Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

In honor of Valentine's Day, here is a below average blog...

Mavericks wonder how the Knicks beat them last month ….

The Mavs returned to the win column by overpowering possibly the NBA's worst team 100-72 Monday night at American Airlines Center, rinsing away the bad taste of a couple of bitter defeats.

Not only did Denver leave the Mavs sitting on a loss for two days, but the Knicks pulled off a shocker last month in New York. The Mavs were mindful of both coming in, and they played like a team on a mission.

"We definitely were," Jason Terry said. "Anytime you get a good performance against the team that previously beat you, it vindicates things. We're just trying to stay focused, keep grinding it out and get better."

It didn't hurt that the sinking Knicks, losers of 10 straight, were the opposition. Already without Stephon Marbury and Jamal Crawford, New York (14-37) is in the running with Charlotte and Atlanta for the league's poorest record.

The Mavs (40-11) rode their outside shooting early. Terry, in the All-Star 3-point contest Saturday, knocked down three from deep in the first quarter. Keith Van Horn added two, and the Mavs matched their season high for 3s in a quarter with six in the first.

The Mavs stretched their lead to 20 in the second quarter and 24 in the third. Dirk Nowitzki, the game-high scorer with 21 points, didn't step on the court in the fourth but did pass Michael Finley for fourth on the franchise's career scoring list.

Vince Young may not throw at the combine now

The agent for former Texas quarterback Vince Young, who stated last month that Young would throw for teams at the NFL combine beginning next week, now says Young may not throw and instead may only interview with teams.

“We want to make sure it’s something we want to do and something that’s best for Vincent,” said Young’s agent, Major Adams.

Found this at Sports by Brooks.com :

VINCE WINCE: Resident bitter football Hall of Famer Deacon Jones to Petros Papadakis of KMPC-AM on former Texas QB Vince Young: "Texas has a chicken-sh-- quarterback, (if I was playing) I'd break his neck. I'll guarantee you I'd break his damn neck."

David Sessions rates the Stars at the break ….

Evan Grant with a chat before he leaves for Spring training …this morning!

Will Ferrell in a Racing Movie ….

Meet Nikolav Valuev, the 7-foot heavyweight ….

For every Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard or Roy Jones Jr., moving about the ring with style, grace and fluidity, there's a Mark Gastineau or Ed "Too Tall" Jones, clinging onto the fringes while offering little to the sport, save for the prospect of exploiting themselves, and the public, in the cheap pursuit of a buck or two.
But the proverbial boxing sideshow has, almost without exception, been just that — relegated to the side, safely distanced from that which would be looked upon as substantive, important, or mainstream within the industry.

Is that in the process of changing? Has one of the circus acts emerged to the point where it is positioned front and center in the landscape of what is traditionally boxing's glamour division? And is it just a pathetic sign of the times in the depressed heavyweight picture?

These are the questions being asked in some corners of the fight game these days, inspired by the rise of a figure who may just be on the verge of boxing's Holy Grail.

Nikolay Valuev is a giant of a man, standing at 7-foot (by most accounts anyway) and regularly weighing in at over 320 pounds. Though many people may not be aware of it, he is currently the heavyweight champion of the world, at least as far as the World Boxing Association is concerned.

The former basketball player from St. Petersburg, Russia, who now fights out of Germany, won the title on Dec. 17 with a 12-round majority nod over John Ruiz, a decision that was hotly disputed by the Ruiz camp and many in the crowd, which had been overwhelming partisan toward Valuev when the night began.

Controversy or not, both his life and career are good for Valuev right now, and with plenty of opportunity staring at him, there is the chance to become a worldwide star if everything goes right from here.

Jussi Jokinen is too sexy for this shirt

If the 'pool is serious about catching Manchester United, They really need to beat Arsenal at home tonight ...2pm and 7pm (replay) Fox Sports World...pray for the Reds...


Anonymous said...

As I despise both clubs, I shall pray to the sweet, clean football Gods for a draw tonight...

Bob, what time can we be at your house for the Cup game Saturday morning? Are you kids up by 6:30am?


Anonymous said...

Please Vince, you have to throw at the combine!!! Remember Maurice Clarrett (sp?) and his refusal to run the 40?

First you drop to the 3rd round, then you get arrested for armed robbery. So please, throw at the combine.

Seriously, would be fooling NOBODY if he refuses to throw and might actually impress enough to stay a top 5 pick. If he doesn't throw, could he drop to middle teens?

Anonymous said...

Arsenal need the points more than your beloved Reds. Noone wants freaking Spurs playing in the Champions League.

Arsenal's away form blows, though, so (unfortunately) 'pool win it 2-0.

(sad music here)

Anonymous said...


That boxing picture has to be photoshopped... it's gotta be!

Another Will Ferrell movie! Looks like greatness!!

Anonymous said...


So it's valentines day, and your gift to us is soccer? Take out your tampon!

Give us some HSO's on Dan McDowell's inability to root for a team, i.e. he is Mr. Apathetic Fan.

Anonymous said...

not throwing at the combine isnt that shocking of a move. most top picks dont participate. i doubt leinart throws.
teams know what they will be getting in guys like bush,leinart and young.

Unknown said...

the fact that teams know what they'll get with Vince is exactly why he needs to throw and try to impress. everyone knows he can't throw...and he's just reinforcing that by refusing to participate. so how can you say that it's a good move (or at least not a bad one) for him not to throw? from a g.m. perspective, i wouldn't be thrilled about the top q.b. prospect casting so much doubt on his own ability.

Anonymous said...

top qb's just rarely throw at the combine, or even go for that matter, at most they hold private workouts. gm's already know about his throwing motion, however he is an accurate passer especially on the run.
i dont expect lienart to throw either, and arent there questions about his arm strength?

Anonymous said...

way back when Vince first declared for the draft, Kiper was saying that he doubted Vince would throw at the combine, just in private workouts

Anonymous said...

everyone knows he can't throw..

Yes, he just had the highest pass efficiency in the NCAAs for the majority of the regular season, completed 2/3rds of his throws, and averaged nearly 3 TDs for every INT. But he can't throw. Dumbass.

Unknown said...

7 yard dump offs...really hard to have a high efficiency. i guess i'm the only guy in the country who doubts that vince will be able to throw in the nfl. homer.

Anonymous said...

He averaged 14 yards a COMPLETION. That's higher than Cutler, Brady Quinn, Cody Hodges, and Matt Leinart. In fact, out of the top 60 QBs last year that's #2 in highest yards per completion. So not only was he one of the most efficient QBs, he also made more yards every time he threw the ball. Line up your facts before you start your jabbering.

Anonymous said...

And you would think that the Vince doubters would have shut up by now... LOL I guess almost single handedly winning a national championship against a team as loaded as USC wasn't quite enough for some people. Whatever...

Anonymous said...

Vince Young talk is as draining as The Dale Hansen Show.

Anonymous said...

Please throw Vince! You can slip to the late first round, the Cowboys can pick you up and I can buy a new gun.

Anonymous said...

but soccer talk is even moreso...:)

chaz said...

That boxing picture is from "Animal Face-Off".

How do you build a small love on this day? Well, you have to start with a big love.
will you be my big Valentine? Sally doesn't need to know.

eric in keller said...

Ahem....I believe I broke the Deacon Jones story yesterday....ahem.

Anyway, here we go.

1) Jay, you are still a moron. You obviously haven't actually watched Vince play all year if you say all he does is "7 yard dump offs". 2nd highest yards per completion in the NCAA - how does that jive?

2) Vince not throwing is no suprise if you've followed the draft before. He has nothing to gain...what he will do is what all top QB prospects do...throw in private workouts for individual clubs. Plus, his agent probably pulled him out because of how well he did in the skills challenge a couple of weeks ago. He proved his accuracy and arm strength there.

3) The only Vince doubters left are a few sooners and the majority of aggys. While the rest of the country argues if Vince is one of the best players of all time, you have football dummies like Jay, saying "he can't throw". And he calls someone a homer. Priceless.

Unknown said...

I haven't been able to find the UT receivers' YAC average yet...but by God I'm looking. Once I find out that stat...you guys are dead.

Anonymous said...

Eric, VY and 'all-time'...that's precious.

eric in keller said...

Anon....I just quote what I hear. There are plenty of national media guys that stated as much. He's the only player to ever throw for 3000 yds and run for a 1000 in the same season. Ever. And he's a Rose Bowl MVP two times over....deal with it.

Jay, don't blow a gasket over it or anything. I know it's your mission in life to bash Vince Young and prove the Rose Bowl was a mirage so that you feel better about being an aggy, but life will go on. If it will make the steam stop coming out of your ears, I hope you find what you're looking for.