Friday, November 10, 2006

I blame the media

Somehow, in this media-driven world, I run an email on this blog about Tony Romo and his love life, and all heck breaks loose. I even said it was just a rumor, and it was just an email.

Nevertheless, Ben runs with it ...

Cowboys QB Tony Romo scored a date with pop star Jessica Simpson, according to "Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket's" Bob Sturm.

Sturm reports the rumor, from sources on his blog, that Simpson's manager contacted Romo's agent because of comments the quarterback made during a recent game. In a "Get to know Romo," segment, Romo was asked his dream date and he answered "Jessica Simpson." They supposedly had dinner last night.

And from his fine work, PTI on ESPN runs it and credits me.

Thanks for the credit, but 2 problems:

1) I still do not know/care if it is true - I simply printed an email on a blog
2) I didn't "report" anything - I simply printed an email on a blog.

This is not how I wanted to get my name in the paper.

Sorry, Tony. All I did is run an email on my little blog. For what its worth, I hope you enjoyed your "date".


BucketHead said...

Hopefully its true since your name is all over the story now

Cap It said...

Is it gay for a guy (Sturm)to set another guy (Romo)up with a girl?

Nice goin' Bob.

Juggo said...

Heh, yeah I was watching PTI when Dan LeBetard reported the story "according to Bob Sturm of Sports radio 1310 The Ticket" and was kind of amused by that. They made it sound like you were some sort of gossip sports reporter who looks into the love lives of athletes and couldn't wait to get your hands on this scoop.

Unknown said...

this little insight into how the media operates is very telling. with little or no evidence they report a story as true. dan labastard.

Gravypan said...

But Dale is part of the ESPN empire. As such, Dan LeBastard's not about to throw him under the bus like he did, Bob.

About what I'd expect from ESPN in terms of journalistic integrity.

Flaco said...

Wow that's funny.

How did it get from here to there I wonder?

Is Bobs blog on Ben Mallers daily reading list?

TPorter2 said...

bgtyma, is that a butchered cliche'? Cream will rise to the top or the cream of the crop? AND last?