Friday, August 18, 2006

Big Strong Sports Friday

First, Michael Silver of Sports Illustrated writes a shocking account of Parcells vs. Owens

If you're wondering why Terrell Owens chose Wednesday to make his sudden return to the practice field after having skipped the 14 previous sessions, the answer is rather simple: The Dallas Cowboys' mercurial receiver apparently decided he'd rather deal with a twinge in his left hamstring than with his sore head coach. has learned that the previous afternoon, during the team's training-camp practice in Oxnard, Calif., Cowboys coach Bill Parcells approached trainer Jim Maurer and pointedly said, "Look, you tell Terrell that tomorrow I want him out here for practice. Tomorrow's the day. I don't care. Tomorrow's the day."

"Before T.O. got back out there, a lot of people were starting to second-guess Bill," one Cowboys player says. "For the first time ever, he'd shown a little weakness, like he might not be totally in control, and like he didn't know how to handle this situation. Because, let's face it, it's been a total spectacle so far."

Then, Parcells offers a complete dismissal

Dallas Cowboys coach Bill Parcells dismissed an report Thursday that suggested he ordered the team's head trainer to have receiver Terrell Owens ready for practice Wednesday.

"Why would I ever do that?" Parcells said, referring to his alleged conversation with trainer Jim Maurer. "Demanded?"

So, we are all left to side with either a very decorated writer and publication or with a very decorated coach in another edition of the “who do we believe?” game. Surely, Sports Illustrated does not just pull this out of the sky, right? Why would they? Just to sell more magazines? If you believe that telling a lie is worth the 4 subscriptions that they bag from this story (even though the story was on their website for free), then you are naïve.

At the same time, Parcells took such a holy stand against it yesterday that if he wasn’t impersonating his friend, Bob Knight, then I was fooled.

I guess the bottom line is this: Either Parcells scolded Owens back on to the practice field or he did not. Either way, Parcells wins because Owens is back in line. So, should we waste more time wondering who to believe?

Above, see my new hero, Joel Zumaya hit 104 on the radar gun, as the Japanese tv guys stand amazed.

Zumaya dominates the poor Rangers

Zumaya's 100-mph-plus fastballs had an early problem with the strike zone. He walked the first batter he faced, Mark DeRosa, to force in a run that made Detroit's lead 4-2 and suddenly had the crowd shivering on a warm August night.

Zumaya then settled down.

"With that kind of talent," Rogers said, "he's not worried about jams."

Zumaya got Ian Kinsler on a pop-up to Brandon Inge at third.

Then came the fireworks show.

He torched Hank Blalock on a series of fastballs, finishing him on a 102-mph bullet. Gerald Laird, the No. 8 hitter, then fanned on a 100-mph blazer.

Zumaya pitched a flawless seventh (he rolled up another strikeout to give him three in a row) before leaving in favor of Fernando Rodney (1-2-3 eighth) and Todd Jones, who allowed a one-out single before starting a sweet 1-6-3 double play for his 34th save.

In response to all of the “Cowardly” discussions about Padilla (check yesterday’s blog), the Great Gil Lebreton writes in defense of the beanball today

Baseball is hardball. A boy learns at a young age, no matter what his dad tells him, that the baseball can hurt.

That elementary truth is part of the fabric of baseball's politics. It provides its separation of powers and, in many cases, its checks and balances.

The power is with the pitcher. Or should be.

When the pitcher feels the scales tilting against him, he can battle through it, or he can do what Padilla did Tuesday night, which was drag everyone down, Angels included, with him.

If anything was "cowardly" about what Padilla did, it was not fighting through his lousy performance, finishing out the fourth and maybe fifth innings and, in so doing, saving the Rangers' bullpen the extra work.

We don't know exactly what was on Padilla's mind, because he doesn't speak to the media. But his actions, to me, spoke volumes.

Vladimir Guerrero had been tilting the scales -- yanking them, actually -- against the Rangers, and Padilla took it upon himself to deliver a message by whistling one under that goat-beard of Guerrero's. By the fourth inning Tuesday, the Angels were spanking the Rangers again, and Padilla decided to punctuate his earlier reaction.

To me, that's neither cowardice nor stupidity. That's hardball.

And it was about time that the Rangers started playing it.

Bob Feller liked to pitch inside. Don Drysdale and Bob Gibson had reputations for keeping hitters "loose," too.

And, if I may dare, allow me to use the ultimate hardball example: Nolan Ryan, former Ranger. Nolan liked to, every now and then, throw a pitch or two or three inside.

The Rangers put a statue of Ryan in center field. And Vicente Padilla gets thrown under the proverbial bus?

Shame on every Ranger who called Padilla stupid or self-centered.
Even if someone in the Rangers clubhouse thought that, he should have kept it to himself or told Padilla privately, instead of crying it to the media.

Everyone is accountable. Everyone.

That is pretty well said.

Pat Summerall tells all in his new book

But as he recounts in his new autobiography, “Summerall: On and Off the Air” (Nelson Books), he nearly died before his transplant. In the days after the surgery, he went from being irritable to turning “berserk,” the result, doctors said, of fatigue and his medication.

•He screamed at his family, shouted, demanded that he be flown home on Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’s jet, refused his medication, ran down the hospital corridor with his gown flapping open (a sight topped by a towel on his head as a turban) and insisted that parts of his body were gone.

“Pat, what is wrong with you?” his wife, Cheri, asked.

“What do you think is wrong with me?” he answered. “My lips just fell off! Quick, grab my arm — it’s going, too. And my leg!”

Summerall also sheared off some of his hair with an electric razor in an inexplicable effort to resemble Bruce Willis.

“I remember some of it,” he said yesterday, “but not all the things my wife and kids tell me. There were things I had no recollection of, like singing “God Bless America” and “Amazing Grace” at the top of my lungs.”

He added: “Why I had to look like Bruce Willis, I don’t know. I’m not a particular fan of his.”

Shocking News from Packers Camp!

Choosing youth and leg strength over experience, the Green Bay Packers released veteran kicker Billy Cundiff Thursday afternoon, leaving Dave Rayner to handle all the kicking duties for the time being.

Words cannot express my pleasure in reading that he will not be torturing me this fall. The Packers will be bad enough without him…

Junior Seau retired for 3 days …and now he is back…

For more pictures of this Cowboys supermodel, click catches up with Brenda Warner

Here is a new Cowboys blog …looks pretty promising…

Today’s youtube offering was a fight that broke out at Ticket Fight Night some time ago. Good times.

And, while you are at it, please enjoy Anderson Silva destroying Chris Leben from a few months ago (even if Leben did have a nice win last night):

Tomorrow morning, please plan on a special edition of the blog. It will be questions to emails about World Soccer. I am releasing it on Saturday for two reasons:

#1 – All you soccer haters can ignore it
#2 – Tomorrow is opening day of the English Premiership Season (thank you Setanta Sports and Fox Soccer Channel).

So, if you are interested, see you tomorrow. If you are not, save your comments on how soccer bores you and how great high school football is, and we will see you again Monday.


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great blog this morning Bobby. We shall see thee Sat.

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Hey Bob, do you ever post thoughts on Fant. Football?

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can't wait to read the World Soccer blog!!! what a great day tomorrow will be with the start of the premiership. someone's gotta step up and take down chelski this year. said...

if parcells needed to get a message across, i think he would go straight to the player and address the concern rather than have a trainer do it

AttnyDan said...

Bob I think your soccer fetish is gay, but I will fight to the death to defend your right to BE gay.

In return, leave High School football alone. It's something that most Yanks don't ever understand (that's OK, I don't get soccer either). However, I would love to see what the attendance numbers state wide at just the 3A games is versus the NHL numbers last year.

I'm afraid that you've made a grave error in underestimating the importance of Texas High School Football--hell, we even got a magazine for it!! Where is Texas High School Soccer's yearly offering? Why do the Musers pick games vs a P1?

The bad news is that you've admitted that HS football talk whips you (as I cackle and wring my hands), the good news is.....Celina Sux!!!!

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"my lips just fell off"



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Poor Aggie....what an f-ing dork.

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High school football is meaningless.

You go ahead and watch your soccer boys.

Bruce Willis said...

Quick, somebody get me some clippers!

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9:31am Anon -- nice try, but the last time that clip made the rounds it was pointed out that no Aggies were involved. It's supposedly somewhere in California.

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That Ticket fight clip was awesome, and by awesome I mean boring. I couldn't hear a word they were saying. When one of the Ticket Chicks can hold you back, you obviously don't want to fight.


chris said...

did the puss in the dress shirt try to bite the t-shirt guy?? gay.

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Merkin's Merkin!

Cory said...

Pure greatness. An Addison guy talks big, gets punked, then talks big again while being held back by a girl.

Tottenham said...

Go Spurs!

BEVO said...

UT 48 - OU 3

Bob Wins! said...

Who's hatin'? I love soccer - I just say that soccer is dumb. It is. The Premiership really is the best thing going though. So unless Dan's blog is covering high school football, or there is another war to read about on CNN, I'm there!

That said, I can't believe you would attack your blog readers like that Bob. Octagon?

Thanks for putting up with the posters.

Shiffman's Blog said...

As a fellow Cheesehead, it warms my heart to see that Cundiff cut.I don't know if I could of tolerated watching a season of him sparing everyone to death. Rayner is an unknown, and very well may be a spare, but at least it is still TBD spare.

Fake Sturm said...

Soccer sucks.
High School Football kicks ass!

Guy in dress shirt said...

Punch me in the head twice, and I will hug you for it.

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Those two guys from Ticket Fight Night were hugging.....