Thursday, April 30, 2009

NFL Draft Junkie: Youtube Scouting

I greatly enjoyed Dane Brugler's breakdown of the 2009 Dallas Cowboys draft class on Monday. If you haven't read it, it is worth your while. You may not love the Cowboys draft plan, but you need to know more about them then simply calling them "11 dudes I have never heard of and the Aggie QB who wasn't very good". You will not impress your friends with that.

With that in mind, I thought it might be good for those of us who are not NFL scouts to turn to one of our great teaching resources so that at least know what everyone is capable of before we all meet in San Antonio in the last week of July.

I already posted the only Jason Williams video I could find. Not much there for the Cowboys first pick. Let's just say the 3rd rounder is not exactly a youtube sensation at this point.

I also assume you are familiar with McGee. I don't mind the pick, but I am not going to base anything moving forward on his fairly wheels-off college career.

Let's focus on the other 10 players and see what we can find:

So, here is Round 3 (#75) Robert Brewster, OL, Ball State, 6-4, 325 lbs.

They show him here at Right Tackle, and the Cowboys have indicated he likely looks like a Guard at the NFL level. Based on the last 6 OL taken in the last 4 drafts (is the best one really Doug Free?) he has a low-bar to reach.

Next, let's examine the two OLB edge rushers that both project to being able to put some heat on the QB eventually. First, Round 4 (#110) Victor Butler, DE/OLB, Oregon State, 6-2, 250 lbs who had 12 sacks last year to lead the Pac-10:

And, someone you may be more familiar with: Round 4 (#120) Brandon Williams, DE/OLB, Texas Tech, 6-5, 250 lbs, who had 13 sacks with Texas Tech.

By the way, I would like to confirm any and all of these sack totals that everyone is throwing out, but having spent 30 minutes trying to find an official sack leaderboard from the 2008 college football season, I am ready to give up. If someone wants to post a link at the bottom, be my guest. I couldn't find it. I get the feeling the NCAA doesn't officially recognize this stat.

This is Round 5 (#143) DeAngelo Smith, CB/S, Cincinnati, 5-11, 195 lbs. This is where my feeble mind is confused with all of this information. For instance, at almost 4.6, he is a slow corner. And yet, everyone, including this video, raves about his return ability. I always thought speed was a key part of returning.

Here is Round 5 (#166) Michael Hamlin, S, Clemson, 6-2, 215 lbs. I like plenty of his game, but am obviously suspicious when so many safeties are taken before him. But, who doesn't get excited about a Hamlin-Hamlin safety duo?

Not sure you want to watch a highlight film for a kicker, but the Cowboys did take Round 5 (#172) David Buehler, K, USC, 6-2, 227 lbs. Brugler's profile had this:
Eugene Monroe, Michael Oher, Herman Johnson, Larry English, Aaron Maybin, and Robert Ayers. What do those players all have in common? They all bench-pressed LESS than kicker David Buehler, the first kicker drafted this weekend, at the Combine who put up 225 lbs. 25 times

How is that even possible? Anyway, he wore a mic for a USC practice, so that is the best youtube could do for me:

Round 6 (#197) Stephen Hodge, LB/S, TCU, 6-0, 235 lbs. Brugler mentioned his bowl game, so I was able to find that very tape. Looks like another potential edge guy, who will no doubt be a special teams demon.

The only thing I could find on Round 6 (#208) John Phillips, TE, Virginia, 6-5, 250 lbs. was his interview on media day. Nothing worth watching, but if you are really bored...

Round 7 (#227) Mike Mickens, CB, Cincinnati, 6-0, 185 lbs. Very interesting guy who looks like he is skinny, yet up for a fight on the corner:

Last, but not least is Sooner HR hitter - Round 7 (#229) Manuel Johnson, WR, Oklahoma, 5-11, 190 lbs.

Of course, I think his most memorable highlight was when Major Wright lit him up in the bowl game:

So there you go. A record for youtube videos in one post. Enjoy killing off the rest of your work day.

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