Wednesday, October 10, 2012

First Quarter Passing Charts Wrap Up

Believe it or not the first quarter of the season has already came and went, and with it we have had some story lines.  Witten coming back from injury, Ogeltree's big first game, and Bryant's rather quite season in both the stat column and off field antics.  Sadly as intriguing as these sound it hasn't all been rainbow and sunshine for the Boys.  They sit at 2-2 coming off their bye and yet we speak as if they were 0-4 and that's what will happen when you're predicted to be a top contender and one of the wins is an ugly win at best.  Enough of about that though lets take a look at the top four passing charts.

Blue is a completion. Red is incomplete. Yellow is a touchdown, and Black is an interception. The passes are lines from where Romo released the pass to where the pass was caught.
Dez Bryant2126912.8380
Going into his third year we all hoped Dez Bryant would finally live up to his potential.  Hearing good things about him in camp and hearing him say himself that he is done being a distraction had all signs pointing to this would be the season for Bryant.  Then one phone call to the police later showed everyone that nothing has changed or most likely won't ever.  Even so he is having a slower start than seasons of the past, why might this be?  My theory is the Jerry Rules are holding him back.  Dez is the type of player that feeds of his own ego.  He needs the spot light to make the spot light.  I think all the stress on him on just being well behaved is taking more of a hit than what is believed.  In short you need to let Bryant be his dinosaur.  Looking at his chart its obvious on which side of the field number 88 favors and who Romo is going for if he needs a deep pass.
Jason Witten211689.0231
Jason Witten had us all in a scare during the preseason with his spleen injury.  Then putting us all in shock to see him back on the field for the Giants game so soon after an injury that for some would miss half the season.  It looked as if maybe the doctors were right when saying he should sit with his first few games being less than note worthy.  Scoring his first touchdown and not having a single drop though against the Bears showed that he may have gotten over them.  Only time will really tell though.  What I gather from Witten's chart is that his long game isn't anything to write home about, but then again so far this season neither is the Cowboy's.
Miles Austin1830016.7493
Out of the top four I'm willing to say Miles Austin is having the better start.  You may not hear his name very often, but it seems like when you do it matters.  Leading the team with receiving touchdowns 3 and yards 300 he is already half way to meeting last season (keep in mind his season was cut short to 10 games due to injury).  What I think is the most spread out of the charts so far, lots of cross patterns help that out.
Kevin Ogletree1722113.0402
Kevin Ogletree entered his fourth season as a Dallas Cowboy in what feels like his rookie year.  His "break out" game helps this argument.  With what looked like to be a convincing fourth receiver is slowly turning into another one game wonder.  Fingers cross right now, but I see him getting lost in the shuffle if the others figure their game out.

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