Thursday, March 23, 2006

Pick Vince Young

I said it before, and I will say it again: Vince Young is better than Mike Vick. He was in college, and he will be in the pros. Some will say that doesn’t mean much since Vick has had an uneven pro career, but my point is don’t bet against this kid. And PLEASE, do not put more weight on “pro day” than the Rose Bowl!

Vince Young’s pro day

He threw a variety of passes, all from under an imaginary center. He took three-, five- and seven-step drops, something he didn't do his last two seasons at UT, and threw on rollouts, bootlegs and scrambles. He threw flare patterns and screen passes; quick outs and intermediate routes; deep posts, flags and go patterns.
In between completing 52 of 57 throws — the consensus among the scouts on hand was that only two passes couldn't be caught — he clapped, shouted, "Yes sirrrr!" and played to the audience.

At one point, after a rollout took him close to the sideline, he looked up, smiled and said, "Hi, Grandma."

Houston's Gary Kubiak, one of two NFL head coaches on hand, said the Texans "are very open minded" about who they would select with the No. 1 overall pick in April's draft.

"We have a lot of homework to do between now and the draft," said Kubiak, whose team is still expected to take Southern California halfback Reggie Bush.

C.O. Brocato, the Tennessee Titans' national coordinator of college scouting, said Young showed "he's got the arm, and that's the big thing.

"We need to bring him along slowly, like we did with McNair," he said. "If we can — if whoever gets him can — give him a year to play behind the starter and learn, that would be best."

Cowboys leaving Cali??….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!...No offense, but Oxnard > San Antonio

The Dallas Cowboys and city officials are close to an agreement that would bring the team's training camp to the Alamodome for at least a three-year period beginning in 2007, the San Antonio Express-News has learned.

The deal, negotiated by Mayor Phil Hardberger and Cowboys director of marketing John Hickman, includes an option for an extension, sources said.

"Discussions have been ongoing," Hardberger said Wednesday. "But there isn't a finalized deal, and no contract has been signed."

Cowboys spokesman Rich Dalrymple said the club had no comment.

West Virginia looks forward to another crack at Texas

It may have been four months ago, but it was a loss that shook the Mountaineers' confidence. To that point, West Virginia was a team that closed the deal at the end of games, not choked them away.

Beilein's team proved its mettle in the NCAA Tournament last year with a two-point win against Creighton in the first round, a double-overtime takedown of Wake Forest in the second round and a 65-60 victory over Texas Tech in the Sweet 16. Against UT, West Virginia missed the front end of three one-and-one free throw opportunities with a lead in the final 52 seconds. Five days later, the Mountaineers gagged a three-point lead with 56 seconds left and lost to LSU in overtime, 71-68.

In the loss to UT, LaMarcus Aldridge hit a putback with 3.6 seconds left and then blocked a shot by West Virginia forward Mike Gansey as time expired, allowing the Longhorns to steal the victory.

Stars win again, beat the Wild 4-2 with a nice third period barrage; Jussi hits the 50 point barrier

Jussi Jokinen continues to establish himself as the greatest rookie to play for the "Dallas" Stars and the best for the Minnesota/Dallas franchise since Mike Modano laced up the skates for the first time in the NHL in 1989-90.

Jokinen had a goal and two assists in a 4-2 win over the Minnesota Wild on Wednesday night to crack the 50-point barrier, the best season for a rookie since the Stars moved to Dallas in 1993 and the best season since Modano had 75 points. Jokinen won't reach Neal Broten's rookie franchise record of 98 points in 1981-82, but he still is impressing people.


Jussi Jokinen has the best season by a rookie since the Stars moved to Dallas in 1993. The top five:

Stars rookie, season Points
Jussi Jokinen, 2005-06 50
Jamie Langenbrunner, 1996-97 39
Niko Kapanen, 2002-03 34
Brenden Morrow, 1999-2000 33
Jere Lehtinen, 1995-96 28

Here is what bloggers like to do: I link Off Wing Opinion’s link of my thoughts on American hockey greats …It is actually one big internet circle…But, I am quite interested in that online poll…

Spurs begin road trip with loss in Denver

The Spurs were making the first stop of a five-game, 10-day trip, their longest since they spent 11 days in a row on the road from Feb. 25-March 6, 1993. They also knew they were walking into a buzz saw Wednesday.

While the Spurs labored to put away Golden State on Tuesday night, the Nuggets were enjoying their third day of rest, though many of them spent it on the training table.

Backup point guard Earl Boykins is expected to be out at least another three weeks after fracturing his left hand last week. Martin and Marcus Camby, both coping with knee injuries, were healthy enough to play Wednesday.

Despite their string of injuries, the Nuggets have taken firm control of the Northwest Division race. Anthony deserves a lot of credit for that. Ruben Patterson and Reggie Evans, acquired on the NBA's trade deadline four weeks ago, also have helped.

"It's even more of an intense, rock 'em, sock 'em group now," Popovich said. "I think they're one of the most physical teams in the league."

That wasn't good news for the Spurs, who, once again, looked like they were playing on dead legs. Denver ran out to a 13-4 lead in the first five minutes.

Seriously, there is something weird about the Spurs this year. They certainly aren’t a bad team, and in fact, they still may be the best team in the West. But there is something about them that has lost that luster. They don’t seem impossible to compete with anymore. We will know soon enough…

Meanwhile, Amare Stoudemire returns

Phoenix Sun forward Amare Stoudemire, who hasn't played this season because of microfracture surgery on his left knee in October, said there's an 80% chance he will play tonight against Portland.

"If it feels good, then it's possible that I'll play," Stoudemire said Wednesday after joining five-on-five drills for the third time in four days. "I feel like I'm real close."

Favre continues to wait …Seriously, I love you, dude….But, aren’t we being a bit of a drama queen?

As the World Cup approaches, The USA gets pounded in a friendly

A second-tier American team left German fans in a first-rate tirade at halftime of Wednesday's friendly, which, to that point, lacked both goals and any signs of artfulness.

Then, in seconds, everything fell apart for the United States, and the jeers burst into applause of relief and exultant celebration by the 64,500 home fans, as Germany routed the United States, 4-1, easing the enormous pressure that has been building on J├╝rgen Klinsmann, the manager of the host nation, as the start of the World Cup approaches on June 9.

Forward Miroslav Klose scored a goal and collected two assists as the Germans healed some bruised self-assurance by exploiting the left flank and interior of a tattered and distracted American defense.

Disaster struck after the second-half kickoff, when the Americans played the ball backward and defender Steve Cherundolo committed a foul on the German captain Michael Ballack, leaving Germany with a free kick 25 yards from the American goal. Midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger, who had just entered, launched the direct kick, with Klose left wide open in front of the net.

The ball appeared to miss Klose's shin before it bounced and eluded Kasey Keller in goal, giving Germany a 1-0 lead only 21 seconds into the second half. This angered Bruce Arena, the American manager, who called the foul and its harmful result "very foolish, very poor play on our part."

An annoyed Keller said: "You can't just let balls bounce around in the box, because they'll end up in the back of the net. It started with a really stupid kickoff. It was our own fault. We put ourselves under a lot of pressure to start the half and it just got worse from there."

We were discussing this topic last night, and I still plan on my own research, but for now, here is Tom’s answer:


After the T.O. signing my boss wondered out loud how many of Campo's guys are still with the team. So I went back and looked at the rosters from Jan 2003 thru 2006.

From 2003-2004 32 players survived the first year (out of 53)

From 2003-2005 20 survived

From 2003-2006 8 survive (this includes the departure of Larry Allen)

So 85% of Campo's Cowboys are long gone......

That makes this team very much Parcell's Guys.

P-1 Tom in McKinney

Time to drive Maddie to school. Go Preschool.


Fake_eric_in_keller said...

Why does eveyone insist on comparing Vince to Mike Vick?

I think a far better comparison is to say that Vince will have as good or better NFL career as Akili Smith.

Luis M said...

houston will probably take bush no. 1.
The saints (2) will not take a QB with the Brees signing.
the titans at 3 will take Leinart.
The Jets have resigned Pennington and traded for Ramsey, so they might decide not to draft a QB.
Packers and Niners (5 and 6) will not draft QB.
The Raiders (6 or 7) signed Brooks yesterday, not a long term answer but they might not draft a QB because they have young back up QBs.
The Bills (8) and Lions (9) will not draft QBs.
I think the Rams (11), Eagles (14), Falcons (15), and Dolphins (16) are comfortable at QB.

That means that VY and Cutler can slip to this teams needing QBs, Cardinals (10), Browns (13), and Vikings (17).

If you are Jerry, do you trade up to land VY or Cutler?

Mike Pape said...

Vince Young is Bubby Brister with more mobility.

Chris said...

Cutler would be an outstanding signing by the Cowboys if they could make it happen.

Anonymous said...

i think Jerry would have to trade into the top 10 to get one of those QB's. if the teams holding the pick aren't looking for a QB, they'll either draft one to trade, or simply trade and stockpile picks. i don't see Jerry or Bill being in the mindset to go for a young QB right now. they are clearly looking at the short-term. in order to move up and grab Young or Cutler, they'd be giving up alot of draft picks. this team still has alot of holes to fill and giving up your bulk of early picks would be suicidal.

although, one has to wonder, what is Jerry saving all this cap room for?


AttnyDan said...

Bob!!! Where are your Sweet 16 picks? I gotta make up for the Big 10 screwing me!!

Pre-School?! Shouldn't Sallye be handling all the educational responsibilities until kindergarten? Not to mention Pre-School is expensive, but I guess you got that kind of cash.

Luis M said...

Jerry likes to make noise and he likes to make deals, dont rule it out. if cutler and/or VY fall to the no. 9 spot, i can see Jerry calling the Lions.
the cowboys would make more headlines, plus with bledsoe only here this year for sure, that would give that QB a year to learn.
remember what jerry did for Q-Car (QUINCY!) he might be in love with VY.

their no. 1 this year, plus a 2nd or 3rd this year or next (hopefully next) and a 2nd day pick for Cutler or VY would be worth it.

Big Daddy said...

5 posts in and no one has complained about "spare hockey and soccer" stuff?

Well done, gentlemen!!!

Hard to believe Jokinen is having the best rookie season since Modano. Looks like this kid's a keeper.

Anybody who was at the game last night (I'm looking right at you, Sports Sturm): what was the fan reaction to Robidas in the line-up? Good buzz or general disinterest?

Best quote from Germany 4 - USA 1: "Nobody played themselves on to the team tonight" - Bruce Arena. This score is yet another indication that the MLS needs to have a schedule like the rest of the world if we are to ever seriously contend for a World Cup.

Fake Sturm said...

VY will not last past the first 4 picks and there is no way the Boys are trading that high to pick up a QB. There are other holes on this team starting with the offensive line that seriously need to be addressed during the draft. Plus Parcells will not be here any longer than his boy Bledsoe.

Also, I am not jumping offsides this time with you morons calling out VY.

Jay Clendenin said...

vince young sucks.

Luis M said...

fake sturm,
who takes VY in the top 4.
houston, maybe but not likely.
saints, not likely with the brees signing.
the titans, over leinart, mabye but that means leinart slips
the jets, would they resign Chad, trade for Ramsey and then draft a VY?

someone could move up to get him, especially from the saints, but that will be a high price to pay.

i just think its something for JERRY not Bill to consider if one of the top 3 QBs slips to number 9. Bill not be here next year, but Jerry will. I think Jerry knows. and everybody keeps saying we have all these holes to fill,
they signed two OL men who they are paying big bucks to fix the O-Line. i think Jerry feels he has filled those holes.

they addressed MLB, maybe a hole at OLB if they dont like Singleton or Burnett.

Then only glaring holes are Kicker and Free Safety.

Almost every team can upgrade at every position, but i think Jerry feels like he has filled those holes in free agency and he can make moves like trading picks for QB.

Fake_eric_in_keller said...

"Also, I am not jumping offsides this time with you morons calling out VY."

Damn it.

It was worth a shot.

yorkthedork said...

Still no Shield essay?

Fake Sturm said...

Not sure about the Jets being okay with Ramsey and Pennington as the future of the franchise. I believe they are still thinking QB with the 4th pick, but adding Ramsey eliminates the urgency of forcing a kid in there when Pennington gets hurt. That means they can flip with the Saints to get Leinart, or sit back and wait on VY to fall in their lap.

Well, I think kicker the Boys get taken care of this today. O-line I dont think has improved at all so far, but moved laterally while freeing up more money. I still think there needs another signing. I am sure that Parcells will go with a safety or linebacker with the 18th pick.

eric in keller said...

I can't say much more than what Bob against VY at your own peril.

I did like this quote I read about him yesterday....

"Will he be the No. 1 pick? Only if the Texans can find room on their 2-14 roster for a quarterback as big as Carson Palmer who can run like Michael Vick, pass like Peyton Manning, lead like Tom Brady and have as much fun as Brett Favre".

Fake_eric_in_keller said...

The above quote came from Fake Sturm's Blog.

Consider the source.

eric in keller said...

That's not where I read it. I read it on a Michigan page. I didn't even know Fake Sturm had a blog. So either Fake Sturm is getting really famous and people are quoting him, or he did a little pirating of his own.

Big Daddy said...

Those aren't pirates since no parrots and/or limb sunstitutes are being used.

They are either "sea raiders" or "Frito Banditos", according to the Old Gray Wolf.

Speaking of His Royal I'm-An-Ass-ness Rhyner, who isn't for BaD Radio to take over the drive-time slot on a permanent basis and slapping those spares from Hardline Proper back to mid-days?

Will said...

Go Preschool. A phrase I never thought I would here, gotta love Sturm.

Will said...

Wow.. apparently I need to go back to preschool. Misspelled hear. Damn.