Wednesday, March 25, 2015

GBL Teams

Team Bob Jake TC

Lori Petty - Point Break    
3-24-15    Irv Cross                           
3-25-15  Cousin Sal    
Mr. T                                        
Uzo Aduba-Crazy eyes OITNB      
Amy Schumer – comedian                                       
Jesse Plemmons – actor Breaking Bad and Friday Night Lights     
Hannibal Burress – comedian       
Jack Huston – actor, Richard Harrow     
Jack Handy – Deep Thoughts     
3-11-15 Will Leitch - Founder, Deadspin       
Jason Williams – white chocolate, NBA player  
Mike Judge - Creator, Beavis and Butthead     
Golden Tate - Best person ever      
Michael Schur - Creator, Parks 

Team Dan Don Mino

Avon Barksdale - Wood Harris  
Erik Estrada      
John Stamos   
Ben Stein    
Ron Hassey   
Joan from Mad Men
Donald Ray Pollock
Weird Al    
David Alan Grier-in Living Color    
Ted Lange-Issac from the Love Boat
Tisha Campbell-Gina from Martin 
Kel Mitchell – actor Keenan and Kel 
Milana Vayntrub
Lawrence Wright – author

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