Monday, November 06, 2006

Redskins 22, Cowboys 19 (4-4)

That result hurts very, very bad. How are we going to get out of this mess? Not sure. But a loss to a bad team yesterday really derails a train that got rolling a week ago in Carolina. It would sure be nice to see this team string together two wins in a row. How you lose to Washington yesterday even with your QB playing well is hard to fathom. Here we go again.

• Is Roy Williams the most frustrating player in Cowboys history? He has to be in the mix. Another week, another frustrating play. Last week, we congratulate him for his big play in Carolina. This week, we wonder what was worse: The pass interference where he showed almost zero ball presence or the possible interception that hit him in the face? Just like the Cowboys have no consistency, their leader doesn’t either.

• Nice catch, Terrell.

• Would you like to subscribe to the Bad Luck Blue theory? Well, when the Cowboys wear the Blues this season they are 0-3.

• Or, would you like to subscribe to the Aikman-Buck theory? Well, when the Cowboys play in front of the Fox crew of Troy Aikman and Joe Buck, they are 0-3.

• Now, tell me again about that chart. Tell me why you have to go for 2 early in the 2nd Quarter. And no, this is not hind-sight. Much like many of you, I was screaming at my television at the time. Even if it works, it is still goofy to go for 2 in the 2nd quarter. Don’t even look at that chart until the 4th Quarter. Until then, you get as many free points as they will hand you. And since when does Bill Parcells need a laminated chart to explain to him a simple extra point procedure? I thought he was a genius. That was absolute garbage, and you are left to wonder how that extra point changed the course of the game. You obviously cannot blame the whole loss on that one point, because surely Gibbs would have gone for 2 after the Cooley touchdown if the Cowboys were up 20-12, but that was stinking pathetic.

• I honestly thought Tony Romo was great again. Anyone on the fence about his performance had to be convinced by the clutch pass to Witten at the end. Romo made almost no poor decisions, just a few poor throws, and overall has continued to impress me with his poise and with his ability to make big-time throws. Truly a loss where the QB seemed blameless.

• Mike Vanderjagt is an immense disappointment. But, I don’t have any idea how I can blame him for that blocked FG. Colombo for some reason blocked down, allowing Troy Vincent through the hole untouched. That was a big mistake as he blocked the kick with ease. I want to blame the kicker. I really do. But that kick wasn’t going to be made by anyone. Initially, I thought he had to get the kick higher, but there is no way you can get it higher than a diving 6 foot man who is 3 feet in front of you. It kind of reminds you of the play in the Giants game where Colombo blocked down and allowed Strahan to come untouched into Bledsoe’s backyard.

• OK, on to Terrell. How do you drop that pass? Romo laid that bomb perfectly into his hands, but we now know that this guy is more style than substance when it comes to the big time catches in 2006. 4th down versus the Giants, the drops in Philadelphia, and this play against the Redskins demonstrates that when the light is the hottest or at least when his team needs it the most. The theory is out there that he dropped it partly because he was already thinking of what he was going to do in the endzone, and I don’t think that can be ruled out. He is a grade A knucklehead.

• Did you see it? It happened and I hope you saw it! BOBBY CARPENTER MADE A TACKLE ON A KICKOFF RETURN!!! Get your #54 jerseys today at the Cowboys pro shop. With his first professional tackle, he now is just 1250 tackles behind Darren Woodsen on his way to becoming the Cowboys all-time leader.

• Was that a 15 yard face mask penalty on Kyle Kosier (another fine signing) when Sean Taylor was returning the blocked FG? In my opinion, yes. Anytime your helmet gets twisted around, on a play so you are looking through your earhole, you have to call it. I know I may be in the minority here, but I had no problem with the call. Of course, if it was only the 5 yard penalty, there is no way that spare nails that Field Goal to win the game.

• 11 penalties for 153 yards. By Parcells own statement, you should get 7 points for every 100 yards. So, by that definition, the Cowboys gifted the Redskins 10 points or so. And, Jason Witten is going for the False Start record I think.

• I think I would have reviewed the safety. It sure looked like the ball got back to the 1-inch line before Julius Jones hit the ground.

• I am pretty sure I would not ask Christian Fauria to block DeMarcus Ware straight up.

• I am curious which of you set the new cussing record for the Metroplex yesterday. Someone had to. I never for one moment considered the fact that the Cowboys could lose that game yesterday until Novak hit that FG. It never occured to me.

Ok. Let’s see if we have the prevailing opinions right.

Week 4 Win at Tennessee: Boy, Football is easy for the Cowboys.
Week 5 Loss at Philadelphia: We suck, season is a failure.
Week 6 Win vs. Houston: No Worries. It is coming together.
Week 7 Loss vs. New York: Season over. 2007 Preseason set to begin.
Week 8 Win at Carolina: We may not lose another game!
Week 9 Loss at Washington: We suck, season is a failure.

A quick review of this list will tell you that if you don’t like the weather surrounding the Cowboys season, wait exactly 7 days. Incidentally, with the Arizona Cardinals, Indianapolis Colts, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and New York Giants as your next 4 opponents, look for this pattern of Win, Loss, Win, Loss to continue for another month.


u2-horn said...


Brad said...

You're right about that Bob.

They will be 6-6. Mark it down.

Honestly I think I'm still a little more pissed about the Mavs game the night before.

Jay, Christi and Andrew said...

Do the Stars have a game tonight? Please?

Bitterwhiteguy said...

As a former Cowboys fan - I officially turned in my fan badge of 20+ years when TO was signed - it's hilarious listening to the post-game comments by Hammer(or maybe it's the other 58 year old blowhard from the Hardline, they both get the power down from me pretty regularly) & Norm. They were practically hyperventilating, I was waiting to hear one of them breathing into a paper sack.

There's plenty of blame to go around on this game, but NONE of it goes on Romo. He did everything that was asked of him. He wasn't perfect, but he played well enough to lead his team to victory. How big of a hit do the Cowboys take on the cap if they outright cut Vanderhack?

P1 Eric in McKinney said...

I am still in disbelief myself. Did the Cowboys really lose that football game?

Now I know what true shock and awe feels like.

I hate to say it, but you seriously cannot deny it. If anyone, and I mean anyone else was coaching this team this year, they would already have fired up the website.

The Cowboys may not be a Superbowl team, but the talent is there for a minimum 10-6 record or 11-5 record. Anything below that falls squarely on the coach.

artfromtex said...

can Fabini be that bad? i know Columbo handled Peppers last week. but all the pre-snap penalties and all the "oops, wrong guy" blocks that this guy makes by far outweigh any good play he makes.

my T.O. patience is wearing thin.

Roy "Ballhawk" Williams. how did Parcells let the Redskins sign Troy Vincent as free agent 2 weeks ago, when the Cowboys most glaring need is a safety that can follow the path of the ball when it's in the air? if you're gonna sink money in Williams, then the other safety has to be a guy that has really good cover skills. not another head-hunter type who is useless once the line of scrimmage is 20 yards away. Vincent would have been an excellent addition to the Dallas secondary. but hey, we've got Kevlar Keith Davis!!!!

do you re-sign Julius Jones to a long-term deal? i don't think i would. i think i'd roll with Barber and draft another RB. JJ stands up too straight in the hole and gets himself leveled every game. he has poor vision. multiple times there's a cutback lane and he hardly ever sees it. he puts his head down and runs right into the left guards ass. he doesn't finish runs like Barber. watch him. it's either straight down or backward, never a forward surge. i sure am glad we drafted Bobby Carpenter instead of Laurence Maroney, whom the Cowboys had to see alot of on tape when looking at MBIII.

Vanderjagt will fail at any game-deciding situation he gets put in. you can see it in his eyes. scared to death.

Ware. overrated? not used properly? what is it? i'd like to see him turned loose more instead of #31. let Roy be the safety blanket on the outside behind a blitzing Ware. how many times does #31 blitz and get ZERO pressure? TOO MANY TIMES!

thank God for beer, there's magic for a while.................


Fake Sturm said...

And if that was Patrick Crayton with a 15 yard penalty for celebrating after a touchdown, he would have been cut today. If you are going to do that crap, you have to make the big play. And he let it fall right throw his hands.

In Roys defense, he was in the backfield making plays multiple times in Washingtons first drive when they had 7 plays from the 1 yard line and couldnt punch it in. Including the 4th down play.

cracker1743 said...

I know it's all doom and gloom this morning, but here's a little sunshine:

Huggybear says the word on the street is that the Rangers are hiring Freddie "Boom Boom" Wash-ing-ton to take them to the World Series next year. Somewhere, Gabe Kaplan is nodding approvingly.

AttnyDan said...

Password, we gotta have an F-ing password now?

p1dean said...

Bob, you're completely wrong about the next 4 opponents...the way this team plays, it will be Loss, Win, Loss, Win. This is an unfocused, inconsistent team. That's Bill's fault. That's the coach. Switzer or Campo or Gailey would have been tarred and feathered after yesterday's game.

Unfocused. You got a prima donna WR who's dropping one critical catch a game, and still has the gall to lampoon the fact that he falls asleep in meetings!! And then he says, "Well, maybe I wasn't focused." NO SH&T, SHERLOCK!!!

Cut his butt. Trade Roy "highlight reel" Williams. Trade Julius Jones (MBIII is blowing people up at the end of his runs!!). And for god's sake, get that big, fupa-ed tuna out of here. 500 coaches could do a better job than this.


Bone of Death said...

2pt conversion talk has beaten me. Let's talk about giving up 22pts to the very failed Foreskins offense. That is where most of the blame should be. Next year, the will draft Defense with their Top Pick again because they still can't pressure the passer, nor can they cover the deep pass. Very Failed. I feel 8 more weeks of mediocrity at it's finest coming one.

Wes Mantooth said...

Welcome back attydan!

Wes Mantooth said...

The Cowboys piss me off. Southlake would not have made that many mistakes yesterday. F T.O. Owens. F the big Fupa. F Roy "overrated" Williams. F Chris Chris Vanderspare. This team sucks.

LaMerkin said...

Flipped the dial over to 570 this morning to catch a traffic report and there was the sturminator being beaten into submission by generic sports talk guy.

I listened intently waiting for you to snap and sounded close when that tool said he had the inside track that Jimmy Johnson was coming back to coach and that Vanderjack has a drinking problem.

If you are making weeekly appearances with this guy you have to start pulling bits on that moron.

Cap It said...

The O-line continues to be exposed for the fraud it is. Even with Romo's mobility, he can only run so much before he gets caught.

I used to be on the T.O band wagon. I am now off of it, didn't even need rehab. Just quit cold turkey, it was easy after that drop.

Penalties. Good grief, always reaching too hard on long pass plays. This secondary is showing it's arse, has all year.

This team is in total disarray. It's a miracle they kept it that close yesterday.

Rick Bentley said...
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Rick Bentley said...

I really wish Vanderdouche played for a different team, because I love to see him fail. If you're a white guy who wears a 2-carat diamond stud in each ear, you'd better have the physical ability to jump 15 feet in the air, run a 3.8 40 and pull a car with a rope attached to your dingus. If you can't do that, you absolutely must take the earrings out. F him. F T.O. F every jackass yesterday who took a stupid penalty. F the jerkoff at work yesterday who's a Skins fan who, when we showed up for shift at 4:00, went on and on about how his boys "dominated" and the Cowboys are a bunch of overpayed losers (despite the fact that he's also an OU fan and thinks Roy Williams and the Fake John Wayne together hung the g.d. moon).

Brad said...


10 points for using the word "dingus" in a sentence. well done.

also, you need a beer.

The Polit Burro said...

With this team it is 1 step forward, 2 steps back; in my mind that kind of inconsistency falls on the coaching staff.

We're left playing whack-a-mole from week to week; last week no one knew what Romo was going to bring to the table and how the team was going to react. This week Romo looked very good again, but penalties, special teams and the offensive line were all FUBAR.

The big question Cowboys fans have to ask from week to week is this: What's it going to be this week?

When Bill Parcells came here we heard about how he stresses discipline and special teams. All I saw last year was a team that was too undisciplined in its penalties and all I see this year is a team that is very undisciplined and that is a joke on special teams.

The way this team takes penalties at key moments and the way they ran up the penalties yesterday...a day that would make the Oakland Raiders blush...points toward a lack of leadership and discipline at the coaching level.

It's been a long time since I've seen a team so creatively lose a game.

Bill Parcells and his two point conversions and lack of making discipline on the field a priority and Coach Fran and his friggin' field goals can't show their backs to Texas fast enough for my taste.

Bone of Death said...


Matt in Mesquite said...

Right as usual Bob.

That game was bad, bad, bad!!

i'm just glad that my wife forced me to go register for a baby shower that i didn't have to watch it!

Brad said...

that sounds like good material for tuesday at 12:50....

Pooky said...

Damn you, Michael Bay.

P1 Eric in McKinney said...

In response to the Polit Buro, I completely agree about the coaching. Here is the thing. I certainly have lost a lot of faith in Parcells, but I still refuse to believe he doesn't know how to coach anymore.

What I have completely lost faith in is his coaching staff, which falls directly on Parcells. I think he has surrounded himself with a lot of inexperienced coached, a lot of them in over their heads, that are yes mean and offer no resistance or differing viewpoints from the tyrannical Tuna, which is exactly how he wants it I'm sure.

The head coach CANNOT coach every position and ever player, that is the assistants jobs. Ultimately Parcells is to blame, but I think a lot of it has to do with those he has surrounded himself with.

CFB123 said...

Parcells is to blame for this loss. His failure to challenge the so called safety, his idiotic decision to go for 2 in the 2nd quarter and his lousy damn draft picks. I swear, Bobby Carpenter and Anthony Fasano are two of the biggest spares you'll find on any NFL roster.

Jay Clendenin said...

typical defeatist dallas fans.

this team is capable of beating any other team this year (and surprising that is now thanks in large part to the move to romo).

however, i am worried about the secondary facing the colts. if chris cooley can be as open as he was at points, i see dallas clark and reggie wayne finding the same gaps.

Wes Mantooth said...

Jay, this team is also capable of losing to anyteam on their schedule aswell. The penalties, dropped passes, missed blocks, and poor coaching decisions keep even good teams from winning. Add to that, we have an overpaid saftey who can't cover anybody. He is living on his flying hit on that spare Chris Simms in college and a few hard hits in the pros. Is anybody more overhyped or overpaid than Roy Williams? The Colts will eat him alive!

Jay Clendenin said...

obviously they could lose to anyone on the schedule. a team that is so vulnerable to the pass, and still can't get any pressure can't guarantee any win.

but as bad as a couple of these losses have been, they have been in every game.