Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Helping Kill Off Your Work Day

sleeping_on_the_jobHere is something for you – pick one or more of the following to help get you through the day:

• Mike Hindman told me about this webpage when I told him I wanted us, here at Inside Corner, to construct a complete and easy to read Rangers Contract page – complete with arbitration/service time listings and payroll. Mike’s answer “Scott Lucas already did it”. And, he did. Check the link. It is awesome and worthy of a bookmark.

• Last week, the Dallas Stars Postgame Show (Bob and Dan) visited with Stars General Manager Les Jackson for nearly 30 minutes. If hearing about prospects, draft spot, roster building, Marty Turco’s work load, and a whole lot more, then this interview is for you: Give a listen to the full interview here . I think it is a good listen for those who are a bit bummed hockey season in Dallas has come to a close.

• Here, courtesy of Deadspin, we see the awkward meeting last week between Lebron James and Alex Ovechkin . I consider this awesome to see – it is clear that Lebron has no idea who Ovechkin is.

• And lastly, with the Nascar boys having left town, I wanted to give you a chance to hear the wonderful visit we had with Darrell Waltrip last week. It is on our 1-hour “Best of the Week” BaD Radio podcast . Waltrip told us about the two freakiest wrecks of his career, which I have since found on youtube for your enjoyment/terror:

His Daytona Practice Crash in 1990

His 1991 Daytona Pepsi 400 Crash

There. There must be something on there that should interest you. I mean, you are at work. Good Day.

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