Thursday, March 30, 2006

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NFL Owners mess with the game …I guess I just don’t get this…

The new rules require players to stay on their feet during celebrations — snow angels are out — and to not use any props. So the Bengals' Chad Johnson, who once celebrated a touchdown by dropping to one knee to propose to a cheerleader, would be hit with a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for that action next season — but only if he dropped to his knee. If he is standing up, the act is legal. Many of Terrell Owens's stunts — from the situps to grabbing a pen to sign a football — are out. But Johnson's Riverdance celebration is acceptable.

If a celebration goes on too long, an official will warn the player to stop. If he does not, he will be penalized.

The limits were requested by player representatives during a meeting with members of the competition committee at the N.F.L. scouting combine. Three teams — Dallas, Philadelphia and Tampa Bay — voted against the limitations.

"I'm looking forward to seeing what Chad Johnson comes up with," Indianapolis Coach Tony Dungy said.

One of the members of the competition committee is Marvin Lewis, Johnson's coach.
Almost all the rules changes favor the offense and scoring, including:

Defensive players must try to avoid a low hit on a quarterback who has his feet planted even if the player is being blocked into the quarterback. That change stemmed from the rash of injuries sustained by quarterbacks in that situation, the best known being Carson Palmer's knee injury during the Bengals' playoff game against the Steelers. Still, the Steelers' Kimo von Oelhoffen, who rolled into Palmer, would not have been penalized on the play because he could not have avoided the contact.

If a runner is ruled down by defensive contact while fumbling, the play is now reviewable. But the call can be changed only when there is indisputable visual evidence of which team recovered the fumble.

The horse-collar tackle rule was expanded to include grabbing the inside collar of the back of the jersey, as well as the shoulder pads.

Defenders may not line up head-on with the center on field-goal and point-after attempts. Defenders must now line up in the gap next to the center.
Among the proposed changes that were voted down:

There will be no communication system in helmets so coaches can relay calls to a designated defensive player; coaches and quarterbacks currently have such a system.
A flinch by an eligible receiver that does not draw an immediate reaction from a defensive player will still be ruled a false start and a stoppage of play will be called. The competition committee wanted the flinch to not be ruled a false start.
"The defense seems to be on the wrong side of many of these," Carolina Panthers Coach John Fox said.

Owners tabled a proposal by the Kansas City Chiefs to expand the number of playoff teams from 12 to 14.

Andy Reid talks T.O….Sort of ….

Asked how he thought Owens would do in Dallas, Reid was brief.

"He'll be all right," he said.

Asked if he was surprised Owens would sign with Dallas, Reid again was brief.
"I had a pretty good idea that they were interested," he said.

Asked if he regretted ever bringing Owens to Philadelphia, Reid again recited a quick answer.

"I don't look back," he said. "I did what I did."

Owens said at his Dallas press conference that he's not the person that he was portrayed in Philadelphia, that there was another side to the story. Reid was asked if he'd ever seen that "other" side of the story.

"I'm probably going to see it in July," said Reid in reference to the scheduled summer release of Owens' autobiography.

Only after the line of questioning moved on to Donovan McNabb, Jeff Garcia, Reggie Brown and the rest of the current Eagles did Reid warm up to the discussion.

Across the room, Brad Childress was a bit more expansive about the top off-season acquisition by the Cowboys. Childress was Owens' offensive coordinator at Philadelphia. He's now the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings.

"He's a phenomenal player between the white lines," Childress said. "He'll probably be much the same as when he came to us in Philadelphia. He'll probably be a good citizen and a very good player. He'll be a model ... this year."

Childress said he expects Cowboys coach Bill Parcells to sit down with Owens very soon.

"I know Bill will probably have a 'get right' meeting with him, tell him what his expectations are, what his rules are," Childress said. "And I think it will go from there."

I am becoming convinced of two things recently:

1) The Dallas Stars are very capable of a Stanley Cup. This is the first time I have felt this way since 2000, but there is no denying it any longer. I think they have all of the pieces in place, now that Willie Mitchell has sealed off the back end in a tense finish as well as anyone since another #2 skated back there. The Power Play is beginning to dominate, and despite the fact that Marty Turco will have to prove it, he has the look of a player ready to rise to the playoff occasion.

2) Dallas does not seem to care. This city seems largely indifferent to the Dallas Stars, despite the fact that no team in the sport has more wins, and they broke the 100 point barrier before we turn to April. I feel it is my duty to bring you up to speed on this, so I will. The Stars are a great story that you should check out before you miss it. I think we may have a World Championship in this town in the next few months, and the smart money right now says it is the hockey team that will win it. But, will anyone notice?

Stars 2, Ducks 1 …and bad blood was spilled. Rematch on Friday night in SoCal…

Stars get a little love in Sports Illustrated

Does continuity breed success, or success continuity?

The Stars this week re-upped head coach Dave Tippett and assistants Rick Wilson, Mark Lamb and Andy Moog through the 2007-08 season to ensure they have their bases covered, whichever the case.

That group has been together for four seasons to date, and Tippett has a record of
135-68-30 over that time -- the best mark among active coaches.

The willingness to reward hard work and on-ice results with security is the backbone of one of the league's best-run franchises.

It's also why teams with their sights set on impending UFAs Jason Arnott and Willie Mitchell would do well not to get their hopes up. Free agents don't leave Dallas unless there's no place for them on the team (as was the case with Ed Belfour and Derian Hatcher). Given that the Stars should have enough financial wiggle room to accommodate both players -- and that the team should be able to compete for the Cup for the next several years -- there's no reason to think Arnott and Mitchell will break that trend.

Adam Eaton down for a while!

This is almost the same injury that tormented Eaton last summer, forcing him to miss more than two months with two different trips to the disabled list.

"Pretty much one pitch, the last pitch I threw," Eaton said. "Similar injury, different tendon. It feels the same, just a different part."

Last year's injury was to a tendon in the middle of the finger. This pain is more toward the base but Eaton didn't like his chances of avoiding an extended stay on the disabled list.

"I can feel the finger, and slim [chance] it is on it's way out," Eaton said.
Eaton, acquired from San Diego in the offseason, faced just nine batters before feeling the tendon bite him on one curveball to Padres outfielder Dave Roberts.

Trainer Jamie Reed and Showalter went to the mound and Eaton immediately left the game.

Asked what his first thoughts were, Eaton said, "Three weeks ... no throwing."

Eaton was supposed to start on Tuesday against the Detroit Tigers but said, "Judging by last year, I'm going to miss more than one start. It hurts just to squeeze the ball. I knew I couldn't put any pressure on it to throw a breaking ball."

Revo says to get Danks up to the bigs now …Wow, dude, I think that is crazy…

Mavs get spanked in Cleveland …nice 3rd Quarter…

James followed Kobe Bryant, Jason Richardson and – oh, yeah – Kobe again as players who have topped 40 points against the Mavericks, dumping 46 on them as the Cleveland Cavaliers danced to a 107-94 victory Wednesday night at Quicken Loans Arena.

For the second consecutive night, an MVP candidate overshadowed Dirk Nowitzki, who scored 29 points but could not will his team to victory. Just as Detroit's Chauncey Billups had one-upped Nowitzki on Tuesday night, James did it 24 hours later.

And so, the Mavericks (54-18) have a two-game losing streak. They also lost consecutive games against Milwaukee and San Antonio before Christmas.

"We don't like losing one in a row," coach Avery Johnson said. "You can only imagine how two in a row feels."

Fun with Steroid Investigations

ESPN's confirmation of Mitchell as the head of the investigation comes after Wednesday's New York Times reported that Selig was on the verge of announcing an investigation into steroid use by Bonds and other players as detailed in the book "Game of Shadows" and that Mitchell's name was being floating around baseball circles as the outside person to head such an investigation.

ESPN has learned that Bonds and any other current player who may be part of this investigation will be allowed to play while the investigation is ongoing.

Selig has been under pressure for weeks to form an investigation. Two books being released this spring accuse Bonds of using steroids, human growth hormone and insulin for at least five seasons beginning in 1998 -- "Game of Shadows," written by two San Francisco Chronicle reporters, and "Love Me, Hate Me: Barry Bonds and the Making of an Antihero" by Jeff Pearlman. Baseball did not test for performance-enhancing substances until after the 2002 season, and Bonds has denied ever knowingly using performance-enhancing drugs

I believe we have an April Fool’s joke on our hands: The Dallas Observer claims Dirk has a CD coming out

Die Hard – The Silent Movie

Good times. Finally, I have been asked for the audio of Alec Baldwin vs. Sean Hannity; Here you go ...


Chris said...

The Dallas Stars not getting any attention is about as surprising as Eaton getting hurt.

I love baseball but some people don't and frankly I don't care. I don't understand why people who love something seem to get all bent because others don't. Just enjoy yourself and stop worrying about it.

Sturminator said...

Surely, Chris, you are not suggesting that as a media guy it is not my job to make fans aware of story lines, right? I think it is my job to offer stories that I think are being missed.

Chris said...

No Bob, it is your job to make fans aware of stories. I don't disagree with that. It just seems more personal than that in this case.

But really, I was speaking in more general terms and not just about you. It just happens that I posted that on your blog. That was my bad.

rentz said...

for me, my disinterest in the stars has more to do with the year without hockey.Before the lockout I was watching atleast 1-2 games a week on tv, and would make it to a few each year.I guess i just lost interest in it, im sure that will all change come stanley cup time when im reminded how great the nhl playoffs are.

And also, why does the nfl feel the need to constantly turn it into an offensive oriented game, seems like all the new rules punish defense more than anything.

AttnyDan said...

Ok serious news Sturminator, where is your story & social commentary about the lack of minorities in hockey? Just saying, this Blog has ALWAYS been about sports and is 99% of the time, very light hearted.

I see Chris' point. Bob, You almost sound like the "we don't get no respect" pro athelete. (Where's the Ava crying drop) Hockey is what it is and I too will get my pants going when the playoffs hit.

Big Daddy said...
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Anonymous said...

Bob did you see Kevin Durant win the McDonald's MVP last night? Biggest bball recruit to UT ever and its not even close.

Fake_eric_in_keller said...

Just FYI, I think Kevin Durant is going to Texas, not Tennessee.

Unfrozen Caveman Greg Oden is also pretty good.

MrSimic said...

Even people that don't watch hockey will jump on the bandwagon in the second (or third) round. I can't believe that you guys wouldn't tune in to a game 7 or a Western Conference Finals or the last-hometeam-to-win-a-championship fighting for another one. So fine, miss the tune ups, but maybe what Bob is saying is that we all know a championship is more satisfying if you've watched more than just one game or one round.

Try to watch a few games before the Stars really get it going. Or not. But, in the immortal words of Mr. McConaughey: it'd be a lot cooler if you did.

cracker1743 said...

Did anyone watch the premiere of Thief this week on FX? It's showing in The Shield's time slot. It's no Sopranos/Shield, but it's pretty good.

And like basketball, I never watch hockey until the playoffs. For me, it's just the natural result of being raised in a football/baseball state. YMMV.

mrowl said...

Bob is right on the mark.

The Stars have a GREAT chance of brining home Lord Stanleys Cup. And I am loving all of it. The BEST trade deadline move by ANY NHL team? Sending Belle packing after doing nothing, and bringing in Mitchell.

Power Play is rocking, defense is rocking, 1st and 2nd line are rocking, and Guerin ?may? help out later, but the addition of Barnes to the 2nd line has really improved their play. I wouldn't mess with it.

The big question. What does Turco do? We will find out soon!

This Stars homer will be breaking out the gay car flag soon.


sturrminator said...

"Ok serious news Sturminator, where is your story & social commentary about the lack of minorities in hockey?"

atty dan,

i really don't like a bunch of lazy minorities screwing up the game of hockey. one can easily see how minorities ruin every activity they get involved with.
i say "keep it white...keep it right"

hey now,


Brandon at GSR said...

Two points:

Dallas will start to care once the Stanley Cup playoffs ramp up. I truly believe it.

Second, what really makes you think we want to listen to two petulant man-child celebrities go at it on the radio. I consider myself a conservative, but I'd rather listen to finger nails on a chalkboard that Sean Insanity.

sturrminator said...


thanks for the review, i missed the premier but am very interested in see it.

i really like the main actor, when i say that i like him i mean in a sexual "leather mask, red ball, rubber chicken" kinda way

hey now,


Luis M said...

man the sturminator is out in force today.

i have trouble getting into a sport that i have not watched all my life. i tried i just cant.

people say if you watch a game live it will change your prespective. but i'm waiting for some free tickets.

kill me.

cracker1743 said...

Keep it right, lazy leather mask?

I think Bob got his tubes tied again, b/c he seems to have gotten hold of some good drugs. Are you holdin', Bob?

Hey now.

mrowl said...

Luis M, all you had to do for free tickets was call Grubes yesterday, they are always giving them away.

And the sturrminator is going for it today.

sturrminator said...


i'm always holding but not drugs...just the 420. waitin' for the good hydro with all the red-hair that i love so much.

hey now,


mrowl said...

next time I will look closer at the user-name.

Luis M said...

okay somebody has logged onto sturm's pc and is posting comments for him.

wasnt dan not a hockey fan that converted. he seems knowledgable now, so i guess it can happen.

if i start watching now, then people will call me a bandwagon fan, give me tiredhead then i'll just tune them and the stars out...

sturrminator said...

"okay somebody has logged onto sturm's pc and is posting comments for him"

actually i'm a transvestite hooker bob picked up last night, he's still asleep so ive decided to go snooping around his efficiency apartment. wonder what kinda cereal he eats, think i'll go find out now.

hey now

sturm's exposed playmate

Jason F. said...

Nice trolling job.

sturrminator said...

jason f,

i beg your forgiveness sweet clean jason. i have blasphemed this message board.

hey now,


sturrminator said...

turd britches

sturrminator said...


nice try with your lower case "s" shenanigans(sp?) nice touch with

i'm the only sturm impersonator on this board. ever heard of copyright laws, one day maybe i'll get a life and get tired of this but until then go find your own message board to troll.

show a little professional curtesy.

hey now


Jay Clendenin said...

coincidence that gordo's corner was about the ticket "personalities" cussing...and bob unleashes bombs?


Anonymous said...

I dont think thats Bob.

Luis M said...

will the real Sturminator please stand up...

so much violence in todays forum, i think i kind of like it.

mrowl said...

I think the wheels have shot off...

sturrminator said...

"I dont think thats Bob"

oh yeah..well i don't think your the real anonymous

Fake_eric_in_keller said...

I think I speak for Fake Sturm when I say that he and I are the original Fakes on this board, so you fake stur(r)minator's can go back in your hole.

Bob's Blog shoots ahead of Yahoo with today's internet traffic.

Fake Sturm said...


The boss makes me do real work for half a day and all hell breaks loose. I know that wasnt Bob dropping F bombs on the blog, was it?

Anonymous said...

Dallas Stars will never get the attention the deserve but I don't care if the City does not notice them. I have been a fan since 94 and will always be a fan. Best sports team in Dallas bar-none!


bobbysmom said...

I always thought Bobby was a little gay when he was a child. He got use to sucking his toes and tried to do a little more if you know what I mean. Bobby, care to mention the hoover incident?

cracker1743 said...

My bad on confusing the troll sturrminator with the Real Sturminator. And apologies to everyone for making Bob drop an f bomb. Frankly, that was embarrasing, and not the answer to "WWJD?"

Anonymous said...

Now that I reread the real Sturminators comments I think they were kinda hurtful and definitely not what Jesus would do. Bob you should not use that kind of language with your good strongs, maybe you could be more specific with your FBombs next time.

sturrminator said...

"Now that I reread the real Sturminators comments I think they were kinda hurtful and definitely not what Jesus would do. Bob you should not use that kind of language with your good strongs, maybe you could be more specific with your FBombs next time"

i'm sorry but that religion stuff is just a radio bit...there is no god, but there is a satan to whom i pray will give me the strength to ask long questions everyday.

hey now,


Sturminator said...

ok, people- for future reference, count the R's in Sturminator! I cannot believe this imposter has so many people drawn offsides!

Jason F. said...

The fact that people did get drawn offsides is the only thing that makes the incident funny.

Fake Sturm said...

I think the funniest part was the real Bob had to go F bomb on that ass. Uncharacteristic Sturminator.

sturrminator said...

"ok, people- for future reference, count the R's in Sturminator! I cannot believe this imposter has so many people drawn offsides!"

hey now, you need to respect my authorotie!!!!

Brandon at GSR said...

"I think the funniest part was the real Bob had to go F bomb on that ass. Uncharacteristic Sturminator."

Hey now, Jeff Gordon broke out of character and shoved a fellow Nascar driver on Sunday.

So anything's possible.

BTW, I have a question for those were drawn offsides by the myriad of fake Sturminators.

When you get an email from PayPal asking you to click a link and submit your checking account information, do you do it?

MrSimic said...

ok, people- for future reference, count the R's in Sturminator! I cannot believe this imposter has so many people drawn offsides!

So Sports Sturm graced his comments section at 8:12am with a response to Chris. Then came "sturrminator" and "sturminator," right? Then we got "Sturminator" dropping the F-Bomb at 12:07pm. Then everyone gets upset that the Real Bob would be so abusive towards his beloved P-1s.

Let me clarify, please.

As I explained in an email to Bob, I would have jumped in earlier but it was way too funny watching you guys spar over this deal. You don't need to create a blogger account to use the name "Sturminator" or anything else. If you click the "other" radio button in the comments window, you can pick any name you want. I just picked "Sturminator" and pointed the optional webpage entry to Bob's real blogger account. You guys couldn't tell, other than checking the IP addy, whether I was the real, the fake, or the triple fake Sports Sturm.

Anyway, good times for the confusion, but to clear Bobs good strong name, I was the "Sturminator" at 12:07. Try it yourself: it might be fun to be AttyDan, Luis M, or that Eric in Keller mofo for a while. Or maybe not.

El Jefe said...

I'm greatly amused by Bob's complaints about how Dallas doesn't seem to care about the Stars as much as he think they should for one reason:

Bob would gladly give us some song and dance about how people don't care and that's why they don't cover it, etc., etc. , if someone were to complain about the same thing for FC Dallas or the Desperados or whatever other niche sport.

Newsflash, Bob: The NHL is a niche sport that's just a little higher on the ladder than the AFL or MLS or any of the lacrosse leagues. You might care, but this ain't 1999 anymore. The Stars' and NHL's time in the sun has come and gone.

Or should we take this as an indicator that you're going to shed crocodile tears for the Desperados if they win the AFL title and are greeted by a collective yawn from the sports fans of the Mighty Metroplex?

You'd have a good reason tell fans of the other niche leagues to buzz off, but as soon as it's YOUR niche league that's getting no love, it's a civic tragedy.

Render unto me a friggin' break.

Wes Mantooth said...

Comparing the Stanley Cup to the f'ing AFL championship is a joke! The history is what makes it a much bigger deal than AFL or lacross, etc. It is still considered one of the big 4 sports. Even if it is number 4.

ChozSun said...

I am the biggest Stars homer there is but is anyone else concern that Stars have won 20% of their games via shootout?

We 'bout ta find out if that makes a difference at all. If the Stars beat the overrate and overaged Red Wings Suck, then don't past go and deliver the Cup to Dallas. If Dallas never has to get through Red Wings Suck, then we will have to wait and see.

Quietly, this a great team and the pieces are there. But their Cup chances are based on two things: playing well in playoffs (ah duh!) and how well the Red Wings Suck do.

Anonymous said...

See what we did, we went and made Bob mad so he's not blogging today!!!

jonbin said... soul fades awaaaay. i am a friggin genius!