Wednesday, February 22, 2006

JUST IN: Gabe Reports!

Our boy heals as fast as he can ...

Kapler was expected to need six months before restarting baseball activities and one full year before returning to full strength. Regardless of his health, because he was released and re-signed by the same team, he is not contractually allowed to play until May 15. If he were ready to play on that date, he would be at least a month or so ahead of projections. Is that possible?

''The truth is, I just don't know," Kapler said. ''I will be smart this time.

''My understanding is that the tendon is not fully mature until a year post-surgery. That doesn't mean you can't be explosive and 100 percent prior to that year. The maturity level of the tendon, what that means, is open to interpretation."
''They were up front with me and tremendously communicative," Kapler said.

Always excellent in the clubhouse, Kapler's presence could be even more important in the absence of Kevin Millar, Johnny Damon, Bill Mueller, and Doug Mirabelli.

''It's probably an accurate statement," Curt Schilling said. ''He was part of that core mix of guys that made this place what it was, the fun environment it was. He's one of my favorite teammates of all time. Having him back is a big deal for us."


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I guess this is good news for any gay Red Sox who will get to see him in the shower.

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Chris said...

I guess that means that the steriods didn't show up on the blood work?

chaz said...

Tatu rocks! Kevin Smith, Gordan Jago, Beto, Kevin Powers, and Doc Lawson are sooo good. The Dallas Sidekicks are awesome! I hope they beat the Chicago Sting and the K.C. Comets this weekend at Reunion Arena.

Goooo Soccer!
Let's see if that get's the Sturminator out of his SPORTZ hole.

Diego used his hand.

Big Daddy said...

Did you really need to post that twice? Get over it. Sturm talks a little soccer, so the "soccer-heads" feel OK talking about it. It's not like people post soccer related stuff when it's not in the blog, so relax, dingus.

If you're sick of soccer now, wait until the World Cup this summer.