Thursday, March 23, 2006

16 to 8 to 4

To appease Attny Dan, and others who are weird enough to really care what I think will happen in a sport I hardly watch, here are my NCAA weekend picks:

Duke beats Texas to represent Atlanta
UCLA beats Memphis to represent Oakland
UConn over the Shockers from Washington
Nova over Georgetown from Minneapolis

There. Ignorant picks from someone will watch the Mavericks tonight, and the Stars tomorrow night until the last 5 minutes of the college games.


Anonymous said...

thanks bob

Anonymous said...

way to go sports bob,

62-54 LSU over Duke...stick to what you are good at, hockey.

billy said...

SPeaking of BBall - you've got to put that ridiculous broadcast of the end of the UCLA/Gonzaga game on homer call of the week. Maybe not the strongest ever, but you have to give extra credit when someone as stupid as CBS has a national broadcast with a couple of two bit UCLA film ed majors calling the game.

Anonymous said...

^^^yes i agree
that was a homer call of the week finalist

bgtyma said...

3 out of 4 ain't bad Bob. I bet Norm didn't have LSU either.