Monday, September 17, 2007

Week 2: Cowboys 37, Dolphins 20

Anytime you win on the road, you have to be pleased. Winning in tough environments is essential to be thought of as an NFL heavyweight, and although it is difficult to imagine Miami being a decent team this year, the Cowboys wore them down in their own stadium. Despite wearing the dark jerseys, Dallas looked more and more superior as the game went on.

• Marion Barber is making it difficult on Julius Jones. The easy answer is to say that things are just fine like they are with this 1-2 punch. But, I am not worried about who starts or who gets the first 5 carries in a game. What I concern myself with is who gets the rock when you have a key possession and you have to get down the field. That man needs to be MB3. He runs like a man possessed, and also has speed to get around the corner that looks difficult to defend. Anyone who has been watching would have to admit that he is the better runner right now. It is a long season, and there is a chance this team will need Julius to have some big performances down the road, but for now, Barber has shown his quality is for real. Don’t be shocked if he gets a nice pile of money very soon.

• I really think we should congratulate Flozell Adams yesterday for doing a great job against Jason Taylor. Taylor is the best DE in the game right now, and despite Adams committing a false start or two, he held up well. Taylor had two moments of note; 1) when he was frozen in carbonite as the Jedi Romo danced around him on that play in the red zone, and 2) when he had the banner war with the Cowboys fan. I thought that was excellent entertainment, and the Cowboys fan definitely had some beer muscles. Easy fat man, Jason Taylor could rip you in half. Just because you are wearing a Terrell Owens Jersey doesn’t make you T.O.

• Jacques Reeves is a fighter. Sure, he can be beat, and even Trent Green can pick on him, but I think he is a fine substitute when Newman returns. I just like how he competes. He seems to give you everything he has, and even though he has a target on his back right now, it doesn’t look like it gets in his head, and he is ready for more abuse the next play.

• Owens had another nice day. There was a drop (1st drive of game), and another play that I sure thought that he should have made a catch if you fancy yourself as the best player in the game (1st drive of the 2nd half). Overall though, he is a dominant player who can still not be covered by the opponent for the entire game. The hook-up between Romo and Owens on 4th down for the touchdown was so awesome. You really had to burst out in laughter when they pulled Miami’s pants down like that.

• It sure looks like Wade Phillips has figured out in 2 weeks how to utilize Roy Williams, even though Bill Parcells didn’t try it for 4 years: Put Roy at LB in the Nickel full-time. If my eyes did not deceive me, the Cowboys in the Nickel had Ware, Ratliff, Bowen, and Spencer on the Defensive Line, Roy and Burnett at LB, Reeves, Jones, and Henry at CB and Hamlin and Watkins as your deep safeties. Roy made a few nice tackles that I recall, and a late interception in this package. Perhaps you can have him on the field in passing scenarios, but this is a story we will continue to follow. I guess I assumed that the Cowboys would want Bradie James on the field in those situations, but they sat him for Roy yesterday. I still am bothered by Roy seemingly never getting to the QB on the blitz, but this is better than having him deep.

• Speaking of Jay Ratliff, I am concerned about whether he can hold up all season. He is just a small DT at 298, and that makes him an odd option in the 3-4. But, it is the only option they have, so here is to hoping that Jeremiah can hold up. His quickness worked well yesterday, but let’s not forget he was up against a rookie center. And the next time we are butchering the Cowboys for their drafts, let’s remember that in 2004 they got Reeves, Patrick Crayton, and Nate Jones in the 7th round, and then Ratliff in the 7th in 2005. Not too bad, really.

• Tony Romo is the man. There is still no doubt. And, even though on this blog we have been saying Romo is a Brett Favre cover band since last October, it looks like the national media has picked up on it. He makes it up on his own on plays, and then you hear how Jason Garrett’s play calling is awesome. Let me tell you something, Jason Garrett is not calling those plays when Romo is improvising. He dances around in the pocket, staying alive for an extra split second and then throws a strike. Also, now that he is comfortable to run for the first down, he is even more dangerous. I know you might get tired of me saying this every week, but this kid is the real deal. No doubt in my mind.

• I swear I was told that Nick Folk could kick the ball deep on kickoffs. Not so much, as it seems like the ball doesn’t get to the 10 yard line much. But he is making his Field Goals, so he’s got that going for him….which is nice.

• Think the Dolphins are wondering why they spent so much time trying to get Trent Green this summer? He is horrible. And while we are at it, I think Joey Porter has had it, too.

• Nice to see Anthony Henry step up. Well done. That was a solid game from Henry, a guy who has a huge check, but is largely unnoticed most games.

• Nobody’s helmet comes off more than Marion Barber’s.

• 2-0 puts the Cowboys right where they needed to be heading into Chicago. This one is going to be a war. I just hate that we have to wait a whole week to see this one.


Darling Daughters said...


Next time you take time off for the Jewish holidays, you've got to give us a replacement that won't skip a day.

For shame, Seabass.

Fake Sturm said...

Tank Johnson sounds like the perfect fit here in Dallas. Ratliff wont be able to hold up against a good running team.

What the hell are the Browns trying to pull. Lets hope that was a product of the Cincy D instead of a backup QB finally getting a chance to prove something.

Hotel Flozell has got to be closing in on the all time record for false starts.

Bob, I guess next time you will have to get a fill-in for the fill-in. Seriously Seabass, you get called up to the bigs and then you bail on a Cowboy Friday. Inexcusable. I put in a vote for the Powerdown next time with his sporty porn blog.

Jay Beerley said...

Did anyone else enjoy T.O.'s celebration? I love commentary like that. Much of what he does gives me tired head, but I liked that.
And personally I think MB3 is able to do his thing because of their time-share philosophy. I say let Jones go this off-season and draft a late first/second or third round replacement and keep up the same thing. Unless Jones will come cheap which I doubt he will.
One last note, the thing that worries me the most about the Chicago game has to be special teams. Hester is a beast and we're not so hot with the coverage. Can't afford to give up yards or even worse, a score.

Brad C said...

I concur, Sea Bass screwed the pooch on this one. Bring the Power-down off the bench next time. Inexcusable.

As long as Marion Barber has that giant hair his helmet will continue to fly off.

Okay I like Moose but c'mon guys when Owens did his GENIUS endzone celebration, I laughed immediately because it was clear, at least to me, what he was doing. Hiding behind the goal post taking secret video. He and Kenny Albert were talking for like five minutes trying to figure out what he was doing. Also, Tony Siragusa makes me want to blow my head off.

K.B. The Cowboys homer nailed this one. It was a bye for the Cowboys. Next week should be great though. Can't wait.

Brad C

Unknown said...

Hotel Flozell has got to be closing in on the all time record for false starts.

Phil Pozderac might have something to say about that.

Observer said...

Trent Green was embarrassingly bad. I was scared by how often he would throw, and the camera would pan down the field to a WIDE OPEN receiver, no one within five yards. And then most of the time, the ball would sail over his head or go out of bounds or whatever. Any decent QB would've had a career game back there.

Last year, it seems like we spent a lot of time making mediocre QB's look like worldbeaters. Kind of like we did with Eli last week. I hope the INT's and the low point total are an indication that we're figuring this out.

The Bears have scored 23 points in two games, with 7 of those coming off an INT return for a TD. I'm confident our offense can put up 20 points on anyone. Can the Bears score that much on us?

Jay Callicott said...

Let's get Keyshawn in here. Why's he on ESPN? I wouldn't mind seeing Keyshawn suit up for one more season.

Unknown said...

^^ him and T.O. would never work