9:00 am, Setanta
Sept 20: Arsenal at Bolton, 11:30 am, Fox Soccer
Sept 21: Manchester United at Chelsea, 7:30 am, Fox Soccer Channel


Andrew said...

Yes, 14th place after playing one game less. That one game was at home to Fulham, which i think is safe to assume would be 3 points, giving us a total of 7 and would place us in 4th.

After 3 games last year we only had 2 points, and we all know how that year ended up. I can remind you though just for fun, DOUBLE CHAMPIONS. So now we have double that amount, I would be afraid, very afraid.

About sat, congrats on the win. You celebrated like it was the champs league final after being gifted two goals. Way to go. Hold onto that.

MK said...

Re: the first picture
You'd think a guy with four arms would go into a sport where he could use his hands.

chipsyqueso said...

Always nice to beat ManU, especially the way it happened after getting down 0-1 early. It's going to be a special year for Liverpool.

Matthew said...

Scouse logic suggests you lads won the title three games's on!

Premier League Titles

Manchester United: 10
Liverpool: 0