Thursday, February 11, 2010

800 Pound Gorilla Anyone?

So Tonight is the first game since the big trade went down involving Kari (CAR-ee) Lehtonen. The 26 year old goaltender that was moved to the Stars for top prospect defenseman Ivan Vishnevsky and a fourth round pick in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft.

What I find amusing is that now that the Stars have three goalies, and in theory two number one's What will the mentality be of Marty Turco as his contract season winds down? And trust me I know that Joe Niewenduyk had a great conversation with Marty and expects Turcky to handle it like a pro...But how in the world do you expect this guy to play when he gave his entire NHL career to this organization and now the writing is in big bold letters in front of his stall??
For Marty, I hope that the Stars can find him a place to go, at some point everybody needs a change of scenery and sometimes that's what it takes to get your mojo back. He gave a lot to Dallas an although he didn't win a title, he was a great goaltender. Don't forget he did win in college, he helped his Michigan Wolverines win the 1996 National Championsip. So he didn't win a cup in Dallas, but doesn't it take a team to do that? How may cups has Roberto Luongo won? Just asking.
My point being is now with the 800 pound gorilla here and sitting in the room on a team needing a big win to stay in the playoff hunt tonight in Calgary. Tell me how is his mental state going to be cooperating with him this evening? About as much as the cruel world of sports cooperates with the ending of a great athletes era.


Iamaspecialbruin said...

I hope he gets traded to Chicago, he can be on a really good team and the Stars get something nice in return to rebuild with.

Rene said...

why is everyone hoping for Turks to go to Chicago?

I mean, I get that the Hawks would want him, but if we have any say at all in his destiny we ship him to the East.

Marty's inconsistent, but when he gets hot he's really really really good.

Also, why do I have to struggle to keep from drawing parallels between his career and Jose Theodore's? Or JS Giguere's?

Thunderpuck said...

WOW Did Turco come through in a BIG way. Not only would he have had a shutout tonight (if not for Morrow picking the corner on him) but Turco then shuts out Phoenix 2 nights later.

Am I the only one that thinks Turko still has a Cup in him?


also, donchya' hate having to sign up with blogger or google in order to post a reply here? is that really necessary Bob? pow-pow.