Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Mavs almost back to Even

The Mavs win, and as I am at the game, I wonder about early season statistical trends that explain the NBA team I love:

Game 1: Loss to San Antonio – Mavs FTs 16 – Mavs 3’s 16 – Spurs FTs 37
Game 2: Loss at Houston – Mavs FTs 19 – Mavs 3’s 12 – Rockets FTs 30
Game 3: Loss to Golden State – Mavs FTs 22, Mavs 3’s 30 – Warriors FTs 31
Game 4: Loss at Clippers – Mavs FTs 20, Mavs 3’s 23 – Clippers FTs 28

Game 5: Win at Phoenix – Mavs FTs 37, Mavs 3’s 13 – Suns FTs 22
Game 6: Win at Portland – Mavs FTs 23, Mavs 3’s 17 – Blazers FTs 22
Game 7: Win vs Chicago – Mavs FTs 24, Mavs 3’s 23 – Bulls FTs 30

So, what do these numbers mean?

When the Mavs shoot as many or more 3’s than FT’s, the Mavs are 0-3. When they shoot more FT’s than 3’s, they are 3-1.

When the Mavs shoot more FT’s than their opponent they are 2-0. When they don’t, they are 1-4.

I think the bottom line is this: Settle for perimeter shots, and you are not very good. Demand that you take it to the hoop on a regular basis, and the Mavs are very tough to beat. Trouble is, one way (settling) is easy, and the other is a physical grind. And the Mavericks swing back and forth all season long. In fact, they went back and forth last night a few times. There is no reason to take 23 3-pointers. But they did last night, and still won.

Dampier steps up

It's not as if Erick Dampier hasn't come up big for the Mavericks before.

It just hasn't happened enough. Dampier and coach Avery Johnson would be the first to admit it.

With arguably the league's best defensive center in Ben Wallace on the floor, the Mavs' man in the middle won the battle inside. Dampier's team also won on the scoreboard, outmuscling Chicago 111-99 on Tuesday night at American Airlines Center.
"I know I have to make the most of every opportunity that I get," Dampier said after his first double-double (14 points and 13 rebounds) of the season.

The first home victory extends the Mavs' modest winning streak to three. Their record would get to even at 4-4 with a win at Memphis on Friday.

Though improvement has been made in the last six days, areas of concern continue to exist. The Bulls scored 30 points in the fourth quarter two nights after Portland had 32 in the last period.

Compliments from Skiles

Dallas pulled away late for a 111-99 victory, dropping the Bulls to 4-42 on this trip since the dynasty days. The Bulls haven't won the opening game on their annual extended November trip since the 1996-97 season.

That's a lot of starting lineups ago.

"I felt they were toying with us," Bulls coach Scott Skiles said. "They made it look easy."

The Bulls trailed 82-76 after Kirk Hinrich drained a jumper with 9 minutes 22 seconds remaining, no easy task for a team that shot just 60 percent from the line.

But Dirk Nowitzki buried jumpers on consecutive possessions, Jason Terry sank a three-pointer, Nowitzki drew a foul on Nocioni and made both free throws and Greg Buckner swished a baseline jumper.

$51 million dollars to talk to Matsuzaka? …This is absurd. Unless the guy wins 24 games, he is not worth it. If you want to spend $100 million on a pitcher, don’t you just get Zito for $75?

In a high-stakes gambit that could change the face of Boston baseball, the Red Sox are poised to spend as much as $90 million to land Japan's greatest contemporary pitcher, Daisuke Matsuzaka, a 26-year-old phenom whose value might be measured more in the anguish he could cause the archrival Yankees than in the Sox' chances to otherwise profit from their lavish investment.

The Sox, in a record-setting reach into the Japanese market, agreed to pay Matsuzaka's team, the Seibu Lions, $51.1 million for the right to negotiate a contract with the righthanded ace. Under the deal, the Sox have 30 days to sign Matsuzaka, and his agent, Scott Boras, may be seeking something in the range of a four-year pact worth at least $40 million.

When and if a deal is finally done, the annual investment could average out to the most the Sox have ever spent on a pitcher, which so far is the $17.5 million Pedro Martínez earned in his final season here, 2004. And that would be far more than even the marketing maestros on Yawkey Way could expect to reap from exploiting Matsuzaka's connection to his homeland, according to baseball officials and economists.

"That's pretty rich," said Andrew Zimbalist, a Smith College economist who specializes in baseball finances, of the projected investment. "But it looks like it's more about winning than revenues."

The Sox wanted not only to block the Yankees from acquiring Matsuzaka, the best player to depart Japan for the major leagues since Hideki Matsui arrived in the Bronx in 2003, but also to secure a star who could help them capture their second world championship of the millennium. That alone would trigger a financial windfall. Anything more could be gravy.

AMAZING! Vinny is back

The Patriots signed 43-year-old quarterback Vinny Testaverde yesterday, and coach Bill Belichick said the move has nothing to do with the health of starting quarterback Tom Brady or backup Matt Cassel.

"Fortunately, both of them are healthy and we're happy with both of them," Belichick said, indicating that Testaverde will be the third quarterback.

"This is something we wanted to do for some time, but we were caught in some roster situations with other positions," Belichick said. "We were looking at it a while back but had a lot of other needs and were skating on a little bit of thin ice."
Belichick dismissed the notion that Testaverde was brought in simply to be a veteran mentor, saying the move isn't a "commentary on any quarterback, coaching, or anything along those lines."

"I think the most important thing is that if he has to play, Vinny has a lot of experience, and I think in an emergency he can run our offense without many [repetitions]," Belichick said. "If you have an emergency, I think he'd be able to go in there and be able to run the team in that third spot."

Because the team has carried only two quarterbacks, Belichick said, he needed to consider how quickly he could get an emergency option up to speed.

"When you have an insurance policy, you can't bring a guy in one week and expect him to learn the terminology that quickly -- you have to make the move ahead of time," Belichick said.

This marks Testaverde's 20th NFL season, and the Patriots are his sixth team, following Tampa Bay (1987-92), Cleveland (1993-95), Baltimore (1996-97), the New York Jets (1998-2003, 2005) and Dallas (2004). Testaverde, who turned 43 Monday, ranks in the top 10 in NFL history in four major categories: sixth in passing yards (45,252) and completions (3,691), eighth in touchdown passes (269), and seventh in attempts (6,526).

Get to know the Colts

Of course, the ride to a second consecutive 9-0 start may have seemed like a rollercoaster to those involved. It’s safe to say, as evidenced by Sunday’s 17-16 win over Buffalo, that Indianapolis is winning despite playing their best as of yet.

Instead of steamrollering opponents as they did a year ago, the Colts have won two games by one point, two games by three points, one game by five points and two games by seven points this season.

Indianapolis’ only double-digit victories have come against Houston (the team’s biggest margin of victory at 19 points, 43-24) and Washington (14 points, 36-22).

But the NFL is not a fashion show. Style points don’t count. Winning games do.

“I actually feel better about how things are going this year. Last year, we were hitting on all cylinders. I think we had a lot of things go our way in that streak. And we never really got tested. One time, Jacksonville early [at the RCA Dome)]. But you feel good when you come through these situations,” Colts coach Tony Dungy said.

“Your offense has to have a drive. Your defense has to have a stop. When you’re making those plays to win games, you do feel good. And I wish we were doing some things more consistently. I wish we didn’t have to talk about the kick coverage, those kind of things. But all-in-all, it’s hard to win nine games in a row in the NFL.”

The Colts have recorded a 23-2 regular-season record since the start of last year and have won 31 of their last 34 games overall. Dungy has been impressed with the consistency his team has shown the last two seasons.

“I’ve really been pleased with the way we’ve responded. We’ve worked well. We’ve practiced well. We haven’t always played as sharp as we can play. But week in and week out, we’re ready. And there’s been no thought, I don’t think, on our team of ‘Oh well. We’ll just wait until the playoffs.’ or ‘See what happens in January,’” he said.

Uncle Barky reviews Emmitt vs Mario

But, P1 James asks the real question:

If Emmitt Smith were in a dancing contest against Barry Sanders instead of Mario Lopez, who would win?

LeBreton on General Knight

Cool new blog: Awful Announcing …new to me, at least…


Derek Boogaard vs. Georges Laraque NOV/14/2006

TMS fun with drops

Indian Thriller


MrSimic said...

Winning Dancing with the Stars = Winning a sh*t-eating contest? Just asking.

cracker1743 said...

God, I love Deadspin. That picture never gets old.

Wes Mantooth said...

Hey I never threatened Flutie, why are they using a picture of me?!

That guy is dead sexy!

Cap It said...

They say confession is good for the soul...

With a house full of 'frau', I will be virtually forced to watch the DWTS finals tonight.

If they assemble some of the '90's Cowboys in the crowd, I'll feel less gay, but not goog about myself.

Lord help me...

Cap It said...

goog = good

Brad said...

If the Bulls hit all of their FTA like the mavs did last night, that's a tie game.

They need to show something more than that. 23 3 pointers is too many, you're correct sir.

And one wonders how long Jerry Stackhouse can keep up being a good playe rwith limited bonehead plays and meaningfull offensive contribution.

They have a long way to go

eric in keller said...

Wes, the irony of the picture is that he's actually a sooner. That is a pretty decent photoshop job, though. Here's the real photo.

Greatmondo said...

Shooting more FTs than 3's and jumpers nets you more wins huh?

Well Bob, I submit this. Yea, I'm gonna sound like Spurs fan here but screw it, when you go to the hole and you don't get the calls when you get hammered, what can you do?

I know, settle for jumpers.

They did it in the Miami series and they're doing it now. The officiating in the Golden State game and Phoenix games was absurd.

Just Sayin' said...

Eric - 1
Wes - 0

Matt in Mesquite said...

If you're looking for T.O. on Yahoo, look no further than here:

AttnyDan said...

1st, How much is Vinny getting paid? Is this a weekly deal or what.

2nd, Emmitt in the very questionable African Tribal get up could be construed as black face....right? I mean if a white guy danced in Confederate Gray, then what?

3rd, Where is Bob's High School playoffs preview. Come'on Bob!!!

Bitterwhiteguy said...

AttnyDan, go read up on blackface. That was when white people would make themselves up as blacks and (more often than not) make a bunch of racist jokes. I'd call this more like the fashion equivalent of black people being able to use the N word. Besides, I didn't realize tacky gold shoes was considered 'tribal'.

Jay Clendenin said... and are now reporting the simpson-romo romance that sturm so recklessly posted.

thanks sturm. thanks A LOT.

Wes Mantooth said...

Wow. The Sooner fan version is even sexier than the Longhorn fan.

Just Sayn', I'm not sure if we need scoreboard on the fact that I didn't know if it was a photoshop of a sooner or not. I was making fun of myself as the longhorn fan who threatened Flutie.

I do imagine that is what the guy who threatened Flutie looks like. What an inbread peice of shit. You don't need to get that mad over a loss, but if you have to threaten somebody, threaten our secondary and the defensive coaches. They were terrrrible.

No funeral....

p1dean said...

Bob Sturm, Sports Gossip.

I think I'm going to gay out and watch tonight's DWTS finale. I want to see if Emmitt suffers a shoulder injury, but continues to carry his partner to victory. If so, will John Madden make an exception and meet him in the locker room to congratulate him?

I hope next season features Moose and the Goose dancing together.

Hey Attn Dan...does res ipsa loquitur establish causation as well as breach?


Wes Mantooth said...

inbread = inbred

I'm retarded.

Fake Sturm said...

sexy AND dangerous....

cracker1743 said...

I wonder if Emmitt still thinks he's a diamond surrounded by trash?

And I think "in-bread" goes quite well with the "white trash" whorn/sooner pic.

Jay Clendenin said...


res ipsa raises a presumption of negligence if you prove it. it has 3 elements:
- the thing does not happen without negligence
- the defendant was in exclusive control of the instrumentality of injury
- the plaintiff wasn't contributorily negligent

so if the plaintiff can raise the presumption through res ipsa (the elements), and the defendant doesn't produce evidence that rebuts it, the jury has to find negligence. that includes duty, breach, causation, and damages.

p1dean said... it can be the whole enchilada?! Here I was thinking that it just applied to the "little n" negligence (duty & breach). Revising outline now.

one more question...does that third element work apply in comparative neg jx as well?

Thanks Jay...I really appreciate it.

And thanks Bob's Blog...Balancing legal education with Spoooorts since 2005.

oh yeah...I missed the first part of the Star's Ambassador of Fun's first did the Hardline score this and how much does that hurt, Bob?

Jay Clendenin said...

my bad dean. i misread my notes. obviously res ipsa wouldn't prove damages. but causation also still has to be shown. once the plaintiff meets the 3 elements, it proves duty and breach. then the burden shifts to the defendant to disprove causation. if the defendant doesn't put on evidence disproving causation, then everything is proven except damages.

so proves the little "n".

about contributory negligence, i haven't seen it used there at all.

p1dean said...

That's awesome dude! I really appreciate it. I'm feeling pretty good about neg per se and industry custom...but this was a def hole in my outline!

You're at S. Texas, right? How's it going?

Rick Bentley said...

GET A ROOM!!!!!!!!

Han Cholo said...

They're not paying $51M + contract money for a pitcher. They're paying that money for a pitcher plus the revenue they get selling their TVrights to Japan, plus all the Red Sox merch they're going to sell in Japan, etc. It's actually a great investment.