Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Make it 12 Straight

This game was far easier for me to predict than the Super Bowl. I said on the show yesterday that the Mavs would win this one easily, and despite a rough few minutes, they demolished the Lakers. This has been a point of contention for the Mavs since December, and they weren’t going to let Bryant beat them last night. Mavs lock down on Kobe and get another easy win…

This night, they held Bryant to 24 points, nearly 12 below his season average and 57 below his season high a couple of weeks ago.

It was Bryant's lowest scoring output since Dec. 23, and he's been held below 24 only six times this season.

"I wouldn't say it was personal," Mavericks coach Avery Johnson said. "We were all just kind of embarrassed by him getting 62 on us in three quarters. We just hadn't played particularly well against them in the first two games. I'm glad we got this game behind us for a lot of reasons."

Adrian Griffin started the game on Bryant, who missed five of his first six shots. Then Josh Howard took a turn guarding him. With lots of help from teammates, they forced Bryant into a slew of tough shots, and his teammates couldn't compensate.
Asked if the defensive focus was strictly on Bryant, assistant coach Del Harris said: "It sure wasn't on Brian Cook."

How did Phil Jackson feel about the officiating

"I thought it was really a poorly refereed ball game," he said. "I know there's a lot of pressure on the refs when they come here because Mark has them review the tapes and send them into the league. These guys are nervous Nellies when they come in to referee in this building. But they have to do a better job than they're doing. That's not acceptable."

Brown and Andrew Bynum were called for the flagrant fouls, and Bryant, Odom and Devean George were called for the technicals.

Bryant smiled when asked about Jackson's late protest.

"You eyeing my piggy bank too?" he said, suggesting he didn't want to be fined by the league.

He paused and then added, "It was cool."

I can’t promise that I believed he would make a great show greater, but it is no longer deniable from where I sit. Forest whitaker is a genius. And the Shield is better for it.

OMG! This is funny My favorite player, Steven Gerrard, gets owned by a 7-year old

FWST John Sturbin previews the Nextel Cup Season 2006

It looks like Manchester United was fine with new FC Dallas Striker Kenny Cooper leaving ….Read: He wasn’t their level of quality…

Catching up with Moneyball

I wish I could tell you that I had a great take on this situation. I am a bit confused, frankly, how a guy could gamble (rock me) his dream life, but Rick Tocchet screws up what might have been a perfect existence …Never a good idea…

Tocchet's stats probably wouldn't quite have put him in the Hall of Fame anyway; now I'd say whatever chance he had just got much more remote. That's a shame. His goal-scoring prime didn't last long enough, but he definitely was a man among men, a guy many of today's players idolized growing up. In 1993, he scored 48 goals for the Penguins, and added 61 assists for 109 points, while spending 252 minutes in the penalty box.
But Tocchet knew his value was as a hard-hitting, fearless, fearsome player who also could score. Without those first three things, the fourth was less rare. He never had a problem paying the price.

Now Tocchet is in another, less honorable situation in which a painful price is to be paid. It just seems so senseless.

It's no revelation that pro athletes like to bet on football and basketball. These are thrill-seekers, young men with lots of discretionary income who like to think they know a lot about sports, even the sports they don't play. It's important to note that this situation apparently had nothing to do with betting on hockey.

But we're not just talking about placing bets here. We're talking about allegedly financing an illegal gambling operation, and allegedly getting into some sort of arrangement with the sort of folks who oversee illegal gambling operations, along with other, much worse things.

Tocchet made many millions as a player, represented by an astute local agent, Steve Mountain. He surely made a decent living as an assistant coach to Wayne Gretzky.

So, who is Rick Tocchet?

Nicknamed "Toc," Tocchet is a native of Scarborough, Ontario, and was a popular player with the Flyers during his two stints with the team. Flyers fans routinely chanted "Toc-chet" when he was on the ice and wore his No. 22 when they attended games wearing Flyers jerseys.

Tocchet, who listed "The Godfather" as his favorite movie in the Flyers' 2000-01 media guide, was especially popular with young fans because of his long dark hair that peeked out from under his helmet and rough-and-tumble style of play.

He was so talented and tough as a player that he is one of only two NHL players - Pat Verbeek is the other - to score more than 400 career goals and earn at least 2,500 penalty minutes.

And Tocchet could make the fans cheer. He scored more than 20 goals in a season 11 times in his career and had two 30-goal seasons and three 40-goal seasons. His best season was 1992-93 with Pittsburgh, when Tocchet scored 48 goals and had 61 assists for 109 points in 80 games.

Unable to win the big prize when the Flyers made it to the Stanley Cup finals in 1987, Tocchet won the Cup with Pittsburgh in 1992. He played in the NHL All-Star Game in 1989, 1990, 1991 and 1993 and for Team Canada at the 1990 and 1991 World Championships and the 1987 and 1991 Canada Cup tournaments.

In his 18-year NHL careers, Tocchet played with six teams, the Flyers, Pittsburgh, Los Angles, Boston, Washington and Phoenix. He played in Philadelphia from 1984-92 and 1999-2002 and became an assistant coach with the Colorado Avalanche on Jan. 15, 2003. This season, Tocchet is in his first season as associate coach for the Coyotes.

Badger plays in Lambeau on ice

I show the following picture because it is hilarious, regardless of who you cheer for. “Baa means no”! Holy Cow…


Anonymous said...

What I really don't understand about the gambling ring is why they didn't do it legally?

Simply bet in Vegas!! Poor slobs like us can't afford to travel like these people can. I've even heard of people who open bank accounts in Vegas and have their buddies make there bets. Surely there was a better way than what these idiots did.

Gretzky should've been nicer to 20's reporter guy--maybe Gribble is the one that turned in his Wife.

Speaking of, my big talking buddy told me that there was NO way the Mavs would cover the spread (10). Gambling is gambling, but obviously gambling on Basketball is just financial suicide. Go mavvwiks!!

Anonymous said...

Last night's episode sealed it for me: The Shield is greatness, if you're not watching this, get off your ass.

Anonymous said...

Last nights episode was terribly telegraphed, but good none the less. Adding Forrest Whitaker has been a true touch of genius. His last 5 minutes last night was greatness on a level that The Shield hasn't seen in a while.


Anonymous said...

A) I'm very disappointed to see the letters "OMG" grouped in that way...

B) thanks for the Gerrard link, dude, it pulled up the web filter at work... classified as PORNOGRAPHY. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I remember Norm having Kenny Cooper (Dallas kid who was released by Man Utd) on his show a couple of years ago when he was about to leave for the UK. Norm was all in a tizzy about how this Dallas kid was about to become the next David Beckham. I tried and tried to call Norm that day to tell him that teams like Man Utd sign DOZENS of prospects every year and then churn them over until they find a keeper (maybe 1 in 500 ever make it).....

Realistic Ken in Burleson

Anonymous said...

Cooper was hailed as one of their better prospects by Ferguson not a year ago. He just was not going to be able to compete for a spot on the first team for awhile with Ruud, Saha, Rooney, Smith, Ole, Rossi all ahead of him. Lets wait and see what he's got before we decided he is rubbish

Anonymous said...

somebody on here said "baaaa means no" weeks ago to some aggies. it was very funny. i can't remember who. come on bob, do you not even read the blog entries?

Drew J said...

Bob hates the P1

Anonymous said...

What, no mention of Kornheiser joining the ESPN MNF broadcast? I guess they needed somebody to interject with comments on the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry.

Anonymous said...

Comments from Kobe after the game last night.....

After Tuesday's night's rematch, Bryant had only advice for the Mavs.

"Screw 'em," Kobe said. "If I'm Dirk or Avery," he continued, "I don't even listen to that stuff."

That stuff is the annual skepticism, derision and punking that specifically greeted these Mavs, this term, as soon as Bryant uncorked those 62 points on Dec. 20.

"Who cares?" Kobe said. "This team, you can tell, makes a much more concerted effort to play defense, and I think that starts with [coach] Avery Johnson. It's clear they have a strategy that everybody's in tune with. That's the big difference from the [Dallas] teams in the past. Until the playoffs, they shouldn't be wasting time even thinking about [national perception]."

I can't stand the guy, but he knows what he's talking about....

Anonymous said...

Kornheiser and Theismann in the same booth? That would make more sense as the radio broadcast team for the Redskins.
The Pokes' Week 2 meltdown against the Skins on MNF would have been unbearable with those homers in the booth. Not that it wasn't already.

p1paul said...

i saw an interview with forrest whittaker regarding the scene in last night's "Shield" where he finds out he's been "owned" by the strike force and he starts tearing up his hotel room.

he stated his motivation for that scene was Dan McDowell whenever Grubes upstages him during a bit.

is it just me or does dan seem agitated that grubes is slowing moving into the no. 2 spot on B.A.D. radio (soon to be B.A.G. radio)

Anonymous said...

oh god, theisman and kornhieser? i will never watch mnf when the redskins are on....EVER! hell, i may not even watch it at all with that joker theisman.