Monday, August 21, 2006

12 Majors for Tiger

Have I ever said that Tiger Woods is Michael Jordan? Have I ever told you that some day you are going to realize how lucky we are to be seeing our version of Babe Ruth or Ali in his prime? Have I ever said that Tiger Woods is going to make the old golf records comedy before he is done?

I have? Every time he wins a major?

Sorry. My bad.

He is Still Tiger Woods

Woods never let anyone closer than three shots after he birdied the par-5 fifth. He had no bogeys on the front nine.

One the back nine he had a birdie on the 11th and a bogey on the 17th. He made just three bogeys over the course of the tournament to go with 21 birdies.

He birdied the first hole Sunday and that was more than enough for the victory.

"I finally hit the fairway," Woods said of the par-4 opener. "I hit three of probably the worst shots all week on the first hole. I hit 5-wood and had 180 to the hole, and that's fine: get out of there with a par and move on. I hit a 7-iron to about 12 feet. It was a pretty simple putt. I just had to let it feed down there.

"Once I took the lead there, if I played the holes correctly, played the par-5s well, then there was no reason why I couldn't maintain the lead."

Let us consider the future

What's the future of golf? Woods is going to get to 19 major championship titles before you know it. Phil Mickelson and Ben Hogan didn't get their first majors until they were 34. Tiger may catch, and pass, Jack Nicklaus and his record of 18 by the time he turns 34. Think I'm kidding? That's two a year for the next three years at a time when his swing and his desire seem to be peaking ... again. And then what? Once he gets to 19, Woods will have no more records or legends to chase. It's going to be an incredible letdown. Will it really matter if he gets to 21? Twenty-three? Twenty-five? It's like Cal Ripken. Once he passed Lou Gehrig's number of 2,130 consecutive games, the number he ultimately posted was irrelevant. Hey, maybe Tiger will retire to fish. Maybe he'll take up professional poker. Maybe he'll push the record to 30 majors. No matter. When he passes Jack's mark, it's the end of an era, the end of a chase. Whoever may challenge Tiger's even loftier records is at least 20 years away because as Woods said Sunday after winning, "It's still a long way away. I can't get there next year. It took Jack 20 years, it takes a career." Or, in Tiger's case, half a career.

Cowboys get to see what Saints RB tandem have

The New Orleans Saints have their first chance to see what type of problems Deuce McAllister and versatile rookie running back Reggie Bush can cause an opposing defense.

And football fans across the country will get to see it on national TV as the Saints host the Dallas Cowboys at what is essentially a neutral stadium in Shreveport, La., on Monday night.

"It's going to be interesting to see how teams play us and see how things play out," said McAllister, who will get the first real test of his surgically repaired knee.
Bush already has one good NFL highlight under his belt -- a 44-yard gain during which he reversed field on a broken play during his first exhibition game against Tennessee last week. McAllister, the Saints' all-time leading rusher with 4,529 yards, hasn't played since Week 5 of 2005, when he tore a ligament in his right knee.

Parcells vs. Owens? …Saturday did offer an amusing tug of war…maybe

Not only is Terrell Owens not playing Monday against New Orleans, the receiver did not practice Saturday afternoon.

Earlier in the day, coach Bill Parcells ruled Owens out of the Saints game at Shreveport, La., because he did not believe Owens had enough preparation time after missing 14 practices because of a strained hamstring.

Owens has participated in 12 of 27 practices, not including two walk-through workouts. He did not speak with the media after the afternoon practice, but according to the Cowboys, Parcells told Owens on Friday that he would not play.

Parcells said he expected Owens to play Saturday at Texas Stadium against his first team, San Francisco.

"He's got some pretty good work in this week, and I just don't want to start over next week," Parcells said, adding, "I don't think you can play pro football practicing four, five days. I think you need more than that."

Owens reported additional soreness after Friday's practice, and quarterback Drew Bledsoe, who will start against the Saints, said he thought Owens' hamstring was tightening up after Saturday's morning practice.

Let’s not miss this story: Do the Cowboys have a new RT?

Colombo, a former first-round draft pick who seemingly is healthy again after a serious knee injury, is the leading contender to start at right tackle when the Cowboys open the season Sept. 10 at Jacksonville.

At 6-8 and 320 pounds, Colombo is ideally suited to play tackle in the NFL. He also has long arms, which he can use to keep defensive ends from getting close enough to control him and create a pathway to the quarterback.

Meanwhile, after Tiger and the Cowboys, the Rangers have a huge weekend

If the Rangers had peered into their crystal ball before arriving here Thursday, they might have been puzzled to learn that the future consisted of:

Three victories in four games over the best team in baseball, with rookie pitchers starting two games and 24-year-old Robinson Tejeda and his 9.78 ERA starting the other.

Pitcher-driven victories by scores of 2-1 and 3-1.

Thirteen runs in the first three games of the series and 13 in the final game Sunday.
Spotting Jeremy Bonderman and his 3.69 ERA a 6-0 lead Sunday and still coming back to win the game.

In the first three games of the series, the Rangers outscored the Tigers 7-6. That was also the final score Sunday as Texas continued its recent hot streak. The Rangers have won nine of their last 11 games.

This cannot be for real: Rackers off uprights

P1 Shawn with a Terrell Owens essay

Badgers on a Plane

Remember Dr Geek, the rapper Dan found in Hollywood? He is more famous than we knew

And now, a P1 wants a plug:

Ticket Gods,

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And in today’s Youtube offering, Devin makes a great point:

Why can’t we have "reality" shows on TV like this?

Devin Pike

Meet Chad Vader


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What? No Liverpool match report? Strange that...

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tiger is good. but i still question the peach/white stripe shirt and the panama jack hat combination he wore in that u.s. amateur. not as intimidating as the sunday red.

gooooooo rangers.

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What? No talk of Liverpool's glorious tie this past weekend? It wouldn't have even been a tie without that total BS of a penalty call. I'm sure when they win, you'll put something more up.

Cory said...


I'm listening to you talk about the Rangers. And yes, it doesn't look good, but the A's have played a week schedule while the Rangers have been able to keep up. The Rangers have only 15 games left against "good" teams, while the Angels have 29 and the A's 24.

In the last week and a half, the A's have played TB, Sea, and KC. Their next week and a half are at Toronto, at Texas, and vs. Boston. If they're still 5.5 games up after that, then it's over. But not until then.

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Hey, did anyone see any of the Little League World Series pool play games last night? Team from Staten Island, down 1-0 in the bottom of the sixth. Team getting ready to go out to bat, and the coach, (who was wired by the way) trying to get his kids all fired up, says, " cmon guys, we're only down by one run. enter one the 12 year old kids on the the team who hollers out, " yeah, we only need one F***ing run" all for the EPSN audience to hear.

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Can we stop with the stupid Peter King rumors that Romo will be the starter now? I think it's clear that Bledsoe's job is safe.

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Anyone else disgusted by ESPN glorifying Reggie Bush because he had 4 rushes for 7 yards?

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Should we tap the brakes on the Tiger love just a little bit?

He's great and all that, but what a snoozefest of a Sunday.

I think T.O. will score a touchdown before Tiger wins another major. :)