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2013 BaD Radio Podcasts

Our Latest Weekly Podcast: 

Weekly Pod for 12/20/13 - Episode #240 - The Cowboys meltdown against Green Bay, the Jason Witten Show, Kids Are Paying $20 For One Pair Of Socks These Days, the Longhorn coaching rumor mill, Homer Call Of The Week, Sports Movie Of The Month: Christmas Vacation.

The Full Archive From 2013:

Weekly Pod for 1/5/13 - Episode #192 - Cowboys come up short in D.C., the final Jason Witten show of the season, goodbye to a few interns, hello to a few others, Chris Kaman, Ghetto Jeopardy.

Weekly Pod for 1/12/13 - Episode #193 - Monte Kiffin hired as Cowboys defensive coordinator, Best Funeral Ever reviewed, JFF crushes it in the Cotton Bowl, Big Game Brent, Friday Game Show.

Weekly Pod for 1/19/13 - Episode #194 - Initial reaction to the Manti Te'O story, Jaromir "Puff Nuts" Jagr , Chris Kaman show, John Beckwith of the show "Best Funeral Ever", Monkey News, Friday Game Show.

Weekly Pod for 1/26/13 - Episode #195 - Will Bill Callahan be calling plays for the Cowboys, "Waterboy" reviewed, MLK tribute, Chris Kaman's talk is real, GAMESHOW!

Weekly Pod for 2/2/13 - Episode #196 - Super Bowl 27 review, a trip to the 9th Ward, Bobby Hebert, the cast of The League on Radio Row, Super Bowl week bits.

Weekly Pod for 2/9/13 - Episode #197 - Super Bowl Talk complete with Phil Simms AND power outage e-brake audio, Rangers off-season issues, Chris Kaman, PED talk, and a gameshow courtesy of Kevin Turner.

Weekly Pod for 2/16/13 - Episode #198 - Jason Garrett is sounding like Miley Cyrus on salvia in press conferences, Gary Edwards of the "Carter Boys", classic audio from Bob's first time, Shawn Marion in studio, Grapevine Fugitive talk, Chris Kaman show.

Weekly Pod for 2/23/13 - Episode #199 - Josh Hamilton is now trolling the Rangers fan, Ticketstock songs, Monkey News, Meme of the Month: Harlem Shake, Tweetgrubes/Anthony Andro/Kittenface.

Weekly Pod for 3/2/13 - Episode #200 - Tony Romo contract extension talk, Oscars reviews, Jon Daniels, "Die Hard" review, Jere Lehtinen in studio, Craig Ludwig in studio, Homer Call of the Year Winner Brian Snow.

Weekly Pod for 3/9/13 - Episode #201 - Rangers power struggle, Britney Griner in studio, Dan Birthday Fun, Alamo Quiz with Jeremy Lin and Kevin McHale, Last Week's Gameshow.

Weekly Pod for 3/16/13 - Episode #202 - Bill Guerin in studio, An Ode To Cumulus for the sales department from Tom Gribble, John McCaa gets a hotplate from Donovan, Gordon Jago, Game Show featuring Mavs dancers.

Weekly Pod for 3/23/13 - Episode #203 - Marshall Henderson talk, Lance Berkman, Behind The Bit: The Upper Decker, Chris Kaman, young Dan with Mel Hall audio, Monkey News.

Weekly Pod for 3/30/13 - Episode #204 - Brendan Morrow traded, Chris Kaman in studio, Lunchpails from the NCAA tournament, Stars assistant GM Frank Provenzano talks analytics, Walt Goggins, a KT Game Show.

Weekly Pod for 4/6/13 - Episode #205 - Romo extension, Tick Talk, Darvish near perfect, Bobcat Goldthwaite, Bob joins Farrell On The Bench, Rangers Opening Day song.

Weekly Pod for 4/13/13 - Episode #206 - Josh Hamilton's return to Arlington, Scoops Callahan and Johnny Football, Derian Hatcher, Bob with Brett Favre, Screenless.

Weekly Pod for 4/20/13 - Episode #207 - Initial reaction to the bombings at the Boston Marathon, director of "Primer" and "Upstream Color" Shane Carruth, Dirk in studio, Monkey News, Uncle Ruslan audio.

Weekly Pod for 4/27/13 - Episode #208 - Review of Cowboys moves in Round 1 of the NFL Draft, 1st Round Pick Travis Frederick, "Eddie" reviewed, an update on The Year of Dan, Dan's Name Game, Evan gets engaged.

Weekly Pod for 5/4/13 - Episode #209 - A complete NFL Draft 2013 review including analysis, audio, and a call from Computer, Josh Hamilton is not a patient hitter so say the "advanced metrics", The Future of Horse Racing, Derek Holland.

 Weekly Pod for 5/11/13 - Episode #210 - We laugh at the Angels and Josh Hamilton, we celebrate Elvis Andrus by interviewing him, Cleveland News, the Mavs D12 and CP3 dreams, and some Mother's Day Fun.

Weekly Pod for 5/18/13 - Episode #211 - Darvish vs. Verlander, News teases during sweeps, Sean Lee, Donovan meets Ludacris, What Are Atheletes Using Twitter For?, Urban Family Feud.

Weekly Pod for 5/25/13 - Episode #212 - Jon Daniels, Murder  News from Southlake, Dave Cameron of, Dan Game Show with P1 Contestants, Tony Hale (Buster Bluth).

Weekly Pod for 6/1/13 - Episode #213 - Rangers audio, the Tom Grieve show, "Sandlot" reviewed, Dan's trip to Six Flags, Anthony Jeselnik in studio, Donovan and Scoops Callahan meet Seth Rogen, the 2013 GBL Draft.

Weekly Pod for 6/8/13 - Episode #214 - The Tom Grieve show, Bob has a bobcat in his backyard, Monkey News,  Joe Nathan talks pitching and "Ted," the annual BaD Radio Spelling Bee.

Weekly Pod for 6/15/13 - Episode #215 - Trip to the ballpark brings us interviews with Ron Washington and Jurickson Profar, a GBL interview with writer Drew Magary, there is a snake problem in Coppell, we reveal our Summer Bash guest, and Tom has a newsy gameshow.

Weekly Pod for 6/29/13 - Episode #217 - Bob and Dan aren't going anywhere, Bob's birthday celebration including Craig Hodges and Ask Bob Anything, and Vacation Talk.

Weekly Pod for 7/12/13 - Episode #218 - Donovan talks about his vacation in Greece and has a Friday game show. The guys talk to Danny Trejo, Tyler Seguin, and Gabe Kapler. Finally the fellas talk about the amazing cinematic masterpiece Sharknado!

Weekly Pod for 7/20/13 - Episode #219 - Daryl Hannah, former co-host of the Tom Green Show Glenn Humplik, Sweet Brown, EuroTrip, Trey's Bad B Movie Game Show.

Weekly Pod for 7/27/13 - Episode #220 - Jason Witten live in the tent, Do NFL Rookies know the divisions in their own league, Gabe Kapler rips the tent apart, the show takes a trip to Anthony Jeselnik's studio show, Anthony Weiner is in trouble again.

Weekly Pod for 8/3/13 - Episode #221 - Kidd Kraddick's passing, Johnny Football talk, Riley Cooper is "in the news," Dan Cortese, Dan's World (Hey Did You Hear About Piolin?), George St. Pierre, a wedding at Cowboys Stadium.

Weekly Pod for 8/10/13 - Episode #222 - Johnny Manziel investigation and NCAA injustice, Alex Rios acquired by TEX, Ask Donovan Anything, Ask Tom Grieve Anything, Tecmo Trivia Bowl, Danny McCray Interviewed by Drops, Jason Garrett visits the tent.

Weekly Pod for 8/17/13 - Episode #223 - Mickey audio from The Blue Star Network, Jason Garrett or Good Brody or Bad Brody?, Breaking Bad talk, Antonio Vargas, Jerry word vomits about the move to Frisco, Remember The Titans reviewed, Urban Family Feud.

Weekly Pod for 8/31/13 - Episode #224 - The Cowboys "Secret Sauce" will not involve Jay Ratliff for the first six games, Bob trolls Newy masterfully, NFL Films 2012 Cowboys Season In Review, Dan's trip to The New Stajium, Breaking Bad Talk.

Weekly Pod for 9/7/13 - Episode #225 - Babe Laufenberg in studio talking Cowboys and Johnny Football, Homer Call Week 0, Gabe Kapler, Jamie Hector (Marlo), Tom's Gameshow, Breaking Bad Talk Ep. 4

Weekly Pod for 9/14/13 - Episode #226 - Cowboys beat the Giants in Week 1, Christopher "Kid" Reid, Donovan's song for Bob and Dan, Sinbad, Tom Grieve Hitting Challenge, Breaking Bad talk (Episode 5).

Weekly Pod for 9/21/13 - Episode #227 - Cowboys offense falls flat in Kansas City, Johnny Football can't beam 'Bama by himself, Homer Call featuring Copperas Cove, Dallas Stars Head Coach Lindy Ruff, Prank Calls Made With Drops, Breaking Bad Talk (Episode 6.)

Weekly Pod for 9/28/13 - Episode #228 - Cowboys beat up on the Rams, Big Game Brent was down Austin way, "The Program" reviewed, Homer Call Of The Week, James Marshall, Breaking Bad Talk (Ep. 7).

Weekly Pod for 10/05/13 - Episode #229 -Cowboys VS Chargers, Rangers season over, Breaking Bad Series Finale (Episode 8), Return of Fartman, Homer Call, Monta Ellis, Lunch Pails, and Kid from Kid n Play in studio.

Weekly Pod for 10/12/13 - Episode #230 - GBL Payoff Carwash Day, Cowboys come up short in Week 5 against Denver, Michael from The Wire (Tristan Wilds), Frontline: League Of Denial discussed, Rosie Perez, Scoops Callahan reunited with Peyton Manning and Alex Ovechkin.

Weekly Pod for 10/25/13 - Episode #232 - The Ticket debuts a shiny new FM signal, Cowboys come out of Philly with a win over the Eagles, High School football news featuring Aledo, "Gravity" review, Gabe Kapler, NBA/Mavs preview and a Jake game show.

Weekly Pod for 11/1/13 - Episode #233 - Cowboys lose a heartbreaker in Detroit, World Series audio featuring the ghost of Tim McCarver, Varsity Blues reviewed, Mark Cuban in studio.

Weekly Pod for 11/8/13 - Episode #234 - Cowboys hang on for win over the Vikings, Jonah Keri visits BaD Radio in studio to talk Rangers and all things MLB, Sex in Sports a.k.a. The Mavs Dancer Debate, Richie Incognito Talk, Nick Florence live from George's in Waco, Talker Magazine's Heavy 100 snubs Bob and Dan, Waco Fun.

Weekly Pod for 11/15/13 - Episode #235 - Cowboys suffer an embarrassing beatdown in the Big Easy, Lavell Crawford in studio, Jake's trip to New Orleans, Sam Hurd sentencing, BaD Radio Reports: Teens With Broken iPhones, a standout episode of Homer Call Of The Week, and a look at Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

Weekly Pod for 11/22/13 - Episode #236 - Gus Johnson enjoying himself on the Tech/Baylor call, Jake gets engaged, Donovan witnesses some hood rat stuff in New Orleans, a review of the winner of The Most Interesting Sports Talk Challenge, Johnny Hendricks, Tyler Seguin, the Rangers trade Ian Kinsler for Prince Fielder, Homer Call, Gerald Posner, "JFK" reviewed.

Weekly Pod for 11/29/13 - Episode #237 - Cowboys grind out a Thanksgiving Day victory over the Raiders, the story of Whitey Bulger's capture, Prince Fielder talk, Kobe Bryant's extension debated, Stars GM Jim Nill in studio.

Weekly Pod for 12/6/13 - Episode #238 - Iron Bowl talk complete with radio calls of the Kick Siz, Black Friday stories, Dan's Trip to Cleveland, an epic Homer Call of the Week, NFL Talk, and Donnie fun.

Weekly Pod for 12/13/13 - Episode #239 - Dan shaves his head on television, the Cowboys get throttled in Chicago, Bob's trip to Guatemala, Ladies Be Trippin', Homer Call of the Week, Corby's criminal history.

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