Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Phoenix Suns Tattoo Report

One great thing about being a "free agent" blogger (which is another way of saying I am currently unemployed as a blog institution) is that I can take a nice break after the Mavs and Stars are done and before the Cowboys begin.

But, what if I wake up and realize I haven't done a Phoenix Suns Tattoo Report?

My Suns report is very unimpressive. I really thought they would do better than this, but it appears that they have one of the least inked teams in the league. Amare, Richardson, Frye, and 2 dudes I have never heard of.

As usual, my findings are done in a hasty search through google, so if I have something wrong, help me get it right.

Enjoy. And click on any "Y" to see a picture of their tattoos.

Phoenix Suns Tattoo Roster
Louis AmundsonN
Leandro BarbosaN
Earl ClarkY
Jarron CollinsN
Goran DragicN
Jared DudleyN
Channing FryeY
Taylor GriffinN
Grant HillN
Dwayne JonesY
Robin LopezN
Steve NashN
Jason RichardsonY
Amare StoudemireY

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Click on the "NBA Tattoos" Tag below to see all of the teams completed.

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