Monday, July 26, 2010


I bet you are wondering if I am still into blogging. Well, honestly, I haven't completely figured that out. I do love to blog, but it has to fit properly into this thing called life. So, I really scaled back in the spring, and have now scaled back again as it pertains to blogging for other people (read: for money, but also for required amounts of work). Last week, I told SBNation and the Stars that I would rather stop blogging for the time being.

So, what do I do now? Can you expect the same Cowboys work I did last year? Can you count on me to offer you commentary on the events of the day? Can you expect lots of blogs on English soccer that very few of you will actually care about?

I don't know. Sort of. Sometimes. Probably.

Family and Job are first and foremost. Golf is then added when it fits. That means this little thing must fit where it fits and that means when the little voice in my head convinces me to get to my keyboard. But, even then, I find Twitter scratches some of that itch.

I hope you continue to come back here, but I cannot promise that I will always keep my end of the bargain, so I can hardly insist that you keep yours.

Anyway, thanks for the support, and let's see where this goes. This week will likely have plenty of blog stuff.


Dylan said...

You know what I've missed, Bob? I used to come to your blog for a daily digest of the sports news. Sometimes this just meant a few links and sometimes it was a treatise on the game from the night before.

Either way, I felt like I got my sports day started off right.

A said... it bad that this entry kindof scares me a little bit?

Good luck with whatever it is you end up doing with your new-found free time, Bob!

trebla said...

I no longer live in the DFW and I like the relevance of your writing to my favoreit teams. I would love to hear your rants on BaD radio but of course I cant always listen online due to the aforementioned distance problem. I love your opinions as a fan but not a fanboy and thats a huge problem in the "spoiled" DFW where Cowboys history, Mavs last century, Stars relevance and well the Rangers (well those fanboys are popping up) ruin most sports fans.

you have all the rights and reasons for laying off the keyboard, but you will be missed. Subscription blog?

Eric Swayne said...

"And once again, Golf takes priority over the blog..."

Bo said...

Only Bob would do a post like this, then go live with two more blog posts in the next HOUR.

southwick said...

Seeing that Evan Grant left to go get paid at, maybe the ticket could give you a little incentive for keeping the blog running. This is where I come after every Cowboys game.