Monday, June 13, 2005

If you thought Game 1 was boring...

Spurs make Pistons look silly

They would be a great football team: Rangers win every Sunday

Injuries catch up, FC Dallas smoked in Chicago

Pocono, hard on tires, easy on Carl Edwards …Video Games credited for win…

I checked my email on Sunday Morning, and saw this one from Jason:

I hope you learned your lesson tonight. Quit paying money to see this clown. I know his sound bites are great for the show you do, but why do you keep giving this convicted rapist, clown your hard earned money? He is a freaking joke. He couldn’t beat McBride, he basically quit, and is a loser. An F-ing bum. He needs to give it up and you and all the other morons need to quit lining his pockets with the 50 bucks you throw down for PPV. Its ridiculous. I mean its your cash and you earned it so you can spend however you want, but come on. How can you look at yourself in the morning? You just gave this spare 50 dollars. You wouldn’t roll up to the stoplight and hand the homeless man at the corner a fifty would you? Then why give it to Tyson? Go take that 50 bucks and buy your wife something nice.


Sorry, Jason, but to me this was worth every stinking penny. I am not here claim to that Tyson’s fight on Saturday is for everyone, but for me, it was the end of 20 years of that dude entertaining me. At one point, there was no bigger fan of his than me, and then I think I found him so tragic that I could not look away. But I look at it like this: You wouldn’t watch a long movie, and then turn it off before the end, would you? I invested lots of cash in this guy over the year, buying probably every Pay-per-View he ever had. I was not going to stop now. He never disappointed. I never bought a Tyson Pay-per-View and felt ripped off. Either you had a dynamic performance like a quick knock out of Michael Spinks, or you had him biting off the ear of Evander Holyfield, or you had him losing to someone many thought impossible to lose to. And that says nothing about the post fight interviews.

Sorry, but in this business, Tyson is manna from heaven. Even Saturday, he offered hours of conversation possibilities. He has always left you amazed and at times, speechless. Saturday, against a total spare, Tyson got frustrated like usual, and like usual then tried to break his arm, head butt him, and cheat to win. Then, when that didn’t work, he quit like the dog he has become. It is sad, but hardly a waste of money. Anything but. I have wasted plenty of money on boring fights, and while it might be reprehensible, this was not boring.

So, while I appreciate you keeping my expenditures in your thoughts, forget about talking me out of spending money to see Mike Tyson. I said it before, and I still stand behind it; if he is fighting, I am watching.

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Jim Greene is back! Here, he attended another sporting event as he waits for hockey to return:


I attended the Bombardier Learjet 500 and had a blast as Tomas Scheckter dominated the race from start to finish.

Scheckter's second IRL win was impressive as a Chevrolet powered car easily moved through the field and held off the competition for the victory.

The fact the a Chevy power car won the race is an impressive one considering that Chevrolet will be ending their open wheel engine program with the IRL after this season.

Also, After a 13th place finish for Danica Patrick at TMS, one thing became crystal clear as the fans cheered her on until it was clear that she would not be winning the race....

The IRL has Sam Hornish Jr, who finished second in last night's race, currently is third in the IRL Standings after last night race but he's the only American that has consistently won on the circuit....

Dan Wheldon, an Englishman, won the Indy 500 and currently leads the IRL Points Standings.

Tomas Scheckter, Born in Cape Town, South Africa (Free Nelson Mandela!), won the Bombardier Learjet 500 last night.

Other then Hornish Jr, name another American Driver on the circuit other then Danica Patrick......

I can't either, and that's a problem for the IRL, especially when 14 Americans were in the 33 car field at the Indianapolis 500.

Now, switch our focus to NASCAR, where an American is guaranteed to win every week.

The story lines involve drivers that the public possesses a common knowledge.

For example, Hate it of love it, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has a last name that will follow him no matter what he does in NASCAR.

Roush Racing has dominated the circuit with Matt Kenseth and Kurt Busch winning the last two Nextel Cups.

Jimmy Johnson and Jeff Gordon continue to position themselves to win the Nextel Cup every year.

Clearly, the American motor sports fan can identify their own in NASCAR.

Yet in the IRL, it's a challenge for any of the fans to identify American drivers who aren't Danica Patrick and Sam Hornish Jr.

It's a challenge that should only become more difficult when Hornish Jr. makes his debut in NASCAR in the near future.....

Until Next Time,
Jim Greene

P.S.: Did you guys send Tom Gribble to cover the race?...... It would have been funny for the Monday show to have One South African interview another one....
Also, See if you can spot the 50 Cent reference in this e-mail..... SCOREBOARD!

I did watch this race, and I am sad to report that after further review, I still don’t get open-wheel racing. Too hard to tell which car is which, too hard to pass, too few wrecks, too boring. Sorry.

Now, this from our friend Jeff Bowerman at the Brahmas:

Hi Sports Bob--

Hope things are going well for you at the mighty KTCK.

Our team, the Fort Worth Brahmas, are hosting a series of free summer inline hockey clinics called Blacktop Brahmas. We are conducting 34 free clinics all across Tarrant County this summer.

Here's a link to the schedule of these clinics:

Brahmas Blacktop

I was hoping that perhaps you could post this on your Blog and possibly even mention them in an upcoming Five Minute Major segment on BAD Radio.

Thank you in advance for your efforts.

Take care--

Jeff Bowerman
Fort Worth Brahmas

Go Brahmas.


Anonymous said...

Don't watch the IRL race on tv. Go to TMS to watch it and you'll have a different's definitely not boring.

Greatmondo said...

Hey Bob, did you see Vader on the Wheel of Fortune? Well, looky here, I have a clip!

As far as Tyson, how sad. I hate to see how with these last few fights, there's been a lot of revisionists popping up on his career. If this guy would have held it together, he would definitely be the greatest ever. I'm tired of hearing about how these bigger fighters give him problems.

Who was he knocking out earlier in his career?


Anonymous said...

Jim Greene,

It's hate it OR love it

Anonymous said...

IRL with Danica vs NBA Championship, who wins for most boring? I'm not saying irrelevant, I mean just boring. I enjoy both sports to a certain extent, but good grief yesterday was a total nap day.

On another note: I hope Drese wins every $%#@ start the rest of the year.

Anonymous said...

How about Tyson making a comeback in a few months, except he would matchup against that talking kangaroo from "Kangaroo Jack". During the fight he could throw a few low punches to the pouch, then take a bite of kangaroo ear, then after the fight he could eat the kangaroo's children off the barbee, mate. I'd pay $50 bucks to see that.

big smooth said...


Not to be picky, but you got the link about the Rangers winning every Sunday the same as the FC Dallas getting beat by Chicago....

Sturminator said...

Thanks, Big Smooth. I shall fix that promptly.